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>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin de lectura <<

1. According to this notice...
A. the driver cant get out of the car
B. the driver must park to pick someone up
C. the driver has to park for 10 minutes
2. How long has Vampire Castle been on?
A. For more than a week
B. Just over a week
C. Less than a week
3. Go and see this lm
A. only if you are in your 60s
B. only if you are younger than 14
C. only if you are older than 14
4. When do boys have to pay?
A. Always
B. Never
C. After 9 p.m.
10 min PARKING
Drivers must remain in vehicle
Not for those with a weak heart
A nostalgic look at the 60s
No children under 14 admitted
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin de lectura <<
5. When will the lights ash?
A. When snow or ice is present
B. When its getting dark
C. If there are 4-wheeled vans
6. What should you do to go downtown?
A. Take the next train at the platform
B. Change platform before the train arrives
C. Go to the rst platform
7. Come if you want to
A. go dancing
B. play rock
C. see a play
8. According to this notice...
A. you get your bus card here
B. you get on the bus here
C. you buy your bus tickets here
9. When can you play Bingo?
A. Once a week
B. Every day at 6.30
C. The day you have 1,000
10. 1,000 is mentioned in the ad because its the
money you can
A. pay
B. lose
C. win
Please board the
rst train at the platform
Starting on
OVER 1,000
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin de lectura <<
The Northwest of England is famous for the Beatles, Liverpool, Manchester, rain and more rain. There is, however,
one little-known jewel: the city of Chester. This beautiful city dates back to Roman times and today it is a prosperous
centre located a few miles south of Liverpool on the banks of the River Dee. Chester was an outpost of the Roman
Empire on the border with Wales; there are still the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre, though a new commercial centre
may soon replace it (the resident ghost, a Roman legionary, will not be happy).
Today Chester is famous for its medieval buildings and the city walls. The walls were built in the 10th century to stop
Viking and Saxon attacks; in the following years, Chester became an important port and market town.
Today you can see the typical Magpie style buildings of the medieval period with their dark wooden frames and
white masonry. There are also the Rows, unique raised arcades built in the same Magpie style, and Chester
Cathedral, which was a Benedictine abbey before the dissolution of the monasteries in 1540.
On a sunny day, take a walk along the city walls and enjoy the views of the river and surrounding hills.
Perhaps you would prefer a day at the races: Chester racecourse is just a few minutes walk from the city centre. It
is one of the oldest racecourses in the world and dates back to the 16th century.
Today Chester is no longer a port, modern ships cannot navigate the River Dee, but the city claims to be Englands
second largest centre with its designer boutiques and shopping malls.
There are also many quaint pubs where you can spend a pleasant evening; however, be careful if you visit the
Falcon Inn because the violent ghost of a servant girl haunts the premises. Legend has it that shes angry because
the landlord sacked her and threw her into the street, where she died.
From Speak Up N 250.
1. This area of England is well-known because of its...
A. musicians
B. jewellery
C. shopping centres
2. The River Dee ows through...
A. Liverpool
B. Chester
C. Manchester
3. During the Roman Empire , Chester was a prime site from ...
A. an artistic point of view
B. an industrial point of view
C. a military point of view
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin de lectura <<
4. Who may disagree with the building of a new commercial centre, according to the ironic narrator?
A. A neighbour
B. A soldier
C. A dramatist
5. How did the population in Chester get rid of their enemies in the 10th century?
A. By means of their architecture
B. By means of their armaments
C. By means of their trade
6. The typical colour combination known as Magpie style, reminds us of a bird that is...
A. white and blue
B. white and black
C. white and brown
7. One of the most popular events that takes place in Chester is related to...
A. yacht racing
B. motor racing
C. horse racing
8. Nowadays, the reason for Chesters economic growth is...
A. its port
B. its public service sector
C. its building industry
9. In the text, pubs are described as...
A. picturesque
B. modern
C. bizarre
10. A legend says that you can bump into the spirit of a girl ...
A. in one of the streets
B. in one of the pubs
C. in one of the malls
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin oral <<
Listen to this recording and then choose the best option in the following question.
1. How long was he in India?
A. 4 months
B. 5 months
C. 6 months
2. Why does he like India?
A. Because its different from Canada
B. Because it has a very old culture
C. Because its similar to real life
3. What did he feel in India?
A. Happiness
B. Sadness
C. Both
4. Is it difcult to get used to India?
A. No, its quite easy
B. No, but you will need some time
C. No, because their way of life is similar to ours
5. Why do they use their right hand to eat?
A. Because they are all right-handed
B. Because the left hand is used as toilet paper
C. Because their religion tells them to
6. What is hard to nd in India?
A. Forks
B. Toilet paper
C. Hand soap
7. What religion does he talk about?
A. Hindu
B. Buddhism
C. Christianity
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin oral <<
8. How does he describe the religion and ceremonies?
A. Confusing
B. Warm
C. Serious
9. What elements are used in their ceremonies?
A. Fire and incense
B. Fire and bells
C. Bells and incense
10. What is the listening about?
A. Religion in India
B. Culture in India
C. Eating habits in India
Listen to this dialogue
1. When joining the library customers must
A. fill in a form
B. pay some money
C. fill in a form and pay some money
2. Which items can be borrowed apart from books?
A. Records and CDs
B. Films and records
C. Records and cassettes
3. When must customers pay a deposit?
A. When borrowing books or magazines
B. When borrowing records or cassettes
C. When borrowing films and records
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin oral <<
4. How much is the deposit?
A. 5 pence per item
B. 50 pence altogether
C. 5 pounds altogether
5. Which other items can also be borrowed?
A. Newspapers and periodicals
B. Periodicals and magazines
C. Magazines and newspapers
6. How long can borrowed items be kept before they must be renewed?
A. Two weeks
B. Three weeks
C. Four weeks
7. To renew items you
A. must go to the library
B. have to do it by phone
C. dont need to go to the library
8. What must be paid when items are kept too long?
A. A fine
B. A fare
C. A deposit
9. How much do they have to pay for items which are kept too long?
A. 20p. per item borrowed
B. 2p. per item borrowed
C. 20p. altogether
10. What must customers show when joining the library?
A. A filled-in form
B. A driving license
C. A form of identification
>> NIVEL BSICO : Expresin e interaccin escrita <<
(75-100 words)
Last summer, you spent a weeks holiday at an activity camp. Write a report in which you describe what you did,
(list the activities you took part in, explain what you found boring, what you enjoyed, the people you met..)

