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As the "Agent in Charge" of Secret Service White House Detail, Agent Able
Baker wanted to conduct a meeting with his staff. The meeting would have to be
scheduled for the next morning, and POTUS wanted to meet VPOTUS at
CAROUSEL before leaving ACROBAT. In this message, what is CAROUSEL?

Your Answer: the Oval Office of the White House

The correct answer was the Vice President's airplane.

"Carousel" is the secret service codename for the Vice Presidential aircraft, "Air Force
Two". "Treasure Ship" is also a codename used for Air Force Two.

Aircraft used to transport the President, the Vice President, as well as senior U.S. officials
are assigned to the 89th Airlift Wing at Andrew Air Force Base, which is 8 miles east of
Washington, D.C., in Prince George's County, Maryland. Among the aircraft assigned to
the wing are the two identical, highly modified Boeing VC-25 jet aircraft, tail numbers
28000 and 29000. The two planes are used interchangeably to transport the President and
the Vice President. Either plane (or for that matter, any Air Force plane) carries the
designation "Air Force One" when the President is on board, and "Air Force Two" when
the Vice President is the lead official on board.

The complete message was:

"POTUS (President of the United States) wants to meet with VPOTUS (Vice President of
the United States at CAROUSEL (Vice President's airplane) before leaving
ACROBAT(Andrews Air Force Base)".

*** Codenames and codes are used by the U.S. Secret Service when discussing activities
of the President of the United States, the first family, various high profile figures, both in
public and private industry, and various locations and objects.
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2. Instructions received by the White House Presidential Security Detail indicated

that POTUS would depart ANDY and head RINGSIDE, and can later be
contacted at ROADHOUSE. In this message, what is RINGSIDE?

Your Answer: The Pentagon

The correct answer was Madison Square Garden in New York.

Located in 7th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets, Madison Square Garden is a
complex of four arenas, best known as the venue for various sports events.
Madison Square Garden has also been the venue of political events and celebrations
throughout the history of the complex.
It was the site of the Democratic National Convention in 1924, 1976, 1980, and 1992.
The Republican National Convention was held there in 2004. One legendary event held
there was the celebration of the 45th birthday of President John F. Kennedy on November
19, 1962, when movie blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe rendered the "unique" version
of her song, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President". Some referred to it as a serenade.

The complete message was:

"POTUS (President of the United States) will be leaving ANDY (Andrews Air Force
Base), and go the RINGSIDE (Madison Square Garden in New York City), and can later
be contacted at ROADHOUSE (Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City)".

*** When originally developed, codes and codename were used for primarily for security
purposes. The origination of codenames and codes were the result of onetime concerns
when confidential electronic communications were not routinely encrypted.
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3. The agenda was clear. POTUS would leave COBWEB, meet FLOTUS and
head for BUCKEYE. In this message, what is BUCKEYE?

Your Answer: Camp David in Maryland

Camp David is an isolated and secluded Naval Support Center, about 60 miles North of
Washington D.C., and serves as the mountain retreat for the President of the United
states. The retreat was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his
administration, and was called "Shangri-La". After taking the office of President, Dwight
D. Eisenhower changed the name of the compound to Camp David, in honor of his
grandson, Dwight David Eisenhower II.

The complete message was:

"POTUS (President of the United States) will leave COBWEB (Vice President's office,
meet FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States), and then head for BUCKEYE (Camp
David, Maryland).

*** Secret Service codes and codenames are currently used primarily for brevity in
messages and more easily understood communications between agents and other public
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4. Departing BLOWTORCH, Agent Ernest Fox joined BAMBOO enroute to

COACH HOUSE. In this message, what (or who) is COACH HOUSE?
Your Answer: Blair House (guest house for the President)

The correct answer was Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C..

Washington Dulles International Airport is the public airport that serves the greater
Washington, D.C. area. It is located 25 miles West of Washington, D.C., in Dulles,
Virginia. The airport was named for John Foster Dulles, who served as Secretary of State
in the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The complete message is:

"Departing BLOWTORCH (Secret Service Executive Protection Command Post), Agent
Ernest Fox joined BAMBOO (Presidential Motorcade) en route to COACH HOUSE
(Dulles Airport in Washington D.C.).

*** Code names are usually selected at random, with emphasis being placed on the use of
unambiguous words that are easy to pronounce and readily understood by concerned

*** Code names are assigned by The White House Communication Office.
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5. It was Agent Henry James who announced that NIGHTHAWK would

rendezvous with HOLLY and FINLEY at the PLAYGROUND. In this message,
who (or what) is FINLEY?

Your Answer: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

The correct answer was Secretary of Defense.

The Secretary of Defense is the head of the United States Department of Defense, and is
a member of the Presidential Cabinet, serving as the primary advisor to the President of
the Unit States on matters concerning the armed services and military.
By Federal statute, the Secretary of Defense must be a civilian who has bot been active or
associated with the military services for at least 10 years. The Secretary of Defense is 6th
in line for succession to the Presidency of the United States.

The complete message is:

NIGHTHAWK (The President's helicopter) will rendezvous with HOLLY (Army
helicopter) and FINLEY (Secretary of Defense) at the PLAYGROUND (Helicopter
landing pad at the Pentagon).

