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Brianna Cueva
Professor Vana Derohanessian
English 114b
3 April 2014
Dehumanizing Government Actions Toward Citizens
Those living in the 21
century still hear about the Genocides that have happened in the 20

Century. An example of these dehumanizing government attacks coming from the past can be
the Nazis holocaust. When you read or hear about such things happening in our world, you say
to yourself that those acts are unusual and cruel. You may think those acts are in the past, and we
have grown as a generation, as a country, and a world as a whole. We have now become a better
well-rounded world as a whole, but just recently there was a mass murdering caused by the
Syrias government. It was a poisonous gas attack that happened on August 21
2013. A good
example of Government corruption in a novel is 1984 by George Orwell. Within the novel, there
is the main character named Winston, who is an Oceania London citizen. In Oceania the
government watches their every move with gadgets called telescreens. They are set up
everywhere, and take away their privacy and are used to control ones actions. Those that
disobey the Partys rules are to be murdered. The Party sees Oceania as their space there for
they have the right to control what is within its space. They feel as if that space gives them power
and control. Whether the government is made up in a fictional city or in a current life city, all
they want is power, and they will do whatever they can in order to justify their control and
It did not take long in order for Winston to become fed up with being oppressed by the Party.
The Oceania citizens are prohibited from their rights of freedom of speech, individual thought,
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pleasurable sex, and anything that individualizes ones self. Winston believes as if they, the
people, have a right to control all that is within their citys space because they are the ones living
their life within the space. He does not agree with the party and does not believe they should be
oppressed by their ways of individuality. He begins to rebel when he meets a woman named
Julia, who appears to have fallen in love with Winstons appearance. They rebel against the party
within themselves. They find ways in order to be able to talk without being watched nor listened
to by the telsescreens. When one rebels at the back of their mind they have that thought of
getting caught. Although Winston and Julia go on for a while without being caught, Winston
ends up getting caught by the Party. The Party becomes angry because of the fact that Winston
had become an individual and was able to live as a free man for so long that instead of
vaporizing him. They brain washed him into obeying the governments word. The party decides
to brain wash Winston in order to show their control and their power over the Oceania citizens.
The party felt threatened by the fact that people had the courage to rebel therefore they forced
Winston into believing the parties say was correct and there was no other way of living. That is
how they showed their power over the citizens living within Oceania. According to Orwell,
Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of
your own choosing. (267) This was said by a member within the party, and that was exactly
what they had done to Winston. The party sees Winston as property that is why they felt
obligated to reconstruct his way of thinking in order for him to obey the governments say. The
party wants to create a city in which they have all the control. They believe they have a say in
how their citizens live their lives. If they conquer and control then they will have no problems
within the city because no one will rebel against the party. Oceania citizens knew nothing but
what was coming out of the mouths of the Party. They were living within poor-like conditions
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and they would have never known they were living in poverty because that is all they knew, that
is all theyve seen. The spaces of where they were living were cold and dull. They had no
sunshine within their souls and was living life day by day just going through the same motions.
The party was satisfied by the way its citizens were living because by them obeying the laws the
government felt a sort of impotence because of the control they had over their citizens minds.
1984 is a fictional novel that seems to coincide with the non-fictional event of the Holocaust.
The Holocaust was one of the largest genocides that have happened since human civilization
touched the planet. The ways of living in 1984 are those imaginable as the Jewish concentration
camps Adolf Hitler established in Germany. At the beginning of 1984 by George Orwell,
Winston describes the space as if there were no color, no life within the city. there seemed to
be no color in anything (2). In 1984 the party represents control by the way they have their
citizens living. Adolf Hitler was the ruler of Germany during the time of the holocaust, and he
showed his controlling power through the way he ordered his citizens to live and in some cases
not to live. Adolf had the right to control those who were Jewish and those who were deemed as
inferior. Like 1984, all Adolfs party wanted was to better their country. They felt as if it was the
final solution to perfecting their country. According to an article by Kristin Lewis named The
Horror of Nazi Germany, Lewis states that In the 1930s, laws were passed requiring Jewish
people to give up their jobs and their rights; Jewish children were no longer allowed to go to
school. This is how the Nazi party felt they were going to better their country. Although 1984
was a fictional novel the Holocaust was a evident reality.
Reality came as a shock to main character Winston from the dystopian novel of 1984.
Government corruption has been a main factor for centuries and till today it still takes a
substantial toll over citizens. With 1984 being a fictional novel and the holocaust being a
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concrete evidential source of government corruption came Michel Foucaults novel, Discipline &
Punish Panopticism. The population within the excerpt of Panopticism is structured under a
totalitarian government, a totalitarian government in which power is key. With power comes
impotence and that is what Foucaults believed. The Panopticon's solution to this problem is
that the productive increase of power can be assured only if, on the one hand, it can be exercised
continuously in the very foundations of society, in the subtlest possible way... Foucault believes
a constant state of power begins to ware out its impotence therefore they must find ways in order
to increase in power.
Although government corruption has sustained itself as a substantial dilemma, this dilemma
has not affected every single person walking this planet nor those walking in fictional worlds
created within infamous novels. Government parties all around the world whether they are in a
realistic situation or in a fictional novel, have set laws in which they expect their citizens to obey.
Whether the law states Jewish bloodlines are prohibited from walking the earth freely during
WWII to not being able to have thoughts that will individualize yourself from the governments
wanting there are those that have become exceptions. Those that have a higher income than most
citizens are able to walk away free willed when breaking a law only because they are of a high
class. Besides being able to get away with things because of your economy based status,
government corruption can be helpful for those countries in need of help in order to lower the
poverty, violence, and death rates within the country. In an article by Vivek S. Sharma titled
Give Corruption a Chance he talks about countries benefiting from government corruption.
Rather than viewing corruption as pathology, it is better to understand it as a type of currency
used to establish and manage power relationships under certain systems of authority. (2). Some
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sorts of government corruption in order to establish power can be benefited by the citizens if the
country is in need of leadership.
Having power brings ones confident out and up front. Government parties need to be
confident when they are in leadership because with leadership comes responsibility. The citizens
of the world want to know their government is confident enough to rule their country in a
positive way. Governments tend to take action when they do not have everyones best interest at
heart. They want power and control because with all of that they will be unstoppable. They have
a view in which they want their country to abide by but if they do not enforce strict rules then the
laws will not be followed. If they dont have consequences for those who break the laws or think
differently than no one will follow. This goes for realistic government actions and for those that
are fictional. Whether the government is made up in a fictional city or a current life city all they
want is power, and they will do whatever they can in order to justify control and impotence
within their space.

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