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Key Points...

1. Traffic isnt importantunless it converts to sales.

2. Jeffs client example:

Took $27 eBook

Turned eBook into home-study course (series of videos)

Raised price to $297

Sold course during launch

Created a continuity program for $47 a month

Doubled the size of his list

Attracted J.V. Partners and Affiliates

1. When you do a launch, you will attract more people to your website and to your list, and
you will create awareness for people to buy now and in the future.
2. The Product Launch Formula works for any market or category.
3. So HOW do you launch a product?

Sideways Sales Letter - instead of having a 30 page sales letter, turn it sideways, and
deliver it over 30 days
o Story / event-based/ anticipation / authority/ social proof / scarcity

o Prelaunch: ask for comments. Ask for feedback. See objections. Offer to
solve a problem, and prove you have before. Give free line high-value
content. Talk about the product you are developing and what youll offer
o Launch
o Partner sequence: emails that go to affiliate and J.V. partners,
encouraging them to promote your launch

o Get the offer right
o Answer objections
o Mental triggers (social proof, authority, community, scarcity, anticipation,
reciprocity, etc.)
4. Why?

You built a big list of happy buyers

You built a huge list of prospects

You made a bunch of partners very happy

You built instant awareness

You have cash flow to hire

"Driving Massive Trafc (and Sales) with The
Product Launch Formula" with Jef Walker

Your list will tell you what they want next

You are set-up for your next launch, and it will probably be bigger (stacking)
5. Always sell something that people want; the way you figure out what people want is
from the interaction in the launch.
6. Your Product Launch:

Make it event-based

Have a story. Doesnt need to be complicated

Remember: its a conversation. Ask for their feedback

Dont rely on one piece of marketing. Use a pre-launch sequence (video, audio, blog
posts, email) and a launch sequence

Use multiple message mediums

Use the mental triggers (especially authority, social proof, scarcity, reciprocity, and

Build you list

"Driving Massive Trafc (and Sales) with The
Product Launch Formula" with Jef Walker