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Maya, the Shakthi that separates and creates a duality has to be won to see the oneness, the Consciousness

. . . Maya does not stand in the way, if surrender happens The heart is the region, where the union happens. Hinduism teaches us to look in to our hearts, and do the meditation. Doing the meditation From heart to head is the way to conquer duality and feeling peace inside us, is what Hinduism teaches. Whereas in Buddhism they want to meditate from head to heart to awaken the same peace and bliss. So, it is clear that there is a great link, or a passage that cleanses the way to experience that Peace & Bliss. Basically both agree that upper energies are the ones that makes a room to see the unity all around. It is then quite obvious that Lower energies are pulling us to worldly things, which have to be just accepted but not to be encouraged at all. The lower energies in the body are just to function our life system. But only the upper energies from above the heart are sustaining the Life force. The activities in the world have to be dealt with non attachment The The lower energies in our bodies are perceived through senses. These lower energies that we use for external world have to be conquered , by just seeing them as sensations and nothing else. You have to move around this world as a dead body, where you don't give importance to feelings as much as you feel for yourself. You have to become a light to your body and see the "Sun" shining in your heart, your inner sanctum. The more you find rest in your being the you will have peace all the time. The chemistry in you produce wonderful results in you. The transformation is Automatic, just happening. Sri Aurobindo Says, Surrender everything, reject all other desires or interests, call on the Divine Shakti to open the vital nature and bring down calm, peace, light, Ananda into all the centres. Aspire, await with faith and patience the result. All depends on a complete sincerity and an integral consecration and aspiration. The world will trouble you so long as any part of you belongs to the world. It is only if you belong entirely to the Divine that you can become free. Not even Arbindo, but even Nithyananda swamijii says, Surrender is

the short cut to God. There is a popular song, sung by Sundarar, one of the saiva samaya Acharyas, "gnanamurthy nattamadi navilumidam". This is the body spot where the All-wise, who shines in the hearts of the pure dances in joy and fills with his presence. Sambandar's relation is that of a pure lover. .Love thyself, is the message here. It is not selfish love, but realizing the "Self", which is all pervading and most giving unto yourself in the Physical. We have come empty handed and are going empty handed, But in between we have all these bondage's. Each bondage is tying us to run like a mad man. Why? For the sake of us, to be acknowledgment, to become recognized. What if we become recognized by our own "self"? There is something that is very powerful and beautiful to be get recognized. Aim for it. The enlightenment 'flow' is from lower to upper, in Hinduism, which is opposite to Buddhism.where it is from "Upper to Lower". By becoming conscious of the world and of these powers powers which create it, we become their masters. Consciousness is reached only by conquering Maya. Maya and intellect (mind) plays a role in our physical to do worldly activities. The same maya and intellect can draw power from the consciousness of an individual.

Our consciousness determines the kind of space in which we live. The infinity of space and the infinity of consciousness are identical. In the moment in which a being becomes conscious of his consciousness, he becomes conscious of space.(expanding space in your own consciousness) Meditation helps us to know these energies inside us, and how to divert them for our own good. We are all just puppets dancing in our physical with mind and Maya, that is governing inside us. The Maya is just the darkness, the other side of our nature, showing negativity, and self centered activities which is limited. If you really understand Maya, you will enjoy its "Leela, Play, as a prakruthi in various individuals. The individual play is Maya, you may call it and infinite play as Consciousness. Your programmed mental creations are Maya. illusions, which will dissolve in due course. Dissolving is necessary to create something new. Karma is what you do again & again with your mental set up, with your mental programming. You can't create anything new with

that. If you dissolve it , you become afresh, new person. The slate has to be wiped out before rewriting. Maya, in its own way is a helper to reach the Consciousness. It comes in a way to show and warn you to look at the other side. Meditation gives you an awareness as to how our energies get directed in our own body. Centering is to bring an alignment in our heart the energies that are scattered around all over the body. Just the act of doing naturally, opens up your Consciousness. The Maya will come as an aid to associate you with this great power, the space. So, Please don't get stuck with "Maya", the lower energies, but with the help of Maya, dissolving maya, try to reach the Higher powers, in your own heart, as a space.

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