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Format: A1
The poster will include the conventional institutional information at the bottom of the poster so
as not to draw any attention away from the main primary image including the title of our film.
The primary image for our poster will represent the time period of our film and will give hints
as to what the themes are and the genre. As for the image itself we intend to have a long shot of
the train passing by in the background and the main characters in the foreground. The
characters own personalities will be represented as well through their costume and props, for
example the young girl will be holding a teddy representing her as being quite young and
vulnerable. The colours apparent on the poster will be earth colours, e.g. browns and greens,
representing nature and adventure, hence linking to our title. The title will be in the middle of
the poster thus catching the audience’s attention as it will be the first thing that they see as it’s
in the middle of the rule of thirds.
The poster will represent the genre as a drama through the primary image stated above, this
targets the audience who are looking for a mature film with an emotional and deep plot. A mass
audience would see the poster as it will be distributed at a number of places, ensuring that
people will have heard about the film. As the poster will represent the period of the film being in
the 1940’s this targets people who enjoy history and who may have had ancestors or family
members participate in the war. Also, it targets those who would like to see how the British
evacuees were treated and will give an educational factor to the young children as it did happen
in reality, thus enabling them to see how it was like.
Format: A4 Double page spread in colour
The magazine review page featuring the film will need to be both good in the layout and
presentation as well as information and content. The content and information will include a
review for the film, talking about the actors and actresses, the filming techniques and more. The
film will also receive a rating out of ten and some ‘fun’ trivia in order to fully capture the
audience’s attention and make them entertained while reading the review. The film will be seen
in an Autumns issue as the time of the British evacuees was of that season and may play out as a
tribute to those with families who may have suffered from it. Many images of the film and
characters will be apparent as the audience can get a feel for the film and get an idea of what it
contains. The colours on the double page spread will be earth toned and the content will be over
a light brown background, therefore making it stand out more to the audience when looking
through the magazine as opposed to the standard black and white. As a bonus it also represents
the genre of our film and giving it an old and traditional feel.
The film will be featured in the magazine ‘Total Film’ in the form of a double page spread. The
section of the magazine would be ‘Screen Reviews’ where it talks about the films out at the
moment. As it will be featured in the magazine ‘Total film’ this will give us a wide audience as it
is a well circulated magazine and many will buy the issues because of the popularity. The
magazine is affordable and therefore available to all the social grades. This also applies to the
different social classes, but the ones that will be most targeted by our magazine are
Mainstreamers and Explorers.
Overall, the ancillaries will advertise the short film as it will contain the same characters and
represent the genre of the film through the colours and language (for the magazine)., which will
target our audience who would want to watch the film.

General target audience and certification:
Our target-audience is 12 and will appeal to both male and female, as it is not aimed towards
one specific gender. Though the cast are represented by mainly female actors, the male one does
hold dominance which will appeal to the stereotypical ‘strong man’ as seen in the poster. Our
film targets a wide range of audiences as it goes back to the World War 2 era which will be
enticing for people who have had ancestors or family members participate in the war, whether
that was due to the main aspect of the Nazi concentration camps of due to the family members
who died and those who were evacuated. From ones point of view we are telling the story of the
lives of the evacuees and the impact they had felt, which will be interesting to those who portray
an interest in history. Young children will appeal to the film as it has the modern twist of being
filmed within the 20
century and with the new technologies that have evolved over time. The
poster shows that the film will follow the journey these young characters are facing together
through this hard time of history. The magazine review page will also explore the issues such as
reality, journey and family and how well that is shown in the film through the content.

Furthermore, within the social grade, our film will appeal to everyone from A-E as of the context
provided, this is due to it appealing to all ranges, for example, to the lower class as of the
entertainment and drama aspect, all the way up to the upper class due to the deep emotion and
trauma the children experience due to the war and their way of life. The magazine review will
appeal to the higher class as it includes detailed information about the plot and characters
which will appeal to them as they can understand and enjoy the emotion of the plot. Again, the
lower class will be targeted by our film poster as it will include the environment and location
that the characters will be facing, which gives the drama aspect, thus enabling them to
understand the genre.

In terms of social groups the ones that would be most suited to be entertained by our short film
are Strugglers, Mainstreamers, Explorers and Reformers as their characteristics of life will
entice and attract them to watch the film. Our poster will attract the Struggler’s class because
they can relate and identify with the characters, which will thus create complex relationships
between them.. Reformers as well as Explorers will also be targeted for our magazine review
page because it will offer a very deep and emotional narrative to do with a subject manner that
is not discussed that much. This therefore will attract those groups because they support the
growth of new product categories, e.g war/drama that is aimed at getting an emotional reaction
out of the audience. This is especially apparent with the Explorers as they like adventure and
journeys that have an emotional narrative. Our film will provide the audience with this, as the
basic narrative enables them to question whether the children will reunite with their mother
again. As our film will depend on highly emotional themes such as family, death and reality (as
it’s conventional to the genre), it will engage the readers for the immersed plot as they can
escape their own reality and really identify with the realistic characters.