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8 May 2014

Gareth Aird Economist T. +612 9118 1100 E.
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US shares higher and medium-term treasuries flat. AUD at USD0.932
In US economic data, consumer credit rose by $17.5 billion in March to $3.14 trillion -
this was the largest increase since February 2013. Revolving credit -which measures
credit card usage - rebounded by $1.1 billion in March.
In testimony to the congress, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen repeated her
stance that the economy was still in need of lots of support given the "considerable
slack" in the labour market. Yellen took a different path than in previous commentary
outlining the risks facing the economic recovery. She mentioned that "the recent
flattening in housing activity could prove more protracted than currently expected"
European shares were mixed on Wednesday as positive earnings results was offset by
scepticism over Fiat Chrysler's new business plan. Investors were unconvinced by its
plan to boost sales by 60% by 2018, with the stock tumbling by almost 12% and being
the biggest drag on the FTSEurofirst300. France's third largest bank Credit Agricole rose
6.8% after reporting a 30% rise in net income in its first quarter result. The FTSEurofirst
300 index edged higher, up by 0.1%. The German Dax lifted by 0.6% and the UK FTSE
fell by just 2pts.
US share markets were mostly higher on Wednesday as the Federal Reserve signalled
it will continue to support the economy. But the Nasdaq fell for a second straight day
weighed down by technology stocks. The Dow Jones rose by 118 points or 0.7% with
the S&P 500 up by 0.6% and the Nasdaq lost 13 points or 0.3%.
US short-term treasury prices rose on Wednesday (yields lower) following Fed Chair
Yellens dovish comments. US 2 year yields fell by 3pts to 0.40% while US 10 year
yields were flat at 2.59%.
Major currencies were generally weaker against the US dollar on Wednesday despite
Yellen's comments. The Euro fell from highs near US$1.3935 to lows near US$1.3910,
ending US trade around its lows. The Aussie dollar fell from around US93.50c to near
US93.20c before finishing US trade around US93.30c. And the Japanese yen eased from
101.40 yen per US dollar to almost JPY102.00 before ending US trade near JPY101.90.
World oil prices lifted on Wednesday as an unexpected drop in US oil inventories and
escalating tensions in Libya supported buying. Brent crude rose by US$1.07 or 1% to
US$108.13 a barrel while US Nymex rose by US$1.27 to US$100.77 a barrel.
Base metal prices fell on the London Metal Exchange on Wednesday with lead (down
1.4%) and zinc (down 1.2%) recording the biggest falls. The Comex gold futures quote
fell, down by US$19.70 an ounce to US$1288.90 per ounce. Iron ore fell by US90c a
tonne or 0.9% to US$105.10 a tonne.
Ahead: In Australia employment data and the WA state budget are released. In the US,
no economic data is expected. China releases trade figures.
07:00 13:00 19:00 01:00 07:00
2yr (lhs)
10yr (rhs)
% %
07:00 13:00 19:00 01:00 07:00
S&P500 (lhs)
S&P500 Futures (rhs)
07:00 13:00 19:00 01:00 07:00
EUR/USD (lhs)
USD/JPY (rhs)
07:00 13:00 19:00 01:00 07:00
AUD/USD (lhs)
AUD/EUR (rhs)
AUD/USD 0.9327 -0.3% Australia 3.83 -0.03 CRB Index 307 -0.1% Dow 16518.5 0.7%
NZD/USD 0.8661 -0.9% NZ 4.31 -0.05 JoC Index 129.88 0.1% S&P 500 1878.2 0.6%
EUR/USD 1.3910 -0.1% US 2.59 0.00 Aluminium $/t 1723.5 -0.9% NASDAQ 4067.7 -0.3%
USD/JPY 101.90 0.2% AU less US 1.25 Copper $/t 6685.5 -1.0% FTSE 6796.4 0.0%
GBP/USD 1.6952 -0.1% NZ less US 1.72 Lead $/t 2059.8 -1.4% Shenzen 1028.0 -1.6%
USD/CHF 0.8763 0.2% Nickel $/t 18625 0.5% H.Seng 21746.3 -1.1%
AUD/NZD 1.0768 0.7% 3mth 2.68 0.01 Zinc $/t 2023.5 -1.2% Nikkei 14033.5 -2.9%
AUD/JPY 95.05 0.0% 3yr 3.09 -0.01 Gold $/o 1289.9 -1.4% ASX200 5435.8 -0.8%
AUD/EUR 0.6706 -0.1% 5yr 3.48 0.00 WTI Oil $/b 100.77 1.3% NZSX50 5189.13 0.3%
(As at Bloomberg 7am)
AUD Swap Rates (%)
Equities Currencies 10 Yr Bond Yields (%) Commodities

