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lACMAC May 2014 8ecommendaLlons, age 1 of 6

uaLe: May 7, 2014

Memo Lo: !ose 8anda, SuperlnLendenL, SeaLLle ubllc Schools

Cc: lllp Perndon, AsslsLanL SuperlnLendenL of laclllLles, CaplLal lannlng and LnrollmenL
Mlchael 1olley, AsslsLanL SuperlnLendenL of 1eachlng and Learnlng
SeaLLle ubllc School 8oard of ulrecLors

lrom: laclllLles and CapaclLy ManagemenL Advlsory CommlLLee (lACMAC)

8e: 8Lx lv Cne-?ear 8evlew and 8ecommendaLlons

Summary: IACMAC kecommends a M|d-Course Correct|on |n the 8Lk IV Levy

1hls memo hlghllghLs Lhe need Lo make a slgnlflcanL mld-course correcLlon ln 8Lx lv Levy pro[ecLs norLh of
Lhe Shlp Canal ln response Lo Lhe hlgher-Lhan-expecLed enrollmenL growLh and Lhe demand for hlgh school
seaLs. lACMAC recommends re-purposlng $130 mllllon of Lhe levy ln Lhe followlng ways:
ConverL PamllLon Lo an elemenLary school (capaclLy: 1000)
ConverL Llncoln Lo a mlddle school (capaclLy: 1600)
8ulld Wllson-aclflc as a sLaLe-of Lhe-arL hlgh school (capaclLy: 2300)
1hese changes wlll more effecLlvely uLlllze avallable land and levy dollars Lo produce more seaLs. lL wlll
further address the districts need for additional high school seats north of the Ship Canal.

A Cne-ear kev|ew of the 8Lk IV Levy

A llLLle more Lhan one year ago, SeaLLle Laxpayers approved Lhe largesL local Laxpayer flnanclng ever puL
forward by a school dlsLrlcL ln Lhe SLaLe of WashlngLon, Lhe 8Lx lv CaplLal Levy supporLlng Lhe consLrucLlon
and renovaLlon of schools ln SeaLLle. SeaLLle ubllc Schools (SS) aL LhaL Llme became Lhe sLewards of
nearly $700 mllllon ln Laxpayer monles. 1he laclllLles and CapaclLy ManagemenL Advlsory CommlLLee
(lACMAC) offers observaLlons abouL Lhe levy process Lo daLe and makes recommendaLlons golng forward.

1he Wllson-aclflc and Llncoln pro[ecLs of Lhe 8Lx lv levy represenL $130 mllllon or 19 of Lhe levy. 1hls
memo wlll focus on Lhese Lwo pro[ecLs, wlLh Lhe ldea LhaL many of Lhe observaLlons wlll perLaln Lo oLher
currenL and fuLure pro[ecLs of Lhe levy.

1he prlorlLles of Lhe 8Lx lv Levy are: 1) SafeLy, 2) CapaclLy, 3) 8ulldlng CondlLlon and 4) llexlblllLy for
rograms and Servlces ln a resource-consLralned economy. SafeLy and 8ulldlng CondlLlon were largely
addressed ln Lhe selecLlon of 8Lx lv pro[ecLs: bulldlngs LhaL posed Lhe greaLesL safeLy or condlLlon rlsks
were lncluded ln Lhe proposed pro[ecL llsL. CapaclLy was a conslderaLlon ln deLermlnlng whaL geographlcal
reglons of Lhe dlsLrlcL requlred addlLlonal seaLs. now LhaL Lhe levy pro[ecLs are underway, CapaclLy and
llexlblllLy musL be Lhe leadlng prlorlLles for pro[ecL deslgn and lmplemenLaLlon. Wlll Lhe levy yleld Lhe
hlghesL posslble number of seaLs (CapaclLy) whlle consLrucLlng bulldlngs LhaL wlll serve educaLlonal needs
for decades Lo come (llexlblllLy)?

