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Fr Andrew Doohan (Parish Priest)

Mr Greg Byrne (Pastoral Associate)
Mrs Sharon Fowle (Administraton Associate)
Sr Kathryn McCabe (Aboriginal Catholic Ministry)

The Parish Ofce is at the rear of the Parish Hall and is
stafed on Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 4pm.

Items for inclusion in Bridgeside Bulletn should be
received by midday on Thursday.

33 Lake Street, Forster NSW 2428
PO Box 67, Forster NSW 2428

P: (02) 6554 6304
F: (02) 6554 6425

Fr Andrew can be emailed directly using the address:

Holy Name Parish School (K-6)
Ms Brooke Schumann (Actng Principal)

41 Lake Street, Forster NSW 2428
PO Box 243, Forster NSW 2428

P: (02) 6554 6504
F: (02) 6554 8895

The Parish is also served by
St Clares High School, Taree (7-12)
Mr Peter Nicholls (Principal)

Davis Street, Taree NSW 2430

P: (02) 6552 3300
F: (02) 6552 3656
Sunday 11th May, 2014
Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year A
Bridgeside Bulletin
The weekly bulletn of the
Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry
Holy Name of Jesus Parish Church
33 Lake Street, Forster
St Mary, Star of the Sea Church
Cnr Kent & Peel Streets, Tuncurry
Proclaiming Christ to the communites of Forster, Tuncurry and the surrounding districts
Celebratng the Sacraments
Reconciliaton is available on Saturday mornings at
Tuncurry from 8am untl the beginning of the 9am
Mass, on Saturday afernoons at Forster from 4:15pm
untl 5:15pm, or other tmes by contactng Fr Andrew.

Baptsms are celebrated on Sundays, either during any
of our Sunday Masses or afer the 9am Mass. The next
Baptsmal Preparaton meetng will take place in the
Parish Halls meetng rooms on Monday 12th May
commencing at 7pm. Please contact the Parish Ofce
for more details, or visit the Parish website.

Weddings are celebrated by arrangement and with at
least three (and preferably more) months notce.
Please contact Fr Andrew for more details, or visit the
Parish website.

A Sacramental Preparaton process runs each year in
the Parish for children wishing to complete the
celebraton of the Sacraments of Initaton as part of
the Parish community. Please contact the Parish Ofce
for more details, or visit the Parish website.

The Parish hosts the Rite of Christan Initaton of
Adults process for those adults wishing to be baptsed
or be received into the communion of the Catholic
Church. Please contact the Parish Ofce for more
details, or visit the Parish website.
The Parish can also be found online:

Search for us on Facebook as
Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry

Follow us on Twiter: @fcatholic

The Parish Diary(for the week ahead)
Fourth Week of Easter

Monday12th May
7pm Baptsm Preparaton Meetng @ Forster

Tuesday13th May
9am Christan Meditaton (Bob 6555 5914)
11am Anointng Mass @ GLAICA House
3:30pm Holy Hour @ Tuncurry
4:30pm Mass @ Tuncurry
5:30pm Christan Meditaton (Bob 6555 5914)
5:30pm Singing Practse @ Forster

Wednesday14th April
Feast of St Mathias
9am Mass @ Forster
9:30am menALIVE morning group @ Forster
11:15am Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help @
5:30pm Parish Finance Commitee meetng @
7pm Sacramental Program (Confrmaton)
Preparaton Meetng @ Forster

Thursday15th May
9am Mass @ Forster

Friday16th May
9:30am Anointng Mass @ Forster
6pm Parish Dinner @ Reef Bar n Grill Forster

Saturday17th May
8:30am Reconciliaton @ Tuncurry
9am Mass @ Tuncurry
4:45pm Reconciliaton @ Forster (untl 5:15pm)
6pm Mass @ Tuncurry

Sunday18th May
7am Mass @ Tuncurry
Regular Activities in the Parish
Secular Franciscan Fraternity
The Secular Franciscans Fraternity will next meet on
Wednesday 4th June, coming together for Mass at
9am, followed by a cuppa at 9:30am and then the
meetng 10am to 12pm.

