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2014/5/7 -NO.

Opposition withdraws from Old Homs
Coalition to changefrom body to liberation organization
Allah Akbar
battle controls
al-Motawak hills
FSA detains
Sara.. U.S.
admission allows
us to offer demand
divides Syria PAGE 3
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (470) 2014/5/7
Unoffcial media sources
said that scores of armed
Syrian opposition source
revealed that Syrian oppo-
sition coalition is mulling
transforming into a libera-
tion organization similar to
Palestinian liberation orga-
nization, in order to engage
in an international role in a
better way, as well as estab-
lish legal and diplomatic of-
fces once admitted.
Islamic army, an offshoot
of Islamic Front, launched a
number of Grad missiles on
SAAs headquarters in Van-
guards Camp and presiden-
tial palace in Slenfeh, Latta-
kia countryside, as a part of
Kaser al-Aghlal battle to
support Anfal battle
FSA has arrested Colo-
nel Mohammad Hasan al-
Kanaan, one of the candi-
dates for Syrian presidents
post whose application has
been denied by the consti-
tutional Court. FSA broad-
casts a video showing that
al-Kanaan has been arrested
during his return from Da-
mascus on international
Damascus, Daraa road.
Al-Kanaan asserted that he
and the other candidates
have been forced to do so
under what he called me-
Fighters of Allah Akbar
battle said they captured
al-Motawak hills and Fadi
hill in Daraa countryside
after ferce clashes with
Opposition withdraws from Old Homs
Coalition to change
from body
to liberation organization
Kaser al-Aghlal
to support Anfal
FSA detains presidential candidate
Allah Akbar battle controls al-Motawak hills
fghters started withdrawal
from Old Homs under UN
offcials observation. That
has come after the agree-
ment held with Syrian gov-
ernment to evacuate the
city, moving towards north-
ern countryside, as well
as SAAs entering to Old
Homs countryside.
dia fabrication. Al-Kanaan
also said that he, and other
candidates, were threatened
if they refuse to run for elec-
tions, which he described as
a political game from Syrian
SAA, killing scores of them.
Allah Akbar battle kicked
off in Daraa countryside to
liberate al-Motawak hills
and Khorbet Fadi region.
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (470) 2014/5/7
Washingtons acknowledged divides of Syria
Jarba receives UK invitation
Sara.. U.S. admission allows us to offer demand
Unoffcial media outlets
quoting opponent Khaled
Ayoubi said that Washing-
tons minor admitting of
Syrian opposition coali-
tion, considering its offces
as foreign diplomatic mis-
sions, is regarded as a pre-
lude to divide Syria through
acknowledging of two au-
Ahmad Jarba, head of
Syrian opposition coali-
tion, received an invita-
tion fromBritish foreign
secretary, William Hague
to participate in a meet-
ing for foreign ministers
of Friends of the Syrian
Fayez Sara, adviser of po-
litical affairs for Syrian
opposition coalition, as-
serted that U.Ss admis-
sion of coalitions offces
on American territories as
foreign diplomatic mis-
thorities; one belongs to
Syrian government and the
other to opposition. Ayoubi
added that U.Ss decision is
not a forward step in favor
of opposition unless it fully
de-acknowledge the Syrian
government, as well as mo-
bilizing international sup-
port to isolate it politically,
and hand over its embassies
to the coalition.
people in London, May
15th at level of foreign
ministers. British Foreign
Offce clarifed that the
meeting will discuss Syr-
ian oppositions support
seriously and reactivate
political process.
sions represents a dip-
lomatic blow for Syr-
ian government, clarifying
that this admission opens
the door for us to review
our demands easily on
U.S administration, po-
litical and military offcials,
addressing American people
through its deputies in Con-
gress, in addition to bank-
ing transactions and security
services for the opposition
in United States .