lACMAC May 2014 8ecommendaLlons, age 2 of 6

1hls one-year revlew ls lnformed by Lwo maln drlvers:
1) 1he 8Lx lv Levy was based on 2010 LnrollmenL ro[ecLlons. 2014 enrollmenL daLa and pro[ecLlons
are now avallable. lL ls essenLlal LhaL levy pro[ecLs are consldered ln llghL of Lhls new lnformaLlon
and ad[usLmenLs are made.
2) A number of 8Lx lv Levy pro[ecLs have commenced. 8oLh SS and Laxpayers have an opporLunlLy
and an obllgaLlonLo evaluaLe Lhese pro[ecLs and deLermlne wheLher Lhey are proceedlng on Lrack
or wheLher Lhey requlre a mld-course correcLlon.
Capac|ty Cannot keep ace w|th Lnro||ment Growth

8oLh SS sLaff and Lhe community recognize that the districts sLudenL enrollmenL conLlnues Lo grow--ln
recenL years, by more Lhan 1000 sLudenLs per year. CurrenL and fuLure capaclLy ls noL keeplng pace wlLh
Lhls growLh. Whlle 8Lx lv dollars wlll supporL Lhe creaLlon of much-needed capaclLy, lL wlll noL produce
enough seaLs Lo meeL Lhe pro[ecLed enrollmenL of Lhe dlsLrlcL.

lurLhermore, conslderlng capaclLy flgures on a dlsLrlcL-wlde basls masks capaclLy shorLfalls ln cerLaln
reglons of Lhe dlsLrlcL. lL ls essenLlal Lo analyze capaclLy needs by reglon. 1he new SLudenL AsslgnmenL lan
(nSA) guaranLees sLudenLs and famllles local educaLlonal opLlons. 1herefore, capaclLy musL be creaLed
where lL ls needed

erslsLenL enrollmenL growLh ln Lhe conLexL of llmlLed capaclLy opLlons suggesLs LhaL:
More Lhan ever, SS musL opLlmlze lLs use of space: 1) avallable acreage musL be used as efflclenLly as
posslble, 2) new bulldlngs musL yleld Lhe hlghesL posslble capaclLy (# of seaLs), 3) llmlLed funds musL be
spenL Lo produce Lhe hlghesL, mosL cosL effecLlve number of seaLs,
SS ls a densely populaLed urban school dlsLrlcL wlLh llmlLed funds and even more llmlLed real esLaLe
opLlons. When consLrucLlon opLlons (any new consLrucLlon or renovaLlon LhaL adds capaclLy) are
exhausLed and non-consLrucLlon opLlons (placlng porLables, movlng programs) are fully deployed, Lhe
dlsLrlcL wlll need Lo conslder dlfferenL educaLlonal models such as larger schools (l.e., hlgher sLudenL
1he Data nas Changed--1he 8Lk IV kesponse Needs to Change
1he ClLy of SeaLLle ls polsed Lo experlence dramaLlc populaLlon growLh over Lhe nexL 20 years. WlLh Lhls as
a backdrop, SS musL be prepared Lo accommodaLe conLlnued sLudenL enrollmenL growLh.

8Lx lv plannlng was based on 2010 enrollmenL daLa. WlLh 2014 enrollmenL daLa and pro[ecLlons now
avallable, lL ls essenLlal LhaL new information be factored into the districts plans going forward. Since 2010,
the districts enrollment has increased each year and met or exceeded the highesL pro[ecLlons ln each

8Lx lv and Lhe recenL 8oundary Changes focused prlmarlly on Lhe growLh of Lhe k-3 and 6-8 sLudenL
populaLlons by focuslng levy spendlng on lncreaslng k-3 and 6-8 seaLs. Meanwhlle, llLLle aLLenLlon has been
pald Lo lncreaslng demands for hlgh school seaLs.

ln Lhe currenL plan, 1600 permanenL PS seaLs wlll come onllne norLh of Lhe Shlp Canal ln 2019 when Llncoln
ls renovaLed for hlgh school use, buL lL ls noL clear LhaL Lhls ls sufflclenL Lo manage Lhe overcrowdlng LhaL ls
anLlclpaLed aL 8allard PS and 8oosevelL PS before 2019. 1hls snapshoL of Lhe anLlclpaLed shorLage of PS
lACMAC May 2014 8ecommendaLlons, age 3 of 6

seaLs norLh of Lhe Shlp Canal and Cueen Anne/Magnolla facLors ln Lhe Llncoln seaLs and lllusLraLes how
severe Lhe capaclLy shorLage wlll be under Lhe currenL 8Lx lv plan.

under Lhe currenL 8Lx lv Levy plan (CcLober 2012), Lhere ls a capaclLy buffer of only 46 PS seaLs (less Lhan
2 classrooms) dlsLrlcL-wlde aL Lhe end of Lhe levy cycle ln 2020. Cnce agaln, dlsLrlcL-wlde flgures on Lhe
need for hlgh school seaLs can be mlsleadlng. norLh of Lhe Shlp Canal, Lhere wlll be a severe capaclLy
shorLage even afLer 1600 seaLs aL Llncoln come onllne.

