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On Behalf of AT&T
AT&T EXPAND !" #TE $%&E'A"E T% $(T%)E' *N + T'EET
Additional 4G LTE Cell Site Added as Part of AT&T’s Project VIP Investment
,A+*N"T%N, D$, )ay -, ./0! — As part of its ontinuing net!or" in#est$ent and ongoing %& 'T(
rollout) AT&T* has added an additional $o+ile ,nternet ell site in -ashington) .C) off of 9
/treet 0(
in the 1 /treet Corridor) to e2pand AT&T %& 'T( o#erage for area residents and +usinesses.
AT&T has the nation3s $ost relia+le %& 'T( net!or".** AT&T %& 'T( is the latest generation of
!ireless net!or" tehnology and pro#ides se#eral +enefits for loal residents) inluding faster $o+ile
,nternet speeds — up to 40 ti$es faster than 5&) i$pro#ed perfor$ane) relia+ility and inno#ati#e ne!
%& 'T(6o$pati+le de#ies.
AT&T launhed its ultra6fast %& 'T( net!or" in the .istrit of Colu$+ia in 0o#e$+er 2044. The ne!
ell site is one part of AT&T3s ongoing efforts to e2pand %& 'T( o#erage and to dri#e in#est$ent and
inno#ation to deli#er the nation3s +est) $ost ad#aned $o+ile ,nternet e2periene for usto$ers.
7Our goal is for our usto$ers to ha#e an e2traordinary e2periene) and they3ll +e a+le to do!nload)
upload) strea$ and ga$e faster than e#er +efore on our %& 'T( net!or")8 said .enis .unn) 9resident
of AT&T .C. 7As part of the .C o$$unity) !e3re al!ays loo"ing for ne! opportunities to pro#ide
enhaned o#erage) and our in#est$ent in the loal !ireless net!or" is another !ay !e3re
ao$plishing that.8
AT&T12 !" Net3or4
This launh is part of AT&T3s 9ro:et ;eloity ,9 <;,9=) a three6year in#est$ent plan announed in fall
2042 to e2pand and enhane its ,9 +road+and net!or"s. Through this in#est$ent) AT&T is supporting
its usto$ers3 gro!ing desire for high6speed ,nternet aess and ne! $o+ile) app and loud6+ased
ser#ies. As part of 9ro:et ;,9) AT&T plans to add $aro ell sites nation!ide +y year6end 2045) as
!ell as deploy s$all ells and add .istri+uted Antenna /yste$s to inrease the density of its !ireless
AT&T3s inno#ation and in#est$ent has resulted in a nation!ide %& net!or" !ith ultra6fast speeds and a
onsistent user e2periene. The great perfor$ane of AT&T3s %& 'T( net!or" ontinues to +e
#alidated +y independent third6party testing>
• Our %& 'T( ser#ie !as reogni?ed as ha#ing faster a#erage do!nload and upload speeds
than any of our o$petitors in 9C-orld@Teh1i#e3s $ost reent 206$ar"et speed tests — the
seond onseuti#e year that AT&T has ran"ed first o#erall. 9C-orld@Teh1i#e also ran"ed
AT&T3s as the fastest o$+ination of 5& and %& ser#ies in the 20 ities it tested.****
• And AT&T !as na$ed A$eria3s fastest %& 'T( net!or" in 9C Aaga?ine3s 2045 Bastest
Ao+ile 0et!or"s 506$ar"et study — and also s!ept the top ran"ings in all si2 C./. regions fro$
oast to oast> 0ortheast) /outheast) 0orth6Central) /outh6Central) 0orth!est and
AT&T3s fous to deli#er the +est possi+le $o+ile ,nternet e2periene goes +eyond %& to e$+rae
additional onnetion tehnologies. AT&T operates the nation3s largest -i6Bi net!or"******* inluding
$ore than 52)000 AT&T -i6Bi 1ot /pots at popular restaurants) hotels) +oo"stores and retailers and
pro#ides aess to $ore than %D4)000 hotspots glo+ally through roa$ing agree$ents. Aost AT&T
s$artphone usto$ers get aess to our entire national -i6Bi net!or" at no additional ost) and -i6Bi
usage doesn3t ount against usto$ers3 $onthly !ireless data plans.
AT&T also is a leading de#eloper of .istri+uted Antenna /yste$s) !hih utili?e $ultiple s$all antennas
to $a2i$i?e o#erage and speed !ithin stadiu$s) on#ention enters) offie +uildings) hotels and other
areas !here traditional o#erage $ethods are hallenging.
