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1.Introduce yourself?
2.Sell yourself?
- For example, if you are a hard worker but not well organized, show your hard work while
forcing yourself to become organized in certain areas.
Of course, in order for you to achieve this, you must identify what your weaknesses are. You
can do this through a self-analysis and also through other people who may identify weaknesses
you do not know you have.
You can assess yourself in these categories:
Ambition Do you have goals and do you have a plan to reach those?
Confidence Do you know the quality of your work? Do you have the skills now or the
capability to achieve them?
Organization Are you well organized?
Energy Do you have what it takes to work until the job is done?
Leadership Can you motivate others towards a common goal?
Risk-taking Do you know when its smart to take risks? Are you willing to step out of your
comfort zone?
Humility Are you humble enough to take blame if something goes wrong?
3. Your great weakness?
-Big Liar
I tend to lie too much and then, get into trouble or get myself into a situation where I have
to end up lying. Lying is the wrong thing to do. Telling the truth is right. That's a big lesson I
Guest bubble
No Tolerance
I have no tolerance for laziness or incompetence, and used to become very irritated with it. I
have dealt with this by understanding I cannot expect the world to live up to my expectations,
and keep a professional but firm stance when it comes to these things. I use constructive
criticism when appropriate, or forward it to the appropriate person when necessary.
Guest Staci
Tough Time Saying No


My greatest weakness is that I always have a tough time saying no to tasks unless I am
already close to being overwhelmed. I work on it constantly, and have learned the hard way
that sometimes I just can't do it all!
-Guest George Bailey
I am a very straightforward person. Sometimes this is my weakness and sometimes this is
my strength.
Guest M.Fayan
4. Your strength and weakness?
My strengths:
I am an optimistic person, I can get along with people very easily, I have ease in
adapting myself in any kind of situations, Hard working person, I do work given to me
with perfection, I used to be punctual, I will do an in-depth study in every domain.
My weakness:
Am little bit sensitive, I get screwed up at times when people irritate me to the core in
such situations I stay calm and cool to avoid problems, I had a fear of public speaking in
the beginning but I some how came out of that by presenting many papers in
As regarding my strengths are.
I am a smart worker,
Willingness to learn new things,
What I should learn share with others,
Can work individually and work with a team, and
Weakness is:
I am very frank person.
I can't tolerate telling lies.
5. What is your ideal job:
my ideal job is to be professional engineer.
6. Why should we hire you?


- at first
When an employer asks you, Why should we hire you? she is really asking, What
makes you the best fit for this position? Your answer to this question should be a
concise sales pitch that explains what you have to offer the employer.
The best way to respond is to give concrete examples of why your skills and
accomplishments make you the best candidate for the job. Take a few moments to
compare the job description with your abilities, as well as mentioning what you have
accomplished in your other positions. Be positive and reiterate your interest in the
company and the position. Here's how to prepare your response.
You have explained that you are looking for a sales executive who is able to effectively
manage over a dozen employees. In my fifteen years of experience as a sales manager,
I have developed strong motivational and team-building skills. I was twice awarded
manager-of-the-year for my innovative strategies for motivating employees to meet and
surpass quarterly deadlines. If hired, I will bring my leadership abilities and strategies
for achieving profit gains to this position.You describe in the job listing that you are
looking for a special education assistant teacher with an abundance of patience and
compassion. Having served as a tutor at a summer school for dyslexic children for the
past two years, I have developed my ability to be extremely patient while still achieving
academic gains with my students. My experience teaching phonics to children ages 6 to
18 has taught me strategies for working with children of all ages and abilities, always
with a smile. My previous employer often placed me with the students with the most
severe learning disabilities because of my history of success. I will bring not only
experience, but patience and creative problem-solving, to this position.
7.Why do you want this job?"
This is not only a fine opportunity, but this company is a place where my qualifications
can make a difference. As a finance executive well versed in the new stock options law,
I see this position as made to order. It contains the challenge to keep me on my toes.
That's the kind of job I like to anticipate every morning.
I want this job because it seems tailored to my competencies, which include sales and
marketing. As I said earlier, in a previous position I created an annual growth rate of 22
percent in a flat industry. Additionally, the team I would work with looks terrific.


I well understand that this is a company on the way up. Your Web site says the launch
of several new products is imminent. I want be a part of this business as it grows.
Having worked through a college business major building decks and porches for
neighbors, this entry-level job for the area's most respected home builder has my name
on it.
As a dedicated technician, I like doing essential research. Being part of a breakthrough
team is an experience I'd love to repeat.
This job is a good fit for what I've been interested in throughout my career. It offers a
nice mix of short- and long-term activities. My short-term achievements keep me
cranked up and the long-term accomplishments make me feel like a billion bucks.
I want this job selling theater tickets because I'd be good at it. I'm good at speaking to
people and handling cash. I would like a job with regular hours and I'm always on time.
8. Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?
I want see myself as becoming more skilled, more efficient person with higher position
in the company. I want see myself as one of the best employees who is recognized by
his worth by each and every person present in the company.
I will be in a good position. Normally as a responsible person, I will perform well and
compare my past achievements, I will improve myself more and more and be a pillar of
our company.
5 years from today is a long time at the same time I knew that it can go quickly. At 1st
it can take 2 years to complete my MBA degree. And 5 years from now I want to see
myself as a smart, responsible and independent person holding an accountable position
in an organisation through my commitment that proves a radical change in the society.
And through my service I want to make my family proud.
In five years I want to be worthy to hold a responsible position in my organization
wherein my knowledge of the domain, decision making and leadership skills can be
utilized. I want to be a source of motivation for the professionals working under me and
be a contributor in making our business achieve greater heights of success through my
business intelligence.