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Lesson Plan: A Ram Sam Sam Rachel Seager

Heading Content
Heading & Curriculum
Topic: Beat, singing, internal singing
Year: 1
Date: Monday 31
of March- 30 mins
Curriculum: Arts- Music Band: Foundation-2
Strand: Making
Content Description:
Develop aural skills by exploring and Imitating sounds, pitch and
rhythm patterns using voice, movement and body percussion.
Imitating pitch and rhythm patterns to develop aural recognition
Using voices and body percussion to experiment with the elements of
music to identify same and
Develop the idea of internal singing.

Learning Objectives:

On completing this lesson students will be able to
Maintain the beat whilst singing a song.
Internalise music by using body percussion.
Use unturned percussion and technology to determine and
understand the fundamentals of form and the different sections of a
Prior Knowledge: Students have previously explored keeping the beat and participated in a
variety of simple songs involving movement.
Preparation/ Materials: Three different types of unturned percussion, claves, hand bells and
maracas. (enough so there is one instrument for each student)
A clear space so the students can all be in a circle.
Interactive whiteboard

Procedure: 1. Greet the class and ask them to sit in a circle on the floor, begin to
tap the beat on legs and encourage the students to follow.
2. Ask the students to listen but continue keeping the beat and sing the
song through once. On the second time ask the students to join in.
Sing the song through a few times until all students have learnt it
whilst still keeping the beat.
3. Then begin to use some actions whilst singing the song.
- Hit legs on Ram Sam Sam
- Roll hands on Guli
- Wave hands in the air on Arafie
Do this several times until the whole class has joined in.
4. Get students to stand up and walk around in a circle (keeping the
Lesson Plan: A Ram Sam Sam Rachel Seager

beat in their feet) and sing the song through whilst still doing the
hand actions.
5. The ask the ask the students to only do the hand actions for A Ram
Sam Sam and not sing, do this a few times but change the part not
6. Get student to sit back down and discuss the sections of the song.
Should come to the conclusion that there are two sections that are
both repeated, i.e. AABB form. However, also discuss that even
though there are only two sections there are three ideas used in the
song, ram sam sam, guli, arafie.
7. Bring up the letters AABB on the interactive white board and play
(from 25 seconds)
point to where we are up to on the whiteboard so the students can
see the form of the song. Can also get some students up to try it also.
8. Arrange the students on the floor in three small groups all facing
each other. Hand each child an instrument and explain that they are
to only play their instrument on their part, i.e. clap clave on A ram
sam sam, shake hand bells on guli and shake maracas on arafie and
when they are not playing their instrument they are to be singing. As
an extension see if they can all not sing and just play their instrument
on their part of the song.
9. Swap groups around so each group can play each instrument1`.

Evaluation/Assessment: Can assess on
Ability to internalise the song by observing how well they play
their instrument at the right time and how well they perform the
hand actions at the correct time.
How well they can keep the beat and not rush ahead by
observing when they walk around in a circle and perform the
Understanding of form from the students that demonstrate on
the interactive whiteboard where we are up to in the song.