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Analysis on Consumer Buying Behavior

(Rbk shoes)
Submitted By:
Name: Mohit Khanna
Roll no:0!!"!0#
Bran$h: BBA(gen) B
I express my heartfelt gratitude to my idustry guide Ms Neha !erma" #ithout #hose
guida$e ad support the timely $ompletio of this pro%e$t #ould ot ha&e 'ee possi'le( )is
&alua'le iputs at e&ery stage of the resear$h pro$ess $harted the $ourse to#ards the
su$$essful ad timely $ompletio
I #ould also li*e to tha* my fa$ulty guide Mr( !ishal Gupta" #ho pro&ided me #ith the
e$essary iformatio ad utmost $o+operatio durig my pro%e$t ad a$ted as a $ostat
sour$e of moti&atio , elightemet for me(
I #ould li*e to a$*o#ledge my ide'tedess to -*ylie team for appro&al ad support for my
Mohit Khaa
.( Itrodu$tio .
/( O'%e$ti&e ad Methodology /
0( Cosumer 1uyig 1E)A!IO2 Model 3
3( Compay )istory .4
5( Compay 6rofile .5
7( 8idig ad Aalysis .9
9( 2e$ommedatio /7
:( Aexure
-ample ;uestioaire /9
2espodets List 04
9( 1i'liography 0/
I .?5:" the 8oster family itrodu$ed the ame 2EE1OK ad $otiued to gro# faster
'e$ause of its reputatio for @uality ad io&ati&e desigs( 2ee'o* re&olutioiAed sports
shoes mar*et i the 94Bs throughout the #orld( Today 2ee'o* is the leadig glo'al sports
#ear 'rad ame( They operate from 1osto" Massa$husetts(
Chara$teristi$ally" #e ha&e sear$hed iteret to gather more iformatio a'out the $ompay
2ee'o*( The history of 2ee'o* is &ery iterestig( Mr( Coseph William 8oster" a mem'er of
the lo$al ruig $lu' D1olto 6rimrose )arriersE #ated a pair of spi*ed ruig shoes for
%oggig( The same 8oster started #ritig the su$$ess story i .?:5" #he he made oe sport
shoes for himself( 8oster $reated the first F8osterB ruig shoes ad it 'e$ame famous as the
e#s started spreadig amog the athletes(
No# after a de$ade" a @uarter of the #orldGs populatio ad a fast+gro#ig e$oomy" Idia is
rapidly turig ito oe of the 'usiest mar*et $eters i the #orld( 8oot#ear mar*et has the
potetial to pro&ide stimulus i iitiatig the de&elopmet of the Idia e$oomy" #hi$h also
affe$ts the Idia $ulture ad the lifestyle( Leadig 'rads of the #orld see a good mar*et
potetial i the $outry( 1ut it re@uires a &ast study of people a$ross the #orld to fid out
#hether a mar*et has the potetial of gro#th Hi(e( there are $osumers ready to pur$hase the
produ$t #hi$h suits their eedsI" ad most importatly #hat dri&es them to $hoose a
parti$ular 'rad out of a plethora of 'rads #hi$h exist i the mar*et( This study attempts to
aalyAe $osumersG 'eha&ior" attitudes" ad 'uyig patters(
(he +ro,e$t -as undertaken kee+ing the .ollo-ing ob,e$tives in mind:
To study ad aalyAe &arious fa$tors affe$tig the 'uyig 1E)A!IO2 of the
$osumer #hile pur$hasig 2EE1OK shoes(
To fid out the reasos of $osumer 'uyig prefere$e of 2EE1OK o&er other
To $ompare &arious attri'utes of 2EE1OK ad other 'rads
R'AS'ARC/ M'(/%0%1%23
Resear$h design
6rior to uderta*ig this resear$h" a re&ie# of the literature #as $odu$ted to
Idetify ad de&elop the iitial resear$h @uestios ad su'se@uet hypotheses has 'ee
idetified( The goals of a literature re&ie# #ere as follo#sJ
To demostrate a familiarity #ith a 'ody of *o#ledge ad esta'lish Credi'ility(
To sho# the path of prior resear$h ad ho# a $urret pro%e$t is li*ed to it(
.( To itegrate ad summariAe #hat is *o# i the area(
The primary fo$us of this resear$h is a @uatitati&e study( ;uatitati&e resear$h uses
stru$tured @uestios #ith predetermied resposes ad a large um'er of respodets to
@uatify the respose to a parti$ular resear$h pro'lem( This resear$h @uatifies $osumer
respose to#ard the strategy" attitude $hage to#ard the 'rad ad pur$hase itetio(
0ata Colle$tion Methods:
The data $olle$tio methods used for @uatitati&e resear$h i$lude experimets" sur&eys"
$otet aalysis ad existig statisti$s( Gi&e the ature of the resear$h @uestio" this
re@uires 'oth measuremets of $osumer respose as #ell as $ompariso( A $om'iatio of
the remaiig t#o methods" sur&ey ad o'ser&atio" #as proposed( Surveys led
themsel&es to $olle$tig data from a large group of people ad the summariAig the results
i a @uatifia'le form(
Survey administration
The sur&ey istrumet #as self+admiistered ad the respodets #ere made a#are that