The menALIVE Groups
Our Parish currently hosts two menALIVE groups. The
morning group will next meet on Wednesday 14th
May afer the 9am Mass, while the evening group will
next meet on Thursday 5th June at 7:30pm.

Maintenance & Gardening Group
The Parish is lucky to be served by a very dedicated
band of volunteers who tend to the upkeep of the
grounds and gardens of our two church sites. They do
a fabulous job, and are always ready to welcome new
members to the group. The next date is Thursday 15th
May startng at Tuncurry at 8am and then on to
Forster. Contact Howard 6557 6826 for more

Singing Practce
The Singing Group will resume on Tuesday 13th May
at 5.30pm at Holy Name Church, Forster.

Collecton of Foodstufs for Homebase
On the frst Sunday of each month we undertake a
collecton in order to support Homebase. The next
collecton will next take place on Sunday 1st June.

Holy Hour
The Parish community observes a Holy Hour each
Tuesday afernoon in the Tuncurry Church from
3:30pm untl the beginning of Mass at 4:30pm.

Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
The Novena is prayed every Wednesday in the Forster
church commencing at 11:15am and is followed by a
cuppa in the Parish Hall. Contact Shioney (6554 9468)
for more informaton.

Evening Prayer & Benedicton
The Parish community celebrates on the frst Sunday
of each month at 5:30pm in the Tuncurry church. It
will next be celebrated on Sunday 1st June. All
Sacramental Preparation Programme
The frst preparaton meetng for the celebraton of
the Sacrament of Confrmaton will take place on
Wednesday 14th May in the Parish Hall commencing
at 7pm. For more informaton please see the Parish
Website, or contact the Parish Ofce.

The Sacrament of Confrmaton will be celebrated on
Friday 13th June with Bishop Bill.
Ordination of Peter Street
Bishop Bill will ordain Peter Street to the Order of
Deacons on Friday 30th May at St Josephs Church,
East Maitland at 7:30pm.

All are welcome to join the Diocesan community for
this important celebraton in the life of the local

From The Pastors Desk...
Because of the Gospel that is proclaimed on the
Fourth Sunday of Easter it is ofen referred to as
Good Shepherd Sunday and is ofen an occasion for
menton to be made, in a partcular way, of the need
to pray for and foster vocatons to the ordained
ministries of Priest and Deacon.

This is always something worthy of prayer and
discernmentand maybe even the odd suggeston to
something you think might ft the bill of these
specifc vocatons in the life of the local Churchyet I
thought I might update you on where things stand in
our Diocese at this point in tme.

As you will read elsewhere, our Diocese is about to
ordain a deacon, Peter Street, as part of his journey
towards priesthood. This will be frst ordinaton of a
transitonal deacon in about seven years! It is a
joyous occasion to be sure, but there is some more
good news.

The Diocese had two men start their seminary
formaton this year in Sydney, another will begin his in
Rome later in the year, and yet another will begin his
formaton in Brisbane either mid-year or in 2015. It is
looking likely that at least one and maybe two will
begin their seminary formaton in 2015 as well.

This all looks very promising I think you would agree.

The bad news is that before all of these men fnish
their formaton and are ordained, the number of
priests stll actve in ministry in our Diocese will almost
halve through retrement. God forbid any of the
currently actve priests should take ill and have to
cease ministry early, although that is entrely in Gods

This dire situaton cannot be solved by simply invitng
more priests into our local Church from overseas
(although that too is being considered as part of a
short term soluton)if the Diocese is going to be
sustainable in terms of parish life going forward local
vocatons need to be fostered. The ability to place a
priest in every parish of the Diocese is already under
strain, and we cant simply ordain men and
immediately make them parish priests.

So on this Good Shepherd Sunday, as we hear the
Gospel proclaimed in our midst, perhaps we might
resolve to contnue to pray for and foster vocatons to
the ordained ministries of the Church, so that we can
contnue the mission of making the Good News of
Jesus known to the wider world.

Untl next week
Fr Andrew
Parish Dinner
This years event will be held at the Reef Bar & Grill
on Wharf Street, Forster at 6pm on Friday 16th May.
Our guest speaker is Brendan Guiney from Mid Coast
Water who will talk about Twinning and Water Aid
in Samoa.

