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Christmas 1976

Dear Friends,
^ beginning to look a lot like Christmas" as the song goes,
and that s true of El Paso, too. Even the weather has cooperated.
ru y snowfalls, and some of us think we may have a
white Christmas here this year. It's also the time of year when I
iiKe to thank you all for your continued support both with your
prayers and money. Many things have happened this year, but it's hard
to tell everything, so I'll just hit the high spots.
could be classified as being one of transition both
for the college and me. The college graduated its first student last
spring. He is now actively involved in missicn work in Juarez.
Then this summer we were able to lease a building which provides
Office space, classroom space, recreation area, and chapel all under
?IIf r? 4.U 1^ really grateful to have this building. Hopefully by
the time the lease is up we will have the first buildings completed
on our new campus. Land has been csnated to the college specifically
for this purpose,and we look forward to the time when we will have
our own place.
Iv'e also added another faculty member. She is Sha-na Newton from
Grand Ounction, Cclorado. Her special field is Christian SaSior
and so she niakes a very fine addition to the school. It's also nice
to have another girl around the office.
fall semester began back in August with 17 full-time students
.!, 'epresented a small increase over the previous year,
we praise God. Second semester will begin January 4, ig77.
Md It looks like we will have about the same number of full-time stu-
nts again. We have several inquiries from different people, but, of
DPnnio'Ji/T registration day just how many of these
people Will decide to come to school.
In August Jackie Leimion, my roomnate for the past 2k years, was
married, so this meant some changes in my life, toS. I ^ve^n with
i ^Partment and hopefully another
children. Instead of one
roommate, I now have two. They are Shauna Newton and Sylvia Northruo.
at the cni^iL"^ Amreican Evangelism and also takes some classes
of im. u bedroom apartment. Some
wl hal hL pn ^bree girls get along, but I can honestly say that
h!i problems. Since we are all Christians, we have a Source
dS thanl ?h"i I ' '?l^bis enables us to get along really well. We
do thank the Lord providing us with a nice place to live and with the
tionrhin^fn getting to know each other better because of our rela-
tionship to Him and each other.
In November I went to Dodge City for the missionary convention. As
most of you know, this is home, and it was truly a blessing to be there
for the convention. Several of my college friends were there and stayed
with me at my parents' home. We really had some good times together.
The president of the college, Bill Morgan, was also the president of
the convention, so several of us from El Paso went. I think there were
about 30 in all. The convention was the best one I've ever been to
pe messages and workshops were really good and had a lot of material
for us to think about and encourage us all to really evangelize the world.
Jhe biggest thrill for those of us from El Paso was the fact that
one of our students, Robert Tafoya, was baptized while there at the con
vention. Robert is from a Catholic background. He is deeply interested
in studying the Bible and seeing just what the Lord has to say in His
Word. We are grateful for his decision and know that he will continue
to be a good student of the Word.
Witb Christmas just a week off, there is a lot of hustle and bustle
church programs, parties with fri..:r.ds, choir cantatas, etc. The college
choir will be presenting the cantata "Born AKing" on Friday, December 17
Then Sunday the choir at Eastside Christian Church will be presenting
a program entitled "Christmas by Candlelight". I am the accompanist for
both of these groups and look forward to taking part in these activities.
' I'm looking forward to being home once again for Christmas. I'll
be leaving here just in time to get home for Christmas and then will
come back right before New Year's Day. I do hope that all of you will
be able to celebrate with your families. Special days mean so much more
when we can share them with our families and friends.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support.
It really means a lot to knbv/ you are behind me. I can always use more
support though, and if you would like to help in a monetary way, you may
send checks to El Paso Christian College, Box 26924, El Paso, Texas 79926
and earmark them for me.
Thanks again for all your help. May God bless each one of you,
and may you have a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year in
the Lord:
/I. If h''''
STioUJc'-ci 44"^- f - "Tko^'ih^
T-o t Gorrc r_ UA. ,
In Christ,
Marilyn Wood