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g a t e w a y

Art s and craf t s wi t h TI M

Just look at this picture. What do you see? I see a
lot of people together around a very colourful
table, and everyone concentrating in a very
relaxing way, as they create something colourful
and wonderful.
Tim has decided to put themes on each months art
classes and the theme for the month of May will
be landscape painting. So feel free to join Tim
every Thursday this month in the back room and
learn how to become another Van Gogh or
another Monet. I jest you not..
Unit 1, 2 Parker Hill, Rathmines Road, D 6. E-mail :
Wel come
At l ast t he eveni ngs are begi nni ng to stret ch out ahead of us agai n. The grass i s
begi nni ng to grow and t he l eaves are starti ng to bud once agai n. Even though t hi s
happens every year, we al ways go oooo h oraaagh every ti me we see t hi s bri l l i ant
mi racl e of Spri ngti me. So get out and wal k and l oo k around at al l t hat i s taki ng pl ace
around you. And I don t mean al l t he f esti val s and sho ws, I mean the wonderful worl d
o f nature and l i fe.
NOW is the time to sign up for the WELL-BEING course youve always wanted to do! Starts on Friday 23rd of May for
ten weeks, 12 till 3pm, get your name down fast! Contact 01-4965558 or
Mindful breathing is simply focusing your mind on the
breath. Breathing in and breathing out. As one breath
ends, another one begins. It may help you to focus on
the breath more easily if you place your right hand on
your stomach, and feel the rise and fall of the belly with
each full breath.
You may notice that in these first few moments of
concentrating on your breath that your mind has begun
to wander. This is what the mind does all the time. Be
gentle and patient with yourself, every time you notice
this wandering of the mind, very gently come back to
the breath.
You may wish to see the breath as an anchor holding us
steady whenever the mind begins to wander. This is
what the mind does all the time.
You can practise mindful breathing for 5-10 minutes
each day and little by
Its good for you
And its free


There are two indisputable things in life which make a
happy man or woman. That is nice food and a good
night's sleep! Simple things really, and in my life's
experience and observance they are both pretty
Someone special

Meeting that someone special or the birth of a baby and
new life, now those kind of stuff kind of make me
ecstatic and are the icing on the cake to what is already
a nice recipe.
I have never had problems with food essentially, except
for a tricky first year away in college, and love chicken
Kiev's and peppered mackerels as good as anyone else,
my staple. Bring me to a new restaurant to try new
cuisine and I am simply in culinary Heaven!
On the other hand, because of my illness and rather wild
imagination, which causes my sleep to suffer
sometimes, or through lack of sleep which most
definitely brings on bouts of the illness, a real catch-22
situation, I haven't had the best sleeping patterns in the
world ever by any means. I remember in college my
sleep was of poor quality. Away from home for the first
time, finding my independence, tentatively making new
friends, found me in a whirl of new experiences.
Around exam time I surprised myself that I could get by
on three or four hours sleep, I was so pumped up on
caffeine and adrenaline.
Unfortunately when I moved to Dublin, my control of it,
and my life balance slipped somewhat with the stresses
and strains of modern life, and I slide slowly off the
parapet into a grimy world of anxieties and perplexities
of what life was really about. On a few points my grasp
of reality, understandably, failed me, after a few nights
of very broken and dreamless sleep. The world became
a very dark and daunting world.
My confidence and outlook and mind were shattered. I
reluctantly seeked medical attention for my bi-polar
after a little coaxing
This time I was pumped up on anti-psychotic drugs
which I swallowed one by one unwillingly and
reluctantly, but after a little coaxing. I re-found my calm
and slept for days. -Ann Marie
How Thyroid illness can affect mental health.
A surprisingly large number of people who
experience mental health problems such as
insomnia, depression, anxiety or even
hallucinations may have undiagnosed thyroid
disease and could make a full recovery if they
are correctly diagnosed and treated. The web-
site was set up in 2003 to
try to make people aware of a whole range of
complex links between thyroid illness and
mental health symptoms. Many people still do
not realise just how much thyroid illness can
impact mental health.. Some drugs used to treat
mental health problems can actually make a
thyroid illness worse. This should not be
happening in the 21st Century. Thyroid
treatment is a big good news story waiting to
happen for possibly a great number of people.
Remi nder
Oliver D is still meeting members in
Toast Caf Rathmines every Wed at
1pm. All are welcome!
My Mind in Ranelagh is offering discounted
counselling services. Vouchers are available to
Gateway members at e10 per session for 5 sessions.
Contact Mary Barnes on 01-4965558.
On the 27
of March 2014, some
members of the Gateway Project
went to The Pearse Museum which
is situated in St. Endas Park,
Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.
The trip was tied in with the weekly
Arts & Crafts Class, which takes
place every Thursday between
We met at Parker Hill and travelled
to the venue on the local Garda
minibus. There were 14 people in
attendance on the day.
We ate in the coffee shop at the
museum on arrival. The museum is
located within St. Endas Park,
which is near Marlay Park. The park
has a nice wooded area, a pond, a
stream and various small
Firstly we watched a 20 minute
video giving a background to the
museum. The Hermitage, as the
house was originally known, was
built 250 years ago and was
opened as a boarding school by
the Pearse brothers in 1910. Their
ethos was to focus on Irish Culture
and the Irish Language.
At the same time the brothers
were active in politics and in the
organisation towards the 1916 rising,
after which both were executed. The
school continued until the late
1930s when it closed. The state took
over ownership of the building in the
late 1960s and Pearse Museum
was opened to the public.
The building contains furniture, art
works, documents and a
reconstruction of a sleeping dorm
where students slept. The tour guide
was very knowledgeable and helpful
in answering questions posed by
many members of our group. The
museum is well kept, informative
and located in a nice environment. It
is a hidden gem as it is away from
the main tourist areas.
I enjoyed the visit and we managed
to take a few photos in the gardens
Thanks to Gateway, the two Garda
who transported us to and from the
venue and to all Gateway members
who attended.
CheCk out the harolds Cross
Festival. Starts Friday the 9th of
May and ends with a grand finale
on Sunday evening the 11th. This is
their 5th year to organise it and
it just keeps getting better and
better each year, Check out the
details on
Harolds cros s fes ti val. com
Whatever the race ...
If you are thinking of running or walking any races in the
coming months and would like to support the work of
Mental Health Reform, get in touch!

