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Una Esperanza Viva

A Living Hope
Rick, TerrI and Jonathan Abaher
October 8, 1991
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Rick, Terri and Jonathan Absher
In our last newsletter we asked that
you send a picture for our prayer board.
The response has been great! As our
family has travelled about this suitmer
everyone has been anxious to give us a
snapshot of their family. The same
remark we heard over and over was, "We
want to be on your prayer board because
we need your prayers,"
Now it's our turn to say our family
needs your prayers. We decided that the
most practical way to get our picture
into everyone's hands was to publish it
in our newsletter. Please clip out this
picture and start your own prayer board.
Fill it with pictures of loved ones and
missionaries that you wish to uphold in
To know that people are praying gets
us through the tough times. And the
tough times do come, to everyone! Pray
for us as we delve back into the Spanish
language and Mexican culture. Pray for
the mission and that it will continue to
bring "a living hope" to the lost.
Let's Get Acquainted
On the second Sunday of September our
Board of Directors met for an annual
meeting. This is a fine group of men
and we appreciate their interest in Una
Esperanza Viva. Primarily, the board is
the eldership of the First Christian
Church in Carmi which currently consists
of: Bill Jones, Phil Hoskins, Ralph
Anselment, Jess Cross, John Hargis, Jim
Fishback,. Jim Whetstone and Art
Also serving are the ministers of
First Christian, Robby King and Scott
Branson. Bob Chastain of Carmi has been
appointed as a permanent member and
served as secretary this past year. The
only out-of-towner is George Huff of
Rushville, Indiana. He serves as an
elder at the Rushville Church of Christ.
We want to express our appreciation
to these men for their guidance. They
have helped us in a lot of decision
making this past year.
Jonathan's Journal
I have done many things this summer.
I wish I could fit it all into my
journal. I have been to many camps and
VBSs and had a lot of fun.
My family and our forwarding agents
went to Denver for the NACC. While
there we saw many beautiful mountains
and various wildlife. _ _
During the summer we were in the
States and I got to visit my family and
friends. I am very sad to leave and go
back to Mexico. It is very scary to me
knowing that I absolutely have to learn
the Spanish language. Although I made
many friends there it is not quite the
My birthday was Sept. 26. The day
was spent with many friends and family.
It will be weird to not be with them at
Christmas. J am not sure of the Mexican
Christmas customs but I will let you
know in the'next journal.
Ehtil then, Hasta
Luego and Feliz
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ppaIse!* & Prayer
Our summer was very busy with six
weeks of cairp in Illinois, Indiana, and
Kentucky. Vfe were also involved with
six Vacation Bible Schools and had a
booth at the North American in Denver.
We really enjoyed the opportunity to
teach about missions and share the work
and needs of Una Esperanza Viva.
28,000 miles were put on the van the
irs^-^ear. -Since June 1 an additional.
7.000 miles have been driven. Jonathan
says, "Vans are nice, but I don't think
they were made to be lived in!"
A Sony 8mm Handycam video camera has
been purchased with gifts designated for
that purpose. The camera will be used
to help keep people back hone up to date
on what's happening on the mission
field. We want to thank Jeff Noel, the
members of the First Christian Church in
Marshall, Illinois, and the campers fron
Junior III Week at Illiana for making
this possible.
Thanks to camp offerings we have also
purchased an automatic projector with
built-in screen and cassette player.
This piece of equipment will be used in
personal evangelism with Jule Miller's
Visualized Bible Study Series.
Two of the most effective forms of
evangelism in Mexico at this time are
the use of any form of audio/video aids
and the distribution of tracts.
To God Be The Glory! We are within
$250 of the monthly support we need to
remain and serve in Mexico. Please pray
that the Lord would lead us to those who
are interested in His work in Saltillo.
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Work on the church building in
Saltillo has more or less come to a
halt. The next phase calls for the
pouring of a cement floor. This
sanctuary floor will also serve as a
ceiling for the lower level classrooms.
At least $14,000 (USA) is needed. One
of Brenda's supporting churches will
match all gifts for this project. Gifts
for this project should be earmarked
"Sanctuary Floor".

If you would like to send us your
picture and/or a letter, we would love
to hear fron you!
-Please-address them:-
Rick and Terri Absher
APDO 1084
Saltillo, Coahuila
Because of ^fexican postal regulations
and practices we must ask that all
packages (video and cassette tapes,
church literature, homemade cookies,
care packages,..., etc.!) be sent to:
Mobile Village A-18
2701 McColl Road
McAllen, TX 78501
Contributions should be sent
Forwarding Agents:
Keith & Pat Gross
RR 1 Box 261
Carmi, IL 62821
Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports
are available to anyone upon request.
Contact Keith and Pat.