The Bible and Astrology The main scripture Job 38:31, 32, 33 Job 9:9 Isaiah 40:22, 25, 26 Matthew 2:1-12 Matthew 24:29-31 Act 2:18, 20 2ed king

20:8-11 What is Astrology? 1. Astrology based on the star constellations, planets and arithmetic Astrology believes that every human being contains the part of earth /dust, so as stars and planets Affects the earth, it also affect every human being. So arithmetic counts the effect of humans’ future!

2. Astrology works on the science Astrology worked and based on science. Because it depends on arithmetic and the speed / place Of constellation and planets. So prediction becomes true in case of right calculations. That is why some Astrologers prophesy becomes true at its time.

Example of Nostradamus He was Jewish & he prophesize the future, based on the astronomy, His some prediction becomes true, but not all he said or proclaims! So he is a strong evidence on the Side of astrology. !

3. Astrology successes when true information exists Astrology demands the true information of person's birth time and dates and the planets locations Of specific time. After gathering true information and using proper arithmetic, master predicts the future.! So the law of fortune take place here. 4. An Indian astrology In Indian culture fackisam makes the astrology, devise of earning money by cheating people. The rahu and ketu is the fake planate in astrology is the sign of the fackisam In modern time people depends on the soft-ware of astrology to prevent them self from cheating! jadu-tona, jantar-mantar, speeking the fortune, all are the part of astrology

The loop-holes of Astrology

1. The place of planets The stars and planets are far from the earth and some are thousands of light years far. When we talk about the planets their light reaches to the earth after a few minutes so its bit difficult to decides the proper Place of planets when it changes the constellations on its border.

2. The numbers of planets The classical astronomy was based on 6-8 planets. Now some new planate are discovered in Recant future. Some of them not yet consider as a planet & few were cancelled as a planet. So the raw numbers of planets changed with a time!

3. The rotation Classical astrologers believe the sun move around the earth. So the calculation becomes complicated. The great Nostradamus also predicts the future with the misunderstanding of rotation! In his time they believe that stars & planets were moved around the earth. So he fails to predict but not in calculating! That’s why his few predictions come true.

4. Approximation based science The approximation is the real base of astrology. Science and arithmetic comes on second level! So the goal of knowing future becomes the fluke but nothing else. Here the base of using arithmetic’s & science is approximation. So the result will come out of it is not reliable.

How does the bible contradict astrology?

1. Astrology is the trick of knowing the future Through the astrology man tries to know about his future, and his dependent on God shifted toward the Useless and unspecified trick. So he moved out from God's presence by starting believing it. So these acts draw us far from believing and depending on the God.

2. Astrology was a pagan tricks Through astrology pagans try to be securing themselves by knowing future hurdles. They doesn’t have the real God to secure them. Jew has a living God who can guard them any how! So depending on astrology is seems to be like Leaving the GOD. Still in the time of the kings, Jews turn to worship the Baal for wealth and future. These things bring the curse to them. And Jews were kept in the captivity for 70 years 2ed chronical 36: 17-21

3. Deuteronomy 18: 10-14 The GOD hated those kinds of act

What bible talked on the basics of astrology?

1. Job 9: 8-9 The GOD has created the entire constellation in his power Job stays in the northern sky & does not know about the southern sky so he includes the entire constellation. Here job include the important constellation 1.orion 2.pleidies 3. The big dipper/ ursha major & minor / the bear. These are very important constellation for the northern sky astrologers. They are very big and beautiful constellations 2. Job 38: 31-33 The GOD not only created the star but he controls over it. On which astrology depends Here GOD himself talked about the same constellations which Job describes in chapter 9! GOD answers here in a bit offensive way, HE says Job I'm not creator only! I can manage them as well as destroy their beauties!

A. plaides / krutika Can you bind the plaidies! Very beautiful constellation ‘Imagine if all stars of it get closer that can’t be seen properly' Beauty of it will turn in ruin

Here the star group contains more then 15 stars!

The. Plaides

In this image we can see all the major stars with its names, which was given by the Greek astrologers

B. Orion / mrugshish

An important constellation in an Indian astrology This stars group displays the warrior The three stars on it waist shows his belt GOD says can you remove its belt! We couldn’t but GOD can

Here we can see the portrait image with the sketch, See the three star in the queue, at the middle of the picture! GOD talked about it

GOD is talking about to remove these stars from this constellation!

Imagine again if the three stars in middle can be removed from there! How it could be! It will lose the beauty and the frame!

C. the dipper / the ursha / the bear ( major +minor ) / shaptrishi

It is the biggest constellation find in the northern sky, containing more then 40 stars! (Major +minor) This constellation (major +minor) can see in the north area of the sky. north It contains the pole star (the star of ‘dhruve’) in it. Just imagine this big group may shift from north to south! It’s heard to believe Take a look of it

The stars in yellow lines, we identify them as a saptrishi.

This constellation is also known as ursa it has two part major & minor.

In KJV bible this constellation known as Arcturus! In NIV bible its called as bear!

In past the Arcturus was a part of great bear, but now days astronomers has make part And so Arcturus known as a individually a different conste constellation

Polaris is known as ‘Dhruv’ in India

This two sketch is the ursha major and minor ( old times arcutrus )

If we turn saptarishi up side down it will look like bear sketch

This is small or minor ursha

Its sketch displays a small bear, here a tail star is Polaris / Dhruv

GOD says can you lead the small & big bear together! GOD is mighty enough tho change / replace/ edit them! GOD is so mighty to prove the astrologers wrong. 3. Isaiah 40:22, 25, 26 Matthew 24:29-31 act 2: 20 24:29

God knows the entire star as he gives the each of them a 'name' GOD will shut up the mouth of the astrologers at the time of End. Here Christ himself says about great things will be done with stars sun & the moon! Now a day the astronomy and astrology becomes the big figure on the earth! It is possible that GOD may release the band of Orion, The great bear will move out to the south from the north! It is definitely possible because HE challenges the man from the first book of bible! And he proclaims loudly from the earth, while he was in Jerusalem.

4. Matthew 2:1-12 An astronomer comes to see the Christ & worship them. Because the star gives them ultimate information so they couldn’t stop themselves to see CHRIST. The born of CHRIST amazed the astronomers of the eastern countries that they come to know the unusual thing was happen to earth ever. We can see their enthusiasm that they come to see the CHRIST after having so long journey! That shows the sign of Christ to the astronomers! The great from all is born

5. 2ed king 20:8-11 Joshua 10: 12-14 Some of interesting things happens which astrology can’t imagine. A. The sun moved back for 10 degrees in the time of Hezekiah & Isaiah B. The sun doesn’t set for one whole day in the time of Joshua

Application The GOD is more superior beyond our imagination GOD hated the astronomy due to his people depend on it rather then HIM. Astronomy can guess only what GOD can do, but GOD can change easily what astrology discovers! In this days we doesn’t go with astrology but we often hurt GOD by depending on our Status, wealth, job, parents and the other security as well! The all things can be moved out in the second! Here GOD says us to be depending on HIM. BECAUSE HE NEVER MOOVED OUT Rather than he can moved all the things which can hurdle us! We have to think that “We really depend on GOD or depending on something else”

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