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Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

I have kept for myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal (Ro 11:4, R!"#
God has faithful people scattered everywhere! In the unlikely, ungodly land of Sidon, God led his prophet Elijah to a widow
at Zarephath, who fed him and proclaimed that his was the true God ( !ings "#$ %et&s remem'er to pray for those living in
(uslim lands who )uietly and faithfully worship God$ (ay they 'e salt and light to those around them$*
Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries
MALI: + church leader asks us to pray that the %ord will meet the needs of a ,i'le school in (ali$ -.ur 'urden has
always 'een to reach (uslims$ /ray that God will call more workers for this ministry$0
I!"RIA: 1ontinue to pray for more than 233 girls kidnapped from their school on 4 +pril$ ,oko 5aram has
claimed responsi'ility and on Sunday kidnapped more from other schools$ /ray for the safe return of these girls and
that God&s Spirit will work in the lives of all involved6the girls, families, and captors$
#"#ITI$" %&UTR': /lease pray for some 'elievers facing potential danger as some seek a crackdown on
1hristian activities here$
In the News
7he 8orld 5ealth .rgani9ation released a statement (onday declaring an international health emergency as polio
cases have emerged in several countries in +frica, +sia, and the (iddle East6areas where Islam prevails$ 7his
crippling disease affects young children, 'ut is prevented 'y an oral vaccine and had 'een almost totally eradicated$
7he virus is now 'eing e:ported, especially from /akistan, 1ameroon, and Syria$ Some leaders have declared
vaccinations -un;Islamic0 and a plot to render children sterile or to spread +I<S$ In /akistan and =igeria in particular,
vaccination teams have 'een ousted$ +lways the destroyer, Satan uses every means to ro' people of life and health$
/ray for God&s protection over innocent children who are denied the vaccine or who cannot 'e reached 'ecause of war$
/ray that 5e will open people&s eyes to the deception they live under, that they may seek God and find eternal life$
World Watch List: Pray for the Persecuted**
"thio(ia ranks "
among the >3 nations in which persecution of 1hristians is most severe$ Evangelical and
/entecostal 'elievers (a'out "? of the population# have known persecution for many years, mostly from the
esta'lished Ethiopian .rthodo: 1hurch$ 5owever, even though (uslims are a minority, Islam has now 'ecome the
major source of harassment, threats, and attacks$ (any 'elievers meet secretly$ /lease pray for our 'rothers and sisters
there$ /ray for the Ethiopia +ssem'lies of God as they reach out through various social organi9ations and in prisons as
well as through their churches and ,i'le school$ @or more information and prayer re)uests, see httpABB'it$lyBok4%2g$
For Muslim Women***
/lease pray that women in +merica would not 'e enticed into Islam via dating andBor marriage prospects$ 7he highest
rate of conversions to Islam in +merica takes place among women who convert 'ecause they marry (uslim spouses$
7he conse)uences of these unions are steep$
Prayer Resources
$%ray&n' for (usl&ms: ) *u&de for +ffe,t&ve Inter,ess&on offers many insights concerning Islam and a different prayer su'ject
each @riday$ 7his week we pray for those )uietly living their faith among (uslimsA httpABB'it$lyBm9a<'f$
**.pen <oors pu'lishes an annual list ranking the >3 nations where persecution against 1hristians is most severe$ See the full
234 8orld 8atch %ist at httpABB'it$lyBmcm2fu$ 1lick on a country on the map or list to read its profile and prayer re)uests$
***(uslim women need your prayers! Cou can join a prayer network and receive regular re)uests at httpABBsayhelloinfo$comB$
@or a list of resources for prayer groups, see httpABBtinyurl$comBwaastjumaa$
@ind information and prayer re)uests concerning (uslims around the world at httpABBwww$D3;days$netB$
5ow should we pray for those imprisoned for their faithE Fead httpABBwww$elam$comBarticlesB5ow;to;pray;for;those;in;prisonB$
@or news updates concerning persecuted 1hristians, visit httpABBmorningstarnews$orgB and httpABBwww$releaseinternational$orgB$
@or prayer re)uests, visit httpABBwww$opendoorsusa$orgBprayB and httpABBwww$persecution$comBpu'licBpray$asp:$
7o help you answer (uslims& )uestions a'out Gesus and the ,i'le, e:plore httpABBansweringislam$orgB$
Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond
West Africa Advanced School of Theology 9 May 2014