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(An institute which promotes study of
scientific aspects of palmistry)
(Established in 1989)
Services provided by the Institute of Palmistry include
the following:
Personal consultation with prior appointment
Correspondence courses in palmistry
Classes on palmistry
Publications on palmistry books
Online and Internet services on palmistry include
1. Know your future online by sending your handprints
of both the left and right hands
2. Learn palmistry online distance learning courses
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The Founder Dayanand Verma has authored books on
palmistry, spiritualism and psychology. He has been practicing
palmistry since past 40 years, while simultaneously conducting
research on the subject. Observations and findings on his
research coupled with his long experience in the field of palmistry
can be seen in his books, the list of books is given at the end of
the prospectus. His articles on palmistry appear regularly in
leading newspapers of the country and many TV channels
telecast his programmes.
Nisha Ghai is Director, Institute of Palmistry is an Eminant
astrologer and has written the book entitled Palmistry Guide,
Fifty Handprints etc. She has been assisting Prof. Dayanand in
reading palms and making predictions for more than a decade.
She contributes articles to leading magazines like Grahlakshmi,
Narittva and to leading newspapers. She has appeared on many
TV channels like Star News, News 24, India TV & Nav Daviyan
on India TV was highly appriciated.
To promote scientific palmistry, the Institute of Palmistry, New
Delhi conducts three diploma courses on palmistry:
Distance Learning Course
1 Hasta Rekha Vigyan Ratan (Beginners Course)
2 Hasta Rekha Vigyan Acharya (Advance Course)
Regular Course
3 Hasta Rekha Vigyan Shiromani (Regular Classes on
Palmistry in New Delhi)
(Advance course classes are conducted on request).
(Beginners Diploma Course through Distance
Learning Programme)
This course is conducted through post or E-mail, therefore
students can acquire education in palmistry from any corner of
the world. The study material Hand Prints Basic Course required
for the course is provided by the Institute in English or Hindi.
Test is conducted by the Institute through E-mail/post/courier.
On completion of the course, a diploma Hast Rekha Vigyan
Ratan is awarded. During the duration of the course, students
can send their queries, if any, by E-mail/post/courier. They can
meet the teacher with appointment.
Medium of Instruction: Hindi and English
Duration of Course: Four months
1. Types of Hand
2. Characterstics of Fingers & the Thumb.
3. Finger prints, Nails and signs on hand
4. Main Lines, Secondary Lines, Influence Lines.
5. Knowing timing of important events
Course Book
Hindi : Palmistry Ke Goorh Rahsya or
English : All the Secrets of Palmistry.
(Advance Distance Learning Diploma Course)
Hast Rekha Vigyan Acharya is an advance diploma course
for students who have acquired basic knowledge of palmistry
and who want to acquire advance knowledge in the subject. The
Institute of Palmistry provides the study material to students
studying either in English or Hindi. Education is conducted
through E-mail/post/courier service. Students can send their
queries during the duration of the course by E-mail/post/courier.
Students can chat with pirror appointment.
Test is conducted through e-mail/post/courier, depending
on whatever mode of communication the student opts for. A
diploma is awarded on completion of the course Hast Rekha
Vigyan Acharaya.
Medium of Instruction: Hindi or English
Duration of Course: Four months
1. Introduction of hand at a glance.
2. Lines & sign related career, wealth, business, property, job,
economic status.
3. Lines & signs related Love, marriage, Divorce, children,
health, travel abroad.
4. Remedies to remove obstacles.
Course Book
Hindi: Palmistry ke Anubhoot Pryog.
English: Palmistry: How to Master
(Regular Classes
Basic Palmistry Course)
Weekly classes are conducted on Sundays or Saturdays. Timings
and days are announced before commencement of the new
session. Test is held at the end of course period diploma is
awarded on completion of the course. The Instructors decision
is final.
Duration of the Course: Four months
Medium of Instruction: Hindi or English. Students can answer
questions in Hindi or English. Partial use of both the languages
is also allowed for better clarification of the concepts in palmistry.