*** Code names are used by the Secret Service during radio and telephone
communications for purpose of brevity in long or possibly complicated messages, and as
a means to insure the clear understanding of communicated information.
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6. SHOTGUN and BROADSIDE will assist in the preparations for EAGLE's

excursion to the WAREHOUSE. In this statement, what is BROADSIDE?

Your Answer: U.S. Treasury Building in Washington, D.C.

The correct answer was New York City Protection Command Post.

The New York City Protection Command Post is a unit comprised of various New York
City resources (police, fire, and medical services) formed to coordinate the safety of
dignitaries visiting the City of New York.

The full message was:

SHOTGUN (New York City Command Post) and BROADSIDE (New York City
Protection Command Post) will assist in the preparations for EAGLE'S (President Bill
Clinton) excursion to WAREHOUSE (Sheraton Center in New York).

* Sheraton Center is a location that contains executive conference rooms.

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7. STAGE COACH and HALFBACK were sent to BAMBOO for the

COMPANION trip. In this message, who or what is HALFBACK?

Your Answer: secret service advance team

The correct answer was the President's follow vehicle.

In a "standard" Presidential motorcade of 27 vehicles, the 7th vehicle is the designated

President's follow car (assuming that the #6 vehicle in the motorcade is the limousine
carrying the President), and contains members of the United States Secret Service.
Like Marine One (The President's helicopter), the Presidential limousines are airlifted
(usually by the Air Force C-17 Globemaster III Cargo Planes) to where ever the President

The message is"

STAGE COACH (the President's limousine) and HALFBACK (the President's follow
vehicle) were sent to BAMBOO (Presidential Motorcade) for the COMPANION (Blair
House) trip.
*** As a matter of tradition, Secret Service Codenames assigned to members of the First
Family all begin with the same letter of the alphabet. In the case of Barack Obama, who
was elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4, 2008, his codename
was "Renegade". His wife, First Lady Michelle Obama was assigned the codename of
"Renaissance". The two daughters of the Obamas, Malia and Sasha were assigned the
codenames "Radiance" and "Rosebud", respectively.
For George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, through his two terms, his
codename was first "Tumbler", which was later changed to "Trailblazer". First Lady
Laura Bush was designated as "Tempo". The Bush twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna
were assigned the codenames "Turquoise" and "Twinkle", respectively.
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8. At 1530 hours, CROWN reported COWPUNCHER was WHEELS UP with

CHANDLER staffers, and that DOG POUND was close behind. What or who is

Your Answer: an ambulance

The correct answer was aircraft carrying the press.

The press and media are sometimes transported in a second aircraft to cover the activities
of the President of the United States. The Presidential aircraft, with the designation of Air
Force One (when the President is on board) can also accommodate the press and media.

The message was:

At 1530 hours (3:30pm), CROWN (White House Situation Room) reported
COWPUNCHER (Air Force One) was WHEELS UP (Take off of Presidential aircraft)
with CHANDLER (U.S. Department of State) staffers, and that DOG POUND (press
aircraft) close behind.
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9. Historical records from the Secret Service indicate that on February 10, 1982
CLAW HAMMER traveled to BRIMSTONE to personally notify RAWHIDE of
the situation. In this statement, who was CLAW HAMMER?

Your Answer: Alexander Haig

A former U.S. Army General, Alexander Haig was selected by President Ronald Reagan
for the position of Secretary of State. Haig held the position from January 22, 1981 until
July 5, 1982. Haig, a veteran of the Korean War and the Vietnam War, later served as the
4th Deputy National Security Adviser in Richard Nixon's administration from 1970-1973,
as White House Chief of Staff in 1973 and 1974 under Presidents Richard Nixon and
Gerald Ford, and as 7th Supreme Allied Commander Europe from December 15, 1974
until July 1 1979.

Translation of this statement would be:

Historical records from the Secret Service indicate that on February 10, 1982, CLAW
HAMMER (Secretary of State Alexander Haig) traveled to BRIMSTONE (Ronald
Reagan Ranch in California) to personally notify RAWHIDE (President Ronald Reagan)
of the situation.

In case you were wondering, both Frank Sinatra and Pope John Paul II, had secret service
Sinatra was known as NAPOLEON, and Pope John Paul II was HALO.
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10. Agent-in-charge Mason reported BANDBOX visited BASEBALL prior to

heading to CARTWHEEL before the conference with PACEMAKER. Who or
what is BASEBALL?

Your Answer: District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Headquarters

The correct answer was Secret Service Training Division.

The Secret Service Training Division maintains a training facility in Beltsville, Maryland,
just outside Washington, D.C. Agents receive their initial training, an intensive 12-week
program, at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Facility in Glynco, Georgia.
Following successful completion, agents undergo another 12 weeks of specialized
training at the James J. Rowley Training Center in Beltsville. The center was named for
the man who served as head of the Secret Service from 1961 until 1973. In addition to the
standard training on law enforcement and protection procedures, agent receive training in
diplomatic immunity, international treaties, and protocol.

The complete message is:

Agent-in Charge Mason reported BANDBOX (White House Security Detail) visited
BASEBALL (Secret Service Training Division) prior to heading for CARTWHEEL
(National Security Agency Headquarters at Ft. Meade, Maryland) before the conference
with PACEMAKER (Vice President of the United States).

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