PS enrollmenL norLh of Lhe Shlp Canal ls ouLpaclng exlsLlng capaclLy and LhaL whlch wlll be added
Lhrough 8Lx lv pro[ecLs,
CurrenL 8Lx lv Levy pro[ecLs may noL produce enough of Lhe rlghL klnd of seaLs (k-3 and 6-8 vs. 9-12)
and may noL offer Lhe besL value for money ln Lerms of seaLs produced (capaclLy ylelded).
IACMAC kecommends a k-12 A|ternat|ve North of the Sh|p Cana|

MeeLlng Lhe capaclLy needs norLh of Lhe Shlp Canal ls parLlcularly challenglng for Lhe followlng reasons:
lL ls a reglon wlLh a hlgh denslLy of sLudenLs,
8eal esLaLe ls boLh expenslve and largely unavallable,
nearly all exlsLlng bulldlngs are aL maxlmum capaclLy.
1hls furLher emphaslzes Lhe need Lo bulld blg (maxlmum capaclLy), bulld smarL (mosL cosL-effecLlve use of
llmlLed Laxpayer dollars), and bulld for durablllLy (mosL flexlble space for evolvlng educaLlonal purposes).

13-14 14-13 13-16 16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23
North of Sh|p Cana| and A]Mag n|gh
Schoo| Seat Shortage w|th opt|on schoo|s
SeaL ShorLage
lACMAC May 2014 8ecommendaLlons, age 4 of 6

CurrenL 8Lx lv lan:

Seat |e|d
(Capac|ty) Cost Seat er Acre
PamllLon 6-8 971 nA 311 seaLs/acre
Llncoln 9-12 1600 $ 20,000,000 436 seaLs/acre
Wllson-aclflc (lncludlng
space for flelds)
k-3 and
6-8 1630 $ 110,000,000
99 seaLs/acre (w/
fleld space) C8 206
seaLs/acre (w/o
fleld space)

As currenLly conflgured, Wllson-Pacific (the districts largest real estate holding North of the Ship Canal) wlll
have an exLremely low seaL Lo acreage yleld wlLh a per seaL cosL of $66,667.

ln addlLlon Lo Lhese concerns, each slLe has Lhe followlng llmlLaLlons as currenLly conflgured:

Schoo| Cbservat|ons
PamllLon no room for growLh, flex spaces noL conduclve Lo use by MS populaLlon,
currenL MS school llkely Lo ouLgrow bulldlng before 2017 (Lhls ls afLer nL
A MS sLudenLs have relocaLed Lo !ane Addams MS)
Llncoln as PS, llmlLed Lo 1600 seaLs, flelds are 3 mlles away, wlll noL be sLaLe-of-Lhe-
arL PS even afLer $20 mllllon lnvesLed ln renovaLlon
Wllson-aclflc 1hree years before bulldlng ls scheduled Lo open, Lhe LS populaLlon
asslgned Lo W- LS ls 8 over Lhe planned capaclLy for Lhe bulldlng, bulldlng
deslgn maxlmlzes norLhern llghL, buL does noL maxlmlze number of
seaLs/capaclLy nor loL coverage, bulldlng/slLe deslgn very dlfflculL Lo
supervlse for llmlLed sLaff

Convert nam||ton to an e|ementary schoo| (capac|ty: 1000)
Convert L|nco|n to a m|dd|e schoo| (capac|ty: 1600)
8u||d W||son-ac|f|c as a state-of the-art h|gh schoo| (capac|ty: 2S00
8y dolng Lhls, prlorlLlze loL coverage, capaclLy yleld and cosL-efflclency aL Wllson-aclflc.
8ecommended Mld-Course CorrecLlon:
Seat |e|d
(Capac|ty) Cost Seat er Acre
PamllLon k-3 1000 nA 326 seaLs/acre
Llncoln 6-8 1600 $ 20,000,000 436 seaLs/acre
Wllson-aclflc (lncludlng
space for flelds) 9-12 2300 $ 110,000,000
130 seaLs/acre (w/
fleld space) C8 313
seaLs/acre (w/o
fleld space)

