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Dear Friends in Christ,

April 17, 1981

Good Friday
Please forgive me for my tardiness
realize it has been six months since
And as always, I have had plenty to do.
things have happened this week, and so
opportunity to tell you about them.
As you can see by the date, it is Good Friday. This week
has been one of the busiest I've ever had. We had school
from Monday through Wednesday, and Wednesday night we began
our pre-Easter revival at the church.
,,,.0 has been an extra special week in more ways than one. Last Friday a group
of nine college students and their sponsor from Lincoln Christian College came to
help us in any way they could. Since we had Bible Emphasis Days scheduled for this
week, they taught the.Bible classes in the first through nintjh grades and also con
ducted the chapel services each day. (Bible Emphasis Days is that time when we
spend at least half a day in Bible study, chapel, and related activities. The theme
this year was "Jesus, Your Word Lives in Me" - Standard's VBS for I98I.)
The school children really grew to love the Evangels, so much so that many were
crying before the morning was half over Wednesday. They didn't want the group to
group went with the preacher and passed out
Friday morning the whole group went to Levit-
areas of the city.
Dean Cary, president of Colegio Biblico, is
the evangelist for the week. During the invitation that night, one of our nin^h
grade students came forward and made his confession of faith. He was baptized last
night. Also, last night a nint^h grade girl came forward expressing a desire to learn
more about Jesus. I know there will be at least two more baptisms Easter Sunday
morning -- one a woman who has been attending services regularly for about a year.
(Her husband and two teen-aged children are close to making their decisions, too.)
The other is a teen-aged girl whose mother is an active member in the church and
teaches in the Christian Day School.
We fully expect more decisions tonight. And we're praising the Lord that these
people do want to serve Him and to have Jesus as their Savior. Thank you for the
prayers you've offered on behalf of these people.
One incident I must share with you. For over a year and a half now my roommate,
Meredy McClenahan, and I have been "working on" our next door neighbor, Nilda Lugo.
We've invited her to church, talked to her about the church, our work, the Lord, etc.
whenever the opportunity presented itself. At times we've felt like we were getting
nowhere. At other times we would see something that would indicate she was inter
ested. So this week, Meredy invited her to the revival. Yesterday she told us
she would go with us tonight. Praise the Lord! She did. We pray that this will
be the beginning of her walk with the Lord. Please pray for her and for us as we
continue to work with her.
The 1980-81 school year ends May 29, so I'm already making plans to help in VBS's
and summer camps on the island. I'll be working in a least two VBS's with a pos
sibility of three more. I'm also in charge of our Junior Day Camp. If I can get
enough teachers, I plan to have classes in both Spanish and English. If not, the
classes will be conducted in Spanish, so that more children will be able to par-
t i ci pate.
Beginning around August 10th, 1 plan to leave for a short furlough. I'll be
pending around tbiree weeks in the El Paso area, then t^hi^e vye.eks In the.Dod^e City,
rea, then about two a_nd a half weeks in the Joplin area. 1 am already making
rrangements; with my supporting churches about speaking dates. In fact, most of
my week-ends are filled. However, if others of you would like for me to come,
please feel free to contact me here in Puerto Rico. I'll be happy to speak anywhere
if my schedule permits.
From time to time people ask about needs on the mission field. ^My pressing
ji^ed has been fo\: a car. I'm happy to say that I now have one. It's a '78 Honda
Accord LX. Thanks'to my parents and the Christian manager of the Credit Union of
Dodge City, I was able to g,e.t--a lpan,.'-for..$A30Q.:^0I)^ it. I use the car a lot
for both school and church activities. It 'has already been a big help in providing
transportation for youth meetings, church and other activities. And it will be in
valuable for my work this summer in VBS's and camps. I thank God for making it pos
sible for me to have It. I find it hard to believe 1 got along^twp_ years wjthout
one. This action of buying a car and getting a I'oan was done with the knowledge and
consent of the elders of my supporting church in El Paso.
In case some of you are interested in the cost of ruixning_a car-here in Puerto
Rico, here are some figures that may interest you. Gasoline is now AlC a liter,
which 1 understand Is comparable to many places in the U.S. The insurance on my car
is over $A20.00 a year (payable quarterly) for full coverage. Cars are worth more
here, too. The smallest new car costs at least $5,000.00 and a good used car costs
at least $2,800.00 depending on the age and model.
rn wn11ng to you. I
you last heard from me.
