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July 1979
Dear Christian Friends,
When I last wrote, I was in Joplin, Missouri, working at
Good News Productions with Ziden Nutt while waiting for the
"Green Light" to come on down to Puerto Rico and begin the
follow-up ministry of Project Look-Up. Toward the end of
March, Dr. Wiebe, director of Project Look-Up, asked me to
make the final preparations for moving to Puerto Rico.
I first flew to Tampa, Florida, to spend a few days there
getting more acquainted with Dr. Wiebe and others associated with Project Look-Up.
Then it was back to Dodge City to pack and get my things ready to be shipped to
San Juan. ,.v
Finally7"^pn April 2nd,,}a:^ter a short visit with rry sister and her family in
Salina, Kansa^and'^^ofher short visit with other sister in Kansas City, I
flew from Kansas City to San Juan, arriving here in the late afternoon.
Ity first iicpressions of the island were somewhat mixed. Many of the trees
and flowers reminded me of Rhodesia. And the climate is somewhat similar, ex
cept Puerto Rico gets more rain. In fact, JJay .1973-was the rainiest month ever
in the history of Puerto Rico wi^ 24,".,of rain recorded at the airport. Some
parts of the metropolitan area got even more. Have you ever heard of school
being called off because of rain? It happened here in May. It was raining so
hard that many of the streets were flooded, the electricity was off, and phones
were out of order; so most of the schools in the city were closed for the day.
My first major impression of the San Juan area was the horrible driving
habits of the Puerto Rican people. It's almost as if there are no laws govern
ing safe driving. People will turn left from a right hand lane and vice-versa.
A three-lane street becomes a two-lane street without warning and no provisions
are made for the extra lane except to squeeze in. Drivers are always using
their horns, too, which adds to the confusion at times. Needless to say, it's
rather disconcerting to be in the traffic, much less drive in it for the first
few weeks one is here.
From time to time in newsletters I plan to give you information about
Puerto Ricoits geography, history, people, etc.and the work that is being
done by those in the Christian Church here.
When I first arrived, I made my home with Aij^ey McKean, a teacher at the
Christian Day School in Caparra Terrace, a part of Rio Piedras. The first week
was spent getting settled and familiarizing myself with the San Juan metropolitan
area. Although Audrey is now oh furlough, I'm continuing to stay in her house
until school starts in August.
The week after Easter was spent conducting interviews for Project Look-Up.
Dr. David Bronstein, from Tampa, Florida, and assistant to the director of Pro
ject Look-Up, and Dr. John Carter from California, came down to the island and
conducted interviews among the various church leaders here to find out in what
ways Project Look-Up could help them in their ministries and what kind of pro
gramming they'd like to seeevangelistic, leadership training, Christian growth,
etc. We were greatly helped by Don Luttrell who knows many of these church lead
ers personally and helped arrange the interviews.
Despite the good that was accomplished that week, it still takes time to put
things into action. As a result the work with Project Look-Up has gone very
slowly. In order to make good use of my time, I have also been helping at the
Christian Day School in Caparra Terrace. They were without a full-time secre
tary from last summer until June 18, so there has been plenty of work for me
to do.
I'm also trying to do a little translation work for Ziden Nutt with the help
of the preacher down here. I'm finding that my Spanish grammar has become quite
rusty, but if I really study and apply myself to this task, it would help im
prove my abilities in the Spanish language in so many ways.
The church here in Caparra Terrance is a Spanish speaking one. I'm attending
there and getting involved as much as possible, by playing the piano, leading
the singing, etc. It's also helping me to start thinking and speaking in Spanish.
We recently completed a two-week Vacation Bible School at the church. Our
average daily attendance was 70 children plus the teachers and helpers. Although
most of the children who came speak English as well as Spanish, the VBS was con
ducted entirely in Spanish. All of the teachers except one were Puerto Rican.
I helped out wherever I was neededplaying the piano, passing out cookies and
Kool-Aid, helping with the little children, etc. The children gave over $200,00
for their missionary offering during the two weeks. (The original goal was
$100.00, but it was increased when over $95.00 was given the first week.) This
is really excellent since most of these children are not members of the church.
The week of June 25-29 we had a day camp for the juniors. I taught one class-
twice a dayon the theme "A Close Encounter with Christ-Through the Bible," We
also have seven summer interns here for the summer, and they are involved in
teaching, too.
The three days before Easter, the church here in Caparra had a revival. Larry
Green, missionary at Fajardo, preached. Four responded to the invitation-1 teen
ager from Fajardo and 1 teen-ager and 2 woman here in Caparra. Easter Sunday
morning another woman accepted Christ as her Savior. Rejoice with us in these
victories. And pray with us for some men to take this all-important step. Other
than the missionaries we have only 2 or 3 Christian men coming on a regular basis.
However, there are men attending who need to make their decisions to follow
Christ, too. We pray that they will do this soon.
Also, during those few days before Easter, the missionaries on the island got
together and conducted a door-to-door canvas in the area near the church building.
