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Corporate Ownership

of Children

By Stephen Kimbol Jr

The question of who “owns” our government couldn’t seize your kids those state-owned children are worth a
kids is neither new nor easily answered. unless government already owned ‘em. lot of money to the government. And
The question once drove Solomon to (Can you say “com-mu-nist”, boys and he’s talking about almost every Ameri-
suggest that a child be cut in half so girls?) can child.
each of the two contesting “owners” Government seized the children You’ll probably find my research
(mothers) could have equal parts. We of this article’s author. In attempting disturbing since it suggests that Ameri-
presume that, if anyone “owns” our to discover the government’s legal right can parents – you, perhaps – are sell-
kids, it must be the parent(s). But that to take his kids, the author reached the ing their children into slavery. My un-
presumption is routinely challenged by following conclusions: derstanding of this incredible problem
media accounts of parents who lose began when my wife and I were ac-
“custody” of their kids for reasons that cused – by the government – of read-
seem irrational. As a result, some ing the Bible to our children without
people begin to suspect that maybe we
don’t really “own” our kids.
The heart of this suspicion is
M ost of us find it unremark-
able when Bill Clinton
says, “Our children are our most valu-
training. As ridiculous as that charge
sounds, it’s true. Based on that charge,
the government took our children and
government’s habit of simply taking able assets.” Although the President caused us great suffering.
children without due process of law or uses the collective term “our” to de- In the aftermath, I began to search
affording the parents the presumption scribe these children, we assume the the laws for the government’s author-
of innocence. In fact, government agen- President is speaking in the individual ity to take our children, and here’s part
cies sometimes seize our kids much like sense of “yours”, “mine”, and “theirs” of what I found:
the bank “repo’s” our cars when we fall when he talks about “our” children First, according to 28 U.S.C.
behind on the car loan; somebody just (surely, he couldn’t mean that we 3002-15, the “United States” is not a
pulls up to the curb in a car and tows Americans own all children collectively, “government”; it’s a private corporation
‘em away. The reason banks can re- and even more obviously, the and the other fifty “states” (plus Guam,
possess your car without going to court President’s use of “our” couldn’t mean Virgin Island, Washington D.C., etc.)
and affording you due process or the the kids belong to the government!) . are mere corporate franchises. The
presumption of innocence – is that un- We also assume the President is speak- “United States” only deals in Com-
til you repay your car loan, you don’t ing metaphorically when he describes merce and does so under private inter-
“own” your car. Since you don’t own “children” as “assets” (surely, he national law.
it, the bank can seize it. doesn’t mean our kids are actually the Second, on April 9th, 1912, the
It’s hard to believe, but perhaps physical “property” of the sort that United States Inc. created the Children’s
the same reasoning applies to our chil- might be registered as “assets” of a busi- Bureau in the Department of Commerce
dren. Maybe government can seize your ness or corporation). and Labor to keep track of America’s
kids because the parents do not legally However, my research indicates children. (see, 62nd Congress, Session
“own” them. As with the bank repos- the President is speaking with great pre- II. Chap. 73 pages 79-80). This should
sessions, it follows that if you don’t cision when he says, “Our children are have sent up a red flag, but it didn’t.
“own” your kids, the only party who our most valuable asset.” He means: Then in 1921, Congress passed
can take them is the true owner, or the 1) “your” children are in fact legal prop- the Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act that
owner’s representative. In other words, erty of the federal government; and 2) created the United States birth Regis-