We can support you with a fundraising toolkit, MHR t-shirt
and support on social media. Just contact Lara, Your support will go a
long way!
If you cannot do great things,
do small things in a great way.
11 Wynnefield Road Dublin 6. Ph. 01-4965558
Views expressed in this newsletter are only views of the contributors and not views of the
Gateway Project.
These are a few of my favourite
things by Richard.
Colour: Blue
Season: Summer
Sound: The Breath
Music: Ambient/Drone
Memory: New Zealand (1998)
Film: Memento
T.V Series: The Wire
Hero: David Attenborough
Other things I like: Collecting music/
The Ocean/My bed/Maps/Nature/
Swimming and Quietness
The April Gateway Pool
Competition took place on
Thursday 24th. It was hotly
contested amongst the ten eager
participants. There was great
interest amongst the members
who cheered wildly to
encourage the players.
After several close and tense
matches, two excellent finalists
came through and pitted their
skills against each other in a
thrilling final.
Ciaran C and Oliver R came
head to head in the final and
Oliver R won the Competition
for the fourth time.
Congratulations to Oliver and
commiserations to Ciaran on his
valiant effort.
In the end it was an enjoyable
day for all involved in the
The next Pool Competition
will take place on Thursday
the 29th of May 2014
between 2pm-4pm.
I as ked God f or a bi ke, but I know God doesn t work
t hat way. So I s tol e a bi ke and asked f or f orgi venes s .
This month the art group are
heading to the National
Gallery at Merrion Square.
Come and register your
interest in Gateway. The date
is Thursday the 22nd of May.
We will be meeting at 1
oclock in Parker Hill.
Darkness Into Light,
proudly supported by
Electric Ireland, is the
absolute highlight of
the Pieta House
Starting at 4.15am (in
Phoenix Park), and
crossing the line just as
dawn is breaking, the phenomenon that is
Darkness Into Light, our annual 5km walk/run,
will celebrate its sixth year on Saturday, May
10th 2014, with nearly 40 venues across Ireland
and beyond lined up.

See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership
and their 90 partner organisations are rolling out a month
long national Green Ribbon Campaign to get people
talking openly about mental health problems in May 2014.
Pick up your Green Ribbon at one of the various
community events and at major Irish Rail stations and at
every Citizen's Information Centre and MABS office
LOCAL CRAFT FAIR: St. Agnes Community Centre
for Music and the Arts are organising a Craft Fair
behind St. Agnes School, Armagh Road on 15th
May. All stall holders are local and this event will
give them a chance to show and sell their craft while
also providing much needed advertising for the
Community Centre for Music and the Arts.