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shoe iz osroce oes eg de ausonoy seed gH Ko. os-aL sezuie 29s ye4s A syeaiiS 23 (o102) sjez0ds- 28 In’ formation: 4 1/2 yards deep, directly behind the OB. In Red end Green formation: 4 3/4 to 5 yards deep, sheding the inside leg of the OT. 2 Halack: In Red and Green formations: Heels 4 3/4 10 5 yards from tip ot football, directly behind the QB. {Blue formation: 4 1/2 yards deep, shading the inside leg of QB. In“t' formation: 2-3 yards behind the FB in a two-point stence. NOTE: Depth of backs will vary accarding to the play called. Procedures - 4 Hole Numbering 1, The hole is from the center-out; outside shoulder to outside shoulder. hole and"1" hole, depending on the side of him we wish to 2 Thecenteris both ee. ‘Baokfield Numbering Right Formation x ¥ 6 oofo000 : fo) Left Formation 2 00000 3} é ° Per 6 6 1. FBis always the #3 back. 2 HB is always the #2 beck 3. Backs called for pass routes will be referred to as F and H. identification of Receivers All receivers will be identified es Z (FL), X (SE), Y (TE), H (HB), F (FB) FORMATIONS Formations will be called in three parts: (1) Backfield alignment (2) Direction of the tight end (Y) (3) Any special calls 1, Backfield alignment is designated by a color in relationship to Y. 2. Direction of ¥ is set by either "Left" or "Right" call ‘Special calls will also be utilized. For example: 4, Slot - Z will line up in slot opposite Y. bb. Switch - X inside of 7 on weak side. ‘Close - Z next to T on weak side. dd. 1-Backs will shift on "Set." xO xO OO00000 OR oo no OF uv t No Red Right Red Right Slot uO xO *O oo xO OR oono00 ° vO oO Red Right Switch "Near Right Far Right Brown Right Q oone00 e 9 Y Oo zZ Orn OF a ntghe ° oono0 gO # Oo ¥ O OF as OR Gold Right: ° oouoo°O % ° ° ‘ ° F = R Orange Right o oono09g ° Qo. 060° Y K F Og Pink Right Oo oouo0o9o x 6 y é F z Blue Right o 0000.60.90 oO ¥ O o i z Op Rose Right Oo Oooo > * 9 e Oo z rs Q R Black night OoOoono0g x O t ° z OR OF Black Right Out Oe 27 000000 om Oo ‘i Oo 2 Qo O a e Purple Right ooonoo°o Oo OQ Oo oO (wo-back) zero Right (run to Zero 8) G Oon0000 oO o 8 (O Y oO & F z eee eae o con000 oO zo Oo Y Oo x F tO OnR AR

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