ANTISHYSTER Volume 9, No. 2 1-800-477-5508 972-418-8993 11

tration area (see Public Law 97, 67th
Congress, Session 1, Chapter 135,
1921). The Sheppard-Towner act allows
cian in attendance, this would probably
be of no consequence or trouble for you
now, but in later years this may be a
M s. Allen’s letter implies
that in 1985 without a
birth certificate, you couldn’t attend (or
parents to register their children when problem for your daughters. I am sure be forced to attend) public schools;
they are born and then receive a copy you are aware of the utmost importance couldn’t get (or be forced to get) cer-
of the birth certificate. in having a birth certificate as soon as tain licenses; and couldn’t even apply
I have a photocopy of an August possible. In twenty years, the hospital for a social security card (without a so-
6, 1985 letter from the Health Services records could have been destroyed and cial security card, you can’t pay income
Agency of the County of Shasta, Cali- your physician may not be available to taxes). In fact, the relationship estab-
fornia, which illustrates the significance help you or your girls. lished by the birth certificate with gov-
and consequences of having (or not “Consider the fact that in order ernment is far deeper than Ms. Allen’s
having) a birth certificate: to be registered for school, apply for a letter implies.
marriage license, grants or scholarships Today, when you voluntarily reg-
“Dear Ms. R, in school, the State of California re- ister your children, they become Fed-
“As I understand it, you gave birth quires a certified copy of a birth certifi- eral Children and subjects of Congress.
to twin girls on July 30 & 31, 1985 at cate. The Federal government requires A copy of the birth certificate is sent to
Mercy Medical Center of Redding, Ca. a certified copy of a birth certificate the Department of Vital Statistics in the
I also understand from the hospital staff when applying for military service, state in which the child was born. The
that you did not desire to register the passport, or social security card. original birth certificate is sent to the
birth of your girls with them at this time. [Emph. add.] Department of Commerce in “New Co-
I’m writing to inform you of informa- “When you realize all the times lumbia” (the former District of Colum-
tion you may be unaware of. they may need their certificate of birth, bia) and then your child’s future labor,
“According to State regulations, you may want to contact me and we’ll properties and body are put up as col-
if you do not register your daughters’ arrange to have them taken care of for lateral for the public debt. This is the
birth within the first year of their deliv- you. Please contact me if you any ques- first step in the United States Inc.’s con-
ery, they would then have to be regis- tions in this matter. trol and custody of your children.
tered on the delayed registration of birth “Sincerely, Linda L. Allen If these assertions seem incred-
form and the cost would be, this time, “Deputy Registrar, Vital Statis- ible, ask any parent who’s ever been in
$15.00. Considering the fact that you tics” a divorce court custody battle if the
delivered in a hospital and had a physi- judge didn’t act as if the state (not the
parents) owned the kids. And ask the
parents who’ve been threatened with
Erwin Rommel School of Law jail for disciplining their children if they,
too, don’t sometimes suspect if the gov-
1999 “Bivens” & R.I.C.O. Seminar ernment owns their kids. This bizarre
suspicion is a lot closer to the truth that
almost any American could imagine.
Learn to sue Federal Actors – U.S. Attorneys, “Alphabet Soup Nevertheless, government’s own-
ership of America’s children is not se-
Agency” workers, even Federal judges – Under “Bivens” & cret. There are many court cases which
R.I.C.O. when they violate the law and your rights. openly declare that our purported gov-
ernment owns virtually all of America’s
Two Day, 12-hour Seminar children. For example, according to
Tillman v. Roberts (108 So. 62, 214 Ala.
All videos, audios & copies of the course workbook 71): “The primary control and custody
$400.00 PPD. of infants is with the government.” Ac-
cording to Nichols v. Nichols (Civ. App.,
Free Info-Pak 247 S.W. 2d 143), in its capacity of
“parens patriae,” government may as-
sume direction, control, and custody of
Erwin Rommel School of Law children, and delegate such authority to
Peter Jon Simpson whom it may see fit. (See, Ridgeway v.
Walter, 133 S.W.2d 748, 281 Ky. 140;
320-857-2400 c/o P.O. Box 211 fax: -2401 Shelton v. Hensley, 299 S.W. 979, 222
Atwater, Minnesota 56209-0211 Ky 808.)
As a result, government has au- thority to have “your” children raised

