Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL


Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL)
Deliverable data requirements shall be listed and shall identify specific Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) or 'model texts' that actually exist and have been accepted and approved by the acquirer of the projected technical system. DIDs and model texts shall be referenced by the exact identifier and title with reference to any issue or revision identifier. For example: DID Number DID Title DI-IPSC-81427 Software Development Plan (SDP) DI-IPSC-81438 Software Test Plan (STP) DI-IPSC-81428 Software Installation Plan (SIP) DI-IPSC-81429 Software Transition Plan (STrP) DI-IPSC-81430 Operational Concept Description (OCD) DI-CMAN-XXXXX Program Plan (SEMP) DI-CMAN-XXXXX System Engineering Manual (SEMP) DI-CMAN-XXXXX Configuration Management Plan (CMP) DI-CMAN-XXXXX Data Management Plan (DMP) This list shall form a part of the contract and any changes shall require a 'Contract Change Proposal' and corresponding 'Request' to be raised and agreed. See 'Configuration Management Plan' for instructions and form. Note: It is imperative that the CDRL identifies the data requirements before contract let and that it is clearly understood by both parties to the contract; to ensure acquirer expectations and supplier responsibilities This does not mean that other types of data will not be required to be prepared. Nondeliverable data must be prepared but will not require acquirer consent to change it. Data not identified as deliverable will be prepared and evaluated to the established processes defined in the specific discipline plan. This data shall be audited during the development life cycle and reports offered to the acquirer. (1 of 2)1/10/2004 12:09:31

Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL)

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