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Aarti Bhasin

PGDBA (Specialization in HR Operations and Systems), Symbiosis-Pune
Tel: (011)-2358-0699, 98114 -44995
Career Objective
To pursue a career in growth oriented & competitive organization, holding a responsible position, which
will upgrade my professional skills and thus enable me to prove myself to be an asset to the organization
PGDBA from Symbiosis, Pune wit s!ecia"i#ation in $RD %&''()
Major* $uman Resource Deve"o!ment
Humanities Graduate from Delhi University and done D!!T " year diploma course from #T!$#% !&T!TUT'
$( !($)*#T!$ T'+H$%$G, -!!T. %TD/ &pecialization in Typing, +omputer #pplications -*& $ffice,
'0+'% and 1$2')1$!T./
+ ,oo-in. forwar/ for a ca"" career in $R mana.ement .enera"ist were 0 can !ositive"y
contribute to te or.ani#ation1s .rowt as $uman Resource Persona" an/ maintain ,on.2term
association an/ enance my tecnica" an/ inter!ersona" s-i""s3
4MP,OYM456 $0S6ORY
7anuary &''8 9 Present Pear" Aca/emy of :asion %PA:)
Position* Officer 9 0n/ustry Re"ations De!tt;
Pear" Aca/emy of :asion is one of the leading institutes providing high 3uality education in (ashion
Design, #pparel *anufacturing, *erchandising and )etailing/ !t is the only fashion college in !ndia to get !&$
4556 certification/
! am the -ey associate member of 0n/ustry Re"ations De!tt/ for entire 0n/ustry o!erations for
three centers of 1#(
7ob Res!onsibi"ities
Boar/ S!ectrum Activities
! am actively involved in searching occupation for students through various 7ob portals 8 Data
Desi.nin., Documentin. an/ con/uctin. 0n/uction 6rainin. for ew 'mployees in 1#(
Coo!erate Communication
)esponsibility to maintain cordial relationship with corporate world by arranging regular
correspondence and interaction 1rogrammes in order to abridge academic and corporate world/
o Pub"ication of Annua" Brocures * P"acement, 5ews "etters for A"umni<s an/
Current stu/ents
)esponsibility for publication of 9rochure which is a brief presentation of students being
carried on the way to produce competent breed of professionals to match with the
demands of business and corporate houses/
o Summer trainin. Pro.ramme = P"acements %Domestic > overseas)
)esponsibility for arranging the !nternship of all the cohorts as an integral part of course
The name of the organizations, where our students completed summer training
1rogramme: )ohit 9al, Designer, $rient +raft ';ports, *anish #rora, 1antaloon, *arks &
&pencer<s etc
o 0n/ustria" Re"ations
)esponsibility of to put effort in maintaining relationship with companies by arranging
regular correspondence and interaction 1rogrammes in order to invite their valued ideas
as a ma=or feedback with their active participation in Guest &peaker 1rogramme, &eminar
and 2orkshop periodically/
o Grievance $an/"in.
To solve students 3ueries related to salary, professional issues, relationship with
top authorities etc
To %iaison with departments to understand their students needs to ensure they are
fully informed of ob=ectives, achievements
o 4vent Mana.ement = Stu/ent 6rainin. ? Deve"o!ment
#s a part of developing knowledge to students, responsibility to organizes annua" tour
!ro.ramme, Persona"ity Deve"o!ment !ro.rammes 2 oc! "nter#ie$s% &ro'(
)isc'ssions% *es'mes +riting +or!sho(s, invite Guest :acu"ties for each session in
order to make them aware with actual happening and functional disciplines in an
o :ina" P"acement
a. +ampus !nterview
b. )andom !nterview
)esponsible for arranging +ampus !nterviews for final year students which
includes planning and timely e;ecution/
9randing of 1earl #cademy
o Documentation
#ll official documents offer letters, #ppointments letters, +onfirmations, !ndustry
)eports etc
*aintaining +alendar of activities & 1lanner to ensure well>timed completion of
Handling !&$ related activities i/e/
o &cheduling and minting of -!&$. *anagement )eview Group *eetings/
o !ssuance and change of documents/
o *aintenance of all documents being used under !&$/
Handling general logistic functions including vendor management, hotel bookings,
car rentals and air bookings etc/
October &''@ 9 December &''A Ramjas Pub"ic Scoo"
Position* 6G6 Com!uter 6eacer
%esson planning for grades ? thru 65, class room management, proficient HT*%, *!+)$&$(T, D$&, &@%,
etworking ';perience, website mgmt, &oftware training to the faculties
May &''@ 9 Se! &''@ 0nstitute of 5etwor- 6ecno"o.y
Position* Business 6rainee = Counse"or
0nstitute of 5etwor- 6ecno"o.y 0n/ia Pvt; ,t/; %056) was estab"ise/ in BCC@ with the main
ob=ective of imparting 3uality training in +omputer etworking which is today one of the most e;citing and
rapidly developing technology in the dynamic & evolving !T industry/ only #uthorized 'ducation center in
orth !ndia to offer complete curriculum from *icrosoft and ovell under one roof/
7ob Res!onsibi"ities*
1rovide individuals and groups with career and educational counseling related to !T courses such
as *+&', ++#, &hort term programmes
Documentation of all relevant papers such as enrollments forms, fee payment sheet, and batch
files etc/
*eeting with students to discuss career options on diagnostic measures 8 brain storming
$rganizing and planning for seminars and workshops to provide Anowledge on career planning or
career development/
Hosting and planning =ob fairs, employment e;hibitions and even open houses to allow local
businesses to provide information on careers to students/
'ffective %istening &kills
1roblem &olving #pproach
Desire to learn & assimilate new information 3uickly
Good #nalytical & +ommunication skills
Team 'vent *anagement
1eople *anagement
+ourage to perform better
! try to learn from my mistakes
(le;ible, #daptable, and a good learner
1latforms * 2indows 4B84C8 1rofessional, *& $ffice, &wift etsurf
+omputer etworks : '>+ommerce, !nternet
PRO74C6 U5D4R6AD45
Technical &eminar presentation on the topic: Threads
1resentations on: *ultinational +ompanies: H1
1resentations on: 9lue tooth -wireless Technology.
2orkshop attended on !nterview &kills
2orkshop attended on 1sychometric Tests and H)D !nstruments D #pplication & Training (&*, ew
!nitiated 1olicies81rocedures as a &ource of !nternships 8 1lacements 8 workshops 8 !) in 1#(
#ppreciation +ertificate from the management E 9'&T 1')($)*') "55FG in 1#(
)esponsible for arranging $verseas !nternships 8 1lacements
&uccessfully arranged &hort term 2orkshops for !ndustry and students
!nvited renowned corporate organizations from all over the !ndia to the campus for recruitments 8
!ntern the students
Develop and implement contemporary recruitment methods to attract top 3uality candidates
appropriate to the position and company needs
#ppreciation +ertificate from )am=as 1ublic &chool
4DUCA60O5 ? FUA,0:0CA60O5S
1GD9# from &ymbiosis, 1une with specialization in H)D -"55F./
Major * $uman Resource Deve"o!ment
D!!T from , ew Delhi , !!T
&i; *onths +omputer +ourse -+ertificate in +omputing. (rom !G$U University
9/# -1ass. from Delhi University
P4RSO5A, 05:ORMA60O5
Date of 9irth * 5F
(ebruary 64CH
(atherIs ame * *r/ J/A/ 9hasin
#ddress * 0v8 6HBF, &angatrashan,
ear )/A/ #shram *etro &tation
ew Delhi D 665 5BB
AAR60 B$AS05