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Clinton pushes for cooperation on confronting extremism

By David Alexander (Front said, like suicide bombers and led to the collapse of communism
Row Washington) those who attack girls for trying were not inevitable, they said,
Submitted at 11/8/2009 5:23:22 PM
to go to school. and did not lead to the conflict-
“In place of these new walls, we free world that many people
Secretary of State Hillary must renew the trans-Atlantic predicted.
Clinton used an awards ceremony alliance as a cornerstone of a “Challenges are endless,” said
Sunday in Berlin to push g l o b a l a r c h i t e c t u r e o f former Secretary of State Henry
European allies for greater c o o p e r a t i o n , ” s h e s a i d . Kissinger, who introduced
cooperation in confronting Clinton’s remarks come as Clinton. “Every solution of one
extremism, nuclear proliferation President Barack Obama is problem is an admission ticket to
and other challenges of the 21st facing a difficult decision on another problem.”
century. whether to deploy additional Kissinger, who served
Her remarks came as thousands troops to Afghanistan. Republican President Richard
of people crowded into the city The administration has had Nixon, said a journalist had
o n t h e e v e o f t h e 2 0 t h difficulty convincing European asked him to write a thousand-
anniversary of the collapse of the allies to shoulder a bigger role in word assessment of Democrat
Berlin Wall. the conflict, and analysts said Clinton.
“We should look to the examples C l i n t o n ’ s c a l l f o r r e n e w e d “I said, ‘What do I say after the
of the generations who brought commitment was not likely to first three words?” Kissinger
us successfully through the 20th change that. said.
century and once again together “Facing difficult pressures on “He said, ‘What are those three
chart a clear and common course A f g h a n i s t a n , t h e O b a m a words?’”
to safeguard our people and our administration marked the 20th Carnegie Endowment for involved in the Cold War “I said, ‘I like Hillary.’”
planet, defeat violent extremists anniversary of the fall of the International Peace. struggle for freedom, from the For more Reuters political news,
a n d p r e v e n t n u c l e a r Berlin Wall by revving up a “Europeans and others never United States and Germany to click here.
proliferation,” Clinton said. rhetorical trope that President found it very convincing under Poland and the former Photo credit: Reuters/Kai
“We need to form an even Bush favored –- drawing a Bush,” he added. “I suspect they Czechoslovakia. Pfaffenbach (Clinton and
stronger partnership to bring parallel between the Cold War won’t like it much better now.” U.S. and European Kissinger at Atlantic Council
down the walls of the 21st and the fight against radical The awards ceremony, held by officials reminisced about Freedom’s Challenge awards
century and to confront those Islamist terrorism,” said Tom the Atlantic Council, honored the the collapse of the Iron Curtain ceremony in Berlin)
who hide behind them,” Clinton Carothers, an analyst at the citizens of several countries on Nov. 9, 1989. The events that
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Video: Holiday
The First Draft: US media’s Fort Hood coverage clips show three US
turns to militancy question hikers having fun
(World news and comment
By David Morgan (Front Row Hasan and the Army’s chief of from the Guardian |
Washington) staff, General George Casey, is
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:27:02 AM
afraid the shooting spree could
cause a backlash against Muslims Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:43:37 AM

First came questions about in the military.

whether anyone missed Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and
But Sen. Joe Lieberman, the
emotional signals that suspected Josh Fattal were arrested in July
Connecticut independent who is a
Fort Hood shooter, Army Major as they walked through
hard-liner on security issues, sees
Nidal Malik Hasan, was close to mountainous terrain between the
the Fort Hood melee as a possible
cracking. Now U.S. media say Iraqi and Iranian Kurdish areas
act of terrorism.
Congress wants to know if he “We don’t know enough to say
was also veering toward Islamist now. But there are very, very
militancy. strong warning signs here that
A preliminary review of Hasan’s Dr. Hasan had become an Avatar: James
computer has revealed no Islamist extremist and, therefore, Cameron's $500 Million
evidence of any connection to that this was a terrorist act,”
terror groups or conspirators, Lieberman told Fox News over Folly, In Three
according to a report by CBS the weekend. Dimensions [Avatar]
News. Lieberman, chairman of the By matt buchanan (Gizmodo)
But lawmakers have asked the Senate Committee on Homeland
CIA and other U.S. intelligence Security and Governmental Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:50:46 AM