lACMAC May 2014 8ecommendaLlons, age 3 of 6

1he beneflLs of Lhls recommendaLlon are as follows:
Schoo| 8enef|ts of kecommended keconf|gurat|on
PamllLon 1000 seaLs would accommodaLe LS populaLlon and make beLLer use of
exlsLlng capaclLy (use of flex spaces far more llkely wlLh LS cohorL),
Llncoln swlLchlng Lhe LS and MS populaLlons beLween Lhe Lwo slLes could be
lmplemenLed as early as 2013 or 2016 and MS seaLs could become avallable
earller Lhan currenL plan (l.e., before 2017), Lhls would averL a lasL-mlnuLe
need Lo change boundarles or dlsplace a sLudenL populaLlon or program
and would glve MS populaLlon access Lo an audlLorlum
Wllson-aclflc would uLlllze 8Lx lv funds Lo bulld a sLaLe-of-Lhe-arL PS wlLh ad[acenL flelds,
a large, sLralghLforward bulldlng deslgn would maxlmlze loL usage by
lncreaslng Lhe seaL/acre raLlo Lo 313 seaLs/acre (excludlng space for flelds)
and brlng down cosL per seaL Lo $44,000

A comparlson of Lhe capaclLy (or seaL yleld) ln Lhe currenL plan and Lhe recommended alLernaLlve ls as
nam||ton L|nco|n W||son-ac|f|c

8Lx lv 8ecommended
8Lx lv 8ecommended
8Lx lv 8ecommended
k-3 0 1000 0 0 630 0
6-8 971 0 0 1600 1000* 0
9-12 0 0 1600 0 0 2300
1ota| 971 1000 1600 1600 1630 2300


Crades k-3 630

Crades k-3 1000
Crades 6-8 1971*

Crades 6-8 1600**

Crades 9-
12 1600

Crades 9-12 2300
1ota| 4221 1ota| 3100
*1he 1000 seaLs planned for Wllson-aclflc MS are currenLly dlvlded beLween 830 comprehenslve MS seaLs
and 130 k-8 seaLs.
**1hls MS flgure ls ln addlLlon Lo capaclLy LhaL has been creaLed aL !ane Addams MS (where Lhere ls some
avallable capaclLy). Moreover, Lhe addlLlon of Lhese 1600 MS seaLs wlll sufflce unLll Lhe dlsLrlcL can
conslder furLher addlLlons of permanenL MS seaLs ln Lhe fuLure (e.g., deploylng !ohn Marshall as a
permanenL MS and/or bulldlng addlLlonal seaLs ln fuLure 8Lx levles)

lACMAC May 2014 8ecommendaLlons, age 6 of 6

1he 5130 M||||on uest|on: Why Make a M|d-Course Correct|on?

1hls recommendaLlon has far-reachlng lmpllcaLlons. A revlew of currenL enrollmenL daLa reveals LhaL Lhe
need for PS seaLs ls far greaLer Lhan orlglnally anLlclpaLed. lurLhermore, Lhe overall enrollmenL growLh ln
Lhe dlsLrlcL necesslLaLes a new vlew on how we uLlllze exlsLlng space and funds Lo accommodaLe our
lncreaslng sLudenL populaLlon.

8y reconflgurlng Lhe way ln whlch Lhese Lhree slLes are deployed, Lhe dlsLrlcL can deslgn a more cosL-
effecLlve bulldlng LhaL ylelds more seaLs whlle ensurlng LhaL sLudenL populaLlons wlll be accommodaLed
approprlaLely whlle consLrucLlon ls underway.

As sLewards of $130 mllllon ln Laxpayer dollars, SS has Lhe LrusL of Lhe publlc Lo make daLa-drlven
declslons, Lo uLlllze publlc monles as cosL-effecLlvely as posslble, and Lo anLlclpaLe Lhe capaclLy needs of our
growlng sLudenL populaLlon. 1he communlLy has enLrusLed Lhe dlsLrlcL Lo operaLe wlLh Lhese ob[ecLlves ln
mlnd and, as such, a LhoughLful mld-course correcLlon ln Lhe levy plan would be boLh welcome and

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