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,-./0 Nguyen vun Mlnh
1-2/ 34 567280 zz Cctober 8
9/:;/70 Mule
>?@A/0 mlnhchlef_8
&3B6=/ C83:/0 c8z z8 6,


! l um looklng forwurd to joln u rogresslve orgunlzutlon, u
chullenglng osltlon thut wlll utlllze my extenslve technlcul skllls
und wlll leud me to lnnovutlve work envlronment.
! vlth yeurs worklng exerlence ln rofesslonul envlronment us
lCS develoer und Project leuder, l exect to be your buslness
urtner ln the followlng osltlons: Senlor lCS Leveloer.


! Slnce 'une zcc, huve yeurs exerlence, lnvolvlng Aglle softwure
develoment ructlces, unulysls, deslgn, lmlementutlon of lCS
softwure ullcutlons.
! Coul orlented, selfmotlvuted und commltted to the successful
outcome of the roject.
! vllllng to work hurd und huve u greut deslre to leurn.
! An exerlenced teum leud und teum luyer wlth excellent
communlcutlon und lnterersonul skllls who hus the ublllty to work
lndeendently under ressure.
! A hlghly motlvuted lndlvlduul who ls ulwuys leurnlng, uble to work
to tlght deudllnes, und who cun communlcute effectlvely wlth
technlcul eers us well us cllents.
! Lncouruges the shurlng of ldeus und ls ulwuys oen to new wuys of
! Currently worklng us Senlor lCS develoer ut Cluo Long Cor.
! Lnglneer of Lnglneerlng, lnformutlon 1echnology, Cood Crude,
from Eunol Unlverslty of Sclence und 1echnology, Eunol, vletnum.

)+!G,$!*% >H$%%>

!"#$ &#"'#())*+' ,(+'-('$./
Cbjectlve C, C, SQL, SQLlte, 'zML, E1ML, PEP, ML, 'son,
UML, v8A, 'oomlu
MySQL, SQLlte, MS Access
3$45+"6"'*$. (+7 8#()$9"#:./
! Soclul SLl: lucebook, 1wltter, Coogle, 2lng me
! Moblle Puyment, Moblle Ads: lAd, Admob, CleverAds
! Common lCS frumeworks: QuurtzCorejCoreCruhlcs, Mullt,
CoreLocutlon, CoreLutu, ClNetwork, MessugeUl, Lventllt,
MedluPluyer, .
! lntegrutlon und customlzutlon of CooglejAle Mus
! Cen source llbrurles rovlded for the lCS SLl: QR Code Scunnlng,
lCurousel, Shurellt, 'SCN, ASlE11PRequest, SLveblmuge,.
! 'SCN und ML Restful veb Servlces Asynchronously
! Audlo & vldeo Streumlng
! 8ulld lCS Uls, U und cutout gruhlc elements from PSL flles uslng
! lnowledge of CocoszL, Androld ullcutlon develoment
vlsuul 8uslc for Allcutlons, System Permlsslon Munugement
0$;$6"<)$+1 =$15"7"6"'*$./
Lxtreme Progrummlng, Aglle develoment, Scrum

#+%+(*,) >H$%%>

! Project munugement
! 1rulnlng und suort junlor develoer
! Communlcute wlth cllent
! Leurn new technology


96-3 %3:J !37AK G-:36K (6/2:-.
lCS ullcutlon develoer
(Murch zc - 1o dute)
8ulld Uls, U und develo lCS ullcutlons of Cluo Long Cor.

L7M62@ >3=M263: K G-:36K (6/2:-.
Senlor lCS develoer j lCS 1eum Leuder
(Murch zcz - lebruury zc)
Requlrement unulysls, develo ullcutlons for customer from lrunce
und vletnum.
1rulnlng lCS rogrummlng for junlor develoers, technlcul suort ln lCS
Munuge schedule und quullty ussurunce ln cllent rojects.

>?@A-N !3O%2;K G-:36K (6/2:-.
lCS ullcutlon develoer
('une zcc - lebruury zcz)
Leurn Cbjectlve C, understundlng, unulysls und rogrummlng of
meusurement ullcutlons for Skyuw.


P:-:- #/-;/7 437 6C-;
! Role:
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks , Custom Control, SQLlte,
'SCN, veb Servlce
! Letulls:
nunu Reuder ls un lPud ullcutlon, ullows users to reud the
best muguzlnes ln the vletnum murket, ln electronlc
muguzlne systems . 1o use the
ullcutlon, you need to reglster un uccount ut
Now, you do not just reud the muguzlne on your comuter
thut you cun reud muguzlnes on the lPud, lt's convenlent und

!"#$ &'"()*'+,
Llbrury Munugement muguzlne : sync functlon , sort , store
Cnllne und offllne reudlng suort .
Allows reud horlzontul (z uges ) und reud ulong ( uge),
zoom ln , zoom out .
ln uddltlon, the ullcutlon ulso suorts other feutures
such us tuble of contents , qulck look , bookmurked.
! Store llnk:

Q-6- .3B6=/
! Role:
Project munuger & Leveloer
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks , SQLlte, 'SCN, veb
Servlce, Soclul SLl: lucebook, 1wltter, Coogle, 2lng me,
lll llbrury
! Letulls:
2ulu ls u moblle ullcutlon thut ullows user to monltor und
udute the lutest hot deul from system
User cun reglster un uccount, slgn u for the romotlon code
from lPhone or lPud.
ln uddltlon, user cun ulso vlew order hlstory, shurlng the
lutest deul on soclul network such us fucebook, twltter,
google or zlng me, to frlends und relutlves.
Unlversul blnury, downloud once und lt ulso runs beuutlfully
both on lPud und lPhone.
! Store llnk:

(6/2)-R6 C73 < L7//
! Role:
Leslgner, Leveloer, Publlsher
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks, CoreLocutlon, SQLlte,
Moblle Ads: lAd, CleverAds
! Letulls:
vlet 1uxl ullcutlon ullows users to euslly seurch , then muke
u cull to the tuxl rovlder us qulckly us osslble .
A uses user's locutlon to suggest u llst of tuxl uround thut
locutlon . ln uddltlon, users cun comletely seurch for tuxl
rovlders ln thut rovlnce.
lf you llke u tuxl rovlder , you cun euslly lnsert thelr contuct
lnfo lnto fuvorlte llst to use luter . 1he ullcutlon ulso ullows
user to munuge hlstory culls.
8esldes tuxl lnformutlon , the ullcutlon ulso rovldes user
wlth the hotllne telehone numbe, such us , cull un
umbulunce , flre deurtment , c8c , ...
vlet 1uxl suorts two lunguuges : Lngllsh und vletnumese .
1he current verslon suorts ull tyes of lPhone screen or
the lPud .
! Store llnk:

&@ H33= +S/:2
! Role:
Project leuder, technlcul suort & QA
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks , Custom controls, 'SCN,
veb Servlce, lucebook SLl
! Letulls:
"MyloolLvent" ullows you to orgunlze und munuge your
events (brunch, lunch, cocktull, lcnlc, burbecue,...) very
Crgunlze your event (dute, tlme, nume, descrltlon, deslred
resonse before ...), lnvlte your lucebook frlends, selected ln
the contucts u, or creute u contuct, usk lf you wunt u
flnunclul lnterest or u llst of roducts to muke, send
lnvltutlons und recelve resonses from your guests dlrectly
on your Smurthone!
MyloolLvent ls ulso ldeul for ull Clubs & Assoclutlons, who
wunt to orgunlze thelr events und communlcute wlth thelr
members slmly: Creute u Crou MyloolLvent then lnvlte
your members to joln your grou!
! Store llnk:

! Role:
1echnlcul suort
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks, 'SCN, veb Servlce,
Soclul SLl: lucebook, 1wltter, CooglejAle Mus,
CoreLocutlon, Push Notlflcutlon
! Letulls:
Ujoolt ermlts you to consult ln reul tlme everythlng thut ls
golng on uround you und shure the thlngs you llke wlthout
uny effort, throughout the communlty.
vlth Ujoolt, lnformutlon becomes vlrul, und lts cuuble to
contumlnute u locul zone und roels llttle by llttle.
1he 'olts ure messuges of c churucters muxlmum geo
locullsed on u mu whlch cun contuln u hoto or u vldeo of
seconds. After lt's creutlon, u jolt ls vlslble for over hours
und ls uccesslble to the users wlthln u clrcle of km. Els
rougundu zone und hls llve ublllty lncreuses when the
users llke the lnformutlon by Rejoltlng.
lurther thun the lnformutlon osted by Ujoolt users, you cun
ulso flnd on the mu lucebook 'olts (Lvents, check ln's und
geolocullsed hoto's of your frlends) und lnstugrum 'olt's.
(Ceolocullsed 'olts on lnstugrum).
llnd on Ujoolt your vlrtuul communlty und those who ure
close by so you won't mlss unythlng.
! Store llnk:

! Role:
Project munger & Leveloer
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks, Custom control, SQLlte,
'SCN, veb Servlce, CooglejAle Mus, CoreLocutlon,
Moblle Puyment SLl, QR Code Cenerutor, lCurousel,
ASlE11PRequest, SLveblmuge
! Letulls:
vlth Meyclub, you cun:
llnd your fuvorlte offers, your grunts und Meyclub glft
lollow your onllne uccount.
Plnolnt our urtners.
1urn your checks Meyclub Clfts ln good electronlcs store und
udjust wlth your hone urchuse.
Access your fuvorlte uctlvltles wlth the M1lcket Meyclub
You cun vlew lutest vouchers from Meyclub system, seurch u
glft curd, munuge your uyment hlstory,...
! Store llnk:

! Role:
Project munger & Leveloer
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks, 'SCN, veb Servlce,
Audlo & vldeo Streumlng
! Letulls:
A very slmle u brlnglng you u llve Q&A seurch from 8ut thut's not ull, thls u ls now ucked wlth
so much unlque contents muklng lt one of the most useful
umongst the lslumlc us on the murket. So much contents
for such u smull u.
!"#$ &'"()*'+:
8rowse und Seurch Muftlsuys Questlon und Answers
vlew the lutest from the forums
Slgn lnto forums und see how much ls unreud und lf you huve
rlvute messuges
lorum udutes
Multlmedlu Llbrury 8rowse, llsten und downloud Qur'uun,
1ulks und Nusheeds
Eundreds of cc Euluul vldeos from our member submltted
vldeo sectlon
Llnks to very useful resources such us uccurute Qlbluh
locutlon, zc evldences from the Eunufl Mudhub und more
Post suggestlons und querles dlrectly to our forum threud vlu
the u.
! Store llnk:

!3.A-VV WX28
! Role:
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks, CoreLocutlon, Mugnetlc
Eeudlng, CooglejAle mu
! Letulls:
Comuss zth ls u greut utlllty und reclse comuss on the
u store. lts retty und lntultlve deslgn muke lt stund out
from other comuss us of lts klnd. vhenever you need u
comuss for nuvlgutlon, truvellng or slmly u qulck dlrectlon
reference, Comuss zth ls u greut cholce ln your ocket.
1wo worklng modes: mugnetlc (uslng the bulltln
mugnetometer) und true north (uslng CPS)
Comblned wlth Mus for nuvlgutlon
Cool sound und unlmutlon effects
Retlnul reudy, just more beuutlful on retlnu lPhone und lPud
Unlversul blnury, downloud once und lt ulso runs beuutlfully
both on lPud und lPhone.
! Store llnk:

)/V=-./2/7 WW28
! Role:
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks, Custom Control,
Mugnetlc Eeudlng, MessugeUl, mlnlzl
! Letulls:
1eslumeter th tukes udvuntuge of the bullt ln
mugnetometer ln your lPhonejlPud, ullows you to monltor
the strength of mugnetlc fleld ull uround. 1here ure u runge
of reulllfe ullcutlons for thls useful ltem, such us: metul
detector, AC mugnetlc flelds, or flndlng lowmugnetlc luces
for sleelng (eseclully for bubles) und of course, why not
fun us well?
Llsluy the ruw uxes x, y und z mugnetometer vulues und u
nlce unulog meter to dlsluy the mugnltude
Llsluy the gruhlcul hlstory of mugnltude (slze, strength) of
the mugnetlc fleld
Suort multlle unlts: teslu und guuss
Record und exort the dutu to emull for further unulysls
Leflne your own threshold ulert wlth uudlble ulurm when lt
encounters u fleld (metul, seukers, etc.)
Sensltlvlty customlzuble
Lnublejdlsuble uutolock screen
Unlversul blnury, downloud once und lt ulso runs beuutlfully
both on lPud und lPhone.
! Store llnk:

&/273:3./ Y28
! Role:
! Used 1echnologles:
Cbjectlve C controls & frumeworks, Custom Control,
NS1lmer, Sound Lnglne, MessugeUl, mlnlzl
! Letulls:
Metronome th ls the most reclse und stuble metronome
on the u store. Moreover, the beuutlful und lntultlve
deslgn muke lt stund out ull other us of lts klnd. vhether
you ure u muslclun, u muslc teucher, u beglnner ut luylng
muslc or even u golfer, Metronome th rovldes you u set of
owerful feutures thut cun sutlsfy ull your needs.
Customlzed sound englne for hlghest reclslon und stublllty
Lnuble the metronome runnlng even the devlce ls ln
sleejlock mode
Adjust sound volume lnstuntly on the muln screen
1u temo functlon
Lock mode to revent uccldentully chunglng temo
Loud & store setllsts
Ctlonul flushlng llght on every flrst beut
Cool sound und unlmutlon effects
Unlversul blnury, downloud once und lt ulso runs beuutlfully
both on lPud und lPhone.
! Store llnk:

*!*1+&$! C#DE+!)

613 7/U3../:; V@V2/.
A system lmlemented bused on user's references ut seclflc context ,
thut suorts users ln flndlng urorlute sequences of
entertulnmentjrelux uctlvltles.

+1"!*)$D, Z !+#)$L$!*)$D,>

G-:36 ":6S/7V62@ 34 >U6/:U/ -:; )/U8:3=3J@
lnformutlon 1echnology
Lnglneer of Lnglneerlng, Cood Crude
Yeur: zcc,


(6/2:-./V/ nutlve lunguuge
+:J=6V8 fluent


Comuter gumlng, Sort, Muslc, Moblle


References ure uvulluble uon request