LULAC - The Editor Responds to Sambrano

This post involves a response from the Editor to an email he
received from Richard Sambrano. The response is point for

Sambrano: I have been wanting to talk to you for some time
now and have left you email messages asking you to give me a
call and/or provide me with your telephone number(s). I have
not gotten either so I am writing this note to express what I
wanted to talk to you about.

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the The Voice of the Mainland
posted 29 articles in your “Civil Rights Corner” that used to be
a leading feature on the Voice that you submitted via email. I
do get your emails. I never received a request from you
regarding my telephone number. My number is 832-788-9671.

Sambrano: When you offered me a civil rights corner in the
Voice of the Mainland I was not aware that the publication
was to cover mainly LULAC topics and that it would not be
balanced reporting.

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the The Voice of the Mainland
covers things that are of interest to Latinos, Hispanics,
Chicanos, Boriquas. It has posted 13,605 articles to date.
During the same time period it has posted 705 articles
related to LULAC. Dividing 705 by 13,605 equals 5.18191%.

No other publication in the world covers LULAC the way the
Voice covers LULAC. The stories come from LULAC’ers all
over the western hemisphere.

It is really hard to be balanced in a sinking ship.

Sambrano: I did not know that your objective was to belittle,
bash and defame the LULAC leadership and in the process
insult the readership including me as if we are all dumb and
have to be told how to act and/or vote.

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the I have never belittled you.
You do not need to be belittled. You seem to be doing a good
job at doing that yourself.

According to Eliezar Perez Vecchio, you made the motion at
the Texas LULAC District 3 convention held this past
weekend to endorse Roger Rocha.

The Voice posted Vecchio’s email to the Voice under the
banner “LULAC - The Audacity of These People.” It has been
the most read piece on the Voice this week.

What most LULAC’ers that the Editor talks to ask, is why
would you make a motion to endorse Roger Rocha given the
fact that, as the Election Judge in the Texas LULAC
Convention in San Antonio in 2013, Roger shut down the Texas
Convention on the grounds that the Texas LULAC General
Assembly was going to riot and warned the Texas LLAC
delegates that they needed to leave the convention hall
because the San Antonio police was sending 75 riot control
police officers to the hotel convention hall?

Before doing that, he did not provide proper time and
opportunity to have the opposition in the assembly to nominate
its candidate for State Director.

Roger Rocha was the main catalyst for not permitting Bea
Martinez from District 3 to be nominated for a top Texas
LULAC officer position, because he forced the convention to
be terminated abruptly.

Texas today is burdened with the same state officers it had
for 2012-2013. Not being able to elect new officers, Texas
LULAC was left with this same appointed, never elected,
LULAC leaders to attempt to lead Texas LULAC in 2013-2014.

Again, the Voice does not belittle, bash and defame the
LULAC leadership. They do a good job of that themselves.

It would appear to the Editor that the only person who is
telling LULAC’ers how to vote is you.

You made the motion to have the delegates attending the
District 3 convention to endorse Roger Rocha. The Editor did
not make such a motion.

The word on the LULAC street is that you had a poorly
attended district convention and that your motion to endorse
Roger caused some of the few delegates in attendance to walk

Sambrano: A case in point is your write-up below about Roger
Rocha. You proceed to outline a number of promises that
Roger has made if elected national president of LULAC.
Promises that you have invented thereby attempting to
deceive us. I know Roger very well as I served as state and
national civil rights commission chair when he was deputy and
state director of LULAC in Texas. I know that Roger would
not make the promises that you claim he has made!

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the The write up about Roger
Rocha’s promises is based on past experiences with the people
who lead the LULAC Board, all of them being from Texas,
including Roger Rocha. The bad leadership has caused the
expulsion from LULAC of Argentina Luevano, Angel Luevano,
Bernardo Eureste, Joey Cardenas, Linda Chavez and Bea
Martinez, from District 3; has held a hearing to expel Mary
Ramos and Rick Dovalina; has engaged LULAC’ers it does not
like with lawsuits; has illegally sold valuable LULAC property;
prevented the certification of 144 LULAC delegates from
Arizona and 142 LULAC delegates from Utah in the 2013
state and national conventions…. I have not seen one position
paper from Roger Rocha.

The Voice of the Mainland does not attempt to deceive
anyone. You read in the Voice the goings on in LULAC. Each
reader in LULAC is their own person. The article on Roger’s
promises was written in jest. But, again, the Editor does not
see how things would be different in LULAC with Roger Rocha
as its head.

Sambrano: Roger is a friend and if you were to do to me what
you are doing to him, I am sure Roger would come to my
defense. The same goes for the rest of the LULAC
leadership, Margaret, Oscar and Rosa!

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the Why would you need a
defense? Who is going after you?

Sambrano: I do not agree with everything that they have done
and/or plan to do and I often find myself rather frustrated
with their decisions . However, I respect decisions. They are
our elected officials and often may have information that I
may not have when making such decisions.

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the That is your prerogative.

Sambrano: I wholeheartedly disagree with your tactics and
want to disassociate myself with them and the innuendos that
often accompany them. I am of the opinion that many of our
LULAC friends feel that same way and that that may be the
reason most of them do not write in the Voice of the

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the I did not ask you to agree
with my tactics. As far as disassociating yourself from them
and their innuendos, this is still a free country.

Sambrano: I hope you take this letter or note in the spirit in
which it was written, to help you put out a better publication.
I am the first one to admit that we very much need it.

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the Why would you admit we
very much need the Voice of the Mainland? The Voice is
about to reach 1 million viewers. Somebody seems to be
enjoying the Voice.

The Editorial Board of the Voice of the Mainland discontinued
your column, “Civil Rights Corner” because it felt that your
endorsement of Roger Rocha was in conflict with your role as
an associate editor for that post, given that Roger Rocha is all
about the oppression that LULAC’ers are experiencing from
the kind of LULAC leaders that support him, mainly the
Morans, Vera and Escobar.

Sambrano: I agreed that in the saying “Tell me who you hang
around with and I will, tell you who you are.”

Response of Bernardo Eureste, the Editor of the The Editor agrees with the
phrase, “dime con quien andas, y te digo quien eres.” You don’t
seem to get it. Roger Rocha is part of the same people that
expelled from LULAC some of your best friends, exclude me,
but Joey, Linda and Bea. The question on the LULAC street is
why would you endorse Roger Rocha? Have you forgotten
what his friends did to these good, honest, hard working
LULAC’ers, and what they attempted to do to Ramos and

Original Email from


Richard Sambrano
Former Civil Rights Corner
The Voice of the Mainland


Bernardo Eureste,
the Editor

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