parti$ipatio #as &olutary(
The sur&eys #ere distri'uted to 4" respodet ad 54 out them #ere ta*e i a$$out o the
'asis of $omplete iformatio 'eig pro&ided 'y respodets(

C%NS5M'R B53)N2 B'/A*)%R M%0'1
Cosumer de$isio to 'uy a produ$t or a ser&i$e is the result of iterplay of may for$es or
stimuli( Mar*etig stimuli for a produ$t i$ludes lo$atig target mar*ets ad segmetatios of
mar*ets as per $ustomer eeds( The mar*etig ad e&irometal stimuli eter the 'uyers
mid through $ultural" so$ial" persoal ad psy$hologi$al fa$tors( Whe these fa$tors $ome i
$ota$t #ith 'uyer" the 'uyerBs de$isio iitiates ad the mar*eter eeds to ha&e $orre$tly
read the 'uyers $os$iousKu$os$ious 1E)A!IO2 to stimulate positi&e respose(
The field of $osumer 'eha&ior studies ho# idi&iduals" groups ad orgaiAatios sele$t" 'uy"
use ad dispose of goods" ser&i$es" ideas or experie$es to satisfy their eeds ad desires(
They may respod to iflue$es that $hage their mid at the last miute( Mar*etig ad
e&irometal stimuli eter the 'uyersB $os$iousess( 1uyersB $hara$teristi$s ad de$isio
pro$esses lead to $ertai pur$hase de$isios(
Cosumers 'uyig 'eha&ior is iflue$ed 'y $ultural" so$ial" persoal ad psy$hologi$al
Cultural .a$tors
Cultural fa$tors exert the 'roadest ad deepest iflue$e( Culture is the fudametal
determiat of a persoBs #ats ad 'eha&ior( Ea$h $ulture $osists of smaller su' $ultures
that pro&ide more spe$ifi$ idetifi$atio ad so$ialiAatio for their mem'ers(
Sub$ulture in$ludes: Natioalities" religios" ra$ial gaps , geographi$ regios( Whe
su'$ultures gro# large ad affluet eough" $ompaies ofte desig spe$ialiAed mar*etig
programs to ser&e them( -u$h programs are *o# as di&ersity mar*etig(
So$ial Class: )omogeeous , edurig di&isios" hierar$hi$ally ordered" mem'ers
share $ommo &alues( They ha&e may $hara$teristi$s(
/igh 1o-
Signi.i$ant Cosumer 1uyig !ariety+see*ig
0i..eren$es 1E)A!IO2 1E)A!IO2
Bet-een HCom+uterI H(ooth+asteI

Dissoa$e )a'itual
6or 0i..eren$e 2edu$ig 1uyig
Bet-een 1E)A!IO2 1E)A!IO2
Brands HCar+etI HSaltI
Those #ithi ea$h $lass ted to 'eha&e more ali*e tha persos from t#o differet
so$ial $lasses(
6ersos are per$ei&ed as o$$upyig" iferior or superior positios a$$ordig to so$ial
-o$ial $lass is idi$ated 'y a $luster of &aria'les for exJ o$$upatio" i$ome" #ealth
rather tha a sigle &aria'le(
Idi&iduals $a mo&e up or do# the so$ial $lass ladder durig their lifetime(
So$ial 6a$tors
CosumersB 'eha&ior is iflue$ed 'y so$ial fa$tors su$h as refere$e groups" family" so$ial
roles ad statuses(
1. 2efere$e GroupsJ all groups that ha&e a dire$t (membership groups) or idire$t
iflue$e o attitudes or 'eha&ior( Groups ha&ig a dire$t iflue$e o a perso are
$alled membershi+ grou+s. -ome mem'ership groups are +rimary grou+s su$h as
family" frieds" eigh'ors #ith #hom the perso itera$ts iformally( 6eople also
'elog to se$odary groups su$h as religious" professioal groups" #hi$h ted to 'e
more formal(
/( 6eople are also iflue$ed 'y groups to #hi$h they do ot 'elog to(
Aspiratio groupsJ are those a perso hopes to %oi(
Disso$iate groupJ are those #hose &alues or 'eha&ior a idi&idual re%e$ts(
6amilyJ It is the most importat $osumer 'uyig orgaiAatio i the so$iety ad family
mem'ers $ostitute the most ifluetial primary refere$e group(
Family of orientation L $osists of parets , si'ligs( 8rom parets" a perso
a$@uires to#ards religio" politi$s ad a sese of persoal am'itio" ad self+#orth(
Family of procreation L $osists of spouse , $hildre( It has a more dire$t iflue$e o
e&eryday 'uyig 'eha&ior(
Role and Statuses: The persoBs positio i ea$h group $a 'e defied i terms of role ad
status( A role $osists of a$ti&ities a perso is expe$ted to perform( Ea$h role $arries a
status7 6eople $hoose produ$t tat $ommui$ate their role ad status i so$iety( Mar*eters
must 'e a#are of the status+sym'ol potetial of produ$ts ad 'rads(
8ersonal 6a$tors
Cosumer is iflue$ed 'y age ad life $y$le stages" o$$upatio" e$oomi$ $ir$umsta$es"
lifestyle ad persoality(
Age and 1i.e$y$le stagesJ 6ersos age is a importat de$ider of hid eeds( Li*e small
$hild re@uires mil* po#der" toys" games" ad edu$atio fa$ility" #hereas youg adults
