... through Bertha Dudde
Re-incarnation for special reasons ....
Every once fallen original spirit ust attain perfection of its o!n
free !ill. "nd this re#uires an infinitely long tie of developent
fro the deepest a$yss to the pinnacle. %his process of
developent needs &y constant help' since the entity has no
strength !hatsoever and is so !ea( at first that &y strength
ust $e of assistance in order to a(e this higher developent
) al!ays had to convey sufficient strength to the fallen $eings so
that they !ere a$le to accoplish the tas( allocated to the ....
%hey had to $e a$le to fulfil a helpful activity' and thus the
developent of the spiritual su$stances irrevoca$ly progressed.
%ie and again ) have e*plained to you the reason why this
helpful activity had to $e perfored and that it re#uired an
incredi$ly long period of tie until the fallen original entity !as
allo!ed to e$ody itself as a huan $eing .... +o!ever' in this
final huan stage the original entity has free !ill' !hich can
achieve the final perfection $ut also cause a rene!ed fall into the
%hus free !ill can strive to achieve the coplete release fro the
for' in !hich case the huan $eing !ill also receive the
strength to accoplish the !or( of attaining perfection. %hen he
!ill enter into eternity as a fully enlightened spirit' he !ill coe
into &y (ingdo of light and $eatitude and continue to progress
ever ore' $ecause the degree of perfection (no!s no liitation
since the striving for &e !ill never end and yet is incredi$ly
$lissful ....
)f the huan $eing fails his final test of !ill on earth' his earthly
e*istence !ill nevertheless coe to an end !hen his $ody
dies .... he !ill enter the (ingdo of the $eyond $ut not $e
aditted into the spheres of light. +e !ill reain in dar(ness or
in t!ilight' depending on the soul,s degree of aturity' $ut
al!ays corresponding to the !ay of life the huan $eing had
lived on earth. "nd thus the soul !ill have to accept the
conse#uences .... )t cannot $e granted $eatitude $ecause the la!
of eternal order also deands -ustice.
.ouls !hich copletely lac( light usually still ove !ithin the
spheres of earth' often they are still earth$ound' so that they
cling to people and try to a(e the $ehave according to their
!ill and their attitudes
and there$y fre#uently push the real essence of the person ....
his soul .... into the $ac(ground' thus they ta(e possession of the
$ody and then effectively live a second life on earth !ithout
$eing entitled to it .... and the actual soul of the person is not
strong enough to prevail and e*pel this evil spirit. %he person is
$othered $y afflictions and all (inds of pain caused $y the evil
spirit until the soul succeeds in esta$lishing a strong $ond !ith
Me !hich then !ill ena$le &e to dispel the evil spirit' so that it
su$se#uently !ill realise that it no longer lives on earth ....
%o allo! such earth$ound souls a return to earth again !ould
only result in certain renewed failure' since these souls !ould
return to earth !ithout past eory and yet in possession of
free !ill again .... +ence you huans ust never $elieve in such
re-incarnations .... /either ust you $elieve in the soul,s return
to earth for the purpose of achieving perfection if it previously
failed on earth or had not achieved the degree of perfection
re#uired and !hich it $elieves it can attain no!.
0onsider that ) place an unliited easure of grace at your
disposal .... also consider that ) accoplished the act of .alvation
for you' that it is possible for every soul to depart fro this
earth in a redeeed state and that such a soul truly !ill still $e
a$le to ascend in the $eyond and $ecoe inconceiva$ly
happy .... "dittedly' the free will of every soul !ill also $e
respected in the spiritual real and if the soul wants to return
to earth its desire !ill $e granted .... But it runs the great ris(
that it ight also descend into the a$yss' since in earthly life free
!ill is decisive again.
+o!ever' a soul !hich can sho! only a tiny glier of light !ill
recognise the opportunities of achieving aturity in the $eyond
and !ill refuse to enter a $ody of flesh again .... "nd a
copletely lightless soul !ill never $e allo!ed to return to
earth' for it first has to provide evidence of its change of ind'
and then it !ill no longer $e !illing to live on earth.
/evertheless' during the last days cases of re-incarnation !ill $e
allo!ed' $ut they happen for special reasons1
first of all' $eings of light !ill coe to earth for the purpose of a
ission $ecause of the iense spiritual adversity .... $ut their
e$odient should not a(e people $elieve that every soul !ill
return to earth for the sa(e of attaining higher aturity ....
2et soe souls also e*ist !hich .... once a tiny glier of
realisation da!ns on the .... recognise their iense sin they
had $urdened theselves !ith during their life on earth ....
%hese are individual cases !hich re#uire uch atoneent' !hich
certainly could also $e reoved in the $eyond $ut !hich ipel
these souls to sincerely as( for perission to redee this guilt
on earth .... and !hich are !illing to fulfil a helpful ission at the
sae tie ....
But such cases ust never $e generalised' since this !ould $e a
serious deception !hich can only result in disaster for people.
"nd these souls !ill also have to endure unusual destinies of
suffering !hich ight often a(e their fello! huan $eings
dou$t &y love $ut !hich have their e*planation in the
considera$le guilt of these souls' !hich is the real reason of their
earthly life.
3rofound and living faith in 4esus 0hrist and +is act of .alvation
guarantees that all guilt has $een redeeed through +is
$lood .... But these souls had not found redeption through
4esus 0hrist in their earthly life and therefore $rought it over into
the spiritual (ingdo. 2et the soul ust have achieved a certain
degree of light already to $e allo!ed to live on earth again .... it
ust have found the path to 4esus 0hrist in the afterlife' it ust
have appealed for forgiveness of this guilt and then have decided
of its o!n free !ill to accoplish this act of atoneent and have
as(ed for &y perission .... other!ise its return to earth !ill not
$e granted.
) al!ays say that the doctrine of re-incarnation is a isguided
teaching if it is applied to all people !ho departed fro this earth
in an iperfect state. "nd ) have al!ays entioned special
reasons !hich -ustify such re-incarnation.
/ot to have accepted or utilised the grace of &y love is a
repeated sin against &y love' and you cannot $rush this sin aside
as you please !ith a repeated return to earth .... 2ou have the
opportunity to cleanse yourselves fro all guilt through 4esus,
$lood !hile you live on earth .... "nd &y love for you really !ill
not leave any stone unturned in order to help you attain
perfection. "nd this love should not $e re-ected $y you other!ise
you !ill eet !ith a painful fate in the $eyond' as &y -ustice
deands' even if &y love for you is greater than great' and even
then ) !ill still help you to reach the light one day. For &y love
can only $e effective !ithin the scope of divine order ....
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