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Data Sheet

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Cisco Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator
Product Overview

Tidal Enterpr ise Orchestrator leverages t he Cisco Tidal Intelligent Automation platf or m as a f oundation to
deliver automated, integrated, and orchestrated processes f or service delivery and operational support. The
Intelligent Automat ion platf or m is designed t o be t he f oundation on which to standardize, unif y, and automate best
practices f or IT processes that are used in complex, het erogeneous environments.
Enterprise Orchestrator integrates event and alert management data with best practices f or operational support
processes. This enables IT to combine decision-driven event processing with automat ed intelligent incident response.
Enterprise Orchestrator incident response, along with domain automation packs, provides the necessary intelligence
to automate triage and diagnost ic processes and support automated corrective actions. With automated best
practices in place, IT can also reduce the time and ef f ort spent on repetit ive maintenance procedures, housekeeping
tasks, and rudimentary support routines. This enables IT organizat ions to control costs, improve ef f iciency, and speed
service delivery to t he business.
Enterprise Orchestrator helps to improve service quality by automating the end-t o-end service delivery process. This
enables organizations to achieve vendor int eroperability and aut omat e service delivery processes across the IT
landscape. Complex IT processes that require cross-depart ment collaborat ion and vendor system int egration can
easily be centrally leveraged, constructed, monitored, and reported on to support secure and compliant service
delivery of standardized processes.

Figure 1. Ent erprise Orchestrator int egrates event and alert management data with best practices f or operat ional
support processes.
Example Use Scenarios
Following are examples of f our areas that Ent erprise Orchestrator can aut omat e to provide better control, greater
visibility, and ultimately, reduced costs:

Data Sheet
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Incident Response automates commonly repeat ed processes f or incident and alert diagnosis and resolution. This
type of automation can reduce alert f loods, empower f rontline operat ions, and reduce escalat ions.
Change and Compliance Orchestration helps IT unif ormly manage change across all inf rastructure tiers f or
applications. This helps enf orce process compliance and provides an automat ic audit trail.
Maintenance automat es routine maint enance and commonly repeated t asks f or application health checks. This
leads to improved IT productivity and f rees key resources f or more strategic uses.
Tools Integration and Orchestration automat es end-to-end processes across IT tools and silos. This reinf orces
IT best practices, provides smooth int egration across silo tools, and of f ers unif ied visibility and control. Example:
Virtual service management f or improving service delivery.
Features and Benefits
Enterprises can drive down the cost of operations and allocate resources to drive business initi atives rather t han
spending on system maintenance and f iref ighting. Enterprise Orchestrator f eatures enable support automation across
mult iple domains and standardize best pract ices f or service delivery and operational support contributing to reduced
operating costs and r isk and improved quality of service.
Enterprise Orchestrator mit igates many of the business impacts of manual processes, because it provides
automation that is consistent, repeatable, traceable, and centralized. Product f eatures include:
Automation Engine This engine provides the environment in which automation workf lows are built and run. It not
only orchestrates aut omat ed processes but also dr ives the alerting, reporting, monitor ing, and management of the
tasks it automates. The automat ion engine also supports process f low checkpoint restarts and multi-tenancy.
Visual Configuration Environment This rich drag-and-drop workf low creation environment allows users to build
sequences of operations in a logical f low.
Logic Connectors These are connectors f or parallel sequential processing, while loops, completed status blocks,
and conditionals (If , Then, Else) are accessed through the drag-and-drop interf ace. They make it possible t o capture
domain-specif ic triage and diagnostic steps and procedures.
Event-Driven Processes These processes can be triggered by events or scheduled. The event engine also
supports decision-driven complex event processing f or int elligent alert f ilt ering and correlation.
Work Spaces These are built-in views (operations, administrat ion, and expert) f or stakeholders managing
activities, processes, and tasks.
Notification of Alerts and Incidents This provides f ull support f or email notif ication/assignment or integrat ion int o
existing vendor service desks or management platf or ms.
Reporting Engine This engine includes built-in ROI and auditing models.
Automation Packs and Adapters Automation packs include pre-def ined best practice process f lows that automate
certain types of tasks f or specif ic technologies and domains. Automation packs are currently available f or Microsof t
Windows environments, enterpr ise resource planning ( ERP) applications, and Cisco network services. Adapters
include support f or integrat ion with service desk, conf iguration, and monit oring tools. Automat ion packs current ly
available are listed in a separate sect ion of this datasheet.
In addition to the benef its that accompany greater ef f iciency, the automation enabled by this robust f eature can
dramat ically improve compliance management. Once automated, operational processes are perf ormed under an
umbrella of compliance enf orcement.

Data Sheet
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Enterprise Orchestrator f unctionality also helps IT to become more proact ive and less reactive, because predictable,
automated processes run more smoot hly and issues are detected and resolved quickly. This automation delivers the
added benef it of maximizing uptime and optimizing planned down time.
The business value and the many benef its delivered by Enterprise Orchestrator ultimately stem f rom the increased
ef f iciency delivered by its rich f eature set.
Available Automation Packs
Enterprise Orchestrator is usually ordered in conjunct ion with one or more automation packs. The f ollowing packs are
currently available:
Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP) f or Automat ion - SAP
Incident analysis
Task automat ion f or administration
Task automat ion f or Business Inf ormation Warehouse and NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator
System copy and ref resh procedures
Windows Server
Microsof t Exchange Server 2003
Active Directory
Cisco Network Support Services
Cisco Unif ied Computing System - Sample Scenarios
Adapter Activity Libraries
SAP ABAP, Java Ter minal (SSH, Cisco IOS) Database
Web Service Remedy VMware
SNMP, PowerShell Windows, Active Directory Exchange
Email, XML, HTTP Networking Cisco Unif ied Computing System
Platforms Supported by Adapters
Microsof t Exchange Server
2003 R2 32 or 64 bit
2007 32 or 64 bit
Microsof t SCOM
Active Directory
2000, 2003, 2008
Microsof t SQL Server
MSSQL 2005, 2008
9i, 10g

Data Sheet
2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserv ed. This document is Cisco Public Information. Page 4 of 4
DB2 Mainf rame, DB2 UDB
Cisco IOS commands
o Version 7.1
o ESX 3.0, Virtual Cent er 2.5
Key Requirements
Following are installat ion requirements f or Enterpr ise Orchestrat or:
Windows 2003 32 or 64 bit, Windows 2008 32 or 64 bit
Database (process and reporting)
MSSQL 2005, MSSQL 2008 with reporting services
XP Service Pack 2 32 or 64 bit
Vista 32 or 64 bit
Windows 7 32 or 64 bit
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