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Dear Christian Friends,
Greetings from the Great Southwest! It has been a long time since
I last wrote and so much has happened, but I hope to bring you up to
date on all the activities here at El Paso Christian College.
Our 1974-75 school year cl^osed on May 14th. We had a closing
service in lieu of graduation cerembnies since.Jio--one--(;r-aduated. How
ever, that situation will change this year. V/e have two students who
plan to complete work for their degrees this year and graduate this
next spring.
The last two weeks of May were spent putting out a college news
letter and also preparing for three weeks of camp in June. Needless
to say, I was quite busy. The first week of June I spent at Ashland
Christian Service Camp In A:^hland, Kansas, just 54 miles from home.
I was able to spend a couple of nights at home in Dodge City just
beofre and after camp.
Camp at Ashland was over on Saturday, and on Sunday I left for the
Texas Panhandle to spend two weeks at Pan Fork Christian Camp just
north of Wellington, Texas. This wes the first year for the camp there,
and it was very successful. I enjoyed the three weeks of camp, but^
it was sure good to get home, even though there was lots of work waiting
for me.
Four weeks later, on July 21st, I went to the Christian service
camp in Jimenez, Mexico, This is the one 1 have gone to in years past,
and so I was really excited about going again. I was in charge of the
music for the week and was also Dean of Women. We had almost fifty
campers this year (senior high only), and we had five baptisms during
the week. I also enjoyed getting to see some old friends again from
my internship days in Mexico.
,,--' At the June trustees' meeting, it was decided to spend $1500.00 .
on radio and TV advertising for the college. The ads began the first
week of July and rah until August 25, when school started. We received
over IQp inquiries about the school as a result of those ads. And many
more people now know that we exist. We have several students -- most
of them going part-time as a result of those ads. It is quite pos
sible that we will have even more students next semester.
August 25 was the day to enroll for the fall semester, and then
classes began on August 26. -i)ur total enrollment has reached fifty
_thj_s_year. We havejourteen full-time students and thirty-six part-time
"stud^tsr Many of our"part-time students are members of the churches
and have enrolled for a class which is being taught in their particular
church building. Because El Paso is so large and many church members
wanted to take classes but did not wish to drive as much as 25 miles
one way, we are offering extension .classes in each of the churches.
This helped to increase our ehrolTment.
P.O.Box 26924-ElF3iO, ^ CC^'
Another exciting thing about our student body is the fact that
we have several from different denominational backgrounds. Many of
them have never heardof the New Testament church and are now getting
their first exposure to it. So we are a missionary Bible college in
more than one sense of the word. Not only are we running on mission
supports training missionaries and preachers to go out, but we also
have an opportunity to witness to and evangelise some of our own students.
Still another exciting thing about this year is the way that the
student body hai increased,. Last year we had five full-time students
compared to fourteen this year, ^here were eighteen students altogether
last year compared to fifty this year. Last year we had one Mexican
student. This year we hav^five. Last year there was one girl going
full-time. This year there are two. All of our students come from
the El Paso-Juarez area except two.
We are also increasing our faculty.^ TJhree-tnore men have been
hired to help with the teaching and administratfon of the school. Of
course, they must all raise their own support, too. Two of them are
already here, and the third one will join us at the end of September.
One of these men is our new vice-president and business manager. As
business manager he will be doing all the bookkeeping, so I have lost
one of my jobs. This should help to make tny work load easier; however,
with seven men now here working full-time and since I'm still the only
secretary, I'll be as busy as ever. Probably even busier.
In addition to the secretarial work, I'm teaching English to our
Mexican students and piano to two other students.
Our needs^at school, both individually and collectively, are many.
The^^gest"heed I personally have is for increased support. At the
present time I need $325.00 to pay all my back bills and bring me up
to date for the end of September. My average monthly income for the
last six months has been under $400.00 each montheven less than when
I wrote to you in March. At the trustees' meeting last week it was
decided to put me on a salary of $450.00 a month. This will begin Oc
tober 1st. However, I need for you all to continue to support me in
this venture. This does not change my situation any except that in
hose months when I do not receive $450.00 the college will make up the
difference out of the general fund. If you have been supporting me in
the past, please continue to do so. All money I receive will be turned
in to the college treasurer, and I will then be paid at the end of the
If you are not now supporting me, would you prayerfully consider
what you might be able to do to help me on a month by month basis? If
you do not feel that you can do anything monthly, but would be able to
help me get rid of the $325.00 in back bills, I would appreciate your
help in that, too. Some of you have Increased your regular giving, and
for this I'm very grateful. .AlJ_^checJLS shou^^ to El Paso
-^Christian College. Please indicate if you plan to give each month, or
if this is just a one-time gift.
Thank you all for your prayers and help. May God bless each and
every one of you.
Love in Christ,
2 91975
December 14, 1975
Dear Friends In Christ,
Greetings In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This 1s such a
wonderful time of year, Isn't It? Time has really flown by this year,
and 1t just doesn't seem possible that It's Christmas time again.
Looking back over the ev^ts of this past year, I find so much to
be thankful for, and I'm su&^ou do too. The Lord continues to bless
me and the college in so many ways. As you read this letter, I'm sure
you'll see some of the ways He has blessed us just recently.
Semester tests are now over, and we're busy getting ready for
Christmas and also second semester which begins January 5th. Our col
lege/all church choir will be giving a Christmas program on December
17th. We've really had a good choir this year. Besides getting ready
for this Christmas concert,we prepared the missionary cantata "So Send
I You" by John W. Peterson. This cantata was presented for the New
Testament Christian Church and the Eastslde Christian Church at their
Faith-Promise Rallies in November.
Next semester we'll have another full-time faculty member, bringing
the total full-time faculty to eight.- 'Brother Tibbs Maxey and his wife
will be joining us for the spring semester. Mr. Maxey founded and served
as President of the College of the Scriptures until recently when he
retired. He will continue to serve the College of the Scriptures as
President Emeritus. Because of Mrs. Maxey's health, they'll be coming
to El Paso during the winter months and work with the college here during
the spring semesters.
On December 1st we began renting a three-bedroom house directly
across the street from our present buildings. We will use this house
for-^ur offices and also our library. The present location of our
library will be converted into another office. Now all of our full-
time personnel can have their own offices.
As most of you are aware, a great deal of my time is spent at the
college or with work related to it and the church. It seems I seldom
have any spare time to get into any mischief, but I do enjoy being busy
in the Lord's work. IJm still the only.secretary, so I never run out
of things to do. I am grateful, too, rbr a couple of ladies who have
volunteered their services and helped lighten my work load. Right now
I'm looking forward to my annual Christmas vacation. I'll make my
usual trip home for the holidays, be with my family for a couple of
weeks, and then come back hei^fe" in time for the start of second semester.
Thank you all for your help and continued prayers on my behalf.
I really appreciate each and every one of you. May you all have a
wonderful and blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year in the Lord's