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Section IV - Technical Specifications Page IV 16 - 1


This specification covers the general works necessary to clean the
entire site of all materials not incorporated into the permanent
works, including periodic cleanup as the work progresses, and final
cleanup of all the work area at completion.

The items of work to which this specification apply, in whole or in
part, are included, in work schedule B presented in Section VI of
these Contract ocuments.
Supply any additional material needed to accomplish the work
The Contractor shall at all times during the work keep the premises
clean and orderly. !e shall promptly remove and dispose of all
ru""ish, de"ris, and waste materials that may cause a safety or fire
ha#ard, at reasona"le intervals as the work proceeds, or as directed
"y the $ngineer. %ll direction from the $ngineer and other
authori#ed pu"lic officials having &urisdiction over health and safety
shall "e o"eyed.
'pon completion of the work, all materials, e(uipment, and
appurtenances not re(uired as part of, or appurtenance to, the
completed structures or facilities shall "e completely removed from
the property unless specifically re(uired to "e left on the site "y the
$ngineer. %ll materials used for temporary works, all waste,
surplus e)cavated material, and general ru""ish shall "e removed
from the site. The Contractor*s site office and other temporary
"uildings erected "y him or su"-contractors shall "e dismantled and
removed. %ll spillage from concrete operations and scatterings of
unused concrete aggregates shall "e removed.
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Section IV - Technical Specifications Page IV 16 - 2
0ork to "e done shall also include?
@iA Cleaning of all structures with a vacuum cleaner, "room or
other approved methods.
@iiA +emoval of all ru""ish and trash.
@iiiA Cleaning the interior of the "uildings and dusting all ledges,
sills, ceilings, walls and other locations.
@ivA Cleaning and polishing all glass in windows, doors and
lighting fi)tures.
@vA Brading the e)terior work area and "room-cleaning all
sidewalks and paved surfaces. +estore to an accepta"le
condition all areas that are distur"ed "y the construction or
new work that has "een damaged.

The final clean-up shall "e accepta"le to the $ngineer.

16.4 Payme!
2ayment for works covered under this specification will "e made in
accordance with the pream"le to the Bill of Cuantities under Item
2ayments will "e "ased on the lump sum price tendered.
Interim payments will "e "ased on the percentage of works
completed and accepted "y the $ngineer.
/inal 2ayment will "e "ased on the lump sum fi)ed fee as stated in
the priced Bill of Cuantities for Item :B.6
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