>> NIVEL BSICO : Expresin e interaccin escrita <<
>> Exchange Programme
You want to have a student stay with you in your home. We want to nd the right student to stay with you, and
would also like to know about your interests and hobbies so that we can organize social activities.
Fill in this application form:
Surname: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms (Cross out what does not apply)
First Name:
Post Code:
Date of Birth:
Write about you and your family (about 40 words):
Write about your area in the country you live in (about 40 words):
>> NIVEL BSICO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
INTERACCIN (3 minutos)
En esta parte un miembro del tribunal entregar al aspirante la siguiente tarjeta, en donde consta la
contextualizacin de la actividad que tendra que seguir.
Order some food in a restaurant!
Its lunch time. You are in a restaurant and the waiter has given you this menu. Order something to eat and to
drink. You dont have enough cash money and you want to know if you can pay with credit card and if they
>> NIVEL BSICO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
El tribunal contar con esta informacin que se le dara al aspirante para crear una situacin de dilogo.
Teacher: Are you ready to order? Student: ______________________
Teacher: What would you like to eat? Student: ______________________
Teacher: Any side dish with the X? Student: ______________________
Teacher: anything to drink? Student: ______________________
Here, the student has to ask for the bill and whether he/she can pay with credit card)
Teacher: certainly sir / madam, we accept VISA, MASTER and DINNERS CLUB. Anything else I can do for
you, sir/ madam?
Teacher: You are welcome!
Free time activities
El tribunal entregar una de las lminas al aspirante y se le pedir que describa lo que puede ver y/o interpretar
de la imagen:
Las preguntas pueden servir para desbloquear al aspirante en caso de que se quede callado/a.
Describe the photo (the place, the people, whats happening, what they are wearing, the weather)
What do you like doing in your free time?
What do you do at weekends?
How often do you do them? Do you go alone or with friends?

>> NIVEL BSICO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
INTERACCIN (3 minutos)
En esta parte un miembro del tribunal entregar a la persona aspirante una lmina y generar un dilogo con ella
basndose en las siguientes preguntas:
(Students information)
You have received an invitation to go to a party.
You are going to ask your teacher for some information about it.
Here are some words to help you think about your questions.
* \|o|
* \|o|o
* \|u| / |||g
* E||g / o|so
* Hov uu|, / poop|o
(Students information)
Here is some information about a party.
The student will ask you some information about it.
Use the information given here to answer those questions.
* ||uu, uu| ' oc|oc|
* /| |uc, u|u /|u|s p|uco
* ||ouso |||g souo|||g |o ou|
* /|so |||g souo CDs | ,ou cu|
* |o uo|o ||u| o0 ||o|us'
Do come and enjoy a great night!!
RSVP 835921546
>> NIVEL BSICO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
El tribunal entregar la lmina a la persona aspirante y le pedir que describa o interprete la imagen. El Tribunal
podr hacer algunas preguntas para desbloquearla en el caso de que se quede callada.
>> NIVEL BSICO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
Younger students
Are friends more important than family? 1.
Do you live with your parents? 2.
Does any other member of your family live with you? 3.
Do you get on with your family? 4.
Do you think your parents are strict? 5.
Do you have to be home at a certain time? 6.
What do you think of their rules? 7.
Do you have to do any of the housework? 8.
Are you ever punished by your parents? If so, How? 9.
What is the best thing about your mother? 10.
What is the best thing about your father? 11.
What about the rest of your family? 12.
Describe the perfect family. 13.
Older Students
Are you married? 14.
Do you have any children? 15.
How old are they? 16.
How many brothers and sisters do you have? 17.
How do you think families are changing? 18.
Do you punish your children if they do something wrong? If so, How? 19.
What is the best thing about your wife/husband? 20.
Is there such a thing as a perfect family? Can you describe it? 21.
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Comprensin de lectura <<
Lisa has worked in large and small institutions, including large banking outts, brokerage
houses, and small credit unions. She has helped countless businesses nd the right products
and services for their needs. Currently she works as a consultant.
To open a bank account you should follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Choose an Institution
Talk with friends and relatives about where they have their accounts. Find out what they think and whether they
are satised with their own banks. If not, dedicate an afternoon to shop around with a friend.
Step 2: Decide the account you want
What type of account do you want? A savings account? i.e. an account designed to simply hold money that
you do not need immediate access to. When contrasted with checking accounts, bank savings accounts tend to
pay a slightly higher rate, whereas a checking account generally does not generate interest, but allows you to write
What type of institution do you want? a credit union? i.e. an institution owned by the members or customers.
Contrast this with banks where the customers are just customers. Banks answer to protability usually shareholders
own a bank. Credit unions are non-prot organizations that strive for service over protability. However, they are
not charities.
Step 3: Go to the Bank or Website & pick the Product You Want
The advantage of opening a bank account online is that you can do it at any hour, anywhere. However, if you
only want to open it in person you can just show up at the branch during business hours where you can just chat
with a banker who will help you open the best account for your needs.