re@uires tredy $lothes" trasportatio et$( -imilarly $osumptio 1E)A!IO2 also is
iflue$ed 'y spe$ifi$ stages of family life+$y$le(
%$$u+ationJ The o$$upatio of a perso de$ides his $osumptio patter( 8or e(g( a tea$her
#ould 'uy simple $lothes" meas of $ommui$atio" paper et$( #hile a $ompay exe$uti&e
#ould 'uys expesi&e $lothes" $lu' mem'ership et$(
'$onomi$ $onditionsJ E$oomi$ $apa$ity of a $ustomer to 'uy a produ$t depeds o his
i$ome" sa&igs" assets" 'orro#ig po#er et$(
1i.e styleJ The $ustomers $omig from differet $ultures" so$ial $lass" o$$upatios 'ear
differet life styles( These life styles are idetified 'y &arious a$ti&ities" iterests" opiios" ad
8ersonality and Sel. Con$e+tJ 6ersoality is $osistet ad edurig" 'ut it $a $hage #ith
time ad a'rupt e&ets( -o the psy$hologi$al $hara$teristi$s of a perso maifest his
1E)A!IO2 i terms of idi&idual differe$es Hhigh or lo# so$ia'le persoI(
8sy$hologi$al 6a$tors
The 6sy$hology i&ol&es four ma%or pro$esses li*e moti&atio" per$eptio" learig" ad
'eliefs ad attitudes(
MotivationJ It refers to the #ay #hi$h urges" dri&es" desires" aspiratios" stri&ig or eeds
dire$t" $otrol or explais the 1E)A!IO2 of huma 'eig( +++++++++++MMMMMMMM
8er$e+tionJ It is the pro$ess 'y #hi$h #e 'e$ome a#are of $hages through the seses of
sight" hearig" smell" tou$h ad taste( Therefore $osumer per$eptios a'out the produ$t
pri$e ma*e the $osumer 'oud to a$$ept or re%e$t the produ$t(
1earningJ It is a pro$ess 'y #hi$h *o#ledge ad experie$e a$@uired form the pur$hases"
$osumptio" use is applied to the future 1E)A!IO2( 8or e(g( A T! pur$hased from -ON>
#ould help tea$h the $ustomer that D!D 'y -ON> #ould also 'e 'etter(
Belie.s and AttitudeJ 1elief is a des$ripti&e thought that a idi&idual $ustomer has a'out
produ$t" ser&i$e" idea or pra$ti$e( A attitude is pre+disposed 1E)A!IO2 #hi$h is edurig
ad $osistet(
Buying de$ision +ro$ess
8R%B1M R'C%2N)()%N
The 'uyig pro$ess starts #he the 'uyer re$ogiAes a pro'lem or eed 'y gatherig
iformatio from a um'er of $osumers" mar*eters $a idetify the most fre@uet stimuli that
spar* a iterest i a produ$t $ategory(
)N6%RMA()%N S'ARC/
Cosumer iformatio sour$es fall ito four groupsJ
6ersoal sour$esJ 8amily" frieds" eigh'ors" a$@uaita$es
Commer$ial sour$esJ Ad&ertisig" salespersos" dealers" pa$*agig" displays
6u'li$ sour$esJ Mass media" $osumer +ratig orgaiAatios
Experimetal sour$esJ )adlig" examiig" usig the produ$t
'*A15A()%N %6 A1('RNA()*'S
There are se&eral de$isio e&aluatio pro$essesN first the $osumer is tryig to satisfy a eed(
-e$od" the $osumer is loo*ig for $ertai 'eefits from the produ$t solutio( Third" the
$osumer sees ea$h produ$t as a 'udle of attri'utes #ith &aryig a'ilities for deli&erig the
'eefits sought to satisfy this eed(
85RC/AS' 0'C)S)%N
)o#e&er" t#o fa$tors $a iter&ee 'et#ee the pur$hase itetio ad the pur$hase
de$isio( The first fa$tor is the attitude of others( The se$od fa$tor is uati$ipated
situatioal fa$tors that may erupt to $hage the pur$hase itetio( A $osumerBs de$isio to
modify" postpoe" or a&oid a pur$hase de$isio is hea&ily iflue$ed 'y per$ei&ed ris*(
8%S( 85RC/AS' B'/A*)%R
Mar*eters must moitor post pur$hase satisfa$tio" post pur$hase a$tios ad post pur$hase
produ$t uses
8%S( 85RC/AS' SA()S6AC()%NJ the importa$e of post pur$hase satisfa$tio
suggests that produ$t $laims must truthfully represet the produ$tBs li*ely performa$e(
8%S( 85RC/AS' AC()%NSJ satisfa$tio or dissatisfa$tio #ith the produ$t #ill
iflue$e $osumerBs su'se@uet 'eha&ior( If the $osumer is satisfied" he or she #ill exhi'it
a higher pro'a'ility of pur$hasig the produ$t agai( Dissatisfied $ustomers may a'ado or
retur the produ$t(
8%S( 85RC/AS' 5S' AN0 0)S8%SA1J Mar*eters should also moitor ho#
'uyers use ad dispose of the produ$t( If $osumers store the produ$t i a $loset" the produ$t
is pro'a'ly ot &ery satisfyig( If they sell or trade the produ$t" e#+produ$t sales #ill 'e
depressed( Cosumers may also fid e# uses for the produ$t(
Compay )istory
&7<7 6oster and S+ikes o. 6ire
2ee'o*Gs <ited Kigdom+'ased a$estor $ompay #as fouded for oe of the 'est reasos
possi'leJ athletes #ated to ru faster( -o" i the .:?4s" Coseph William 8oster made some