Tickets are $30 and include a 2 course meal. They are
available for purchase today outside the churches
afer Mass, or, alternatvely, you can contact the
Parish Ofce.
Monastic Experience Weekend
Tarrawarra Abbey will host a Monastc Experience
Weekend on 13th-15th June this year.

Do you wonder whether you might be called by
God to monastc life?
Would you like to know more about the Cistercian
If so, and you are a single Catholic male (Tarrawarra
is a community of monks), consider yourself

You can obtain more informaton and/or book by
contactng Fr Joseph Chua ocso, Vocatons Director,
Tarrawarra Abbey, Yarra Glen, Victoria 3775.
Alternatvely, email Fr Joseph on vocatons or phone him on 03 9730 1306.
We would love to have you come and see.
Tri-Diocesan Covenant Service
The Tri-Diocesan Covenant Ecumenical Service will be
held on Thursday 29th May beginning at 7:45pm at St
Peter's Anglican Church, East Maitland. All are very
welcome to atend this joyful and popular service.
Leaving Mass Early
At the risk of making myself unpopular (again!?) I
would like to suggest that habitually leaving Mass
immediately afer receiving Communion is defnitely
too early to be leaving Mass.

Please consider your actons.
Fr Andrew
Women of Faith Lunch
The Women of Faith group (of the Anglican Parish of
Forster Tuncurry) will be holding a lunch on Saturday
17th May at 12 noon at St Albans Church Hall, St
Albans Place, Forster. The speaker will be Wendy
Ballard of Green Cathedral Ministries.

There will be good fellowship, delicious food and an
interestng speaker. The cost is $10 a head, and
everyone is welcomewomen of any faith or none.

Catholic Newspapers Available
Both The Catholic Leader (Brisbane) and The Catholic
Weekly (Sydney) newspapers are available at a cost of
$2 each from our churches.
Parish Social Functions for 2014
The dates for the remaining Parish Social Functons for
2014 are:-

INTERNATIONAL LUNCH to be held on Saturday 2nd
this year on Sunday 5th October.

Please claim these dates in your diary now and watch
for further details as they are released closer to each
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden
Official Opening
The ofcial opening of the Stephanie Alexander
Kitchen Garden at Holy Name Primary School will take
place on Thursday 22nd May from 5pm.

Holy Name Primary School has been building an
organic garden since mid 2013, and the opening is an
opportunity for the wider community to learn about
and experience the Kitchen Garden Program for

The evening will feature special guest appearance by
Carly and Tresne from My Kitchen Rules, along with
musical performances by Holy Name students.

Please RSVP to Kellie Spinks on 6554 6504 or by email
Vocation View
Repent and be baptsed! Our life as followers of Jesus
is a constant conversion to the Lord; we must at all
tmes live out the commitments made at our Baptsm
(Acts 2:38). For more informaton regarding Vocatons
contact Fr Brian Mascord on 4979 1112 or by email to
10th National eConference
The 10th Natonal eConference hosted by Broken Bay
Insttute will be held on Wednesday 11th June from
10am to 3pm.

Once again the Parish will hostng partcipaton in the
eConference, which has the ttle Pope Francis:
Modelling the Ministry of St Peter, and featuring as
presenters Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, Sr Monica
Cavanagh rsj, Fr Gerard Kelly, Ms Selina Hasham, and
Fr Noel Connolly ssc.

You are invited to bring along a small plate of food to
share or your own lunch. Cofee and tea will be

Registratons for the eConference to the Parish Ofce
or by email to Loreta Hefernan at loreta.hefernan@
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
On Pentecost Sunday 8th June 2014 the Chisholm
Region will hold a reunion to celebrate over 20 years
of RCIA ministry!

If you have experienced RCIA in the parishes of the
Chisholm Region - East Maitland, Morpeth, Maitland,
Rutherford, Lochinvar, Beresfeld, Dungog and
Gresford, we hope you will bring along your family
and join us for a Reunion Mass at 11.00am in the
Immaculate Concepton Church George St Morpeth.

