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Alhamdulillah, finally the plane just landed at Laguindingan airport.

Its been 5 years

since I left Philippines. We are having an alumni homecoming at msu main campus tomorrow. I
passed through a mirror and notice my face that didnt change. Thanks to my dearest friend
SITTY ARIFA ABDUL who is a very famous dermatologist at King Abdullah Hospital at KSA. Then
I noticed a familiar looking guy taking off one plane. I couldnt believe that it was JAMAL
TANGO ALAWIYA. He is the captain of the aircraft that is about to depart. Then all of a sudden I
heard a huge numbers of young girls screaming and going wild we love you! and as well as on
k-pop group! I immediately hop on the car to avoid stampede because of numbers of people
waiting, screaming for their names when suddenly I saw ALJEEN PLAZA who is covering for their
live interview through ABS CBN. My driver offers me a bottled mineral water and took it and
drank it.
On our way home, we passed a very big mansion and the driver informed me that it is a
house for an aged and was run by 4 MSUans and was so happy to hear that it was NORHANIE
changed here now at Iligan City which is run by the city mayor ABDUL JABBAR ALI and happily
married with SITTIE MERIAM ALIM. Never in my wildest dream, that I thought that the two will
be married. The driver handed me also the latest issue of the Philippine Star News paper and
excitedly I scanned the article which of my favourite editor LALLY AMER. I scanned the
newspaper and had my jaw dropped to a picture with a lady wearing only a bikini at a beach
and it was GERALDYN EGOT! So finally her dream came true! So happy for her! I remembered
SITTIE OMAYRA ANGAKAL. How can I ever forget her? A Registered Nurse in the Philippines,
has finished her Doctorate Degree in Nursing in Cambridge University and holds a very famous
nursing review center in Manila. I smiled at my thoughts. I knew that she will achieve her
dreams. I dined at a premier restaurant in there; when the pastry chef of the restaurant was
personally checking on her clients, and when she passed by my table I was amazed to see SITTIE
FARHANISA ANSARY my senior. I then found out that aside from being a RN, she is now
currently in medical school too, a pediatrician in the making and the pastry chef of this premier
restaurant I have dined in. Then I contacted NEZREN ASUM who is the Chief Nurse of
Manhattan Hospital with AMERAH ATI as the Head Nurse of the Renal Intensive Care Unit to
ask them if they are coming at the reunion. I found out that the head nurse in the ICU
department is JAHARA BALADING, and she is a neurosurgeon in the making too. That is really a
good news! As I was roaming the city, I have remembered SITTI FATIMA BANTILAN in our class.
She is now the head nurse of the Orthopedic Unit at the St. Marys Hospital in Canada. Come to
think of it, a lot of my seniors ended up working at St. Marys Hospital. Theres FARRAH
SORAYAH BARODI whos the Head Nurse of the ICU, and WANISAH CALANDADA works as the
head nurse in the ER there. The Head Nurse of their Surgical Intensive Care Unit is ROHAIMA
CANDIDATO. They are all entrepreneurs and they have franchised 6 branches of KFC there.
ABDUL GAPOR BACARAMAN of the class also is now a neurosurgeon at John Hopkins Hospital.
Aside from St. Marys Hospital, a lot of my classmates also ended up at the Presbyterian
University Hospital like HAYANISHA CARIGA who is a head nurse at the Operating Room and
NESHREEN DATUKNUG as the senior nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Iligan City is a
busy place even at night. I dropped by a night place only to find out that the band playing was
composed mostly of my former seniors: SAMEEM H. FAISAL on drums; SITTIE AINAH H. NOOR
on violin; HARVEY ISEDERIO on guitars and NAJMAH IMAN, the lead singer. It was nice to listen
to them this time. They were no longer playing loud music. And I guess its really true that
people mellow down as they mature. The owner of the place, NAMERA DATUMANONG, was
mingling with fellow entrepreneurs: ASHIMA DIAMLA, JANISAH DIBAGULUN, DIMARO
MOHAIDA, and SITTIE SAFIENA GASA. After a few hours of rest, I decided to go to MSU main
campus, for the first time after graduation. I was terribly shocked to see pregnant SITTIE
looking young as ever. My God these teachers never grow old. From them I learned that I was
in time for our class reunion at the JONAID SADANG Intercontinental Hotel to formally organize
a foundation. On my way to the Hotel, I spotted a billboard sign: LANGCO MOTORS: Always on
the Go. Then I remembered IMAN-AIRAH LANGCO, my schoolmate and thought he might be
the owner. Suddenly two speeding cars caught my attention. In its sides were the label
MANGULAMAS Catering Services. That must be from our caterer NORMINA MANGULAMAS.
Before I could say anything, TARAKEZIAH MAPATAC services mobile car and OMAIMA MUSA
Food on Wheels came rushing by. Food, food, and more food I was then reminded of a dietary
column of Asia week columnist DINNAH H. RASHAD. Food really moves people from all walks of
life. As were trying to organize ourselves, FATMAH AYRA MUSTAPHA barged through the door
and came towards us. She just had a conversation with Best Actress Awardee NORHATA NOOR
who was busy shooting a movie with upcoming star, AZISA OMAR. The movie was being
directed by DISHAN PAMISA she said. Five minutes later, doctors HONEYBELLE PAITAO, SITTIE
ASHRAL PANGANDAMAN and NORHANIMA PANGCATAN asked us to go inside the hall. Inside,
HANIMA PAUNTE and FARIDAH SALI, registered nurses, were busy checking the decorations
and arranging the schedule. Sought after ophthalmologist LABIBA DIPATUAN was browsing
through the program prepared by the Intercom Hotel owner SITTIE HIDAYA SALIC. Two
beautiful women and a macho approached me. They were RAISA SAHABAT, a famous
newscaster, and the couple IRUM JAMDANI and wife ASNIMAH MAMOCARAO, who have just
arrived from a world tour for their honeymoon. Another sweethearts came inside. The woman
was a smart one for she was an international fashion model. She was ZARINA SANI with fiance
ABDEL HAZIEN DATUMULOK, the much in-demand lawyer not only here in Philippines but
worldwide, as well. They walked with me up to the hall. As soon as we get into the hall, the
visitors were clapping their hands. We saw three Filipino astronauts. They were ZAWAHIRAH
SAMSODIN, who just arrived from the planet Mars, NAFISAH SANGCOPAN, the first Filipino to
land on the planet Jupiter, and NAJLAH SARIPADA, the first Filipina to land on the planet Venus.
After a little rest, I stood up and walked around the premises. I met our teachers. They were
TOMINAMAN, a nursed employed at the Makati Medical Center. After talking to them, another
group of intelligent educators approached me, this time they were from admin departments.
They were VAISHA UNDAC, DANNAH YAP,___, ____,____ and ___ with Luiz Manzano.
The event was really a success I can say, for every person invited seemed to have the time to
spare in attending. Then suddenly one guy waived at me and handed me his mobile, saying Doc
Raisah, King Abdullah wants to talk to you. and I immediately replied to him. Tell my husband
not to worry and that I am safe in shaa Allah .
To all Seniors, we all know that soon you'll be leaving this Alma Mater. But before so, I, in
behalf of the faculty members and the whole studentry, would like to send you our deepest
gratitude for all the things you have done and are still doing for the betterment of our school.
You served as models and you set good examples of what a student really is. Thanks a lot for
being our brothers and sisters and for being our friends. We'll always pray for your success. I,
together with the people here present, am looking forward for the fulfillment of this class
prophecy. Again, I say good luck and enjoy every second of this night. May we all truly find what
we seek in life. Thank you.