of the first *o# ruig shoes #ith spi*es i them( 1y .:?5" he #as i 'usiess ma*ig
shoes 'y had for top ruersN ad 'efore log his fledglig $ompay" C(W( 8oster ad -os"
de&eloped a iteratioal $lietele of distiguished athletes( The family+o#ed 'usiess
proudly made the ruig shoes #or i the .?/3 -ummer Games 'y the athletes $ele'rated
i the film OChariots of 8ireO(
A 2a>elle Named Reebok
A Compay o the Mo&e
I .?5:" t#o of the fouderGs gradsos started a $ompaio $ompay that $ame to 'e
*o# as 2ee'o*" amed for a Afri$a gaAelle(
I .?9?" 6aul 8irema" a parter i a outdoor sportig goods distri'utorship" spotted 2ee'o*
shoes at a iteratioal trade sho#( )e egotiated for the North Ameri$a distri'utio
li$ese ad itrodu$ed three ruig shoes i the <(-( that year( At P74" they #ere the most
expesi&e ruig shoes o the mar*et(
6reestyle Aerobi$s and Ste+ Reebok
1y .?:." 2ee'o*Gs sales ex$eeded P.(5 millio" 'ut a dramati$ mo&e #as plaed for the
ext year( I .?:/" 2ee'o* itrodu$ed the first athleti$ shoe desiged espe$ially for #omeN
a shoe for a hot e# fitess exer$ise $alled aero'i$ da$e( The shoe #as $alled the
8reestyleQ" ad #ith it 2ee'o* ati$ipated ad e$ouraged three ma%or treds that
trasformed the athleti$ foot#ear idustryJ the aero'i$ exer$ise mo&emet" the iflux of
#ome ito sports ad exer$ise ad the a$$epta$e of #ell+desiged athleti$ foot#ear 'y
adults for street ad $asual #ear(
(he Beginning o. a Classi$
Explosi&e gro#th follo#ed" #hi$h 2ee'o* fueled #ith produ$t extesios + e# $ategories i
#hi$h it also 'e$ame a leader( The 8reestyle is o# a OClassi$O ad is 2ee'o*Gs 'est sellig
athleti$ shoe of all time( 2ee'o*Gs performa$e aero'i$ shoes ha&e progressed through
se&eral geeratios(
I the midst of surgig sales i .?:5" 2ee'o* $ompleted its iitial pu'li$ offerig Hsto$*
sym'ol is N>-EJ 21KI( I the late .?:4s" 2ee'o* 'ega a aggressi&e expasio ito
o&erseas mar*ets( Its produ$ts are o# a&aila'le i more tha .94 $outries ad are sold
through a et#or* of idepedet ad 2ee'o*+o#ed distri'utors(
Creatig io&ati&e produ$ts that geerate ex$itemet i the mar*etpla$e has 'ee a $etral
$orporate strategy e&er si$e 2ee'o* itrodu$ed the 8reestyle shoe( I the late .?:4s" a
parti$ular fertile period 'ega #ith The 6umpR te$hology ad $otiues today" #ith
'rea*through $o$epts ad te$hologies for a host of sports ad fitess a$ti&ities(
Ste+ Reebok
I .?:7 i Atlata" Georgia" a fitess professioal amed Gi Miller suffered a *ee i%ury ad
'ega steppig o her 'a$* step i a effort to reha'ilitate her *ee( -o #as the 'egiig of
step traiig + soo to 'e$ome -tep 2ee'o*(
2ee'o* lau$hed -tep 2ee'o* atioally i .?:? after $odu$tig $omprehesi&e s$ietifi$
ad 'iome$hai$al resear$h that sho#ed step aero'i$s #as a highly $redi'le ad effe$ti&e
format for $ardio&as$ular exer$ise( As a totally re&olutioary ad highly effe$ti&e #or*out
program" -tep 2ee'o* #as su$$essful i 'reathig e# life ito health $lu's aroud the
$outry( I its first te years" -tep 2ee'o* 'e$ame a iteratioal fitess pheomeo as
millios of people i .7 $outries used the program to stay i shape(
Mar@uee Athletes and Core (raining
I .??/" 2ee'o* 'ega a trasitio from a $ompay idetified pri$ipally #ith fitess ad
exer$ise to oe e@ually i&ol&ed i sports( It $reated a host of e# foot#ear ad apparel
produ$ts for foot'all" 'ase'all" so$$er" tra$* ad field ad other sports( It siged umerous
professioal athletes" teams ad federatios to sposorship $otra$ts(
Signing 8ro Athletes
I the late .??4s" 2ee'o* made a strategi$ $ommitmet to alig its 'rad #ith a sele$t fe# of
the #orlds most taleted" ex$itig ad $uttig+edge athletes( 8or se&eral years o#" the
$ompay has fo$used o those athletes #ho represet the top e$helo of sports ad fitess"
amog them Alle I&erso ad !eus Williams(
Alle I&erso + Whe 2ee'o* studied the deep ad taleted roster of prospe$ti&e Natioal
1as*et'all Asso$iatio draft sele$tios i .??7" guard Alle I&erso #as $learly the perso it
'elie&ed #ould geerate the greatest ex$itemet o the $ourt ad i the mar*etpla$e( After
fi&e su$$essful years as o ad off+$ourt parters" 2ee'o* ad the N1AGs M!6 i /444
siged a lifetime $otra$t i No&em'er /44.( The deal guaratees I&erso remais a 2ee'o*
edorsed athlete throughout this professioal $areer(