Step 4: Provide Your Information
Banks do not open accounts without certain details about you. This is to protect them against risk and comply
with a variety of regulations. Youll need to provide simple details like your name and birthday, as well as your
Social Security or Passport Number. You will also need to provide a government ID or Drivers License number.
Step 5: Agree to Terms
Youll have to agree to abide by certain rules and accept responsibility for certain actions. If you open bank
accounts online, you complete this step by clicking an I Agree (or similar) button, whereas if you do it in person
you should just sign some documents.
Congratulations you already have your bank account!!!
Final Tips & Warnings
Open your accounts at a bank near your home so that its convenient for you to make deposits, use an ATM or
talk with bank employees.
Consider how many ATMs the bank offers, whether they charge a fee and whether 24-hour customer service is
available by phone.
Make sure that any bank with which you open your account is FDIC-insured, which means that your money is
insured up to $100,000.
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Comprensin de lectura <<
1. What kind of text is this?
A. A legal document
B. An information leaet
C. An instruction manual
D. An annual nancial report
2. What does Lisa do at the moment? She is...
A. an accountant
B. a stoke broker
C. a legal advisor
D. a nancial expert
3. What does the highlighted term shop around in this text mean?
A. Visit different banks
B. Ask your relatives
C. Go shopping with friends
D. Surf for information on the net
4. According to the reading, in a savings account in many cases the client.
A. gets free check writing
B. gets some interest benets
C. has free access to their money
D. receives no interest for their money
5. Credit unions are institutions...
whose main goal is protability
which are owned by the clients
which are not always interested in money
where the shareholders are the owners
6. What is the main advantage of opening a bank account online? You
A. can do it on Sunday
B. get personalised service
C. may chat with the banker
D. are restricted to business hours
7. According to the text, why do some banks need some personal information about you?
A. To observe the Law
B. To protect themselves from risk
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Comprensin de lectura <<
C. To mail you your account balance
D. To know your Social Security number
8. What does the highlighted term abide by in the text mean?
A. Violate
B. Promote
C. Conform to
D. Accommodate to
9. According to the text, why is it important to open a bank account not far from your home? In order to have...
A. your money insured
B. cash dispensers nearby
C. free 24h customer service
D. access to several ATM machines
10. What is the main purpose of the reading?
A. To assess the readers on investments
B. To warn the readers of possible problems
C. To show the readers how simple this process is
D. To give the readers detailed nancial information
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Comprensin de lectura <<
Pupils should be kept in school grounds during lunch breaks to stop them eating unhealthy take-away food, the
Schools Secretary Ed Brown has said.
Mr Brown says there is little point in banning junk food inside
school, if pupils then eat it outside school. This will not be a compulsory
requirement, but Mr Brown says he will back heads trying to impose a
policy of not allowing pupils out during the day. He also wants councils
to limit the number of take-aways near schools. Mr Brown is set to address
the Healthy Eating in Schools Conference in London - where he will claim
that the corner has been turned on improving the quality of school
Since the Jamie Oliver-inspired campaign to improve school food,
there has been a series of initiatives, costing 650m, designed to raise
the nutritional content and appeal of school meals.
But Mr Brown will tell the conference that attention needs to be paid
to what children are eating outside school. There is no point in banning
junk food and raising the quality of lunches in schools, if teenagers can
simply go to eat unhealthy food from neighbouring take-aways, says
Mr Brown. As such, he says he supports stay-on site policies, in which
pupils are not allowed to leave school premises during the day - stopping
them from eating in local fast-food shops. This will help to tackle an
ingrained culture of unhealthy eating, he says. Mr Brown also backs
local authority efforts to limit access to fast food - such as imposing a ban
on take-aways within 400 metres of secondary school gates.
A survey of secondary school pupil eating habits published this summer found that 80% of pupils bought food from
local shops. The research by the Nutrition Policy Unit of London Metropolitan University found that two in ve pupils
never used the school canteen. An important factor in eating habits was the speed and convenience of getting food
from local take-aways, rather than queuing and overcrowding in school canteens, found researchers. Rather than the
quality or cost of school food being the determining factors, it was often the lack of comfort in the school canteen that
inuenced pupils. The study found that local shops were more entrepreneurial about meeting this demand - offering
cut-price child-size portions and getting in extra staff so that children could be served quickly.
However, this meant that children were ignoring healthy food in school and buying food and drink with high levels
of fat and sugar.
A survey from the NHS Information Centre earlier this year found that one in three 11-year-olds is overweight or