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and taught whatever government thinks
best. As a parent, you have no legal
authority over “your” children. Al-
though you may have equitable posses-
A Whole Food for
sion and control over “your” kids, they
are the legal property of the state. That’s
why government tends to dismiss par-
the Whole Body
ents’ complaints about subjects like This wild grown food is rich in amino acids, beta-carotene, and
“Outcome-Based Education”. Under 28 minerals. It is one of the highest sources of chlorophyll in the world.
U.S.C. 3002-15, complaints to officers
of a private international company (the THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS ARE COMMONLY REPORTED
“United States”) about what they’re BY CONSUMERS OF CELL TECH WHOLE FOOD PRODUCTS:
doing with their property (the kids you
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thought were “yours”) is ludicrous. In
fact, most parents no longer have any • Increased mental clarity and alertness
legal standing to question, challenge or • Better regulation of stress
complain about any government Leg-
islation or regulation pertaining to chil- For more information about this exceptional superfood,
dren. And, as “property,” even the chil-
please call:
dren have no rights since only real
people owned by no one but themselves
or God can have rights.
Ralph “Corky” Matson
The people better wake up and
study law and procedure, because if
they don’t understand the law, they are
also wards of the government. We must Independent Distributor * Your body deserves the very
study law to be responsible for our-
selves and our children. In fact, there
is much hope and a way out of this mess enough evidence to prove a case in tional appeals of the lessor.
through the law and procedure taught court. If government seizes the child If we really care about our
by the Redeemer of Man (Logos). today, it should hold habeas corpus children’s welfare, we should look to the
hearings almost instantly to determine national attitudes and institutions that
if there’s enough evidence to prove the cause child abuse. For example, ac-
For a free information package, alleged abuse might have taken place. cording to some studies, mothers are re-
write To: Stephen Kimbol Ames C/O After a quick, thorough investigation of sponsible for 60% of all child abuse and
P.O. Box 5373, Harrisburg, Pennsylva- the child’s physical condition, if the stepfathers are eight times as likely to
nia [17110], or call (717) 567-7675. child abuse charge is based on nothing physically or sexually abuse a child as
more than unsubstantiated rumor, the is the biological father. If you play with
Stories of government agencies child should be instantly returned to the those numbers a little, it becomes obvi-
seizing children from parents based on parent. ous that the parent least likely to abuse
little more than suspicion are common. That kind of quick determination a child is the biological father. Do you
While everyone wants to protect chil- can cause tragic mistakes – but that’s really want to reduce child abuse? Then
dren – especially from physical or the way it must be if we’re going to you’ll have to reverse the “maternal
sexual abuse – no one can justify a slow maintain the presumption of innocence presumption” in our divorce law and
process of final determination of in our courts. Under the emotionally- custody determinations that favors
charges based largely on anonymous charged guise of protecting children, we women over men in family law issues.
tips, rumors or simple allegations of al- are sacrificing an even greater value: How many women really care enough
ternative life styles like home school- the presumption that all of us (even about child abuse to forfeit their per-
ing or religious instruction. parents) are “innocent until proven sonal stake in the maternal presump-
Maybe it’s right, maybe it’s guilty.” If parents can be denied the tion? Not many.
wrong for government to take a child presumption of innocence and due pro- According to government statis-
into a kind of “protective custody”. But cess today, tomorrow it will be the grand tics, women file 70% of all divorces.
it is absolutely wrong to keep that child parents, and the day after, you and I. Part of the reason women are twice as
away from his family for one minute The hard truth is this: there are greater likely to file as men, is that the mater-
longer than absolutely necessary to dangers facing this nation than child nal presumption provides an “incen-
determine if the underlying allegations abuse and we cannot afford to ignore tive” for them to do so. Since losing
of child abuse can be supported by the greater dangers to satisfy the emo- the maternal presumption would prob-

