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Oracle 11g XE Installer
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Finally, I got to install Oracle Database 11g E!ress E"ition #$E% tonight&
'n(ortunately, I ran into an error "uring the installation& ) *uic+ ,oogle search lan"e"
me in the (orum, where it ga-e me the im!ression it woul"n.t wor+ on /in"ows 0, 123
bit& 4owe-er, I.m tenacious with !roblems li+e this& 4ere.s the screenshot (or the error5
The tet (rom the image is note" below to hel! (ol+s (in" the solution&
The installer is unable to instantiate the file
))+C!C#'',"1-\.#/01#2re32 The file 4oes not appear to e5ist2
The !hysical (ile isn.t missing, what (aile" to ha!!en was that the installer "i"n.t write a
6egistry 7ey.s Data -alue& 8ou can a"" the missing registry +ey.s Data -alue, an" then
clic+ OK on the Error "ialog bo to continue the installation& #6e!lying to )n"rea, I.-e
!ro-i"e" screen shots on e"iting the 6e3istr7 in a comment below&% It will succee", at
least it succee"e" (or me on /in"ows 0 123bit& 6ather than use abbre-iations li+e the
(orum entry, the missing +ey is (oun" here in the /in"ows 6egistry5
) screenshot shows that the Data -alue o( the +ey wasn.t !o!ulate" by the M9I
#Microso(t 9o(tware Installer%, the arguments remain (or a scri!t to !o!ulate5
8ou nee" to a"" the message -alue (rom your Error "ialog as Data -alue o( the Name
entry 1, li+e this screenshot shows5
9ince I belie-e the only things that shoul" change are your )"ministrator.s hostname
an" the <e7 -alue #ty!e in the one that shows in the your "ialog bo%, here.s the tet
you.ll nee" to enter5
This (i wor+e" (or me, an" I ho!e the same hol"s true (or you&
/ritten by maclochlainn
9e!tember 13th, :;11 at 1:5<1 am
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1& A&&&B ste!3by3ste! installation A&&&B
Oracle Database 11g XE Install Instructions
13 9e! 11 at 115;0 am
:& 7ris 6ice "i" tweet that a /in 12 bit -ersion o( $E Cis in the wor+sD
12 9e! 11 at 252E am
3& ,oo" Fob manGG
it.s wor+e" (or me&
12 9e! 11 at 115:: am
2& 4i,
It.s true, this metho" will sol-e the bug, but the home !age hasn.t shown yet&
Maybe the !orts not goo" #because o( the TH9 9er-ice "oesn.t run%& 4ow can I
change the !orts un"er the installationI
1< 9e! 11 at 35;1 am
<& '!"ate" the !ost to ensure e-eryone +nows that the +ey -alue can "i((er an" you
nee" to ty!e in the one shown in your error message "ialog bo&
1E 9e! 11 at 1;5:J am
6. 8ou can chec+ 9te! K0 in this !ost& I." suggest you uninstall an" re3install& )lso,
ma+e sure that you enter the +ey -alue (rom your error message& They can "i((er&
1E 9e! 11 at 1:5;3 !m
0& /or+s great& Than+s (or !osting this& I was tearing my hair out trying to sol-e it&
J Oct 11 at 35<E am
E& ,reat Ti!, It wor+e" (or me
1; Oct 11 at 15;0 !m
J& ,reat ti!& /or+s li+e a charm&
10 Oct 11 at :53E am
1;& Than+s it wor+sG
1E Oct 11 at 1;51; am
11& 4i,
I am also getting the same issue !o! u!#The installer is unable to instantiate the
(ile L5M'sersM9)M6)TM)!!DataMLocalMTem!MNsome -alue&&OM7E8>$E&reg%, so
accor"ing to this blog I went to the !ath mentione" in the error !o! u! but coul"
not (in" out the (ile C7E8>$E&regD where I will set u! the +ey "ata -alue&I am
also installing in /in"ows0 12 bit&The DB installation (ile is
COracle$E11:>/in3:P&=lease hel! me in resol-ing this issue&Than+s
:3 Oct 11 at 1:5<1 am
1:& 4i,
Those who ha-e success(ully resol-e" the abo-e issue !lease let me +now the
ste! by ste! !roce"ure how you ha-e success(ully set u! this -alue a(ter getting
the error !o! u!&Than+s&
:3 Oct 11 at 1:5<< am
13. 8ou ma+e the change in the registry& 'se re3e4it to e"it the registry&
:2 Oct 11 at 1:523 !m
12& I ha-e /in"ows 0 12 an" a got the !roblem about the 7E8>$E&reg not (ount& I
ha-e trie" a lot o( con(igurations I ha-e (inally sol-e"&
/e nee" "o some thin+s5
1& 9tart the installer Q9etu!&ee.& /ait until as+e" about the !ath&
:& Do not !ress net& O!en with /in"ows E!lorer the (ol"er li+e this5
3& There will be a (ile 9racleMT86eco=er78er=ice2re3& Ma+e a co!y an"
rename the co!y to 7E8>6E,&reg
2& ,o to the installer an" go ahea" with the installation&
8ou will not see any error about the .#/01#2re3 not (oun"&
How, you nee" chec+ your hostname an" localhost& O!en the (ile
C:\>in4o?s\87stem$(\4ri=ers\etc\hosts an" chec+ i( you ha-e something
li+e this5
1(!2221 localhost
1)(21,"212( 7our0pc0hostname
The secon" line is your I=, this one is an eam!le& Try to sto! an" start the
Oracle E!ress by the shortcut at the start menu& To chec+ i( all Oracle ser-ices
are running, use this comman"5
l status
The result5
L8A6CTL FOR $(%bit >in4o?s: Bersion 112(22(2 % ;ro4uction ON
(,%9UT%(11 :):$