Adapted from BBC News
1. Ed Brown claims that
A. students should only eat their home made lunch
B. students dont have to stay in the canteen for lunch
C. students should stay in the school premises at lunch time
2. Mr Brown
A. will back schools to impose the ban
B. will not allow pupils to eat fast food
C. will support headmasters unless it is compulsory
Ed Brown wants healthy eating to extend beyond
the school gates
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Comprensin de lectura <<
3. The Schools Secretary thinks that healthy eating habits
A. have not changed in the least
B. have started to change for the better
C. are difcult to be reach nowadays
4. The Jamie Oliver campaign goal was
A. to make school food better
B. to make students like school meals
C. to increase the nutrients of school meals
5. Stay-on site policies
A. will prevent students from eating fast food
B. will not make students stay in premises all day
C. will deal with the supercial culture of healthy eating
6. Local authorities
A. will be supported when taking preventive steps
B. will ban take-aways in areas of 44 metres
C. will be banned from doing anything against take-aways
7. The London Metropolitan University found
A. most pupils would rather queue in school canteens
B. long queues would put pupils off using school canteens
C. twenty per cent of the pupils never used the school canteen
8. The research also showed that pupils at lunch time
A. wanted to be comfortable
B. wanted good quality food
C. did not want to pay too much
9. According to the text, local shops
A. satised pupils demands very quickly
B. offered neither low prices nor small quantities
C. employed too many shop assistants to serve pupils
10. The text wants to point out that
A. access to junk food should be restricted
B. nearby take-aways allowance wont impose healthy eating
C. school canteens should only provide pupils with healthy food
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Comprensin oral <<
1. The rst speaker thinks that Liverpool
A could be a tourist centre in the North of England
B is a tourist centre in the North of England
C occupies a good position in the world at last
2. The rst speaker is...
A. going to open a hotel
B. thinking about opening a hotel
C. joking when she talks about opening a hotel
3. The rst speaker says that...
A. prices are going mad
B. the cost of houses has increased
C. things are cheaper in Liverpool than in the Midlands
4. The second speaker says that they...
A. already had quite a few festivals around the city
B. had a festival in the summer
C. had some celebrations around the docks
5. The second speaker says that...
A. there was already a film industry in Liverpool
B. the government has given them some money to create a film industry
C. the government has given them 6 million pounds to build up an industry
6. The second speaker...
A. thinks that Hollywood film companies are going to move to the city
B. works as an actor in the film business
C. thinks a lot of films will be shot in Liverpool
7. The third speaker...
A. works for the organization
B. works in the Town Hall
C. has been working for three years
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Comprensin oral <<
8. The third speaker...
A. knew for sure that Liverpool was going to be named capital of culture
B. thinks that Newcastle had a much better bid
C. is a bit surprised that Liverpool got the nomination in the end
9. The third speaker says that...
A. there will be some complaints about the construction in the streets
B. they want to change the city trams and buses
C. there has already been some building work done in the streets
10. The third speaker says that before the nomination...
A. there was a buzz about the place
B. the city was a bit down
C. the old Mersey spirit had completely died
Listen to the following pieces of news and choose the correct option for the questions below.
First piece of news
1. According to the speaker, which percentage is the normal for a tip in Britain?
A. 8
B. 15
C. 50
D. Any
2. The manager of the Italian restaurant was angry with Humberto because
A. he didnt leave any tip
B. he left less than normal
C. he left eighteen per cent
D. he refused to pay
3. The couple of cooks went down the street because
A. they were angry with Humberto
B. there were some criminals there
C. the manager told them to
D. there were some people eating out
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Comprensin oral <<
Second piece of news
4. Why is the woman in jail?
A. She had an alligator at home
B. She injured her boyfriend
C. She had an argument with her boyfriend
D. She was swinging an alligator
5. What did her boyfriend refused to do?
A. To get home
B. To get some more drinks from the fridge
C. To get out and buy more drinks
D. To get into a ght
6. Who is Jimmy?
A. The womans boyfriend
B. The womans pet
C. The boyfriends pet
D. A man in the bathroom
7. According to the speaker, what did they do during the argument?
A. The man got angry
B. They looked for Jimmy
C. They threw things at each other
D. They tried to escape
Third piece of news
8. What is the Israeli doing?
A. Imitating art
B. Watching a TV series
C. Litigating against a pet shop
D. Selling a python
9. Mr. Schlom surprised because
A. The shop owner didnt make a sound
B. The TV didnt make a sound
C. The animal didnt make a sound
D. The animal didnt have legs
10. Mr. Schlom went to the vet because
A. he wanted to demand 2,000 dollars
B. he didnt believe the pet shop owner
C. the animal was adjusting
D. the animal had eaten rubbish
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Expresin e interaccin escrita <<
The press secretary for the Holiday Inn hotel company has asked you to take part in their website to give
publicity to the latest hotel that is going to be opened next week in their town.
The purpose of your work is to create a detailed description of the hotel, place and surroundings.
Dont forget to include:
Location and setting
Description: lounges, rooms, furniture, ttings, appliances
Leisure facilities
Food and room service
Accommodation rate
Reservation and payment system
Contact: mail address, website, email address, phone number, fax number.

Write a note to a local newspaper where you tell them about a problem in your town (180-200 word).
Include the following topics:
- Describe the problem
- Give some details about it
- Make some proposals to solve the situation
- Mention some advantages for the town if the problem is solved
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
INTERACCIN (3 minutos)
En esta parte un miembro del tribunal generar un dilogo con la persona aspirante basndose en las siguientes

What is the most popular drama/comedy/game show in your country, and what is the story-line (drama) or
format (game show)?
Do you like watching cartoons?
What did you watch on TV yesterday?
What is one of your favourite TV shows?
Do you listen to classical music? Why or why not?
Have you ever been to Disneyland?
Have you ever been to the theatre?
Have you ever given a party?
How far in advance do you begin planning a holiday?
How often do you go to parties?
How often do you read comic books?
What are some things you can do without spending a cent?
What do you do for fun?
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
DISCURSO (3 minutos)
El Tribunal entregar la lmina a la persona aspirante y le pedir que describa o interprete la imagen. El Tribunal
podr hacer algunas preguntas para desbloquearla en el caso de que se quede callada.
Describe these photographs and compare them. Make sure you talk about the following:
Types of jobs Workplaces
Salaries/ wages Working conditions
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
INTERACCIN (3 minutos)
En esta parte un miembro del tribunal generar un dilogo con la persona aspirante basndose en las siguientes
Have you ever seen a celebrity in person? What did you do?
Which celebrity would you like to meet? What would you do if you could spend a day with this person?
Do you think famous people have the right to have a private life?
Do you think its moral to sell your private life to the media?
Do you approve of people who become famous as a consequence of appearing again and again in the media
and not because of having an artistic career?
What do you think of the papparazzi?
Why do you think there is such a high demand for gossip magazines and gossip TV programs?
What are the pros and cons of being a celebrity?
What do you think of fans and fan-clubs?
Did you have any heroes when you were a teenager?
