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Parent Revolution, Parent Trigger, and School Privatization FAQ

The billionaires and corporations funding Parent Revolution will stop at nothing to divide communities and privatize education.
FALSE: Parent Revolution exists to empower parents.
FACT: The billionaires fundin them are a bit more honest about their real purpose. For example! a lare donation from
Eli "road to Parent Revolution in #$$%
expli'itl( stated: )To support efforts to help Charter *anaement +rani,ations
appl( for new LA-S. s'hools/0 Charter s'hools are privatel( manaed corporations.
FALSE: Parent Revolution has no 'onne'tions to riht1win! anti1publi'1s'hool orani,ations.
FACT: Parent Revolution fre2uentl( hosts meetins with their riht1win allies li3e The Heartland Institute!
their Parent
Trier A't is template leislation for the extremist Ameri'an Leislative Ex'hane Coun'il 4ALEC5!
and the och !rother7s
Freedom8or3s applauded
the immoral removal of 8eiand Elementar( S'hool7s popular prin'ipal b( Parent Revolution.
FALSE: :reen .ot Charter S'hools Corporation founded Los Aneles Parents -nion! not Parent Revolution.
FACT: Parent Revolution and LAP- are of;'iall( reistered ."As of Los Aneles Parents -nion
. Los Aneles Parents
-nion was founded b( :reen .ot7s
Steve "arr and R(an Smith to in'rease 'harter "ar#et share. :reen .ot7s CE+! *ar'o
Petru,,i! remains a 'urrent board member of Parent Revolution.
FALSE: Charter s'hools are publi' s'hools.
FACT: Federal and State Courts! the -.S. Census "ureau! and the >ational Labor Relations "oard have all determined

that with the narrow ex'eptions of 'harters run b( @publi' universities and muni'ipalities0! that 'harter s'hools are @private
entities0. +n the other hand! Forbes sa(s 'harters are reat for 'orporate pro$ts.
FALSE: Steve "arr had nothin to do with the widel( despised Parent Trier law.
FACT: Steve "arr was on Parent Revolution7s "oard of .ire'tors before! durin! and after the trier law was passed. Bn
the Los Angeles Times he boasted about he would use it to convert publi' s'hools into 'harters.
FALSE: Parent Revolution and their allies have a su''essful tra'3 re'ord of turnin s'hools around
FACT: Parent Revolution has never turned a s'hool around with either :reen .ot or Future Bs >ow. The latest attempt to
turnaround >ew +rleansC Dohn *'.onoh Eih S'hool was an abFe't %ailure! leadin 'harter friendl( of;'ials to shut it
The Parent Revolution experiment at Lo'3e
Eih S'hool in Los Aneles has been Fust as rievous.
FALSE: Parent Revolution supports unions and :reen .ot has unioni,ed tea'hers.
FACT: :reen .ot7s Aso'ia'iGn de *aestros -nidos 4A*-5 is a 'ompan( union. Bn over a de'ade of existen'e A*- has
never had sinle 'ase of su''essfull( defendin a tea'her aainst termination. Arti'le 9.& of A*-7s 'ontra't
with :reen .ot
Corporation7s unelected "oard of .ire'tors sums up A*-7s impoten'e neatl(.
It is understood and agreed that the Board retains all of its powers and authorit to direct! manage and control to the full
e"tent of the law. #hile input from the staff will be considered and decisions will be derived in a collaborative model$ %nal
decisions will rest with the Board.
FALSE: The :ates Foundation funds Parent Revolution to empower tea'hers.
FACT: The :ates Foundation provides hue rants
to roups li3e Parent Revolution to help strip teachers of their hard
won rihts and repla'e them with ineffe'tual @thin 'ontra'ts!0 that leave both students and fa'ult( vulnerable.
& https:HHwww.s'ribd.'omHdo'H=6$<#?$$H#$$%1%%$1"road1.onation1to1Parent1Revolution
# http:HHwww.s'ribd.'omHdo'H??$?<$96HThe1Eeartland1Bnstitute1and1Parent1Revolution1panel1on1the1Trier1Law
6 http:HHwww.s'ribd.'omHdo'HA6=&&<66H"en1Austin1:loria1Romero1and1ALEC1s1Parent1Trier1A't
9 https:HHtwitter.'omHFreedom8or3sHstatusH69$==$6$#AA9<#A&#A
< http:HHwww.s'ribd.'omHdo'H=<A$%==&HLos1Aneles1Parents1-nion1."A1LAP-1or1Parent1Revolution1#$$A1Form1%%$
= http:HHwww.s'ribd.'omHdo'H#<9%==<6H:reen1.ot1Publi'1si'1S'hools1Los1Aneles1Parents1-nion
? http:HHbitl(.'omHbundlesHrdsatheneHf
A http:HHwww.forbes.'omHsitesHreatspe'ulationsH#$&6H$%H&$H'harter1s'hool1rav(1train1runs1express1to1fat1'it(H
% http:HHarti'les.latimes.'omH#$$%Hma(H&&Hlo'alHme1reendot&&
&$ http:HHdianeravit'h.netH#$&9H$&H##Hoprah1'harter1s'hool1star1in1new1orleans1is1'losin1downH
&& http:HHwww.examiner.'omHarti'leHreen1dot1s1lo'3e1'harter1realit(1bites1and1the1press1starts1to1et1it
&# http:HHwww.amuanimo.orHimportant1do'umentsHA*-I#$Contra'tI#$P.FI#$#$&61I#$#$&=.pdf
&6 http:HHblos.edwee3.orHtea'hersHlivin1in1dialoueH#$&&H$?HtheJs'aledJdownJ'ontra'tJboonJ&.html