We will then enjoy a BYO picnic lunch in the Corcoran
Centre and church grounds afer Mass. If you have
been a sponsor you might like to make contact with
the person you sponsored. Contact: Loreto Lynch Ph:
49337425 or Email:
Association of Catholic Professionals
The next Assembly of Catholic Professionals Luncheon
with guest speaker Phil Glendenning will be held on
Thursday 29th May beginning at 12pm at The
Newcastle Club, 40 Newcomen St, Newcastle.

There is no cost for ACP members; guests cost $99
(plus GST). For bookings please contact the Diocesan
Fundraising Ofce by phone (4979 1124), by email
(, or by visitng the ACP
webpage (
Sacramental Program
The Sacramental Programme has commenced once
again as families prepare their children to receive the
Sacraments of Confrmaton and First Holy
Communion. Parents will be assisted in preparing
their children by a Parish Sacramental Team. This year
we have a strong Team of Genevieve Williamson,
Natasha Brotherton, Lee Sullivan, Rhiannon Lacey and
Greg Byrne.

This weekend children and their families will be
presented to the Parish Community who will be asked
to support these families during the preparaton
period and the childrens recepton into our
worshipping community. In this regard you may like to
add your name to the list of children at the rear of
both churches.

Receiving Communion
So that we might receive Communion in a ft and
proper way, please be aware of the following:

When we process forward to receive Communion,
we have been asked by the Australian Bishops to
adopt a common and unifed gesture of reverence
before doing so. In Australia that gesture is a bow
of the head and shoulders (GIRM, 160). Any other
form of reverence, including a genufecton, is no
longer permited, and you are asked to refrain from
doing so.
When the minister of communion presents the
Host or Chalice to you, they say The Body of
Christ or The Blood of Christ. Please ensure that
you respond with Amen.
Communion by self-intncton (self-dipping) is
never permited, since we receive Communion and
never take Communion. Please refrain from this
inappropriate acton.
We regret that we do not have the physical
facilites to ofer communion while kneeling, and
respectully ask you to refrain from kneeling to
receive Communion while part of the procession,
since this is contrary to the nature of the
Communion procession itself. Your cooperaton in
honouring this request is very much appreciated,
and we thank you for your consideraton.

Yes to the Challenge of a Missionary
Today we are seeing in many pastoral workers,
including consecrated men and women, an inordinate
concern for their personal freedom and relaxaton,
which leads them to see their work as a mere
appendage to their life, as if it were not part of their
very identty. At the same tme, the spiritual life
comes to be identfed with a few religious exercises
which can ofer a certain comfort but which do not
encourage encounter with others, engagement with
the world or a passion for evangelizaton. As a result,
one can observe in many agents of evangelizaton,
even though they pray, a heightened individualism, a
crisis of identty and a cooling of fervour. These are
three evils which fuel one another.

At tmes our media culture and some intellectual
circles convey a marked sceptcism with regard to the
Churchs message, along with a certain cynicism. As a
consequence, many pastoral workers, although they
pray, develop a sort of inferiority complex which leads
them to relatvize or conceal their Christan identty
and convictons. This produces a vicious circle. They
end up being unhappy with who they are and what
they do; they do not identfy with their mission of
evangelizaton and this weakens their commitment.
They end up stfing the joy of mission with a kind of
obsession about being like everyone else and
possessing what everyone else possesses. Their work
of evangelizaton thus becomes forced, and they
devote litle energy and very limited tme to it.

Pastoral workers can thus fall into a relatvism which,
whatever their partcular style of spirituality or way of
thinking, proves even more dangerous than doctrinal
relatvism. It has to do with the deepest and inmost
decisions that shape their way of life. This practcal
relatvism consists in actng as if God did not exist,
making decisions as if the poor did not exist, setng
goals as if others did not exist, working as if people
who have not received the Gospel did not exist. It is
striking that even some who clearly have solid
doctrinal and spiritual convictons frequently fall into
a lifestyle which leads to an atachment to fnancial
security, or to a desire for power or human glory at all
cost, rather than giving their lives to others in mission.
Let us not allow ourselves to be robbed of missionary

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 78-80.