Cop7ri3ht CcD 1))1E (1E 9racle2 ALL ri3hts reser=e42

Connection WITH CD#8C6:;T:9AFCADD6#88FC;69T9C9LF:;CD
A:C. L:8T#A#6
Bersion TA8L8A6 FOR $(%bit >in4o?s: Bersion 112(22(2 %
:nitial DATE (+%9UT%(11 ($:$,:+$
6unnin3 4ias hr2 $( MIN2 1' se3
Anal7sis le=el off
8ecurit7 ON: LOCAL 98 Authentication
8AM; 9&&
DEFAULT 8er=ice 1#
Listener param2
Lo3 Listener
9 ser=ice HCL6#5t;rocH has 1 instanceCsD2
:nstance HCL6#5t;rocHE STATUS UNKNOWNE has 1 han4lerCsD FOR this
9 ser=ice H;L8#5t;rocH has 1 instanceCsD2
:nstance H;L8#5t;rocHE STATUS UNKNOWNE has 1 han4lerCsD FOR this
9 8er=ice H1#1D*H tem 1 :nstanceCsD2
:nstance H5eHE STATUS 6#AD/E has 1 han4lerCsD FOR this ser=ice222
9 ser=ice H5eH has 1 :nstanceCsD2
:nstance H5eHE STATUS 6#AD/E has 1 han4lerCsD FOR this ser=ice222
8ou cannot see the ser-ices CeD, so you nee" "o (i the listener2ora at
I( your hostname or localhost "i"n.t wor+, so !ut your =L I=, li+e this5
8:D0L:8T0L:8T#A#6 F
C8:D0L:8T F
C8:D0D#8C F
C8:D0AAM# F ;L8#5t;rocD
C96ACL#0H9M# F
C;69G6AM F e5tprocD
C8:D0D#8C F
C8:D0AAM# F CL6#5t;rocD
C96ACL#0H9M# F
C;69G6AM F e5tprocD

L:8T#A#6 F
CD#8C6:;T:9A0L:8T F
CD#8C6:;T:9A F
CADD6#88 F C;69T9C9L F :;CDCKEY F #1T;69C1DD
CADD6#88 F C;69T9C9L F TC;DCH98T F 1)(21,"212(DC;96T F 1+(1DD
D#&AULT08#6B:C#0L:8T#A#6 F C1#D
Maybe can be necessary (i the
9TEHE6&O6), !ut the I= too& Li+e this5
I L:8T#A#6 F
I CADD6#880L:8TF
I CADD6#88FC;69T9C9LFtcpDCH98TF1)(21,"212(DC;96TF1+(1DD
I( you try o!en the a!e by the /in"ows start menu an" get the error
http:JJ1(!2221:%HTTPPORT%Jape5JfKpF')+& It is easy5
,o to D5MOracleMoracleeMa!!MoracleM!ro"uctM11&:&;Mser-er an" clic+ o-er the (ile
,et>9tarte" an" choose !ro!erties, there change the R4TT==O6TR (or you
!ort, usually E;E;, will be li+e this5
=ay attention, I ha-e installe" Oracle E!ress 11g at D:\9racle&
:< Oct 11 at E53; !m
1<& I cannot (ollow what I nee" to "o here& I.m so con(use"G
31 Oct 11 at 351: !m
11& /here eactly "o I e"it in rege"itI /here "o I (in" this S
I can.t (in" anything remotely similar to that
31 Oct 11 at <5;1 !m
17. 4ere.s how you o!en re3e4it2e5e (rom /in"ows5
1 Ho- 11 at 15:: am
1E& I can get to rege"it but the rest I ha-e no clue what to "o&
1 Ho- 11 at 251; am
1J& )n"rea,
8ou shoul" see the (ollowing when you launch the /in"ows 0 6egistry5
Llic+ on the arrow symbol to the le(t o( the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT no"e to
e!an" the no"e tree& 9croll "own until you (in" the Installer no"e an" clic+ the
arrow symbol to e!an" the no"e tree another le-el& 6e!eat the !rocess (or the
Product, Product Key Value, an" SourceLst no"es, as "is!laye" below&
Llic+ on the !eda no"e, which is a lea( no"e in the 6egistry tree& Llic+ on the
Hame " an" then clic+ the Edt menu o!tion& /ithin the "ro! "own menu, clic+
on the !od#y$ o!tion to e"it the Data -alue&
Enter the (ully *uali(ie" Value data -alue, which shoul" inclu"e the +ey -alue
!ro-i"e" in the error "ialog (rom the Oracle Installer&
I ho!e this hel!s you (i your installation !roblem&
: Ho- 11 at 1:53< am
:;& 9eeG Hothing to it& This is how installers shoul" wor+, rightI
Oracle.s installer, what a humorless Fo+eT