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Death Penalty

Sources of Information:

Should the death penalty be banned as a form of punishment? at

Death penalty, Yes or No?

Working for alternatives to the death penalty

Death penalty? Yes and no. Waldo Proffitt.

What does my education, common sense, and intuition tell me:

I know that the death penalty is a very harsh Punishment but I do feel that there
are crimes that do match the punishment. Personally though i feel that the death penalty
is is to light of a punishment, I think that if they commit a very harsh crime the criminal
should rot away in prison with no possibility of parole, I also think that they should have
now communications to the outside world and no communications to any other inmates
or people.

What sources can be believed:

I dont think that all stats on the first 3 articles that i read can be believed, but
there opinions can be taken and evaluated because that is what critical reading is
about. The last article though is out of Herald-Tribune and i feel that most of this paper
can believe but as you know not everything you read can be believed.
What assumptions have I made:
Nelson 2
I believe that people will vote 48% to 52% with just a few votes being the
difference. I feel that the bigger vote will go towards the death penalty being legal
because it has been for legal for so long. Plus i feel that a lot of people will feel that as
an americans have always had the right to have a death penalty in play and that is an
american right.
Did my assumption come true:
After looking into the death penalty my assumption did come true I found a site
where people could vote and then express your views then after wards. My percentages
were off by a little, the actual percentage was 56% to 44%. Some of the comments that
came with the votes were; Once people have committed murder, they are no longer
human in my eyes and therefore do not deserve a second chance. Its not like they gave
their victims a second chance why should they get one. This comment was for the
death penalty. One against If you approach it from crime deterrent point of view alone,
NO. Also, consider the fact if a prisoner knows they have a death sentence, than any
crimes or murders committed in prison are just folly.
Does the information researched and your assumptions support the
conclusion? This is the Information I found:
The death penalty gives closure to the victim's families who have suffered so much. It
creates a much needed deterrent against murder, rape and other atrocious crimes. The
most fundamental principle of justice is that the punishment should fit the crime. When
someone plans and brutally murders another person the punishment for the perpetrator
should also be death.
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Cost-saving cited above as a reason for retaining the death penalty is at the top of the
list, if not the top, of factors mentioned by opponents.
They point to a story in the Los Angeles Times in 2005 maintaining the death penalty
system cost taxpayers more than $114 million a year beyond the cost of simply keeping
the convicts locked up for life. Waldo Proffitt.
1. Did you ask the right questions?
a. Yes I do believe I asked the right Questions.
2. Did you ask enough questions?
a. I dont believe that i asked enough questions i just wanted to know if
it should be allowed or no. But I did learn a lot from the articles.
3. Was there more than one possible conclusion?
a. No I dont believe that there was.
4. If so, did you pick the right one from the facts and data?
a. Yes I did pick the right conclusions.

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