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ENG 12! " #echnical Communication
Below are two samples of business letters of complaint on the issue of a dumpsite affecting
nearby residents. Note the effectiveness of the diction, the firm yet polite tone, the coherent
organization of paragraphs, and the clarity of expression.
441 Tuschen
New ousing !cheme
"ast Ban# "sse$uibo.
%arch 1&, '(14.
The %anager
"nvironmental )rotection *gency
+anges !treet
!ophia, +reater +eorgetown.
,ear !ir-%adam.
/ am a concerned resident of the Tuschen community and would li#e to invite your urgent
attention to the deplorable state of a dumpsite in the area. /t is situated at the eastern part of the
housing scheme and has posed a number of problems to residents for almost five years. /t not
only diminishes the aesthetic appeal, but more seriously, it emits contaminated fumes and is a
source of toxic waste. The situation has significantly worsened over the past few months and is
now unbearable to nearby residents.
0ur good health is threatened by the appalling effects of pollution. 1e are constantly assaulted
by the offensive stench of rotting waste, and are extremely vulnerable to the effects of air and
land pollution. !o far, at least ten residents have been diagnosed with malaria, typhoid and
dysentery. /n theses modern times of advanced sanitation practices such diseases should not even
be heard of.
*ccording to the "nvironmental )rotection *ct 213345, your agency has been legally charged
with the responsibility of preventing and controlling pollution. / hereby formally draw your
attention, and re$uest swift response to this unpleasant and pressing issue faced by the Tuschen
community. / recommend that you survey the area, and formulate and implement an effective
control strategy as soon as possible.
/ wish to than# you in anticipation and / loo# forward to your prompt action.
6ours faithfully,
_ Alicia Layne.
*licia 7ayne.
38 %ora !treet
!outh 9ryheid:s 7ust
"ast ;oast ,emerara.
%arch 4, '(14.
%r. 1inston Thomas
Neighbourhood ,emocratic ;ouncil
9ryheid:s 7ust-)laisance ,istrict
"ast ;oast ,emerara.
,ear %r. Thomas.
/ wish to register my disappointment regarding the poor level of garbage collection services the
members of 9ryheid:s 7ust community are forced to endure.
The Neighbourhood ,emocratic ;ouncil 2N.,.;.5 had recently constructed a large bin in our
community to temporarily contain the community:s garbage. This pro<ect was completed on the
intersection of %ora and ibiscus !treets by the )ro<ect ,evelopment officer %r. =oy !eeram
and his team during the last $uarter of last year. %r. !eeram assured us that the garbage will be
removed by the council:s wor#ers on a fortnightly basis.
The system wor#ed brilliantly for six months and collapsed leaving us with an unbearable
garbage situation. /n addition to the unsightly appearance of the garbage that is left to rot, the air
is constantly polluted with a noxious stench much to the detriment of community members. The
prevalence of lung infections and con<unctivitis cases due to this situation is alarming. =esidents
are also fearful that this situation can develop into a ma<or traffic hazard as the garbage threatens
to cover the nearby roadway.
The sta#eholders of the community are willing to meet with you to develop a plan to rectify this
urgent issue, if you so desire.
Than# you in advance for your #ind cooperation.
6ours respectfully,
Kevaun Gray
>evaun +ray
;oncerned ;ommunity %ember

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