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AIIMS NOV 2012 RADIOLOGY Qs all at one place:

1) A 70 yrs old woman is on alendronate therapy for osteoporosis since last 7yrs. Now she is complaining of pain in Rt
thigh and hip region, which of the following investigation should be done?
a. X ray
c. serum vit D level
d. serum alkaline phospatase level

2) A middle aged man complains of lack of sleep during the night time. To know the duration of the time he is truely
asleep or awake can be ascertained by which of the following?
a. spirograph
b. actigraph
c. barograph
d. plethysmograph

3) A lady 35 yrs old lactating mother presented with a painful breast lump. The most appropriate initial investigation
should be?
a. USG
c. MRI

4) Patient with known case of rheumatoid arthritis presents with quadriparesis. On examination Babinski sign is +ve
and there is increased muscle tone but no sensory or sphincter involvement is seen. Which will be the investigation
needed to be done?
a. EMG & Nerve conduction studies
b. MRI brain
c. Carotid angiogram
d. X ray cervical spine in flexion and extension

5) A middle aged woman presents with the features of jaundice. In such case Ultrasonography is a sensitive modality
for following except:
a. ascites
b. peritoneal deposits
c. biliary tree structures
d. Gall stones

6) pt with implanted cardiac pacemaker (defibrillator). which of the following investigation is useful to know the position
of the misplaced implant?
a. Xray
b. CT scan
c. MRI scan
d. USG

7) Regarding the radiological features of the intestinal obstruction.which is not true-
a. small intestine width 3cm
b. cut off for ascending large intestine 9cm and for descending large intestine 5 cm
c. absence of air fluid level in straight xray rules out any obstruction
d.volvulus,mesenteric ischemia has specific features

8) A 7yr old girl with falling grades and complaints by teacher that she is unattentive in class to her parents and have
bad school performance. On hyperventilation her symptoms increased and shows the following EEG findings,
diagnosis Is:
A. myoclonic epilepsy
B. myoclonus
C. absence seizure
D. juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

9) Which among the following is not true regarding the principle of using nanotechnology for its use in the medical
a.spectrum of the frequency between absorption and emmision is narrow
b.produce long lasting fluorescence
c. has narrow spectrum of emmission frequency

a.Best imaging reporting and data system
b.Breast imaging radiological and data system
c.Breast imaging reporting and data system
d.Brain imaging reporting and data system

11) Stereotactic radiotherapy is used in?
a. brain tumor
b. lung tumour
c. prostate tumour
d. ovary tumour

12) On basis of Dennis stability of spinal cord, how many columns?

13) Which of the following is true regarding the principle of use of MRCP?
a. Intraluminal dye is used to create the three dimensional view of the structures
b. Dye is instilled percutaneously first then MRI is used
c. Use of systemic Gadolinium as a contrast agent to create the 3D image of the biliary tree
d. use heavily T2 weighted imaging in MRCP

14) Pinna calcification seen in all except??
a. frost bite
b. gout
c. addisons disease
d. ochronosis

Compiled by: Dr Sabin Sahu