The most exciting
I want to take this
On Tuesday evening the boys in the
flyers telling about the revival. On
town and passed out tracts in several
Wednesday night our revival began^
Now that 1 have the car, I would like to ask for some special help from you. I
was allowed to make the payments low enough on the loan so that 1 wbuld be able to
meet the monthly payments which is really nice; however, the in^terest rate on the
joan is 18^.; In the nine years that I have been a direct support missionary, I have
had three cars and have always been able to make monthly payments and not ask for
special gifts for a car. In light of the high interest rates though, I feel it
would be better stewardship to ask for your help in paying this loan off as soon as
possible rather than paying all that interest. So if you can help in any way in
paying for this car, 1 would really appreciate it. Make the checks payable to
Eastside Christian Church or to me and send them to me, % Eastside Christian Church
7755 Phoenix
El Paso, TX 79915
Please be sure to indicate that this gift is for the car. Thank you for any help
you can give.
|j3._closlng here are somejiems to remember in ypuf^'pFayers:
1. Thank the Lord for the baptisms of Carlos 01 ivercr," Emma Escalera, and
Mrs. Manuela Ambert.
2. Thank the Lord for the decision of Gloritza Do Rios to want to learn
more about the Lord,
3. Thank the Lord for the Evangels and the revival with Dean Cary.
A. Thank the Lord for providing the car. Ask for His help in providing
funds to pay for It.
5. Thank the Lord that Nilda and many others were introduced to Him this
week through means of the revival.
6. Thank the Lord for my financial support and my supporters. Ask for His
continued help as monthly bills continue to rise: Water rates went up
68^ in 1 month! Phone is to go up 16%. Electricity seems to go up
each month. Also, my taxes and Social Security were equivalent to more
than 1 month's salary.
7. Pray for the VBS's and camps -- especially my work with them.
8. Pray for the continued outreach of the church and school. We are in a
battle with Satan, as Ephesians 6 tells us, and we are really aware of
it as never before. Please pray for all of us that we will follow the
Lord's leading and that He will give us patience and wisdom.
I want to thank you for your continued financial support and prayers. You have
really been great.
"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this
is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." I Thessalonians 5^16-18
May God bless you all as you continue working for Him.
In Christ,
Marilyn Wood
Research Departinent
ydssions Services Association
Box 177
Keo-oton. Indiana 4^045 M
'Chips Off The Old Block"
News From Marilyn Wood
Serving Christ through:
Spanish American Evangelism
3135 Forney Lane
El Paso, TX 79935
Volume 1 Number 1
Winter 1981
Dear Friends,
Once again time has gotten away, and it's been months since I have written. 1 returned to
Puerto Rjco a month ago after spending almost three months in the States. I had a great
time on my furlough/vacation. It was so good to see many of you.
But to back up a littlethe last time I wrote school was almost over, and I was preparing
for two camps and two vacation Bible schools. As always it was a delight to work in them.
One senior camp lasted five days. And I'm happy to report that one of the young people
from here in Caparra, Jose Moreira, made his confession of faith right before camp ended.
He was baptized the following week.
Following Senior camp we had our two-week VBS here in Caparra. I taught the fifth
graders. The biggest thrill during this period was the missionary offeringalmost $500.00
was given by the children for our mission project! Our missionaries this year were Rick and
Suzanne York, who are starting a new work in San German, Puerto Rico. Daily average
attendance for the VBS was 80 students.
Our day camp went well, although the attendance wasn't as high as I had hoped it would
be. The average was 35. I did have enough teachers to offer classes in both Spanish and
English. I knew the camp was worth while when I saw one of the children about six weeks
later, and he asked if we were going to have camp again next year. He is already planning on
Again this year my friend, Bruni Ortiz, and I went to Yauco and helped with their VBS. I
taught the 2nd and 3rd graders. I usually had eleven students in this seven-day VBS. I enjoy
going to Yaucothe church is young and very alive, and also very little English is spoken
there, so I get lots of opportunities to speak Spanish.
This past summer the father of one of our students at Christian Day School was baptized.
The Cordero family started coming to church last spring when their daughter, Clara, along
with her second grade classmates, brought the special for the Sunday morning service. They
did't miss a service after that, until the first of June when Samuel (the father) broke his
foot. As soon as the cast came off, the family was back in church, and toward the end of
July, Samuel was baptized.
Last spring, Carlos Moreira, Jose's older brother, decided to attend Colegio BiTdHco. This
was partly due to Dean Cary's Influence when he was here for the spring revival. Carlos flew
with me to El Paso when I left on my furlough. His sister met him there, and after a short
visit, she took him on the Eagle Pass where he bagan his studies. We have received word that
he has been baptized, and he has also preached his first sermon! His letters home indicate a
deep spiritual growth, too. We're really praising the Lord!
^.My furlough/vacation began August 6th and ended.October.28th. 1 was in Texas, New
Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and New York. During this
time, I was able to visit all my supporters with the exception of two individuals. I spoke to
seven churches, two Sunday School classes, three ladies groups, four 6th grade classes in
different grade schools, ancf was on three different Bible college campusesEl Paso Christian
College, Ozark Bible College, and Lincoln Christian College. At OBC I participated In
Missions Emphasis Week.
