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Face Detection Initial Research

Free software:
Open source/code:
Face Recognition System 2.1 (
o The recognition gives as results the ID of nearest person present in database.
For example if you select image "paul3.jpg" the ID given SHOULD be 2: "it
should be" because errors are possible
o I believe that this is almost what we are looking for. However, I have not tested
comprehensively for its reliability and it is in Matlab.
o Please see for more details.

JNI2OpenCV: Java wrapper of the face detector of OpenCV including sample
o Please see the for details
o I have set up the OpenCV library to work with Eclipse

fdlib is very easy to use. The C/C++ version implements three functions:
(1) void fdlib_detectfaces(byte *imagedata, int imagewidth, int imageheight, int
(2) int fdlib_getndetections(void);
(3) void fdlib_getdetection(int nr, int *xpos, int *ypos, int *width);
o the Matlab version implements only a single function
(1) detections = fdmex(image, threshold);
o fdlib for C/C++ (Linux)
o fdlib for Matlab (Windows)
o fdlib for Matlab (Linux)

Visage: a human computer interface that aims to replace the traditional mouse with
the face.
o Please see the for details. The jar file appears to be working.

Rank Deficient Faces
o Face detection demo with library for MS Windows platforms
o Please see the
Other Potential Face Detection Software (If needed):

Face Tracking DLL from Carnegie Mellon
o The Advanced Multimedia Processing Lab (AMP) offers face tracking using
color matching combined with deformable templates. Both DLL for Windows
and static library for Linux.

Real-time face detection program from FhG-IIS
o Demo from the Fraunhofer Institute IIS, Germany. Shows face tracking and
detection using edge orientation matching. Fast multi-face finding capabilities.
Executable only.

Perceptual User Interfaces (
o Demo Code:
o From: Institute for Information Technology, Computational Video Group, Canada.
Featuring 2D nose tracking and 3d stereo vision tracking of faces. Not really
locating faces, these demos work by selecting special features of the face
(manually) and then tracking them. Nevertheless worth a look.

Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms
o Resource for all researchers developing face recognition algorithms from
Colorado State University. It provides a standard set of well known algorithms
and established experimental protocols. Includes C source code for face
recognition using PCA (Eigenfaces) and Gabor Wavelets

SVM's for Face Detection (
o Includes both datasets and code for face detection using Support Vector

OpenCV - Intel's Open Source Computer Vision initiative
o Intel initiates an open source community for computer vision. C++ source code
for face recognition, motion tracking, and many others. There's also a mailing list
for contributors
o Sourceforge:
o OpenCV forum at Yahoo:

Computer Vision Source Code (
o Not really about face detection, but nevertheless a very useful collection of
image processing code you might need when working in this area. With source