Core (raining
I /444" 2ee'o* agai re&olutioiAed ho# people exer$ise ad trai #ith its glo'al
itrodu$tio of 2ee'o* Core Traiig ad the 2ee'o* Core 1oard( Widely used today 'y
professioal athletes" $oditioed exer$isers ad 'egiers ali*e" this io&ati&e #or*out is a
dyami$ stregth ad $oditioig program that fo$uses o de&elopig total 'ody po#er 'y
emphasiAig the a's" torso ad O$oreO mus$les( The traiig program is 'ased o athleti$
ad physi$al therapy traiig pri$iples" represetig a sigifi$at shift i ho# to approa$h
exer$ise ad traiig 'y fo$usig o O@ualityO Hot O@uatityOI of mo&emet(
Cetral to the program is the 2ee'o* Core 1oard" the first+e&er exer$ise 'oard offerig three
dimesioal a$tio that tilts" t#ists" tor@ues ad re$oils #ith the 'odyGs mo&emets( The
'oard is ad%usta'le" so as users 'uild stregth" they $a $hage the 'oardGs resista$e to
$reate more &ersatile #or*outs( Whe used together" 2ee'o* Core Traiig ad the 2ee'o*
Core 1oard pro&ide a highly effe$ti&e" stregth traiig #or*out that $oditios the user for
daily li&ig" #hether that is i sports" exer$ise $lasses or playig #ith $hildre(
?000 :
Ne- 1eaguesA Ne- 1ooks
I De$em'er /444" 2ee'o* ad the Natioal 8oot'all League aou$ed the formatio of a
ex$lusi&e partership that ser&es as a foudatio of the N8LGs restru$tured $osumer
produ$ts 'usiess( The N8L grated a .4+year ex$lusi&e li$ese to 2ee'o* 'egiig i the
/44/ N8L seaso to maufa$ture mar*et ad sell N8L li$esed mer$hadise for all 0/ N8L
The li$ese i$ludes o+field uiforms" sidelie apparel" pra$ti$e apparel" foot#ear ad a
N8L+'raded apparel lie( The agreemet also gi&es 2ee'o* ex$lusi&e rights to de&elop a
e# lie of N8L fitess e@uipmet( 2ee'o* has $reated e# mar*et segmetatios that
i$lude se&eral e# produ$t $ategories" su$h as E@uipmet ad Classi$s(
I August /44." 2ee'o* formed a .4+year strategi$ partership #ith the Natioal 1as*et'all
Asso$iatio uder #hi$h 2ee'o* #ill desig" maufa$ture" sell ad mar*et li$esed
mer$hadise for the N1A" the WomeGs Natioal 1as*et'all Asso$iatio HWN1AI ad the
Natioal 1as*et'all De&elopmet League HN1DLI" the N1AGs fledglig mior league(
1egiig i the /443+45 seasos" 2ee'o* #ill ha&e the ex$lusi&e rights to supply ad
mar*et all o+$ourt apparel" i$ludig uiforms" shootig shirts" #arm+ups" autheti$ ad
repli$a %erseys ad pra$ti$e gear for all N1A" WN1A ad N1DL teams( 2ee'o* #ill also ha&e
ex$lusi&e rights" #ith limited ex$eptios" to desig" maufa$ture" mar*et ad sell head#ear"
T+shirts" flee$e ad other apparel produ$ts for all teams i most $haels of distri'utios(
2ee'o* #ill also de&elop mar*et ad sell a ex$lusi&e lie of N1A+'raded 'as*et'all shoes
ad expad their lie of 2ee'o* Classi$ fashio produ$ts to i$orporate N1A+'raded
apparel( 6rior to league ex$lusi&ity i /443" there #as a trasitio period i the /44.+4/
seasos durig #hi$h 2ee'o* #as o+$ourt #ith .. N1A teams ad all WN1A ad N1DL
teams( The agreemet expads to i$lude .? N1A teams i the /44/+40 seasos( Also i
the /44/+40 seasos" 2ee'o* #ill ha&e the ex$lusi&e rights to desig" maufa$ture" mar*et
ad sell repli$a %erseys for all N1A" WN1A ad N1DL teams(
I 8e'ruary /44/" 2ee'o* ad the Idy 2a$ig League HI2LI formed a multi+year partership
amig 2ee'o* the offi$ial outfitter of the I2L( As part of the agreemet" 2ee'o* #ill pro&ide
$ustom+desiged" $o+'raded 2ee'o*+Idy 2a$ig League apparel to I2L offi$ials ad
sele$ted teams( The 2ee'o* 'rad also #ill re$ei&e exposure through logos o ra$e $ars"
team uiforms" trasporters ad other I2L promotioal programs i$luded i the promotioal
rights agreemet(
2ee'o*+Idy 2a$ig League $o+'raded mer$hadise #ill 'e sold at all .5 Idy 2a$ig
League e&ets i /44/" i$ludig the Idiaapolis 544" ad also at all other e&ets at the
Idiaapolis Motor -peed#ay( Autheti$ $o+'raded 2ee'o*+Idy 2a$ig League
mer$hadise #ill 'e a&aila'le at all I2L e&ets" &ia olie" mail+order $atalog ad through
sele$t retail outlets(
The Idy 2a$ig League is Ameri$aGs premier ope+#heel" o&al+tra$* auto ra$ig series" #ith
head@uarters i Idiaapolis( It #as fouded i .??3 'ased o the ri$h traditios of the
Idiaapolis 544" #ith its first ra$e i .??7( The league has a .5+ra$e s$hedule i /44/" #ith
e&ets i ma%or mar*ets from $oast to $oast(