Why do you think adolescents need to have heroes?
Do you think being a celebrity automatically means the person is intelligent?
>> NIVEL INTERMEDIO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
DISCURSO (3 minutos)
El Tribunal entregar la lmina a la persona aspirante y le pedir que describa o interprete la imagen. El Tribunal
podr hacer algunas preguntas para desbloquearla en el caso de que se quede callada.
Look at these photographs and compare them. Make sure you talk about the following:
Type of places Activities
Type of tourists who go to these places Weather conditions
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Comprensin de lectura <<
Thomas Sutcliffe: Why dont we take computer games more seriously?
The ndings of a recent Pew Report which established that 97 per cent of all teenagers play video games
are unlikely to rock the world. Yes, the gures were fairly striking more reminiscent of Soviet elections than the
demographic pie-slices were used to in the free world. Somewhere out there, if the statistical analysis got it right,
theres a stubborn 1 per cent of teenage boys between 12 and 17 who dont play video games.
But the 99 per cent who arent living in Amish villages or on end-time communes all do. And 94 per cent of
girls play them as well, suggesting that received opinion about video gaming as a predominately male activity is
considerably wide of the mark. All the same, the results went with the grain of expectation. Teenagers play video
What the Pew researchers were interested in wasnt the crude statistics of participation as such. They were
simply a by-product of a bigger question about how video gaming was related to teenagers civic and political
engagement. And again, the ndings arent likely to generate banner headlines. Unsurprisingly they found that
teenagers who played socially, with other people in the room, were more likely to raise money for charity or stay
informed about current events or take an active interest in politics than the lonely singletons whose only contact with
other humans was to frag them in online battles. So far, so obvious.
What did strike me, though given the almost universal enlistment in an activity that only 20 years ago was
the preserve of home-programmers and hobbyists was the mismatch between the scale of teenagers involvement
in video games and the relative invisibility of this creative eld in what you might call the traditional media. From
time to time a new game release, such as Will Wrights recently released Spor, will edge its way on to the news
pages and most newspapers carry some form of capsule reviews . But usually theyre tucked away in the back
alleys of the publication, while lm and music and television continue to dominate the big boulevards. Mainstream
television does virtually nothing. Arts programmes remain almost exclusively dedicated to cultural forms which are
also-rans for many teenagers.
There are two reasons why this should be so. The rst would be that video gamers get this stuff elsewhere
from magazines such as Edge or Wired, and from online gaming sites, where no one needs to explain what
respawning or rst person shooter actually means. And, since they get it there, they arent that fussed that it
doesnt exist elsewhere.
Unlike jazz enthusiasts persistently besieging Radio 3 for a better deal for their favoured art form gamers
dont need to nag. The other explanation would be that the traditional media still doesnt get it. That, despite all
the articles about the scale of the industry and its threat to older forms of diversion (and older forms of ction) it isnt
something that needs taking seriously. Or, possibly, that it isnt something that can be taken seriously, in the sense
that a lm or a pop record can.
For the moment that still isnt an entirely foolish response, but given those gures in the Pew report it surely
cant last. There was a time, after all, when no serious newspaper would have included considered reviews of the
kinematograph or the latest pop single. Now they could hardly call themselves serious without them.
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 The Independent on Sunday
1. How will people probably feel about the ndings of the Pew report?
A. Struck by the gures
B. Nostalgic of Soviet elections
C. Hardly surprised at the results
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Comprensin de lectura <<
2. What were the results of the report like?
A. Strikingly unlikely
B. Statistically signicant
C. Demographically unpredictable
3. Who play video games?
A. 99% of teenagers in the world
B. More than 94% people between 12 and 17
C. 1% of young people living on end-time communes
4. What does wide of the mark mean?
A. Not correct
B. Quite accurate
C. Out of the question
5. What was the aim of the Pew researchers?
A. To be in the headlines
B. To relate teenagers to politics
C. To assess the implications of video gaming
6. What did the writer nd surprising?
A. That new video game releases are reviewed in most newspapers
B. That video games are pushed into the background in most publications
C. That 20 years ago only home programmers and hobbyists were into video games
7. What type of cultural forms come last in their ranks for many teenagers?
A. Short reviews
B. Films and music
C. TV Arts programmes
8. What dont video gamers mind?
A. Reading magazines like Edge or Wire
B. Explaining what respawning or rst person shooter mean
C. Hearing about video games in other media than the traditional ones
9. What makes video gamers different from jazz lovers?
A. They dont complain
B. They form groups
C. They are younger
10. What does the traditional media think about video games?
A. That they are a favoured art form
B. That they arent worth their attention
C. That they threaten other forms of diversion
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Comprensin de lectura <<
Are there songs that represent the different and separate national musical identities of Britain? We asked English
musicians to name the songs that they feel dene Englishness
Kate Jackson of The Long Blondes
The Next Life by Suede
Englishness is all about the celebration of our little eccentricities. The Kinks
knew this and were the benchmark for all to follow. But the rst band that, as
a teenage girl, I found noticeably different, noticeably English, were Suede.
Suedes rst album made me want to get on a National Express coach at 6am
with a rucksack and my Walkman and live in a south London tower block squat
with my unsuccessful photographer boyfriend. It doesnt conjure a quaint vision of
England with cricket pitches and Sunday dinners; it glamorises the underbelly of
life in the UK. The lyrics may seem a bit contrived now, but at the time it felt like
a very English response to what was coming from the other side of the Atlantic.
