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Present Simple / Present Continuous Tense

1. I ________ going to school tomorrow.
a) Am b) is c) are
2. I like _________
a) Ski b) skiing c) skis
. !o an" #$e _______ a piano lesson e$er% "a%.
a) &as b) ha$ing c) ha$e
'. _________ (uke ha$e much homework)
a) *o b) *oes c) Is
+. I ________ ha$e #nglish on ,on"a%s.
a) Isn-t b) "on-t c) "oesn-t
.. &e _________ like his teacher.
a) Isn-t b) "oesn-t c) hasn-t
/. !osh _______ got a brother.
a) &a$e b) ha$en-t c) hasn-t
0. She alwa%s ________ her homework at home.
a) *o b) "oes c) is "oing
1. &e _________ sleeping in m% be" now.
a) *oesn-t b) isn-t c) not
12. I pre3er ____________ T4 than pla%ing 3ootball.
a) 5atch b) watching c) watches ___/12
II. 5rite the singular or plural
Singular Plural
*iar% ___________
Tooth ___________
___________ women
____________ chil"ren
,ouse __________
To% ___________
6oot ___________
Sheep ___________
_____________ people
5atch ___________ ___/12
III.7ea" an" 3ill in a wor" in the empt% space
#llen ___________twent% %ears ol".She___________3rom Ital%.She
_______short wa$% hair an" blue e%es.She is _______clown.________3amil% all work in
a big circus.#llen________ri"e an elephant8________name is 9ellie an" it-s #llen-s
3a$ourite animal.__________3ather is a magician.________name is ,el$in.&e
______"o lots o3 tricks.It-s great 3un at the circus.
I4.7eplace the personal pronouns b% possessi$e a":ecti$es or choose the right
possessi$e a":ecti$e
1. 5here is ; I ) _______ book)
2. ; <ou )_________ laptop is $er% e=pensi$e.
. ; &e ) ________ 3a$orite hobb% is tennis.
'. 5e want to see ; it ) __________historical monuments.
+. She goes to school with ________ brother.
.. 9anc% is 3rom #nglan". ________ husban" is 3rom Australia.
/. I like singing. ______mother sings with me.
0. Two stu"ents "i"n-t "o ___________ mathematics homework.
1. 5e go to a high school. __________ high school is 3antastic.
12. 5e ha$e a "og. ________ name is Pancho. ___/12
4.>bser$e the map an" choose the correct preposition.
1. The music store is ____________ Santos *umont Street an" 7osa e Sil$a
2. The hospital is ____________ the pet shop.
. The to% store is ____________ the music store an" the restaurant.
'. The supermarket is ______________ the restaurant.
+. The 3ast 3oo" restaurant is ____________ Amelia Street.
.. The bookstore is _____________ the supermarket.
/. The ?ank is on Santos *umont Street ___________ the 3lower shop.
0. The school is __________ Amelia Street an" 7osa e Sil$a A$enue.
1. The pet shop is _________ Amelia Street.
12. The 3lower shop is ____________ Santos *umont Street. ___/12
4I.Put the $erbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous
1.She _______;like) cooking $er% much.
2.&e can-t talk to %ou right now.&e___________;ha$e) a bath.
.I usuall%_______;ha$e) lunch at about 2 o-clock.
'.Tom is a writer but he ____________;not write)at the moment.
+.The% "on-t want to help me now.The%_____________;watch) T4.
..Sorr% but I _________;not lo$e) %ou an%more.
/.(et-s go to the cinema.The% ____________;show) a goo" 3ilm.
0.,% mother__________;think) that I-m too %oung to wear skirts.
1.&e _________;stu"%) ,usic@but he wants to work on T4.
12.5here_______________;we@go)) ___/12
4II.Choose an" 3ill in with these wor"sAwhat,them,are,why,whose,our,when,is,us,this
1._________-s his name)
2._________is this pencil)
.(ook at________8 The% are tall.
'._______%our sister at home)
+.________-s 6renk-s birth"a%)
..________are %ou sa")
/.Sam an" Paul ________3rom #nglan".The% are #nglish.
0.________is a photo o3 Ste$en an" his son.
1.>ur parents lo$e ______.
12.This is ________cat@Princess. ___/12
4III.7ea" the te=t an" answer the Buestions
?oth m% parents "on-t like celebrations.5e are alwa%s on Christmas at home alone@:ust
the three o3 us an" we "on-t bu% presents 3or each other.,% mother ne$er has a part%
3or her birth"a% because she "oesn-t want an%bo"% to know her age.,% 3ather hates
birth"a%s@too.?ut the% ne$er 3orget to prepare a birth"a% part% 3or me.5e usuall% bu%
balloons an" we put them in m% be"room.,% mum bu%s a lot a 3oo" an" lots o3 bottles
o3 Coke@lemona"e an" other "rinks 3or m% 3rien"s.I alwa%s ha$e m% part% in the gar"en
an" man% o3 m% 3rien"s bring me books 3or presents because I lo$e rea"ing.
1.5here "o the% usuall% spen" Christmas)
2.*o her parents like parties)
.*oes she ha$e a birth"a% part% 3or her birth"a%)
'.5hat "oes her mother bu% 3or the part%)
+.5here is her part% an" what "oes she usuall% get 3rom her 3rien"s)