Mode of Depositing the Fee: Fee can be paid either by cash or
demand draft. Fee is to be paid with the admission form. If
payment is made by demand draft, then it should be drawn in
favour of the Institute of Palmistry, payable in New Delhi.
Cheques will not be accepted.
Please note: Fee is not refundable.
Venue of the Class: Institute of Palmistry, W-21, Greater
Kailash, Part I, New Delhi-110048 or any other place Delhi/New
Character Analysis
1. Types of Hand
2. Types of Fingure& Nails
3. Mounts and there characterstics
Future Analysis
4. Finger Prints & Signs on Hand
5. Main Lines, Secondary Lines, Influence Lines.
6. Timing of Events
7. Method of taking Hand Print
Advance Couse Hast Rekha Acharya Shiromani can be
conducted on request.
Please note: The venue, timings and days are subject to change
according to the weather and other conditions.
1. Medium of Instruction: Students have the option to choose
the course in the language of their choice, i.e. it can be Hindi
or English only.
2. Minimum age for seeking admission is 18 years.
3. The Institute of Palmistry will send the test papers by post/
e-mail/courier and the answer sheets should be sent back
by the same mode of communication to the Institute.
4. The Institute will not be held responsible for loss of test
papers or answer sheets.
5. The diploma will be awarded as per the discretion of the
Instructor and any discussion on the matter shall not be
entertained. The Instructors decision will be final.
6. Those students whose answer sheets are not received in time
shall not be awarded the diploma.
7. Tutorial assistance: The student has the option to contact
the Instructor by e-mail or post/chat. Student can meet the
instrector two/three times within the course period with prior
8. Mode of payment money order/DD on Delhi, New Delhi
Branch in favour of Institute of Palmistry or cc Avenue.
9. Course fee is not refundable.
(Price in India)
1. All the Secrets of Palmistry
by Palmistry Guru Dayanand Verma. Rs.150/-
2. Palmistry, How to Master It
by Palmistry Guru Dayanand Verma Rs. 125/-
3. A Handbook of Scientific & Practical Palmistry
by Palmistry Guru Dayanand Verma. Rs. 85/-
4. Palmistry Guide
by Nisha Ghai Rs. 60/-
5. Fifty Hand Prints
by Palmistry Guru Dayanand Verma and Nisha Ghai
Rs. 85/-
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-. il---i ^i;, (lii i;) -: .
:. :c r l- ii nii i lrn
(il---i ^ i (-i, lii i;) +.: .
How Stars Influence Our Destiny, Rs. 75/-
Dhyan Yoga, Rs. 60/-
The Bhagwad Gita: A Modern Interpretation, Rs. 295/-
How to Develop the Right Attitude, Rs. 80/-
Sex: A New Concept, Rs. 75/-
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v+ + i ( ii (i n) :/-
Books are available at:
Institute of Palmistry
W-21, Greater Kailash, Part-1
New Delhi-110048
Ph: 011-29242432, 41630337
(Postage / Courier Charges extra for one Book Rs. 30/-
extra for more than one book Rs. 40/- extra)
The Findings of Institute of Palmistry
A learned palmist is like a physician. A physician
prescribes medicines for a physicial ailment but the
palmist has to treat the mind which is more
difficult than treating the body.
A physician can understand the functioning of the
internal organs of the body through a blood test or
other tests, the learned palmist can study the lines
on the palm and identify the latent possibilities in
a person. Identifying the latent possibilities is the
real reading of the future.
Fingerprints do not change, but the lines of the
palm do. On this basis we can say that we are
subject to some extent, to our destiny, but we
can improve our own luck to some extent
with remedies.
Please Note
Institute of Palmistry promotes
the scientific aspect of
Palm Reading through Diploma Courses
Hand Reading etc.
For Scientific
Palmistry Courses
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nif++ s+uii fni + fzi+ii +ii
Institute of Palmistry
W-21, Greater Kailash, Part-I
New Delhi 110048
E-mail :
Website :
Phone :
011-29242432, 41630337
Join us at Facebook, Twitter
Price : Rs. 50/-
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