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1ft3= 1000 Btu
Indomitable spirit
how the completion efficiency is determined?
skin deposition rate is more in gas wells than that of oil it true?
what is the difference between apparent skin & true skin?
How the numerical simulation & history matching of MRT helps in determining skin
from SRT?
material becoming superconducting at liquid nitrogen temperature-cnr rao
today we have facilities beyound aou imagination compared to those days but is n
othing compared to the rest of the world-cnr rao
we have got an excellent techincal young minds but they easily get deviated towa
rd other sectors,lot of talent got sucked away into areas.
no of padmavibhushan-29
foreign industries had given money to my research but indian industries has not
given me 5 rupees,but getting benifit out of my research.
Why the increase in temperature does not always decreases the residual oil satur
what is the effect of relative permeability on temperature?
we should introduce a new season for science technology and innovation
i was writing a book wanted a reference book that was there in raman institut
e,so i went and asked raman "can i get this book" sure sure i will look for it
.next day somebody knocks the door and there is cv raman,brought that book i w
ant.if he thinks that you are genuin and serious person,he will do anything for
Relative permeabilities are sensitive bulk parameters used in the simulations be
cause they can change by factors of 2 or 3 depending on details of the fluid-flu
id and rockfluid interactions at the pore scale.
Can we alter the wettability of a reservoir?
The sum of the two relative permeabilities is typically less than one because fl
uid-fluid interactions increase the resistance to flow.
can we nullify the resistance to flow due to fluid-fluid interaction?
how to know whether the reservoir is water wet or oil wet?relative permeability
Pore geometry is a major factor determining
flow in porous media.
capillary number?
Oil reservoirs with gas caps require a different well placement strategy.A reser
voir containing a large gas cap,a poor
aquifer, and an oil rim may be exploited by placing production wells low in the
oil column or even at the top of the underlying
water interval. However, if the aquifer is large and active, wells tend to be dr
illed in the lower part of the oil leg. In this instance, it is commonly easier
to manage a downward migration of the gas/oil contact by injecting gas into the
gas cap.
Even in reservoirs that lack natural gas
caps,gas may still be put into field crests because it is an extremely efficient
displacement process,enabling production
of attic oil that may otherwise be inaccessible.
Most exploration and appraisal wells are vertical. Few development or production
wells are vertical. A vertical or near vertical well is the natural choice duri
ng exploration. The aim of the well will be to penetrate a primary, and possibly
several secondary, target horizons. A vertical well cuts across the stratigraph
y. It is easier to plan on the sparse seismic data commonly available during mos
t exploration programs than would be a well with more exotic geometry. A vertica
l well will also allow collection of data such as pressure gradients and it will
possibly penetrate fluid contacts (gas/oil, gas/water, and oil/water).
Strongly layered reservoirs in which there are barriers to vertical fluid flow m
ay not benefit from horizontal wells or, more properly, those that are parallel t
o the stratigraphybecause the barriers will prevent petroleum from being produced
from horizons not specifically penetrated by the wellbore. In such instances, i
t is commonly the practice to drill wells that cross-cut the reservoir stratigra
Utility wells can include those drilled as a
source of water for injection, those drilled such that produced water and cuttin
gs can be disposed of, and those used for observation.
Heloo everyone, I am pursuing bachelors degree in Petroleum Engineeirng from Jaw
aharlal Nehru Technological University in India.I want to do my Masters in Unive
rsity of California-Berkeley.Can anyone tell me the GRE cutoff score for this Un