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Yellens prepared testimony carried little surprise value for the market and was similar to the message in the last FOMC
The key points from the testimony:
A high degree of accommodation remains warranted
Growth stalled in Q1, but the outlook is still improving: Looking ahead, I expect that economic activity will expand
at a somewhat faster pace this year than it did last year, that the unemployment rate will continue to decline
gradually, and that inflation will begin to move up toward 2 percent.
Recent weakness in housing activity is disappointing and will bear watching
Tapering is likely to continue, the first rate hike will be well after the end of asset purchases and the rates will
increase at a slower than historical rate.
Key Events to Watch
Australasia, China and Japan
Date Country Data/Event CBA (f) Comment
Thu 8 May AU Labour Force, Apr
Unemployment Rate
Participation Rate

Employment rose by a solid 18.1k in March following Februarys big
lift of 48.2k. The unemployment rate fell sharply to 5.8%. The healthy
jobs figures reported for both February and March are consistent with
recent forward looking indicators of the labour market. In addition,
the government tax payments data have lifted which is commensurate
with recent employment growth. We expect modest jobs growth of 9k
over April and for a small lift in the unemployment rate to 5.9%.
Thu 8 May CH Trade balance, Apr
15.5 USDbn
-3.5 y%ch
-2.3 y%ch
Chinas trade balance is likely to lift in April, as seasonal weakness
fades. However, base effects should continue to have an impact,
particularly on the export side. Exports are expected to improve on
March, but remain weaker than year ago levels (which may still be
subject to invoicing impacts). Softer imports are likely, in line with the
recent tempering in Chinese economic activity. We expect the trade
balance to register a surplus in excess of USD 15bn.
Fri 9 May NZ Electronic Card Transactions,
0.6 m%ch
Steady growth in spending continues. Strong consumer
confidence and population growth should continue to drive
greater consumption over 2014. We expect some pickup
in consumable growth spending over 2014 as strong
population growth flows through to spending in
supermarkets and other necessities. Meanwhile
hospitality spending continues to grow, up 11% year-on-
year. Strong consumer confidence has seen Kiwis eating
and drinking out more, and strong visitor arrivals numbers
will also have boosted tourist spending.
Fri 9 May AU RBA Statement on Monetary
The RBA are likely to revise their near-term inflation forecasts lower in
this Statement on Monetary Policy. Since the last Statement, the
currency has appreciated and the QI CPI came in a little lower than
expected. Growth forecasts are likely to remain largely unchanged.
The RBA has noted that the boost from a lower currency will be less
than previously expected given the rise in the Aussie. But the QIV
GDP numbers were also a little stronger than expected and the recent
run of economic data is encouraging. The RBAs labour market views
will be of greater interest.
Fri 9 May CH CPI, Apr 2.1 y%ch
Chinas headline CPI inflation is expected to moderate in
April, as food prices normalize from lunar new year
distortions. We expect April headline CPI to ease back to
2.1%YoY, from 2.4% in March. Core inflation is expected
to remain steady around 1.7%.


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Date Country Data/Event CBA (f) Comment
Thu 8 May UK Bank of England Rates
We expect no change to monetary policy at this meeting. The UK
economy is recovering at a solid rate but inflation is low and there is
excess slack in the economy. It will take several years to draw down
the slack in the economy so no policy change by the Bank of England
is likely this year unless the UK economy continues to provide
positive surprises.
Thu 8 May EC ECB Rates announcement 0.25% In what is likely to be a finely balanced decision, we expect the ECB
to leave policy unchanged. But a policy loosening would not surprise
us. Both headline and core CPI inflation remain well below the ECBs
2%pa target. However, the high frequency surveys show a recovery
is underway and excess reserves in the banking system have fallen to
low levels and market interest rates have increased, challenging the
ECBs wish for interest rates to be at current or lower levels.
Fri 9 May CA Net Change in Employment,
~ Canadas labour market appeared to shake off the harsh winter last
month. Canadian employment surged in March, with the 42.9k lift in
jobs almost double the market expectation. Canadas unemployment
rate fell unexpectedly as a result. A further, more moderate, rise in
Canadian employment is expected in April. This is consistent with
underlying indicators, such as the employment sub-index of the Ivey
PMI which has been improving over recent months. The consensus is
for jobs growth of 21.3k. This should keep the unemployment rate
stable at 6.9%.

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