Album Suede
Released 1993
Genre Brit pop
Label Nude
Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne
Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
I cant imagine this song going down well anywhere apart from England. Her
stance is very quaint and English: the way she sings, her accent, the drama of
it all. She had the audacity to put out a single that was going to stretch peoples
imaginations. Im old enough to have heard it when it came out, and seeing
her on T.V, on Top of the Pops, will be forever etched on my mind: it was a
watercooler moment before they had watercoolers. Everyone talked about it
at school the next day. In its style and atmosphere, it feels a bit late in the day,
like its from the hippy era. Its a bit of escapism from 1978 England. But its
a typically English thing to be so out there and taken on board by the general
public. Ive never met her, but funnily enough shes just moved down the road
from me. Maybe Ill see her in the farm shop. Shes a genuine eccentric.
# 1 UK singles Chart
Album The kick inside
Released 1978
Genre Art Rock
Label EMI
James Rushent of Does it Offend You, Yeah?
God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols
This is a song by English people for English people. Its a dangerous song
and thats what England has always been good at - dangerous bands making
dangerous music. English bands have ideas and manifestos, while American
bands are more professional and play the game. The Pistols going on TV and
saying f*** changed England! You can go on TV now and say f*** and
no one cares. Touch wood, well make an impression in our time. Im not saying
were full-on punks, but Id like to think we freak a few people out. As long as
some people leave our gigs scratching their heads, or pulling faces we are
happy and that desire to make a statement and get a reaction, good or bad, is
very punk, and very English
#2 UK Singles Chart
Album Never mind the
Released 1977
Genre Punk
Label Virgin
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Comprensin de lectura <<
Dan Gillespie
Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks
This is more about London than England, but London is all I know of England
because thats where I grew up. When I was young, my dad took me to see
The Kinks and for the rst time I realised these songs were written by a living
human being. Because to me, Waterloo Sunset sat alongside Kumbaya and
We Wish You a Merry Christmas or Happy birthday to you, as one of those
songs that just existed. They were Muswell Hill boys, and I was from Bounds
Green, the suburb next door, so I feel a connection there. Ive always found
that sense of suburbanness interesting in their writing. The song romanticises the
mundane. The English are so reserved, and theres a kind of shyness that can
be quite charming, that beating-around-the-bush way of expressing emotions
that makes the songwriting more realistic. You can tell from the song that its the
time of Vietnam, drugs, freedom, sex and heightened political awareness. An
extraordinary time to be a young person. And awful if you were old.
Waterloo Sunset isnt about the hip city; Its tinged with melancholy: It conveys
the sense of missing a moment almost as its happening. This is a less a shocking
pink and more a black-and-white and grainy version of the London of those days.
Its a long way from the city centre to the suburbs
The Kinks
#2 UK Singles Chart
Album Something else by
the Kinks
Released 1967
Genre Rock and Roll
Label Reprise
1. According to the Kate Jackson, The Kinks
A. were a new reference for English music
B. reacted against English little eccentricities
C. were too eccentric to be followed by other bands
2. Suedes rst album
A. reects a traditional image of England
B. shows the weak points of life in England
C. idealizes the unpleasant aspects of England
3. Sarah Cracknell cannot imagine that this song could be well . in any other country but in England.
A. known
B. received
C. understood
4. Wuthering Heights was
A. written for runaways from the 70s
B. a new version of a song from the hippy era
C. completely different from other songs in the 70s
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Comprensin de lectura <<
5. The statement Its a typical English thing to be so out there and taken on board by the general public means
that the English
A. normally take on board whatever happens out there
B. do not have problems accepting unconventional or new things
C. do not normally have problems accepting what comes from outside
6. American bands
A. are professional at playing games
B. think British bands play dangerous music
C. avoid thoughts and declarations of principles
7. James Rushent thinks that
A. they are not full-time punks
B. England is not really full of punks
C. his band is not really a punk band
8. The song Waterloo Sunset is about
A. Christmas, birthdays and happy romantic feelings
B. the ordinary suburban life seen through an idealistic prism
C. a romantic relationship which takes place in suburban London
9. A characteristic that makes English songwriting more realistic is that emotions are...
A. dealt with in an evasive and indirect way
B. expressed in a straight and direct manner
C. connected with reserved, shy and charming people
10. Waterloo Sunset reects on
A. the fashionable but melancholic style of the city centre
B. the distance in miles between the city centre and the suburbs
C. the contrast between the glamorous city centre and the suburbs

>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Comprensin oral <<
Listen to this recording and then choose the best option in the following questions.
Podcast downloaded from Enjoy England. City Guides.
1. Birmingham is an inuential city because it
A. offers a lot of amenities
B. has an engineering Power Station
C. was highly populated in the 18th century
2. Selfridges building is outstanding because it
A. contains a bullring
B. has straight lines inside
C. is covered in aluminium
3. The new shopping area
A. is a major tourist attraction
B. was built after one in Ibiza
C. houses the Symphony Hall
4. The Malmaison Hotel
A. is modern and lively
B. is cool and inexpensive
C. only accommodates rock stars
5. In Mailbox complex you can nd __________________ restaurants
A. designer
B. a wide variety of
C. modern Japanese
6. At the Hotel Du Vin, there is a
A. cellar where they sell champagne
B. Humidor Room to keep the cigars fresh
C. Bistro which welcomes people on the ground oor
7. According to Nicola, the
A. shopping offer in Birmingham is superb
B. retail outlets in Birmingham are fantastic
C. restaurants in Birmingham are for the wealthy
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Comprensin oral <<
8. If you go shopping in Birmingham, you will
A. even order your wedding ring
B. also enjoy the citys entertainments
C. also have an unexpected experience
9. When you leave the Jewellery Quarter
A. your pockets will be loaded up
B. you must go around Saint Pauls church
C. you can easily have a stroll back to the city centre
10. On your way back into the city you can
A. get wet toes
B. buy cheap gold jewellery
C. nd interesting bars and buildings
Listen to this recording and then choose the best option in the following questions.
