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Bree Bosse

Curriculum and Strategies

Performance Task Scenario Using GRAPE
Come onride on the MAGIC SC!!" B#S$
%hat understandings or standards &ill 'e assessed through this tas()
Content Standards:
Science Content:
S2L1. Students &ill in*estigate the li+e c,cles o+ di++erent li*ing organisms-
a. .etermine the se/uence o+ the li+e c,cle o+ common animals in ,our area0 a mammal such as a cat or dog or
classroom 1et2 a 'ird such as a chic(en2 an am1hi'ian such as a +rog2 and an insect such as a 'utter+l,-
c. In*estigate the li+e c,cle o+ a 1lant ', gro&ing a 1lant +rom a seed and ', recording changes o*er a 1eriod o+
ELA/Writing Content:
ELACC2W1: %rite opinion 1ieces in &hich the, introduce the to1ic or 'oo( the, are &riting a'out2 state an opinion
s!pp"# reasons t$at s!pport t$e opinion2 use lin(ing &ords 3e-g-2 'ecause2 and2 also4 to connect o1inion and
reasons2 and 1ro*ide a concluding statement or section-
TAG Standards:
Advanced Communication Skills
1- 5he student uses &ritten2 s1o(en2 and technological media to con*e, ne& learning or challenge e6isting ideas-
2- 5he student 1roduces &ritten and7or oral &or( that is com1le62 1ur1ose+ul2 and organi8ed2 includes rele*ant
su11orting e6am1les and mani1ulation o+ language-
3- 5he student creates 1roducts and7or 1resentations that s,nthesi8e in+ormation +rom di*erse sources and
communicate e61ertise to a *ariet, o+ authentic audiences-
10- 5he student su11orts and de+ends his7her o&n o1inions &hile res1ecting the o1inions o+ others-
Advanced Research Skills
1- 5he student uses a *ariet, o+ 1rint and non-1rint resources to in*estigate a to1ic o+ interest-
9- 5he student de*elo1s and uses s,stematic 1rocedures +or recording and organi8ing in+ormation-
%hat criteria are im1lied in the standards regardless o+ tas( s1eci+ics) %hat /ualities must student &or( demonstrate to
signi+, that standards &ere met)
Students should sho& e*idence o+ understanding that all li*ing organisms go through a li+e c,cle and 'e a'le to sho& and
e61lain each 1art o+ a 1articular organism:s li+e c,cle-
GRAPE: 5hrough &hat authentic 1er+ormance tas( &ill students demonstrate understanding)
;our goal is to sell$ a li+e c,cle tri1 on Ms- Bosse:s MAGIC SC!!" B#S2 e61laining each sto1 that ,our tra*eler &ill
e61erience along the &a,-
;ou are a tra*el agent
;our target audience is Ms- Bosse and a grou1 o+ tra*elers 3+ello& 1eers4 that are loo(ing +or an e6citing tri1- ;ou &ill 'e
1resenting ,our e6cursion to them2 sho&ing ho& ,our tri1 is a once in a "I<= C;C"= e61erience>
Mr- !a6aca ?ust ga*e Ms- Bosse a %agic Sc$oo" &!s2 ?ust li(e Ms- <ri88le:s- Ms- Bosse cannot &ait +or ;!# to 1lan and
'oo( its *er, +irst tri1> It is ,our ?o' to 1lan an ad*enture through the li+e c,cle o+ a li*ing organism- ;ou can choose one o+
li+e c,cles &e ha*e learned a'out in class or ,ou can research a ne& organism- @emem'er2 the Magic School Bus al&a,s
gets an #A C"!S= loo(- ;ou &ill need to create a tra*el 'rochure or other *isual 1roduct detailing e*er, sto1 and e6citing
detail o+ a tri1 through a li*ing organism:s li+e c,cle- ;ou &ill then gi*e a 1resentation con*incing Ms- Bosse and the +ello&
tra*elers to 'oo( ;!#@ tri1 on the Magic School Bus-
Prod!ct Performance and P!rpose:
<irst2 ,ou &ill 'rainstorm and ?ot do&n ideas +or ,our tri1- ;ou &ill need to do some research to learn a'out ,our li*ing
organism and the stages o+ its li+e c,cle- ;ou &ill need to organi8e ,our tri1 according to ,our li*ing organism:s li+e c,cle-
;ou &ill then need to 'e creati*e and highlight all o+ the reasons &h, Ms- Bosse should 'oo( ;!#@ tri1 +or the Magic
School Bus:s <I@S5 ad*enture- ;ou must tr, and con*ince Ms- Bosse and ,our +ello& tra*elers through an intriguing
1resentation 3'rochure2 ad*ertisement2 com1uter 1resentation2 etc-4 a'out &h, ,our tri1 should 'e the +irst Magic School
Bus ad*enture-
E'pectations (Criteria for S!ccess):
A+ter researching a li*ing organism2 ,ou &ill need to create a *isuall, a11ealing 1resentation to 1resent to Ms- Bosse and
the +ello& tra*elers- ;ou &ill need to sho& all 1arts o+ the organism:s li+e c,cle &ith a *isual- ;ou must also include
rele*ant and con*incing reasons &ith s1eci+ic details in order to con*ince Ms- Bosse to 'oo( ,our tri1 and the tra*elers
that ,our tri1 is a once in a "I<= C;C"= e61erience- ;our 1roduct must meet the +ollo&ing standards0
Accurate scienti+ic (no&ledge o+ a li*ing organism and its li+e c,cle sho&s that ,ou ha*e done detailed research-
Aersuades audience using three or more con*incing reasons and highl, rele*ant2 s1eci+ic details a'out &h, ,our
tri1 should 'e 'oo( +or the Magic School Bus
Aroduces a 1roduct that is e,e-catching &ith detailed illustrations and *isuals that match each 1art o+ the tri1:s
*isit 3each 1art o+ li+e c,cle4-
Gi*es a 1resentation that is &ell-organi8ed and is 1ro+essionall, deli*ered using all 1arts o+ a good s1ea(er and
5a(e Chances2 Ma(e Mista(es2 Get Mess,>$
--Ms- <ri88le--
Ada1ted +rom Mc5ighe2 B- C %iggins2 G- 320044- #nderstanding ', design0 Aro+essional de*elo1ment &or('oo(- ASC.0
Ale6andria2 DA.