Independent Proposal

Research, Brainstorming & a Proposal Step One: Research Directions: Research each of the artists/topics I’ve found for you. Use the internet effectively, don’t just limit yourself to a Google search, check out galleries, artists websites, etc. Use your sketchbook to document the following as part of your research: 1) Choose three works for each artist that you like, choose a variety. Include their title, date, and media. 2) A brief/three-four sentence explanation/encapsulation of this artist’s concepts and interests. Be specific, be succinct, be articulate, and don’t copy mine! 3) Of these concepts, which ones relate to your work so far? Explain and describe connections with specific artworks of your own. Raissa:
Diane Arbus-American portrait photographer, incredibly curious about re-presenting "stereotypes" of people. Weirdos, freaks, twins, people who we're really interested in, but hate to admit it. Arbus exposes these people to the world respectfully in her photography, but also in a way that allows us to really look at them. They're edgy, but beautiful. Jim Goldberg- American, "Raised by Wolves" series. Goldberg studied homeless, punk, kids living on the streets in LA. He would follow them around, and create small stories about them. His photos are also edgy and some hard to take, but beautiful in their honesty. Jacques Henri Lartigue- French photographic prodigy who was making his first black and white photos in the early 1900s when he was eight years old! Because he took so many photographs as a young boy, his perspective on the world is completely honest, kid-like, and beautiful. Take a look at how he uses point-of-view and how he transforms his family members and friends into incredible works of art. Sally Mann- American portrait photographer, beautiful explorations of family and family dynamics. Ralph Eugene Meatyard- American, photographed poorer families in an around the midwest. Cast a character of boys as miscreants, trouble-makers, and sometimes estranged outcasts. Works with one family for an entire series. Rachel Bone-illustrator/painter, takes on stereotypes with female characters. Narrative and metaphorical. Ryan McGinley- sensual and evocative portraits that address the intensity of sexuality in adolescents and young adults. Contemporary and really influential in the younger art world currently. Collier Schorr- fantasy portraits, fictionalized characters that address a changing national identity.

Teun Hocks- Theatrical photography, uses backdrops and simple props to recreate humorous and metaphorical situations. Robert Parke Harrison- Uses non digital process to create home-made dreamscapes. Loves to reference a turn of the century type of aesthetic and style. Sandy Skoglund- Creates elaborate stage sets that she often paints monochromatically, then photographs them with props.

Anna Gaskell- Darker, mischievous photographs that illustrate girls re-enacting well known nursery rhymes or children's books. Employs use of simple props or stage sets to create a dreamy atmosphere in her works. Rene Magritte-Belgian painter, surrealist, explored dream imagery and it's appearance in everyday situations. Grete Stern-Photographer and artist who uses photomontage and collage to illustrate the subconscious and dream imagery as a series. Check out the works she did for a series called “Pyschoanalysis will help you” in Idilio magazine. Photography and Surrealism- check out how photographers have dealt with the ideas of surrealism historically. Use of photograms and more traditional photo processes can be as interesting as more modern, digital ones

Lalla Essaydi-Addresses the use of the "veil" in orthodox Islamic society, modernizes these characters, uses metaphorical costuming that integrates text. Anthony Goicolea-Unreal scenarios of multiples or twins interacting with one another. Masterful use of digital imaging and Photoshop, Paul Pfeiffer- Digitally "erases" parts of photos to change their idea or meaning. Often works with famous sports figures. Also works with video as an art form. Celine van Balen-Deals with portraiture, race, and heightens issues of prejudice in her work. Fischerspooner- Art/photograpy duo who use make-up, elaborate lighting, and mimic fashion shoots to create magical portraits. Magnum Photography Group- Group of international photographers working for national Geographic and other publications who rose to fame with their cultural and environmental portraits. Check out Steve McCurry’s portraits specifically! Ken OHara- In OHara’s most famous book One, he focuses on blunt, extreme close-ups of people from all over America, composed in a very strict, rigid format. A major Humanist photographer. Barbara Kruger- Artist/designer who addresses sterotypes by combining stock photography and text to create powerful statements about class and gender.

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