ANTISHYSTER Volume 9, No. 2 1-800-477-5508 972-418-8993 13

ably diminish the number of divorces vorce and child abuse? Almost zero.
Y2K SEEDS filed and therefore the income of law-
yers, how many lawyer and legislators
While feminists, lawyers, welfare
workers, court-appointed shrinks, poli-
The highest quality, care enough about child abuse to for- ticians, and government officials cry
feit their financial interests in maintain- and struggle day-and-night for
best balanced seed kit! ing the maternal presumption? Very “tougher” child abuse laws (even if it
When in the course of human few. means trashing the Constitution), not
events it becomes necessary If stepfathers are eight times as one of those special interest groups will
for a people to become more likely as biological fathers to commit take effective, collective action to re-
child abuse, it’s obvious that the num- duce the root causes of child abuse.
self-sufficient, garden seed
ber of stepfathers (and resultant child Why? Because every one of those
and knowledge are basic abuse) could be dramatically reduced groups collectively profits from various
necessities. if we eliminated “no fault” divorces and unjust laws or attitudes (maternal pre-
made divorce so difficult that (for the sumption, easy divorce, excessive taxes)
Our kit is a 2-year supply for 6 sake of the child) divorce was once which help cause child abuse.
people. It includes: again uncommon. How many lawyers, So far as I can tell, the one group
judges, welfare workers, court-ap- that’s least likely to commit, cause, or
• Growing Garden Seed pointed psychologists and politicians profit from child abuse are biological
• How to Grow are really so appalled by child abuse fathers – and they are routinely scorned,
• "More Vegetables" that they’d support new laws to make disrespected or ignored by government,
divorce less common – and also less lu- courts, feminists and media.
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crative for the family law industry? Vir- Don’t kid yourself – despite all
• 18 Pounds of 60 Varieties tually none. the emotional rhetoric surrounding
of Non-hybrid Seeds A recent government study indi- child abuse, kids have no “special in-
cated that 75% of all divorces are terest” clout. They don’t vote or make
Our seed is gently dried down caused by financial stress. But govern- political campaign contributions and
to each seed’s optimum ment currently takes about 55% of ev- are therefore politically “disposable”.
moisture content for long term ery adult’s income as local, state, and Although a lot of organizations use chil-
storage as established the federal taxes. It follows that big gov- dren as excuse to advance their inter-
National Seed Storage Lab. ernment (which takes over half of our ests, there is no effective, collective in-
We test all our seed and pack income) is the chief cause for our fi- terest in protecting kids sufficient to
nancial stress and therefore a primary overcome the “special interests” whose
them in six #10 cans for
cause for divorce. Because big govern- profits depend on laws that ultimately
durable storage. (Only cans ment takes over half a man’s income, a encourage child abuse.
and mylar bags are father can no longer take home enough If there is no real governmental
recommended for long money to support his family. Result? or collective incentive to protect kids,
storage). These are not His wife must work to make ends meet. who will protect them? The answer’s
vacuum-packed. If kept at 32 Result? Mom’s not home to raise the as old as time and can be seen in 99%
degrees or below, they will kids. Result? Children grow up in day of all mammals and birds: the child’s
maintain present germination care, or as latchkey kids, or on the street biological parents operating as an in-
rates for 50-100 years. with a gang for a family. Result? Moms tact family.
We have always gardened lose respect for their husbands (they Every law, institution, policy or
aren’t good “providers”) and husbands attitude that causes, encourages or
and were market farmers
lose self-respect for the same reason. merely allows the break up of the bio-
these last years. We want to Result? Marital stress, alcoholic es- logical family unit ultimately contrib-
give you your best chance for capes and divorce (how many mar- utes to child abuse. So long as family
reliable food production. riages can survive without the spouses’ law is written to favor special interests
Don’t be fooled by big seed mutual respect?) who profit from the destruction of fami-
counts . . . can you eat Since the probability of child lies, child abuse will not only continue,
105,000 lettuce plants? abuse is increased by both divorce and it will increase. This increase must be
poverty, how many politicians and gov- recognized for what it is – manufactured
Call us ernment agencies truly care enough by forces outside the family – and re-
and compare! about stopping child abuse to reduce sisted rather than used as a reason to
taxes (and government) to levels that further destabilize marriage and dimin-
minimize “financial stress” on families, ish the rights of all Americans.
encourage spousal respect, and thereby
888-264-5750 reduces the probability of poverty, di-

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