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Zeus By: Xavier jones

Mount Olympus high in the heavens. Zeus had a need

for mortal prayers, and he had children, and awesome
achievements. Most of all, Zeus needs mortal
prayers. 1( For power to stay strong and to fight enemies.
2( Immortality to protect the weak for all eternity, and to
punish the wicked. 3( To remain god of gods and to be
superior to other gods and make sure nobody tries to
overthrow him. Now you know why the Greeks prayed
to him.
Now lets name a few of his kids who are also
Greek gods. Apollo is one of the most famous. He is the
god of the sun, healing, music, and prophecy. Artemis is
Apollos twin sister. She is the goddess of the hunt,
which means shes and extraordinary hunter, she was
also the goddess of the moon. Hermes is my favorite. He was the messenger of the gods and god of trade
and travel. Hermes was also very intelligent and was mischievous as a child and as an adolescent. He was
also very helpful in the aid to mortals and actually made some machines that the Greeks used in their lives.
He also guided sinful souls to Tartarus, or the Underworld. Ares was probably one of the worst children
Zeus ever had, also he was his first child. Ares was very stubborn and always loved action, and then he was
declared god of war. He never really cared about who won or who lost. He betrayed his brother
Hephaestus by taking his wife. Hephaestus was lame and ugly, but he loved Aphrodite who was the goddess
of love and beauty. He was able to marry her only if he freed his mother Hera from a gorgeous but deadly
throne. Even though Aphrodite wasnt interested in Hephaestus she had to be his wife. Hephaestus then
tried to woo her though she already had three children with Ares. Hephaestus was heartbroken.
Finally, Zeus had many achievements. As a child, he overthrew his father Cronus. Cronus was a
Titan, huge giants that ruled before man. Zeus was also victorious in the Titan War, which was a war against
who shall rule the Earth gods or titans. If he hadnt won a draw between his brothers Poseidon and Hades,
he wouldnt be the god of gods. Zeus shunned his brother Hades from Mount Olympus and was forced to
be the god of the Underworld. Hades swore vengeance against his brother. I guess Zeus was very good at
Zeus was one of the many gods whose history is endless, so now we know his need for mortal
prayers, his children, and his achievements. Next time, look in the clouds and you might see a thunderbolt.
Mount Olympus- A fortress in the Heavens, home to the Olympian gods
Aphrodite- goddess of love and beauty
Hephaestus- god of fire and building
Cronus- Titan King, father of Zeus
Zeus By: Xavier jones