If you would like to read more of Evangelii Gaudium,
copies are available for purchase ($10) or borrowing
from the Parish Ofce. The Exhortaton is also
available for downloading from the Vatcan website.
Palliative Care Week
The Forster Palliatve Care Team will be holding their
Annual Memorial Service at 10am on Friday 30th May
at Blackhead Surf Club, Hallidays Point. The aim of the
service is to help people with their healing process
and to feel a sense of community as people join with
others in a similar situaton. It is also an opportunity
for professional carers to give thanks and to be

If you are interested in atending or partcipatng in
this service, or if you would like to ofer a venue for
services in the future, please contact either, Deidre
Stokes, Trish Lowe, Margaret Fitzgerald or Robyn
McIntosh at Foster Community Health on 6539 6300.
Raising Awareness of Palliative Care
You are invited to a proposed walk across the
Tuncurry Forster Bridge at 10am on Friday 23 May
2014 as a forerunner to Palliatve Care Week, 25 to 31
May. This year, at the suggeston of Mayor Jan
McWilliams, you are invited to wear something blue.

A brief discourse on the role of palliatve care will be
delivered prior to the bridge walk. Morning tea will be
served on the foreshore afer the bridge crossing is

Parish Singing Group - Easter 2014


Opportunities Outside The Parish
TWEC Mums Night Out
TWEC "Mum's Night Out" will be held on Wednesday
14th May beginning at 5:30pm at Holmesville Hotel,
21 George St, Holmesville, and will be hosted by Sally
Lavis & Benita Tait (Mums and Seasons for Growth
facilitators). Please RSVP by 9th May to the TWEC
Secretary by phone (4930 9601) or by email
( A donaton is appreciated.

An Evening with Dr John Irvine
Dr John Irvine is one of Australias most prominent
child psychologists, and will be presentng a public
lecture enttled Anxiety K-12: Red fags & what
parents can do to support their children on
Wednesday 14th May from 6:30pm at The Factory, St
Pius X High School, Park Avenue, Adamstown. Please
RSVP to Cath Garret-Jones, Parent Liaison and
Resource Ofce by phone to 4979 1303 or by email to

CatholicCare Masquerade Ball
The 2014 CatholicCare Masquerade Ball will be hold
on Saturday 17th May beginning at 7pm at Wests
Leagues Club, New Lambton. The event is a fundraiser
for CatholicCare Social Services Hunter-Mannings
Child & Family Services, and coincides with Natonal
Families Week (15th-21st May). The Ball is a great way
to celebrate the vital role families play in our
community. Tickets are $140ea (plus booking fee) and
are available from www.stckytckets.
or by phoning 4979 1120.

Mass of Celebraton with Neophytes
Come celebrate with our new Catholics (Newphytes)
on Sunday 18th May beginning with Mass at 9:30am
at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newcastle West. All
parishioners, family members, parish RCIA teams,
sponsors and godparents in the Diocese are invited to
join with Bishop Bill in welcoming these new Catholics
into the Diocesan family. A morning tea will follow in
the Diocesan Centre.

Charismatc Renewal Weekend
Newcastle Catholic Charismatc Renewal Healing
Weekend will be held on Saturday 24th May at St
John Parish Hall, Dickson St, Lambton. Newcastle
Catholic Charismatc Renewal invites all people who
are interested to a Healing Weekend with Sr. Margaret
Scully. Both days start at 9am and fnish at 4pm. This
will include Mass. Morning and afernoon tea will be
provided, please BYO lunch. Cost is a donaton.
Contact Margaret Abdoo 0425260925 or Wayne
Caruana 0466 631394 for more informaton.

Week of Prayer for Christan Unity 2014
This year the Week of Prayer for Christan Unity will be
held in Australia from 1st to 8th June, with the theme
Has Christ Been Divided? (1 Cor 1:1-17). Guidelines,
an Order of Worship, Sermon Notes, Daily Prayers and
Biblical Refectons, as well as a Poster, are available
on the website of the Natonal Council of Churches in
Australia (

DioSounds Evening Performance 2014
The evening performance of DioSounds 2014 will be
held on Wednesday 11th June commencing at
6:30pm at the Civic Theatre, Hunter Street, Newcastle.
Tickets are available at the Civic Theatre or via
Ticketek (phone 4929 1977 or visit and cost $30 for adults, and
$15 for students and concessions.