As a result of this, at least ten Bible studies are being conducted in homes, and
several others will soon be studying the Bible through a Bible correspondence
course. We pray also that this will bring more souls into the Lord's kingdom.
I do ask for your continued prayers on my behalf and the work I'm doing. Be
especially in prayer for the Project Look-Up and Gospel Satellite ministries that
the Lord would guide the people involved in these ministries in the way that He
wants them to go.
Also I would ask for your prayers for my continued support. The Lord has
blessed me in many waysone of which is cheap housing (a rarity anywhere and
especially here); however, this will change in August when I will move. I al
ready know where I'll be moving to and I know that I will be paying a lot more
rent. Fortunately, I'm not paying any car ejipense at the time, so that is a
great help. In my last newsletter I mentioned that I would need between $500.00
and $600.00 a month. During April and May I averaged not quite $450.00 each
month. While this amoxint is adequate for the time being, I will definitely need
an increase by August. Several new people and groups have begun to support me
since the first of the year, and I'm so thankful to God and to them for this
help. If you would like to help in this way, please contact my forwarding agent
Mr. Bill McCarty at 617 Ringold, El Paso, Texas 79932. Please make your checks
gyable to Eastgide~Cli.LisLidii Cliurcli, de^"gnated"~for~mig. TSnd^ive thanks wfthr^
me that "God helps me to use what money I do receive wisely, so that all of my
needs are adequately met.
Thank you again for all your help and prayers. I really appreciate them.
I'd be happy to hear from all of you personally. My address is G.P.O. Box 2946,
San Juan, Puerto Rico. 00936. (Note: This is a change from the address pre
viously given. It is possible for me to get mail through the other address, but
this one is ja.ijjgh-gui^er.)
"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with
thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God
which passes understanding will guide your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."
(Philippians 4:6,7)
May God bless each and every one of you. In Christ,
Mayilyn Wood
% Bill McCarty
617 Ringold
El Paso, Texas 79932
December 1979
Dear Christian friends,
In Proverbs 3:5,6 we read; "Trust in the Lord with all thine
heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways
acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths." How true this is,
and it is a fact I'm learning more and more each day.
Since I last wrote, so much has happened. I hope you will bear
with me as 1 share with you some of the highlights of the past few months.
The middle of July the churches in Levittown and Caparra Terrace hosted the annual
Caribbean Missions Clinic. Missionaries from four or five Caribbean countries, plus Harvey
Bacus and Gordon Clymer (from Ozark Bible College) took part in this clinic. Everyone gave
reports on their particular area of work, plus reports were given concerning the other areas
in the Caribbean where we have missionaries. The clinic was also a time for sharing ideas
and edifying each other. It was similar to a mini-convention and was an enlightening and
very helpful week. As one person put it, "This clinic should be a must for all interns and
those who come to work on a permanent basis here in the Caribbean."
August was really a busy month. It first began with the move to a house. It was such a
relief to be able to unpack boxes and be able to use my own things for the first time in
over a year. The Lord has really blessed me with a whirh to live and
two wondejrful roommates to share it.
On^^A^usr^f^TTiT I began wofklhg with the Christian Day School on a fu 11 -1ime basis. As
mentioneH^Tn my last newsletter, I had started~worl<ihg thefe as time*^Rw mY'olEHer job
permitted. However, in August we received word that NASA had iettIsoned the satellite
that Project Look-Up was using, and so my job doing follow-up worTiTor programs broad
cast via satellite -- no longer existed. Since the school was In desperate need of a^sec-
rj&t^y. 1 agreed to work there as a secretary. Another secretary was hired at the same"
time. She also doubles as a substitute teacher.
For those of you who are not acquainted with the S^tg^lTTarr Day ScbooP, I want to tell
you a little bit about It. It was hftqun fn iTy the ChristlaiTThurch (Iglesia de Cristo)
here In Caparra Terrace. The purpose wa's to provide a quality education In English for
the children In the area. The church board doubles as the school board. All but one
person on the board are Puerto RIcans. The entire staff, administrative personnel, and
teachers are Christians with the exception of one person. Most of the teachers come from
the States and work with the school on a missionary basis. The school subsidizes those
who do not have adequate support. (Praise the Lord! My support Is adequate, and so that
leaves that much more money to be used for school Improvements, textbooks, etc.)
The school yejar^-began Auqust 15. We have 265 students enrolled this year from Pre-
Klndergarten through 8th grade. Most of these'^c^TTS^n do not come from Christian homes,
and so we have a grand opportunity for evangelism. Bible Is taught every day In the
classroom, and chapel services are held every other week. There Is a lot of follow-up
work that needs to be done, but the teachers don't have the time (because of lesson pre
parations, etc.) to do It. Please pray that more workers will come to Puerto Rico to
help In this area.
We just received word today (November 19) that one of our students, a girl In first
grade, was killed In an automobile accident last night. Her brother, a student In fourth
grade, was Injured and Is hospitalized but will soon be released. Please pray for the
Rosa-Bracero famlles during this time and for us as we use this opportunity for further
witness to the family about the Lord.