I 8e'ruary /44/" 2ee'o* lau$hed 2'* + a $olle$tio of street+ispired foot#ear ad apparel
hoo*+ups desiged for the youg ma ad #oma #ho demad ad expe$t the style of their
gear to refle$t the attitude of their li&es + $ool ad edgy" autheti$ ad ispiratioal( As 2'* is
ispired 'y todayGs street fashio" its mar*etig eeded to 'e $ulturally rele&at as #ell(
A e# glo'al mar*etig $ampaig" $alled the O-ouds , 2hythm of -port"O #as lau$hed i
Cauary /44/" ad it eergiAed the idustry 'y 'litAig the mar*et #ith 2'* produ$t lau$hes"
tele&isio ad prit ads" $osumer ad retail promotios" ad $ele'rity e&ets(
The OSounds B Rhythm o. S+ortO $osumer ad retail promotios i$lude the 2ee'o*KIters
$ope 2e$ords 6reset The -our$e <siged )ype 8reestyle promotio" the E1C
HEtertaiers 1as*et'all Classi$I at 2u$*er 6ar*" ad the 2ee'o* All A$$ess 6ass o
N1A($om( 2ee'o* also formed parterships to pre&ie# the 2'* Colle$tio i more tha
."444 musi$ stores aroud the <ited -tates i ad&a$e of retail a&aila'ility at more tha
/"544 authoriAed 2'* dealerships(
The O-ouds , 2hythm of -portO glo'al mar*etig $ampaig features 2ee'o*Gs N1A" N8L
ad teis athletes paired #ith may of the musi$ idustryGs edgiest hip+hop ad rap artists(
The tele&isio spots sho#$ase the mo&es ad motio of the athletes" #ho are eergiAed 'y
the rhythm of the artistGs musi$(
Com+any 8ro.ile
2ee'o* Iteratioal feels $omforta'le steppig out oto ay surfa$e( It has log 'ee at
home i sportig areas ad is the S/ <- ma*ers of athleti$ shoes" 'ehid Ni*e( I additio
to 2ee'o* sports#ear ad a$$essories" 2ee'o* sports the Greg Norma lie of meGs $asual
#ear" as #ell as 2o$*port ad 2ee'o* shoes( It rus more tha //4 retail stores( 2ee'o*
sposors some sports stars" 'ut the firm is ta*ig strides to 'e$ome more fashioa'le( I
/445 2ee'o* sold its 2alph Laure 8oot#ear uit to 2alph Laure for a'out P..4 millio(
adidas" i /447" a$@uired 2ee'o* for a'out P0(: 'illio( 6aul )arrigto the su$$eeded 6aul
8irema H#ho" #ith his #ife" o#ed early .?T of the firmI as head of 2ee'o*
2ee'o* is the #orldGs third+largest ma*er of sea*ers" athleti$ shoes ad sports apparel(
Goods are sold uder the 'rads 2ee'o*" 2o$*port ad Greg Norma Colle$tio( 2ee'o* is
also the offi$ial outfitter of the N8L ad has a ex$lusi&e deal to supply N1A %erseys
'egiig this seaso(
2ee'o* aou$ed i Culy it #ill merge #ith Germa sportig apparel $ompay adidas+
-alomo i a deal &alued at P0(: 'illio( The merger is expe$ted to 'e $ompleted 'y the first
half of /447 ad #ill $reate the se$od+largest sportig goods $ompay 'ehid Ni*e #ith P..
'illio i re&eues(
Adidas #ill maitai its $orporate head@uarters i Germay ad its North Ameri$a
head@uarters i 6ortlad" O2( 6aul 8irema #ill remai as Chief Exe$uti&e Offi$er of 2ee'o*
Iteratioal Ltd( ad #ill $otiue to lead the 2ee'o* team( 2ee'o* #ill $otiue to operate
uder its ame ad #ill retai its head@uarters i Cato" MA(
I fis$al /443" 2ee'o* had et i$ome of P.?/(3 millio ad sales of P0(9 'illio
2ee'o* Iteratioal feels $omforta'le steppig out oto ay surfa$e( It has log 'ee at
home i sportig areas ad is the S/ <- ma*ers of athleti$ shoes" 'ehid Ni*e( I additio
to 2ee'o* sports#ear ad a$$essories" 2ee'o* sports the Greg Norma lie of meGs $asual
#ear" as #ell as 2o$*port ad 2ee'o*s shoes( It rus more tha //4 retail stores( 2ee'o*
still sposors some sports stars" 'ut the firm is ta*ig strides to 'e$ome more fashioa'le(
0emogra+hy o. res+ondents
Demographic Profile
students +ro.essionals businessmen others
Analysis: )t -as observed that the ma,ority o. the res+ondents $onsist o. +ro.essional
.rom various .ields like engineersA so.t-are +ro.essionalsA -orking eDe$utive et$7 -ho
e..e$tive .orm ;4C o. our database7 <hile ;#C -ere students .rom various .ields7
%thers $onstitute designers and athletes et$7 the .urther study is $arried on the buying
behavior o. the above mentioned $ategories o. $onsumerA -hi$h sho-s that our
$onsumer is -ell edu$ated and is very -ell in.ormed about the +rodu$t7
ConsumerEs in$ome level and s+ending $a+a$ity on shoes
s+ending +o-er

0C !0C ?0C ;0C "0C =0C #0C 0C 40C 90C !00C
1ess then Rs7!000
Rs7 !000:;000
Rs7 ;000:#000
More then Rs7 #000

no: o. +eo+le
0 " " 0 !
0 0 ! ? 0
0 !! = ? !
