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No, he’s not fighting a gambling problem. He’s fighting casino bosses – on the web.
By RicaRdo Pinto | illustRation By Rui Rasquinho

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Have you ever been threatened with being barred from a Macau casino? i had no card counting issues or any others in Macau. the size of my average bet was well below what would worry them. Macau attracts the highest average bets in the world. it might be different now, with the large us casino owners entering the market, but even so, unless you’re betting thousands a hand, i don’t think they’re really that bothered. if the Venetian can’t wear a few thousand here and there, they’re in the wrong market. i’ve seen local chinese in Macau bet over $200,000 a hand on baccarat in the side rooms at casino lisboa – there was no hassle for them either.

Are you planning to come back? gambler recently barred from entering any land-based casinos definitely. i want to see all of the latest activities for myself – and give the in the united Kingdom decided to fight back by launching a casinos a run for their money, too. those american-owned casinos have website where anyone can learn, for free, how to beat the deep pockets to share. i did find that the complimentary policies (freebies bank – and make a lot of money in the process. given to players) are almost non-existent in asia, though. that needs to the new website owner promises to help his visitors bring casinos, “these change if the local market wants to attract international players. huge, monolithic palaces of chance, to their knees,” by teaching them all i liked the Macau atmosphere on my previous visits two and six years sorts of gambling techniques, from counting cards and baccarat/roulette ago. it was smokier than in Western casinos, though, and there was strategies to betting shop odds comparisons. “it’s a david and Goliath no entertainment. the casinos were all about gambling. Probably that’s type battle,” he admits, “but big trees can grow from small acorns!” why it was a day-tripper market. again, i expect that will change as the the website, appropriately called, also american influence grows and you start to see more “shopping, eating, offers tips on players clubs, bonus points, ViP hosts and other details entertainment and casino experiences” in one. that will encourage that may help gamblers get some kind of advantage over casinos. day-trippers to become longer-stayers. With two thirds of the world’s the website owner, who does not identify population within a six-hour flight of Macau, himself for fear of being banned from other it won’t be long before it’s the world’s biggest casinos in the world, claims he was never casino land. AsIAn oPerATors Are Also given an official reason for the barring. he More lenIenT on BeT sIze – speculates, however, that it was probably due Are Asian casino operators easier or more THey Don’T seeM To CAre If to his skill at counting cards in blackjack. “it difficult to beat? you go froM us $50 on one appears that casinos don’t mind your winning Easier. they don’t do bad things like paying occasionally, but when those wins are of a 6 to 5 on blackjacks for example (which HAnD To $500 on THe nexT, As significant amount and/or when those wins raises their edge from 0.5% to 1.5%). asian long As you sAy soMeTHIng are too regular, they get nervous and block gamblers are clever – they won’t put up with lIke “I feel luCky... CoMe on your access to the games,” he argues. that nonsense either. asian operators are a native of a southern hemisphere country and also more lenient on bet size – they don’t luCky CArDs!” in his thirties, the casino Barred – as he likes to seem to care if you go from us $50 on one be called – has already visited some 200 casinos hand to $500 on the next, as long as you around the world, including 15 in Macau, five in Monte carlo, 65 in Vegas, say something like “i feel lucky... come on lucky cards!” 15 in atlantic city and many others in the usa, the united Kingdom, i know from experience that chinese gamblers rely much more on luck holland, austria, Belgium, australia and new Zealand. he agreed to discuss than i do. i rely on the odds, counting cards and skill in the game. his vast gambling experience with Macau closER in an email interview. therefore i tend to lose much less often and win much more regularly. i bet big when the odds are in my favour. if i think a pit boss is getting What kind of results did you have on previous visits to Macau? suspicious, i quote lots of “lucky” sayings and basically try to appear The Casino Barred – i had good results at casino lisboa and at the sands, like i’m just being very lucky that day. that normally gets them to leave which had only newly opened at that time. Generally i played at the lower me alone. as i once said to a casino manager, “someone’s got to pay limit end of the scale in Macau, as i wasn’t sure of the exact rules of the for all of your light bulbs – but i don’t see why it should be me.” game (every casino plays blackjack slightly differently). also, language at that time was sometimes a problem (much of the casino staff did not Did you find any significant differences in VIP lounges operated by speak English). i’m sure that’s changed now. My best win was around junkets? us $2000 from a start of about us $150. Wins probably averaged i came “under the radar” as an independent tourist. i go ViP in Vegas $200 to $300 per half hour or one hour session, on average bets of because i have a playing history there. in any newer jurisdiction, i go $20 to $30. there were no casinos in Macau i can remember losing in unnoticed and hope to stay that way. if i work out that there is an in – but then i tend to only play games i feel i can win. advantage to going ViP in terms of comps, junkets, flights, etc., then i


I knoW froM exPerIenCe THAT CHInese gAMBlers rely MuCH More on luCk THAn I Do. I rely on THe oDDs, CounTIng CArDs AnD skIll In THe gAMe. THerefore I TenD To lose MuCH less ofTen AnD WIn MuCH More regulArly.

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consider it, but i normally work out the terms of my arrangement with a ViP host before flying there, i.e. 15% rebate on net losses, or RFB (room, food and beverage) for each day of the trip or some amount in shopping vouchers.