O#er the past si2 years <2008 to 2045=) AT&T in#ested $ore than E4%0 +illion into its !ireless and
!ireline net!or"s) !hen you o$+ine apital in#est$ent and aFuisitions of spetru$ and !ireless
operations. /ine 2008) AT&T has in#ested $ore apital into the C./. eono$y than any other pu+li
o$pany. ,n a /epte$+er 2045 report) the 9rogressi#e 9oliy ,nstitute ran"ed AT&T 0o. 4 on its list of
C./. 7,n#est$ent 1eroes.8
Find )ore *nformation %n5ine:
,eb ite #in42> 'e5ated )edia 6it2:
AT&T 0e!s
AT&T -ireless
AT&T %& 'T( 0et!or"
AT&T 0et!or" 0e!s
AT&T Ao+ile .e#ies
AT&T Ao+ile ,nternet
'e5ated 'e5ea2e2: 'e5ated Aaterials>
AT&T ,n#ests Aore Than E750 Aillion O#er
Three6Gear 9eriod To (nhane 'oal 0et!or"s
,n &reater -ashington) .C Area
,nfographi> AT&T %& 'T(
;ideo> -hat is 'T(H
;ideo> %& 'T( and 1/9AI Co#erage
;ideo> %& /hopping Tips
;ideo> AT&T %& 0et!or" /peeds
,nfographi> 2042 0et!or" ,n#est$ent
* AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and
not by AT&T Inc.
** Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets. LTE is a trademark of ETI. peed claim based on a comparison of !..
national carriers" avera#e 4G LTE do$nload speeds for Android% and &indo$s smartphones and i'hone (. )eliability claim
compares data transfer completion rates on nation$ide 4G LTE net$orks. 4G speeds not available every$here.
*** 4G speeds delivered by LTE* or +'A, $ith enhanced backhaul* $here available. -eployment on#oin#. .ompatible
device and data plan re/uired. !p to 012 claim compares 4G LTE do$nload speeds to industry avera#e 3G do$nload speeds.
Learn more at att.com4net$ork.
**** '.&orld4Tech+ive* 5ay 63* 6103* 7AT&T clocks best overall speeds $ith 3G44G combo8
***** '. 5a#a9ine* :une 0;* 6103< http=44$$$.pcma#.com4article641*6>0;*6461333*11.asp
******* A &i?@i enabled device re/uired. Ather restrictions apply. ee $$$.att$ for details and locations.
About AT&T
AT&T ,n. <0G/(>T= is a pre$ier o$$uniations holding o$pany and one of the $ost honored o$panies in the !orld. ,ts
su+sidiaries and affiliates J AT&T operating o$panies J are the pro#iders of AT&T ser#ies in the Cnited /tates and
internationally. -ith a po!erful array of net!or" resoures that inludes the nation3s $ost relia+le %& 'T( net!or") AT&T is a
leading pro#ider of !ireless) -i6Bi) high speed ,nternet) #oie and loud6+ased ser#ies. A leader in $o+ile ,nternet) AT&T
also offers the +est !ireless o#erage !orld!ide of any C./. arrier) offering the $ost !ireless phones that !or" in the $ost
ountries. ,t also offers ad#aned T; ser#ie !ith the AT&T C6#erseK +rand. The o$pany3s suite of ,96+ased +usiness
o$$uniations ser#ies is one of the $ost ad#aned in the !orld.
Additional infor$ation a+out AT&T ,n. and the produts and ser#ies pro#ided +y AT&T su+sidiaries and affiliates is a#aila+le
at http>@@!!!.att.o$@a+outus or follo! our ne!s on T!itter at LATT) on Bae+oo" at http>@@!!!.fae+oo".o$@att and
GouTu+e at http>@@!!!.youtu+e.o$@att.
M 204% AT&T ,ntelletual 9roperty. All rights reser#ed. AT&T) the AT&T logo and all other $ar"s ontained herein are
trade$ar"s of AT&T ,ntelletual 9roperty and@or AT&T affiliated o$panies. All other $ar"s ontained herein are the property
of their respeti#e o!ners.
Cautionary Lanuae Concernin !or"ard#Loo$in Statements
Information set forth in this press release contains financial estimates and other for$ard?lookin# statements that are subBect to
risks and uncertainties* and actual results mi#ht differ materially. A discussion of factors that may affect future results is
contained in AT&T"s filin#s $ith the ecurities and E2chan#e .ommission. AT&T disclaims any obli#ation to update and
revise statements contained in this ne$s release based on ne$ information or other$ise.

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