Listening material from CBS News Podcasts and
1. According to the speaker, companies use greenwashing to
A. inform consumers about environmentally friendly products
B. deceive consumers about environmentally friendly products
C. lead consumers who want to buy environmentally friendly products
2. Which of the following is the most eco-friendly term?
A. Organic
B. Sustainable
C. Environmentally preferred
3. Some effects of BPA (Bisphenol A) on the development of cancer cells can appear after
A. a little contact with it
B. the growth of hormones
C. a long-term contact with it
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Comprensin oral <<
4. We nd BPA in products such as
A. organic plastic and atware
B. baby bottles and some food
C. the interior cover of some cans
5. Some health supporters concern is that the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) ...
A. is scared and therefore has declared BPA harmless
B. is being paid to withhold condential information about the effects of BPA
C. has been paid 1 billion dollars since the 1930s to keep quiet about the effects of BPA
6. In the oating island of Garbage we can nd
A. buoys, plastic debris, and styrofoam
B. bottles, plastic debris, and some type of foam
C. booties, plastic debris, and some type of foam
7. One of the effects of this mass of plastic particles is that
A. food and sh are easily mistaken for one another
B. it affects generations of both land life and sea life
C. it interrupts generations of sh moving towards land
8. In order to reduce pollution, the Chinese authorities are
A. controlling all the industrial emissions which reduce visibility
B. limiting car-access to the city centre and reducing smog
C. limiting trafc in Beijing and limiting emissions from factories
9. Ethiopian runner, Haile Gebrselassie, has pulled out of the Games because
A. he is concerned about the irreparable effects of pollution in his lungs
B. he thinks he might have an asthma crisis and need asthma medication
C. because many athletes are already suffering asthma crises and are on medication
10. One of the 4 green air minutes reects on the following issue:
A. Tidal ows in the Pacic Ocean are the cause of the concentration of garbage on top of a remote
B. Every consumer should look at the stickers on products and be careful if they read natural, green,
earth friendly
C. Bispherol A has been known to be toxic for many years but it is still used in the manufacturing of some
plastic products
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Expresin e interaccin escrita <<
You have stayed at Loch Lewen Hotel for four days and you havent fully enjoyed it, because what you actually
got did not match the descriptions in the publicity you had previously read on Internet. Decide what went wrong and
then write a report on the webpage TripTips giving your personal opinion and recommending it - or not - to other users
(200-230 words).
Loch Lewen Hotel ***
Loch Lewen Hotel is a charming little hotel in the village of Lewen, close to the bus station, within walking
distance from the centre and two miles from the lake. Hosted by Geraldine and Michael you will experience true
Scottish warmth. You may arrive as a guest but you will leave as a friend.
The hotel offers 15 spacious bedrooms, a superb restaurant service with exciting, contemporary cuisine, a
childrens indoor soft playground and a lively bar, which shows some light entertainment at weekends.
Loch Lewen Hotel room description:
*Standard double room
*Standard twin room
*Triple bedded room
*Non smoking rooms available on request only

*Room amenities in all rooms *Trouser press
*Bathtub *Remote control TV
*Cable TV *Shower stall
*Direct dial phone *Hair dryer
*Iron and ironing board *Toiletries

TripTips traveller reviews & opinions of hotels, vacations & more Tips for writing a great review
Describe the service you experienced
Tell us how you liked the room
Talk about the location & amenities
Say what you liked best & least
Use profanity, threats, or personal insults
Include e-mail addresses or phone numbers
Write in ALL CAPS
Report someone elses experience
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Expresin e interaccin escrita <<
Title your review
If you could say it in one sentence, what would you say?

Write your review
When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.
Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specic reasons and examples to explain your position
(200-230 words).
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
INTERACCIN (3 minutos)
In this part of the test, Im going to ask you some questions to give you the chance to have a conversation. You
are not only required to answer the questions, but also to provide reasons for your answers.
Lets talk about e-mailing:
How important is e-mail to you? 1.
Do you prefer writing e-mail or real letters with a pen and paper? 2.
How much time do you spend reading and writing e-mails? 3.
Do you think e-mails are fun? 4.
Do you ever receive spam mail? What do you do with it? 5.
Have you ever pressed send and then wish you hadnt? 6.
Are you good at replying quickly to e-mails? 7.
How many different e-mail accounts do you have / need? 8.
Which e-mail provider do you use (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo..)? Are you happy with the service? 9.
Do you think e-mail can be dangerous? 10.
When was the last time an e-mail made you very happy or excited about something? 11.
Are you worried that governments or criminals can read your mail? 12.
Have you ever waited, and waited for an e-mail to arrive? How many times did you check? 13.
If you could secretly have access to someone elses e-mail account, who would it be and why? 14.
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
DISCURSO (3 minutos)
Heaven is where the police are British, the
cooks are French, the mechanics are German,
the lovers are Italian and its all organised
by the Swiss. Hell is where the police are
German, the cooks are English, the mechanics
are French, the lovers are Swiss, and its all
organised by the Italians
Photo by sheriffmitchell Photo by Thomas Hawk
Photo by Tavallai
Photo by Manuel Atienzar



>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
INTERACCIN (3 minutos)
Im going to ask you some questions to give you the chance to have a conversation. You are not only required to
answer the questions, but also to provide reasons for your answers.
Lets talk about age:
Whats your ideal age? 1.
What are the joys and problems of your age group? 2.
How do you feel about growing older? 3.
Would you like to be 100? Or be back in your teens again? 4.
Do you think we should try to disguise the ageing process? 5.
Is youth overrated nowadays? And old age underrated? 6.
Have you heard of the Peter Pan effect? Can you guess what it refers to? 7.
Do you nd it easy to communicate with other age groups? 8.
Is it better for people to be part of a family or to live independently? Think of different age groups and of the 9.
advantages or disadvantages of each.