Can you give us an idea of how much money you’ve won in casinos, all told? over 10 years, you’re probably talking an average win for the year of about £15,000 - £20,000 (us $30,000 - $60,000) on a part-time There are a lot of websites and literature about beating casinos, yet the basis. i work full time in it, so gambling has always been part time/ casinos still make a lot of money. How is your website able to make hobby income stream. some years (mainly the earlier ones before i’d any difference? refined my betting techniques) i lost. Most years i won. But it took a My website is 100% free and available to the public without any kind of couple of years just to offset the losses of those first few years. membership. all articles posted on the site are written by me. they’re the average bet size was probably us $25 - $50 per hand on blackjack, researched by me. they’re my personal perspective. Will reading the so when you look at those average win sizes, keep that in mind. Getting website’s content make a difference for people? i hope so, because that sort of cash from this average bet size it speaks the truth about the odds of the means i had to have the edge in my favour games, and it offers real practical betting in the long term. this is no “short-term luck” strategies – based upon my own experience I’Ve goT noTHIng AgAInsT curve. card counting gives me that long-term of what works and what doesn’t. My site THe CAsInos MAkIng Money edge. until all casinos ban blackjack, i’ve helps debunk a lot of the crappy “paid for” got a potential income stream! strategies that are out there on the web, and – THey’re A BusIness AfTer that saves people money. All. BuT leT’s MAke sure THAT Very often, good gamblers are employed by it’s just one website among many thousands PlAyers geT gooD VAlue for casinos to check on other lucky winners’ skills. on the web – i know that. But it’s one of THeIr enTerTAInMenT DollAr, Is that something you would consider? the few that’s unbiased in its approach yes, i would, if the money was right. the one and isn’t sponsored by or produced by a AnD leT’s MAke sure THAT soMe downside of working in a casino is that you casino worker/company/employee. and i of THeM WIn, Too! can no longer play, yourself. so for me to genuinely want people to win! if we all win give up an income stream, i’d need to have a together, then it will hit the casinos hard, and reasonable level of pay from the casino itself. i’ll feel i have my “revenge”. at the end of the day i’d be helping them to protect their investments Will the casinos ever close? no. there are plenty of players who are and also offering advice on how to change the games to make them less not experts on the games and play badly. there are plenty of players beat-able – generating them millions. so, i don’t think that a reasonable who rely solely on luck to play the games. they’re doomed to fail. the pay request is out of the question. traditionally i’ve had issues with casinos don’t rely on luck, they rely solely on the odds of the game. the thought of “crossing the line” and working for the casinos, but my they have an edge on every bet. if more people visit my site, these mindset is gradually changing on that. players will hopefully gain more information about the games they want to play, and that will increase their knowledge and help them Why is it changing? play a better game. and if they play a better game, they win more i’ve always seen casinos as bad places that attract lonely, vulnerable, money – or lose less. dreaming people to try their luck. Most will lose, if not in the short term then in the long term. as a player, i’ve always considered myself to Why do you talk about “revenge” if you are a regular winner at be somewhat like “Robin hood” – take from the rich (the casinos) and casinos? Is it just marketing for your website? give to the poor (myself, charities, friends). i suppose revenge is a strong word. in a nutshell, i’d just like to see there’s been a stigma in my mind about working for a casino – some more people win and make it harder for the casinos to make those sort of notion that working for these corporations is helping them to huge year on year profits. i’ve got nothing against the casinos making inflict hassle-gambling upon the most vulnerable in society. i’ve always money – they’re a business after all. But let’s make sure that players thought of that as crossing the line. My mindset is gradually changing, get good value for their entertainment dollar, and let’s make sure that though. i’ve realised that just as there are some vulnerable people some of them win, too! some casinos are all about profit these days. trapped in casino lifestyles, there are also some “advantage players” they’ve forgotten about the people they make that profit from, giving like myself, who make a good part-time living playing these games. so them lousy comps, bad entertainment, etc. in that respect, if i consider casinos an entertainment option for a wide i’ve never done anything illegal or immoral to harm the casino industry, cross-section of society, i’ve less issues about working for one. even though part of me feels that some operators are themselves illegal and immoral. How unfairly you think you were treated by the casino industry? internationally, i’ve got no issues. in london, i think they were b**tards! Which were the casinos that gave you the most unforgettable some of these casinos i’d played in for 10 years or more. i’d won, and i’d experiences? lost. to suddenly cut my access, without explanation, without even writing i adore Wynn in las Vegas. i really liked “leicester square casino” to me initially, is rude. that’s not what i expected from that industry. trying in london (i’m now barred). i enjoyed the casino du Monte carlo in to find out why was even more difficult – i still don’t have an “official” Monaco. i’m also partial to Fitzgeralds and the Golden nugget in answer as to why i was barred. in the end, any casinos with membership, downtown las Vegas. in Macau my favourites were the sands and the such as those in the uK, i’ll now be avoiding. that doesn’t mean however casino lisboa. i’ve never seen such huge games of pai gow as i did that i avoid casinos like the sands in Macau with a Players club – that’s at the lisboa, and i’ve never seen a more beautiful casino in asia than a totally different thing altogether. i always join players clubs, as they’re the sands was at that time. i’m sure, however, it’s now been eclipsed the start of all complimentary relationships with casinos. by the Venetian and Wynn.

am i bothered about being barred in the uK? not overly. Most of the uK games are not advantageous to the player, and the slot pay-outs are horrible, too. there are thousands of casinos elsewhere in which to play. and i’m not a us citizen, so i can play online freely, as well. the difference with online play is that the blackjack games generally shuffle after every hand, so i can’t get an advantage counting cards. i can still win with progressive betting, but that involves complicated maths.

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