0 !0 0 0
1ess then
Rs7 !000:;000 Rs7 ;000:#000
More then Rs7
Analysis: )n the survey $ondu$ted a dire$t relation bet-een the in$ome level and the s+ending
$a+a$ity -as observed7 Also it -as .ound that students -ere s+ending in the range o. Rs !000
F Rs ;000 as $om+ared to the -orking $lass +ro.essionals -ho -ere ready to s+end bet-een
Rs ;000 F Rs #000A sin$e they have higher s+ending +o-er be$ause o. higher in$ome levels7
a7o$$asions b7.estivals $7anytime d7travelGva$ations
S/%88)N2 S'AS%N
Sho++ing season
Analysis: Amongst the student and the +ro.essional it -as .ound the $onsumer buying
B'/A*)%R does not $hange -ith res+e$t to the seasons and o$$asion as most o. the
$onsumer -ould like to buy their shoes as and -hen need arisesA -hereas the businessman
generally do their shoes sho++ing during traveling or on s+e$ial o$$asionEs7
BRAN0 R'C%11'C()%N
17 11 0 2 17 3
a. Aias b. !i"e c. #aterpillar . Fila e. $eebo" f. %thers
Brand re$olle$tion:
Analysis: <hen asked about re$on$iling a s+orts shoes brand about 0C o. the res+ondent
-ere able to re$all R''B%K or A00)0AS -ere as rest -ere able to remember N)K' and 6)1A
brands7 (his -as due to the .a$t that R''B%K has brand ambassador like RA/51 0RA*)0 and
35*RA& S)N2/7
Consumer Parameters
a !t"le
# $ran% &ame
c Comfort
% Price
e Dura#ilit"
6a$tor in.luen$ing the buying +ro$ess:
Analysis: Among the various .a$tors like so$ialA +sy$hologi$alA +ersonal and $ultural .a$tors it
-as observed that the $onsumer give more +re.eren$e to his +ersonal $hoi$e and
+sy$hologi$al .a$tors like =0C o. the +eo+le $onsider $om.ort and they generally do not
$onsider durability as an im+ortant as+e$t be$ause they believe that it $omes along -ith the
brand7 Also the so$ial .a$tor like style -as se$ond most im+ortant .a$tor behind the $onsumer
buying motives7
S(31' 8R)C' C%M6%R(
BRAN0 05RAB)1)(3
S(31' 8R)C' C%M6%R( BRAN0 05RAB)1)(3
(b) Com+arison -ith other brands
Analysis: )n res+onse to the @uestion about givingA out o. !00 +oint to the various .a$tors
a..e$ting their buying B'/A*)%R bet-een R''B%K and %(/'RES .ollo-ing -as observed:
e( Dura'ility UUUUU04UUU UUU.4UUUU
this .urther sho-s that the $onsumer look .or style in the R''B%K more in $om+arison to the
other brand hen$eA gave their ;0 +oints to it -hereas ?0 in $ase o. other brands it -as seen
that the $om.ort remains at e@ual +la$e even -hile $hoosing a $om+etitive brand7
-&./0*&C-&1 .2C('+
a7 6amily b7 6riends
$7 Brand Ambassadors d7 8eersGColleagues
e7 8ersonal Choi$e
Buying .or$es
Analysis: )t -as observed that $onsumer is .or$ed by no .a$tors like +eer +ressureA .amily and
.riends and some time +eo+le -ould like to buy a +rodu$t be$ause it is being endorsed by
their .avorite $elebrity7 )t -as observed that the beside that +ersonal $hoi$e o. the res+ondentA
the +ressure .rom the .riends +lays an im+ortant buying .or$e .or the studentsA -hile the +eer
and $ollege in $ase o. the +ro.essional and the least +ursuing .a$tor is .amily -hi$h -as seen
in $ase o. the res+ondents belonging to age grou+ ;= years and above7
$'01)( +**$'34
3es No
No o. +eo+le buying R''B%K shoes:
Analysis: (his @uestion -as asked to kno- the market $a+ture by the R''B%K and the time
+eriod o. asso$iation o. the $ustomers -ith R''B%K7 )t -as dedu$ed that more than =C o.