2014 TWEC Dinner
The 2014 TWEC Dinner will be held on Friday 13th
June 2014 at The Therry Centre, East Maitland,
6:30pm for 7pm. The special guest speaker will be Mr
Tim Fischer, former Deputy Prime Minister and more
recently the frst resident Australian Ambassador to
the Holy See, well known train enthusiast, writer and
much more! The cost for hors doeuvres, drinks, main
meal and dessert is $60 per person For more
informaton call 4930 9601 or email

Marriage Encounter Weekend
A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend will be
held beginning Friday 13th June at Mt Carmel Retreat
Centre, Varroville. The weekend ofers married
couples a special kind of tme out, a diferent kind of
weekend getaway. Contact Ardell or Bill Sharpe on
4283 3435 or for more

2014 Diocesan Youth Retreat
Be, Grow, Show is the ttle of the 2014 Diocesan
Youth Retreat which will be held from Friday 27th
June to Sunday 29th June at Camp Elim, The Lakes
Way, Forster. Save the date! For more informaton

Bonhoefer Conference 2014
The 2014 Bonhoefer ConferenceUsed and Abused:
Bonhoefer for All Causeswill be held on Thursday
31st July at St Josephs Spirituality Centre, Kincumber.
For more informaton contact Wendy Grant on 4921
5880 or Bonhoefer-conference@
I am the gate; whoever enters
through me will be saved

Ministers this Weekend... ...of the Word ...of Communion
6pm Tuncurry A: Valarie Ross
B: Monica Hunt
Lou Hope, Ruth Pearson, Maureen Pye, Neil Pye,
Valarie Ross.
7am Tuncurry A: Kay Grifths
B: Maree Gapps
Maria Armitage, Lorraine Clark, Patricia Cornish, Cushla
Drake, Kay Grifths.
9am Forster A: Kris Koch
B: Genevieve Williamson
Josi Beech, Elle Cairns-Cowan, Anne Moloney, Robert
Moran, Robyn Ryan.
Ministers next Weekend... ...of the Word ...of Communion
6pm Tuncurry A: Frank Hayman
B: Valarie Ross
Owen Carroll, Burness Goodlet, Frank Hayman,
Maureen Stevens, Tony Stevens.
7am Tuncurry A: Anne-Marie Greene
B: Cecile Malone
Lorraine Clark, Patricia Cornish, Cushla Drake, Tony
Knight, Edna Tucker.
9am Forster A: Kyla Loring
B: Marion ONeill
Sharon Fowle, Barbara Kermode, Anne Moloney, Trevor
Turner, Genevieve Williamson.
Please note: The above informaton refects the rosters as originally published,
and doesnt take account of any swaps that may have been organised between individuals.
Scripture Readings This Week

Today Acts 2:14, 36-41
1 Peter 2:20-25
John 10:1-10
Monday Acts 11:1-18
John 10:11-18
Tuesday Acts 11:19-26
John 10:22-30
Wednesday Acts 1:15-17, 20-26
John 15:9-17
Thursday Acts 13:13-25
John 13:16-20
Friday Acts 13:26-33
John 14:1-6
Saturday Acts 13:44-52
John 14:7-14
Sunday Acts 6:1-7
1 Peter 2:4-9
John 14:1-12
Todays Liturgy of the Word

Responsorial Psalm
Response: The Lord is my shepherd;
there is nothing I shall want..

Gospel Acclamaton
Alleluia, alleluia!
I am the good shepherd, says the Lord;
I know my sheep and mine know me.
In your charity, please pray for:
Those recently deceased:
Evelyn Matthews (Mother of Ted Doherty)

Those whose anniversaries occur about now:
Don Burton.

All those in our community who are sick.
Text: Excerpts from the English Translaton of the Roman Missal 2010, Internatonal Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL); Music: From the
Mass of St Francis 2010, Paul Taylor. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Australian AgentWord of Life Internatonal Licence no 195E.