My immediate family was together for the first time in five years. We didn't get to spend
too much time together, but we were glad to be together, if only for a short time. We were
all together to attend a family reunion and to help my parents celebrate their 35th wedding
anniversary. .
Two highlights of my furlough stand outOne was getting to visit with so many friends
and relatives, some of whom I hadn't seen in almost 20 years. The other was getting to
attend the National Missionary Convention In New York City.
I participated in a workshop entitled "My Worst Mistake and How I Overcame
It. .or.. .Missionaries Do the Funniest Things". Seven or eight of us took turns telling
about some of the goofs we had made on the mission field. Everyone had a good time
laughing with us. The workshop really helped to point out that missionaries are human. As
one of the missionaries said, "! don't think you can be a missionary and not have a sense of
I also served on the Continuation Committee for next year' convention. Rather than
trying to meet again In December, we had extra meetings during the convention and got
some of the plans laid for next year's convention which will be in Lexington, Kentucky.
In September, Manolin Torres, chairman of the board for the church and school, suffered
three heart attacks in a twelve day period. As of this writing (November 25} he is still in bed
and has not been out of it since September 11. His wife, Blanca, is the school's bookkeeper.
Please be in prayer for both of them. ~
I'm back at work in the school office and have been since October 29. Another teacher
and I are working together on the school Christmas program. We're doing a musical entitled
"The Birthday Celebration". We're really excited about the potential witness we'll have
through this musical, and the kids are really excited about doing it.
Last Sunday the mother of one of our former students wa!s baptized. The daughter was
baptized last spring, and the mother has been attending services with her ever since. We
rejoice that Felicita Figueroa has made this decision.
VAs many of you may remember, I originally came to Puerto Rico to work with the
^Froject Look-Up. When that fell through I began to work at the school. They had been
without a full-time secretary for over a year and a half. Since I had the skills that were badly
/ needed, I went to work there. At the same time, though, I've been training another
secretary, and she now knows more about what is going on in the office than I do. This
"^--means I've worked myself out of a job.
So, while I was in El Paso, I talked to the new director, (Bill Baker),.of Spanish American
Evangelism, and he extended minvitation to come and "work with them. (Some of you may
remember I worked there 8 1/2 years ago when ! returned from Rhodesia.)
I also met with the elders of the Eastside Christian Church and discussed with them my
work here on the island and also the possibility of working with SAE. I have decided to
accept the invitation to come and work at SAE, and the elders are in accord with this
For those of you who do not know, SAE is a mission organization, and each staff
member is responsible for raising his/her own support. So I'm going to need your continued
support. I'm so thankful for the way you have helped me all these years. There's only one
change. After January 1, 1982, checks should be made out to Spanish American Evangelism,
earmarked for me and sent to SAE, 3135 Forney Lane, El Paso, Texas 79935. i yiy
SAE is getting ready to enter the printing/publishing ministry in a big way. It harbeeTT
involved in it in the past, but we desire to provide materials and literature for the Christian
Churches/Churches of Christ throughout the Spanish-speaking world. At the present time
our churches are using literature from the Baptists, Nazarenes, etc., so this is a service that is
greatly needed. I ask for your prayers for me and the rest of the staff at SAE as we
undertake this big venture.
My moving plans aren't yet complete, but I do know I'll be leaving San Juan by January
12. Although I'm sad about leaving Puerto Rico, I am excited about this new opportunity of
service. 1 have a few items here I plan to sell which should pay almost all of my moving
expenses; however, any extra gifts to help with the moving expense will be greatly
As for monthly support, so far this year I've averaged $711.00 a month. I will need
$800.00 a month minimum in El Paso. The Lord has been good in providing for my needs In
the past, and I know He'll continue to do so, so I can't complain.
I want to thank you for all your faithful supportthrough your prayers, words of
encouragement, and financial help. I appreciate you more than words can say.
1 also want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and
wonderful 1982.
May God continue to richly bless all of you.
Sincerely In Christ,
P.S. After January 1,1982, my address will be: Marilyn Wood
c/o SAE
3135 Forney Lane
EI Paso,TX 79935
P.P.S. Because of technical problems, we are late in getting this newsletter printed and
mailed. Marilyn does not know that we are adding this paragraph to her newsletter. She is
currently enroute to El Paso to begin her much needed ministry with those of us at Spanish
American Evangelism. She has been experiencing car touble and we are sure that she will
have a hard time covering the additional expense as she Is moving from Puerto Rico to El
Paso. An additional love gift would be most appreciated. Thank-you for your prayerful
support. Bill Baker, Director
Spanish American Evangelism
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