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Content Developer’s Handbook Navy Training Development Plan Process Flow 1

Training Requirement? Select Performance Requirements Construct/ Checkpoint Sequence Learning LOSs Objective Validated Statements (LOS’s) Search for Reusable Content Determine Training Delivery Method Create Curriculum Outline of Instruction Determine Plan to Evaluate Develop IMP & TPP Present Training Project Plan YES

Plan the Project

Assemble Resources

Prepare Acquisition/ Production Package

Checkpoint Acquisition/ Production Package Validated

Make Team Kick Off Selection the Project


Hold Style Guide IPR

Submit Content Announcement Form

Develop IMDP items (Lesson Specifications & Logic Flows)

Assemble Training Course Control Document

Create Content

Design for 508 Access (If Applicable)

Prepare Metadata

Portion Mark Content

Develop Storyboards, Trainee Guides, Lesson Plans

Prepare ILE Content Prototype (TLO level)

Hold Content Prototype IPR

Checkpoint TLO Prototype Accepted

Construct Assessments & Assets

Construct ELOs/TLOs

ELOs/TLOs Reviewed & Accepted

Publish Content

Submit Content Submission Form

Perform Test Track Testing

Review Training Course Control Document

Checkpoint Final Gov’t Inspection Completed

Deploy Project on Navy LMS

Perform Formative / Summative Evaluation

Manage Content

Review Project Yearly

Existing Training Requirement Deployed on ILE needs Revision?


Make New Version and Update Content

•Process Review*