I'm sure most of you are aware of Hurricane David and Tropical Storm Frederick. Puerto
Rico was very fortunate In that It suffered very little damage from these two storms
especially In relation to what the Dominican Republic and Haiti suffered. The biggest
problem was flooding because of the excess rain. The San Juan area did not get the heavy
winds that were predicted, and for this we thank the Lord.
It Is our understanding that Haiti and the Dominican Republic are still trying to re
cuperate from the tragic losses suffered during these storms. The churches here In
Puerto Rico recently took up an offering of over $700.00 to be used among our brethren In
Haiti. We received a letter from one of the preachers there stating that all their crops
had been destroyed.
Gordon and Vivian Thompson, missionaries to the Dominican Republic, were here recently
and stated that if It hadn't have been for the clothing, food, medicine, and relief sent
by Puerto Rico and the United States, the death toll there would have been at least double.
As I said before, we just thank God for the safety and protection He provided during that
Some of you may have heard about the earthquake which hit In this area the first part
of November. The center was In the ocean between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic
about 1^0 miles west of San Juan. It registered 5.3 on the RIchter scale. Several here
In San Juan didn't even feel It. But one of my roommates and I were sitting on our beds,
writing letters, when the beds began to vibrate as though they had built-in vibrators.
Our other roommate was sitting at her desk and did't feel a thing. So the earthquake
didn't do any damage, just "shook things up" a bit.
In September 1 began teaching a Sunday School class for those In 3rd through 6th grade.
I was prepared to teach them In Spanish, but the first Sunday they said, "Oh, teacher,
teach us In English." Most of them go to Christian Day School, so they know English, and
the Sunday School class In English helps to reinforce their English speech. However, when
someone attends who doesn't speak English, 1 do try to present the lesson In Spanish as
well as English. The kids are really good about helping with the translation.
In October I went to El Paso for the National Missionary Convention. It was so good
to get to see everyone again. But as always there was never enough time to visit with
everyone as much as I would have liked. I have decided that one of the things I'm going
to like about heaven is the fact that I'll have all the time I need to visit with everyone
that I want to for as long as I want.
The convention was really good. And for the first time the people got a chance to see
what it is like to be in another culture, because four afternoon sessions were held in
Juarez at two of the churches there, simultaneously with the afternoon sessions held at
the convention center.
During the convention Ziden Nutt, Rick York (director of the Christian Day School), and
jnet^with thf eKdex;^ of the Eastside Christian Church, my "send i ng-out" church, to give
them a repdf1 that has happened in regards to my work here. I have decided to con
tinue to stay in Puerto Rico and work with the school. The elders agree with me in this
decision and are backing me up 100^ in this decision.
Also, during this time, I found jiew foj*warding agents. Bill McCarty had to resign be
cause of too many other things to do. Not too many missionaries have the distinction of
having another missionary for a forwarding agent, but in my case this was true. Bill was
the director of Spanish-American Evangelism. So his duties there, plus being an elder In
the Westside Christian Church in El Paso, and other responsibilities left little time for
him to be my forwarding agent. I am grateful to him, though, for the fine job he did
during this time as my forwarding agent.
Thanks to a suggestion from a friend in the Eastside church, I asked Gec^rge^nd Sue
-Popg^s of the Eastside church to be my forwarding agents. Happily, they acceirted, almost 7)
TigM away, and l^qan their duties as my forwarding agents on November 1st. From now on
all checks for my support should be sent to me:
Marilyn Wood
c/o Eastside Christian Church
7755 Phoenix
El Paso, Texas 79915
Poppa's will pick up the mail at the church.
In my last newsletter, I mentioned a need for increased support. I'm very
report that support has been increasing. During the period of July - October
almost $500.00 a month. (500.00 Is the minimum I should be receiving.) This
great help. I thank God for His continued protection and care, and I'm
for the financial help you give. Though I never have an over-abundance
see to it that all my needs -- financial and otherwise are met, and
for your help in this way.
Originally I had planned to get this letter out before Thanksgiving, but as you can see
r~aidn'fmake it. Phdpe'ydu all hatf" a "wonderful day together wi th your^famll IT^T The
church here has planned a Thanksgiving Day service to be followed by a Thanksgiving Day
dinner complete with turkey. I'm really looking forward to it.
I do want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year. May you truly be blessed by the knowledge of the true purpose for Jesus coming
to earth.
to hear from all of you, so when you get a chance, "drop me a line." M> I would love
addre.S5 here is:
GPO Box 2946
San Juan
Puerto Rico 00936
happy to
I averaged
has been a
thankful to you
of money, God does
'm grateful to you
help more
again to al1 of you
than words can say.
for your support and prayers. I really do appreciate your
May God bless eadh^nd everyone of you.
Rese^ch Departinent
Missions Services Association
Box 177
Kenpton, Indiana 46049
In Christ,