The proportion of people over 65 is increasing in many parts of the world due to declining birth rate and 10.
better medicine. How does this compare with the situation in the past? What benets/problems are derived
from this?
>> NIVEL AVANZADO : Expresin e interaccin oral <<
DISCURSO (3 minutos)
Photo by BLUEORDER by
Photo by by
Photo by Old Shoe Woman Photo by Old Shoe Woman by
Photo by Andres Rueda
Todas las fotos han sido descargadas de Flickr con licencia de Creative Commons que permite su utilizacin con
nes no comerciales haciendo mencin a los autores
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin de lectura <<
Salve a tutti
Mi presento... mi chiamo Zafro13 sono di Amatrice in provincia di Rieti faccio la segretaria, sono single per
scelta, ho 33 anni, vivo da sola, mi piace stare in compagnia di persone simpatiche e sincere, non mi piace il
calcio, che altro dire, non so, spero di farmi conoscere da tutti voi, alcune persone le ho conosciute ieri altre
come se mi avessero snobbato, non mi hanno rivolto parola, ma so che fate cos con tutte le nuove arrivate, non
fa nulla, prima o poi conoscerete anche me :-); auguro una bella giornata a tutti.
Ho 32 anni, sono di Milano lavoro in una comunit psichiatrica come operatore socio sanitario scrivo
poesie, racconti ecc. Sono appassionata di losofa e letteratura in genere.
Ciao sono Loredana, ho 42 anni, sono una mamma di tre meravigliosi gli, e nonna di una bella nipotina. Che
dirvi, la mia vita non stata rose e ori, mi sento giovane e mi sento un po sola e mi piacerebbe trovare amiche/i
che siano davvero sinceri
Sono una persona sensibile, questo il mio tallone di Achille, semplice, solare, socievole e leale. Non amo le
persone false, maleducate, ipocrite e complesse.
A causa del mio carattere mi capita di prendere delle belle tranvate. Sono ventiseienne, sposata, non cerco
avventure, credo moltissimo nellamicizia, quella vera!
Che dire? Ho la sindrome di Peter Pan e sono quindi un eterno ragazzo al quale piace divertirsi, anche se sto
per compiere i 30; questo non vuol dire che non prenda sul serio le cose quando sono tali. Cosa non mi piace?
1. Chi si descrive come una persona aperta?
A. 46giallo
B. Nuvola67
C. Zafro13
2. Chi ha avuto una vita complicata?
A. Lori66
B. Sendy
C. 46giallo
3. Che qualit apprezzano di pi queste persone?
A. La giovent
B. Lallegria
C. La sincerit
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin de lectura <<
4. Che cosa cercano queste persone?
A. Amicizia
B. Amore
C. Divertimento
5. 46giallo
A. ha problemi di salute
B. si sente giovane
C. non ama la seriet
6. Qual il punto debole di nuvola67?
A. Il tallone
B. Il carattere
C. Lo stato civile
7. Zafro13
A. conosce gi tutti gli altri
B. si comportata da snob
C. non ha parlato con tutti
8. Che dato conosciamo di tutte le persone?
A. La professione
B. Let
C. La citt
9. Quanti sono gli uomini in questo grupo?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
10. Dove possiamo leggere questi testi?
A. In annunci sul giornale
B. In un forum on-line
C. In lettere di presentazione

>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin de lectura <<
Pesce di mandarle
Mettere sul fuoco le mandorle tritate con lo zucchero per dieci minuti e poi far raffreddare. In una ciotola
capiente sbattere dodici tuorli e dieci albumi montati a neve; unire la farina e lo zucchero. Versare questo composto
in una teglia unta di burro e cosparsa di farina e infornare. Togliere la sfoglia non completamente cotta e farla
raffreddare. Mettervi al centro il composto di mandorle e avvolgerla. Ricoprire tutto con una glassa fatta con i due
albumi rimanenti e un cucchiaio di zucchero. Infornare di nuovo.
Conviene lasciar raffreddare prima di portare in tavola.
Torta di riso
Cuocere il riso a met, scolarlo e mescolarlo al latte tiepido, con il quale sono gi stati sciolti lo zucchero,
lamido, la vaniglia, il sale. Quando tutto freddo, incorporare anche le uova battute, il limone grattugiato e
versare tutto in una tortiera imburrata e cosparsa di pangrattato. Infornare per mezzora circa.
Crespelle allarancia
In una larga padella fate fondere a fuoco dolce il burro. Aggiungere le mandorle, un pezzetto di cannella, un
pizzichino di sale e lo zucchero, rimescolando con il cucchiaio di legno. Unite il succo delle arance e il liquore.
Mettete le crespelle (che avrete preparato anteriormente) in padella e piegatele a met e poi ancora a met, con
laiuto del cucchiaio di legno e di una forchetta, cercando di far assorbire la salsa.
Togliete dal fuoco e servite immediatamente.
1. Che tipo di piatti sono descritti in queste ricette?
A. Antipasti
B. Secondi
C. Dolci
D. Contorni
2. In quante ricette si usano le uova?
A. Nessuna
B. Una
C. Due
D. Tutte
3. In quante ricette si usa della frutta?
A. Nessuna
B. Una
C. Due
D. Tutte
>> NIVEL BSICO : Comprensin de lectura <<
4. Quali sonno le due ingredienti possiamo trovare in tutte le ricette?
5. Quali piatti usano il forno per la cottura?
6. Trova nei testi il nome di tre utensili da cucina:
7. Trova nei testi il nome di due posate:
8. Quale di questi verbi sinonimo di incorporare?
A. Sbattere
B. Rimescolare
C. Versare
D. Aggiungere
9. Quale piatto si consiglia di NON servire subito?
10. Quale ricetta incompleta e perch?