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I am delighted to be able to tell you that Mr and Mrs Stewart

had a baby girl on Tuesday October 20th. She is to be called Anna and
mum and daughter are both well.

The recent Open Evening was very successful in terms of the number of
families attending and I would like to thanks those of you who came along.

Our recent Book Fair did well and we sold about £800 worth of books –
mostly during the Open Evening. This is fantastic.

Literacy Week which was organised by Mrs Frew and Mrs Simpson was
amazing and the children loved it. The activities were really successful
and the Friday afternoon sharing time was great. Children from each
class told the others in school about the things they had done during the
week. We have still to finish some of this for the upper school and it will
be done during assembly time on Friday. Well done to staff and pupils too
who dressed up as a book character – the parade around school was
amazing. My thanks go to those who worked so hard to make this possible.

Class trips will be starting soon and letters will be sent home as
appropriate in plenty of time for any payment to be made etc. Trips link in
to class work normally and are planned carefully taking into account risk
assessments and factors of personal safety for our pupils. We will assure
– as far as is humanly possible – that children are safe and secure while
on an outing from school.
Our football team is currently sitting top of the league so well done boys
and many thanks to Mr Connochie and Mr Bob Niven for making this
possible. Thanks to Mr Cuthell for helping organise the last round of

Congratulations to our Road Safety team who won the recent competition
within Grangemouth. This is fantastic. The trophy will be presented at
assembly next week. Well done to Gemma Myles, Holly Duncan, Rebecca
Clark and Shannon Henderson.

Future events

Cross country run – Wednesday October 28th

Dress down day for funds – pay £1 to dress down : Friday Nov 13th

Staff development days – school closed to pupils : Monday 16th and

Tuesday 17th November

Concerts are planned as follows:

Nursery, P1, P2, P3 – the evening of Monday December 7th and morning of
Tuesday 8th.
Primaries 4,5,6,7 – the evening of Thursday December 10th and the
morning of Friday 11th.
I hope that by giving you advanced notice you will be able to arrange time
off etc if you wish to attend these events.
This is a new way for us to do concerts but we will try it out and see how
it works. Further information about tickets etc will be sent home

Parties will be held during the week beginning December 14th and 21st.
You will find attached to this letter an updated policy for Homework. This
has now been discussed with staff and MPP members and is now school
policy. My thanks to Mrs Finlay and her working group for putting
together this policy and also to those parents/carers who responded to
her questionnaire last session. It was one of the highest returns we have

Curriculum for Excellence is the current overview for Scottish Education.

This brings with it many changes for staff in schools and ultimately for
our pupils. We are moving away from the 5-14 National Guidelines
including National Assessments for each level. Change can be daunting for
teachers and for you as parents / carers and so I propose to have a
couple of meetings where I will explain – or try to – the changes in our
education system and what that means for you and for your child.
There will be an evening meeting on Tuesday November 10th at 7.00 p.m.
and another meeting the following morning at 9.15 a.m. Both will have the
same content and should last no longer than one hour. I hope that as many
of you as possible will try to come along and learn about current changes.
Both meetings will be in the Assembly Hall.
In order to kind of gauge interest and for seating, can you please
complete and return the slip to me before November 10th?
Many thanks
S Wright
Curriculum for Excellence Information Meeting

I / We plan to attend the meeting on (please tick the meeting you wish to

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10TH AT 7.00 p.m. ____


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