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Sun. May 18

Harold Gray Kathy Gray
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Harold Gray
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Sun. May 25

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Father Deering will be available to hear confessions
at St. Henrys the first Sunday of each month from
7:45 until 8:15 am

Please bring empty aluminum drink cans
to Church. We crush and recycle them
and the money generated goes into
our tuition assistance fund.


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
Monday -- Friday, 5:30 AM - 6:25 AM

Wednesday, 6:30 PM7:30 PM
Come before the Lord and Pray for 1 hour or 15 minutes:
for the parish, for an end to abortion or for your own needs.
Fourth Sunday of Easter May 11, 2014

PARISH COUNCIL: Monday, June 9, 6:30pm

General Council: Wednesday, June 4, 6:30pm

Every second Sunday each month after Mass
Our Sodality email address is:
Please pray for our homebound
Patsy Clark

RCIARoman Catholic Inquiry and Answers!

Formal weekly classes will resume in September; however
please call anytime to begin your personal examination of the
Catholic faith. We will be happy to provide you with books and
CDs to guide you on your journey of faith.

Please join us in the Parish Hall for free coffee & doughnuts after
Mass every Sunday! Come do your shopping at our Gift Shop
located in our Parish Hall.

Visit St. Henry Church Website!
www. for an online
version of our weekly bulletin and more!

Saint Henry Saint Henry Saint Henry Saint Henry Catholic Church Catholic Church Catholic Church Catholic Church
Fourth Sunday of Easter May 11, 2014
Right to Life Words from a woman who had an abortion:

It was not like a doctors appointment where you walk in
and walk out and forget about it. With an abortion, you walk
in, you walk out and you remember it for the rest of your
life...and youre tormented for the rest of your life.

Pray for all women who have had an abortion, that they will be open
to Gods love and forgiveness.
Both Her Choice Womens Clinic and Rachels Vineyard offer
counseling for any woman or man who has struggled with the
emotional and spiritual pain of an abortion.
Her Choice, Birmingham: 205 252-0706
Rachels Vineyard: 1 800 712-4357


Friday Night "Mights"
We meet the 2nd Friday of every month!

May 18: Confirmation at The Cathedral of St. Paul/2:00pm

Please contact the Church office, 631-9398 and let us know if your
child is graduating this year from high school or college.
We would like to acknowledge their achievement.

Your Opinion Matters
Whether you live, work, study or play in Jefferson County we want you to take
the Community Matters 20/20 Themes and Strengths survey. Your opinions will
assist the local public health system in identifying strategic priorities to focus
efforts to improve community health in the coming years. The survey can be
accessed using the link://
All responses are anonymous.

Please keep our seminarians in your prayers and support
them with letters, cards or words of encouragement especially
during the holy season of Easter.
Jim Handerhan
Notre Dame Seminary
2901 S. Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118
Beau McMinn
St. Lucy Catholic Church
1214 Aycock St., Houma, LA
Grant Mealer
Pontifical College Josephinum
7625 North High Street, Rm 221
Columbus, OH 43235


Help Catholic Family Services and Her Choice Birmingham
Womens Center serve women in crisis situations by purchasing a
Choose Life Alabama license tag next time your tag is due for
renewal. The Alabama Pro-Life Coalition Education Fund divides
funds raised from the license tag sales to 65 adoption agencies and
pregnancy care centers throughout the state.
Catholic Family Services offers professional family counseling
services, crisis pregnancy counseling, adoption planning and
placement and foster care in addition to seminars on healthy
relationships and grief counseling to those who have experienced
tragic loss. Her Choice Birmingham Womens Center is a pregnancy
medical center that provides free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests and
counseling. Her Choice Birmingham Womens Center works with
clients in unplanned pregnancies helping them to choose and support
For additional information on either agency go to or
MASS INTENTIONS Contact the Parish office to
have a Mass prayed for the sick, the deceased or a
special commemoration. The suggested Mass stipend
is $10.00 per Mass Intention.

Vacation Bible School 2014June 16-20!

There's still time to volunteer! Please join us! If your family
plans on participating in VBS, registration sheets are in the
vestibule of the church this weekend.

From the Pastors Desk
Theres a touching scene in the movie Rocky II where
Rocky and Adrian are together in the hospital room after Adrian
has come out of a coma and they get to see their newborn baby
for the first time. Rocky is beside himself in amazement as he
gazes upon his tiny son and he exclaims,
Oh, Adrian, youve done so good
I cant believe what a good job youve done!
Those are the very words that each of us should say to Mom!
I cant believe what a good job youve done!
Yes, for the first 9 months of our life, it was our Moms who
provided us with all of our nourishment and protection that
allowed us to be born and experience life in this world.
From that time on, our Moms showered us with a steady
stream of love and affection that never wavered.
God referred to this characteristic when He said through the
Prophet Hosea, Even should a Mother forget her child, I will
never forget you. indicating how unlikely it would be for a
Mother to ever stop loving her child.
Today is Mothers Day, a day where we pause to
acknowledge all of our Mothers, living and dead.
Theres no one on earth who will ever love us more than
our Mother shes the best friend well ever have.
Mothers demonstrate what it means to love by giving of
themselves to their children. Moms will go without things to
insure their kids have what they need. Moms would rather be
sick than to see their children hurting.
Moms are responsible for so much of what we know and
believe. They teach us how to live in this life and most
importantly they teach us our faith so that we can merit to live
in Eternal Life.
Lets give thanks to God, today and everyday, for the gift of
our Mother. And, lets pray for them and tell them how much
we appreciate them and love them.
The month of May is the perfect time to do this seeing as
how we dedicate this Month to Blessed Mother Mary,
Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all.
Its living under her powerful protection that well be able
to find our way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Thanks be to God for our Mothers, who gave us our start
in life and for our Blessed Mother, who guides us through this
life and into Eternal Life.
Happy Mothers Day!
Love, Father Deering

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - St. Henry Mass Schedule and Intentions

St. Henry

Monday, May 12
Tuesday, May 13,
Wed, May 14
Thursday, May 15
Friday, May 16 ,
Saturday, May 17,
Sunday, May 18,
Sunday, May 18,
6:30 AM:
6:30 AM:
6:30 AM:
6:30 AM:
6:30 AM:
5:00 PM:
8:30 AM:
11:00 AM:
Jack Burton RIP by Tom McClure
Anthony Schifanella RIP by Michael & Lilo Belton
Lillie Adkins LIVING by Josh Pruitt
Steve Majerik RIP by Donnie & Patsy Byrd

Joe Vizzinia RIP by Josephine Vizzinia, Rose Marie & Noah Garst
For the people of the parish
For the people of the parish