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February 1973
Dear Christian friendsj
Greetings from the "City of the Sun". To all of you in the "cold
country" the welcome mat is always out here and especially at this time of
the year. God has blessed us with a wonderful winter only two snovf-
storms (that didn't last) and very few cold days. Temperatures during the
day are in the 50's, 60's, and occasionally in the 70's. It is really
beautiful here.
I want to apologize for not writing sooner. This letter is long overdue.
As a friend of mine says. "You are neglecteds but not for:;otten." I really
do think of you all often and wish I had time to write each of you personally.
I do plan to keep you better informed this year about what is happening here
in El Paso.
El Paso Christian College continues to move forvjard. Many improve
ments have jeen made, and nev; staff members have joined us In the work.
Last May we g:-:;duated our second student Tom Reynolds. He and his
family are now actively engaged in an associate ministry with a church in
Our enroll::;ant was down first semester, but the quality of our students
was the best ever. This semester our full-time enrollment almost.doubled.
The, total number enrolled both full-time and part-time is ar^ound 30.) We
are looking fonmrd to a great new year this coming August. Several high
school students in the area churches have stated they will definitely be
coming to EPCC next fall. We just thank the Lord for their willingness to
coiTiinit their lives to His service.
Shortly before school started, I back from a three day vacation to
discover my office !;ad been remodeled carpeting on the floor, walls painted,
etc. In just a fev/ short v/eeks, the whole building in v^hich the college
//jnpets. had been painted (inside and olJtT"and~"CaTpeted-. It really gives a much
X/ better appearance to the public and creates a nicer atmosphere in vWiich to
^^ and study.
Several changes have been made in our personnel, too. At the beginning
of the schojl year, Mrs. H^e .Gra-ves began working as the librarian. She
also teaches a class arid~s^o does her husband. They are currently v'orking
on a part-time basis, but hope to begin on a full-time basis as soon as
^^snt gets out of the Army in May. They are beginning to raise support for
"^^is purpose. Incidentally, due to a book drive by the students and a large
donation of discarded boo!<sfrom the public library, our library has grown
from 2,000 volumes to over 10,000 volumes in just four months! So you can
see what a big job Mrs. Graves has.
began work September 1st as Vice-President for Development.
He has been doing most of the printing for the school since he arrived, as
well as doing all the other jobs involved in the development of the school.
Since we have very little office help, his wife^^Uxetta, lias been helping
a lot with the mailing list and getting special' mailings ready.
Within just the last week two women have joined the staff. One, Delia
,Ma;<yell will be learning how to run the off-set press, and thus be able
to do the printing and take that one job off Mr. Sapp's shoulders. She will
also be in charge of doing special mailings and keeping the mailino lists
up to date.
,_Mj),_.Bettenco_urt started working at the college because she wanted to do
something really worthwhile. Although she v/as just offered a job starting
at $700.00 a months she has decided to step out on faith and come to work
at the school with no_ pledged support nor promise of a salary from the school
She has become Bill Morgan's secretary and thus has helped lighten ny
work load a little,
office with me.
I'm really thankful to have these two in the
^hauna Newton, the Christian Education teacher and also my roommate,
resigned Tn'December and took a position as a teacher in the Christian Day
School in Levittown, PuertQ^Rico, January 9th. She is really enjoying the
opportunities for service there. - "
%ye^Sloan. who was our student recruiter, ail-sa^^left and went to Rifle,
(^Colorado, v7here he is serving as the youth minister for the church there.
because prayer is so important in every aspect of the Christian's life
and work, those of the faculty and staff v/ho can meet every Tuesday morning
at 7:30 for a time of devotion aid prayer. Also, because the school is
in deep need of money, students, and most of all God's guidance, several of
us get up at 6:00 each morning to pray for these special needs. We invite
you to join us in this effort if you desire.
The faculty and student wives are busily preparing for the first annual
"Life in the Son" IjuU-es. reitreat. Our special speaker this year will be
Dr. Norma Sneed Small, lie're really looking forvfard to this time of fellow
ship on F^ruaryJJL-and 13. If you can come, please do so. I'm handling
the registrations, so just contact me.
In addition to all the work going on at school, I_continuo my duties as
organist and pianist for the Eastside Christian Church.I'm also the Sunday
'School secretary. Then last fall we started a children's choir called "The
Eastside Angels." I'm the accompanist for this group as well as the adult
choir and the college ch"^'f. In tny spare time I give piano lessons (I have
two students and a piano, tool), baby-sit, sew a little, and read. I really
^n't have any time to get bored.
In September I had the opportunity to go to Anaheim, California, for
the National Missionary Convention. I thought it was the best one yet.
I'm really looking foward to it being here in El Paso in 1979. Why not plan
now to attend? I'm not sure of the exact dates, but it will be in October.
fiy folks joined me in Anaheim, and after the convention I played
tourist. It was the first real vacation I had had since I got back from
Rhodesia in 1973. Piy brother and his wife also came down from Fresno,
California, and the five of us went to Disneyland. He really enjoyed it.
Since Shauna left, I have been without a roommate. Financially, this
has posed a hardship. Although the apartment is not expensive, it is
beyond ny income. However, I really can't afford to move either. I have
been praying for a rootranate, but so far I've found no one. ||y-mcmthly
jp^-^^uijport averages aroynd.Jg^^fiO. The college supplements this, so that I'm
^ guaranteed $500,007" If i had $600.00 a month, I could make ends meet. So
you see, I really do need increased support. The more personal support
I raise, the more you help the college by releasing those funds which would
be paid to me by the college to other areas of need at the school. I am
really grateful to all of you for all the help (financially and prayerfully)
and encouragement you have given me. If those of you who are not now sup
porting me could begin to do so, I would really appreciate it.
I borrowed money last month to pay the rent and my quarterly income tax
payment, so if you could help with this loan, I would really appreciate it,
also. Even if you can't send money, please remember that your prayers are
a very valuable source of support.
I would like to close by quoting a Scripture that has come to mean a
lot to me these last few weeks.
"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication
with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace
of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your
minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6, 7 (NASV)
liay Sod bless each and every one of you as you work for Him wherever
you are.
In Christ,
Marilyn Wood

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