the res+ondents -ere using the R''B%K shoes and -ere mainly asso$iated -ith it .or a
+eriod o. ! year or more7 <hile the remaining res+ondents -ere using either the N)K' or
A00)0AS brand shoes7
a7 *ery Satis.ied b7 Satis.a$tory $7 %k d7 8oor e7 not a++lied
Customer satis.a$tion:
Analysis: Be$ause o. the @uality +rodu$t o..ered by the R''B%K about #0C o. the
res+ondents -ere either very satis.ied or satis.iedA -hile !0C did not gave any res+onse as
they -ere not using the R''B%K shoes7
O aalyAig the feed 'a$* from $ustomers #e as group #ould re$ommed follo#ig thigsJ
The demographi$s sho# that the ma%or $ustomer 'ase of 2ee'o* is limited to
6rofessioals ad -tudets( -o our re$ommedatio #ould 'e to promote their
produ$t for the masses as a #hole( Li*e the ad&ertisemet #hi$h sho#s =0 C'N(S"
iflue$es a $ollege studet 'ut it has less effe$t o a 'usiess ma( -o to add
'usiess ma ad others to there existig $osumer 'ase they $a ad&ertise
sho#ig a 'usiess ty$oo usig 2ee'o* shoes i hisKher leisure time or ay other
promotioal a$ti&ity(
As #e *o# Idia is a lad of di&ersities ad #e ha&e FB um'ers of festi&als i a
year" as from the data it is 'ee pro&ed that people 'uy shoes aytime i a yearN so
#hat 2ee'o* $a do is promote their produ$t relatig to ay of the Idia festi&al(
This #ould ha&e emotioal fa$tor atta$hed to it ad #ould help i ma*ig $ustomers
'uy the produ$t(
The data sho#s that $osumers are ot really $o$ered a'out pri$e ad dura'ility(
-o #hat they must do is stress more o stylig ad $omfort" #hi$h is expe$ted o a
higher le&el out of 2ee'o*( Cosumers say that they are ot satisfied #ith the $omfort
le&el of the shoes(
O aalyAig some sports persoality #e $ame to *o# that they are ot happy #ith
the sports shoes" 'e$ause they re@uire some spe$ial $hara$teristi$s i sports shoes(
They say the area dispositio of the shoes should 'e more" #hi$h i tur gi&e higher
grip( This is ot pro&ided 'y ay of the 'rads i the mar*et( -o they $a 'a* o this
opportuity( We *o# the sportsme mar*et i Idia is o a lo#er ed" so #e
re$ommed that they $a gi&e $ustomiAed optio to the sports perso through
iteret #here $osumer $a gi&e re@uired spe$ifi$atios ad get there produ$t(

-exJ M 8

.I I$ome le&elJ H6er yearI
a( 1elo# 2s( 54444
'( 2s( 54444+.44444
$( 2s( .44444+044444
d( 2s( 044444+544444
e( More the 2s( 544444
/I )o# mu$h do you sped o foot#ear i a yearM
a( Less the 2s(.444
'( 2s( .444+0444
$( 2s( 0444+7444
d( More the 2s( 7444
e( Noe
0I Whe you thi* of sports shoes" #hi$h of the follo#ig 'rads $omes
to your mids first(
a( Adidas
'( Ni*e
$( Caterpillar
d( 8ila
e( 2ee'o*
f. Others
3I )a&e you e&er 'ought 2ee'o* shoesM
>es No
5I If o the #hi$h other 'radM UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
7I )o# may pairs of shoes do you ha&eM
a( .
'( .+0
$( 0+5
d( More the 5
9I )o# may of them are sports shoesM UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
:I )o# log ha&e you 'ee usig itM
a( / moths
'( 3 moths
$( 7 moths
d( >ear
?I Whi$h of the follo#ig you $osider most #hile pur$hasig foot#earM
a( -tyle
'( 1rad Name
$( Comfort
d( 6ri$e
e( Dura'ility
.4I Whi$h of the follo#ig iflue$es the most to your 'uyig pro$edureM
a( 8amily
'( 8rieds
$( 1rad Am'assadors
d( 6eersKColleagues
e( 6ersoal Choi$e
..I Kidly gi&e i terms of T H#eight ageI the @ualities you loo* for i a
sport shoes
./I What time of the year do you do your shoes+shoppigM
a( O$$asios
'( 8esti&als
$( Aytime
d( Tra&elK!a$atios
.0I >our experie$e #ith 2ee'o* shoesV
a( !ery -atisfied
'( -atisfa$tory
$( O*
d( 6oor
e( !ery 6oor
Name 8ro.ession

Age 2ender
Atri*sh -tudet ./ M
-hreesh -axea College studet .? M
Aditya Agar#al Medi$al studet .? M
6riya Co' /4 8
A'hi%eet Egieer /4 M
-adeep Model /4 M
-hasha* Gupta -tudet /4 M
!idhi -tudet /. 8
-adeep Kumar -tudet /. M
!aru -tudet /. M
6a*a% 2edhu Wor*ig Exe$uti&e /. M
Ni*hil -er&i$e /. M
6ueet Chopra -ales MaagerH2ee'o*I /. M
Mitesh -tudet /. M
Mao% -oft#are Egieer // M
-adeep -igh Exe$uti&e egieer // M
!i%eder soft#are Egieer // M
2agha& 1hatia Data'ase Admiistrator // M
Ashul -tudet // M
Lopa Wor*ig Exe$uti&e /0 8
-aura'h -harda -tudet /0 M
2a%ider Kumar -tudet /0 M
-amarth -tudet /0 M
-a$hit -tudet /0 M
Gaura& Mittal -oft#are Egieer /0 M
)arish -tudet /0 M
A'hia& -tudet /0 M
-hruti Desiger /3 8
>amua Corporate /3 8
2a$hita 6ri&ate /3 8
Deepashi Desiger /5 8
Gur -imra -igh Exe$uti&e /5 8
)oey -tudet /5 8
Mao% !ollala Egieer /5 M
Irfa Corporate Traier /5 M
-a*et *apoor -tudet /5 M
-(K(Cidal 1usiess /5 M
Kual -er&i$e /5 M
!ieet Arora -eior Traier /7 M
Cogider -igh -oft#are Egieer /7 M
6a&el -om&at Egieer /7 M
Gaga 1usiess /7 M
-ura% -harma
etertaimet Mum'aiI /9 M
!i*ram -igh 1usiess /9 M
A&eesh -harma 6rofessioal /9 M
2a&i Ider -igh -oft#are aalyst /: M
Deepa* Agar#al 2etired 05 M
Dr( 2ohit Medi$al 30 M
K(L(6atil -er&i$e 5/ M
8rimary Sour$es:
!7 Consumer Survey
!7 <'BS)(':
?7 R'6'R'NC' 1)S(:
Kotler Philip HHHHMar*etig maagemet H.. editioI
Chabra T.N..Mar*etig Maagemet H3 editioI
Gupta S.P and Gupta .P H1usiess statisti$s H5
I!. Ku"arJHHHHH2esear$h methodology H/ editioI

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