agencies to preserve documents Affairs, wants the Pentagon to Five. Hundred. Million. Dollars.
on Hasan. That’s according to military investigators are also prayer services and other events. launch an independent probe of This. According to NY Times.
ABC News, which says the looking into associations between Witnesses at Fort Hood told whether defense officials missed The bad thing is, I've seen the
spooks believe he may have Hasan and the Dar al Hijrah investigators that Hasan yelled early signs of stress and Avatar trailer in 3D. Big blue
been trying to contact U.S.-born Islamic Center in Falls Church, “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for statements that might crap in three dimensions is just
imam Anwar al Awlaki, who is Virginia, in early 2001, about the “God is Greatest” — before have expressed Islamist big blue crap that feels like it's
based in Yemen and supports same time Awlaki and two of the killing 13 people and wounding sentiment. right in front of you.
holy war against the West. Sept. 11 hijackers were there, the another 30 last week. The 39- Photo Credits: Reuters/Ho New In order to be profitable, it needs
It’s not clear whether the U.S. Los Angeles Times reported. year-old psychiatrist was shot (Hasan); Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi to generate ticket sales of over
military knew one of its officers The mosque is one of the biggest four times by police and remains (Fort Hood); Reuters/Vivek $250 million—only Star Trek
was under intelligence in the United States and hospitalized. Prakash (Lieberman) level. It's not a huge deal, you
surveillance, ABC said. thousands of people go there for It is unclear what motivated know. It's just the fate of 3D
U.S. law enforcement and
movies hanging in the balance. [
Kate Connolly reports from Berlin on the celebrations 20 years on from NYT via io9]

the fall of the wall

By Kate Connolly (World news Twenty years after the Berlin Kate Connolly what it meant to
and comment from the Wall came down, visitors to the them Kate Connolly
Guardian | German capital's celebrations tell
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General Casey: diversity shouldn’t Iran charges US citizens

be casualty of Fort Hood with spying
By Tabassum Zakaria (Front By Adam Gabbatt (World behalf of these three young
Row Washington) news and comment from the people and their families that the
Guardian | Iranian government exercise
Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:07:47 AM
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:03:30 AM compassion and release them so
General George Casey, the they can return home, and we
Army’s top officer, is concerned Three Americans detained after will continue to make that case."
that diversity will become a crossing border from Iraq into In September the Iranian
casualty of the Fort Hood Iran earlier this year president, Mahmoud
tragedy. Three US citizens who were Ahmadinejad, suggested the
The religious beliefs of suspect detained in Iran after crossing the release of the Americans could
Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a border from Iraq have been be linked to the release of Iranian
Muslim Army psychiatrist, have charged with espionage, the diplomats he said were being
led to speculation about motive official Irna news agency has held by US troops in Iraq.
in the shooting rampage that reported. Bauer is a freelance journalist
killed 13 people. Shane Bauer, 27, Sarah Shourd, and photographer based in the
“I’m concerned that this 31, and Josh Fattal, 27, were Middle East who has reported
increased speculation could cause arrested in July as they walked from Iraq, Syria, the Darfur
a backlash against some of our through mountainous terrain region of Sudan and Yemen,
Muslim soldiers. And I’ve asked The bottom line is the military battlefields all over the world, between the Iraqi and Iranian according to his website.
our Army leaders to be on the benefits from diversity, he said. Obama said. “They are Christians Kurdish areas where the border is Free the hikers, a website set up
lookout for that,” Casey told “Our diversity, not only in our and Muslims, Jews and Hindus not clearly marked. to raise the plight of the
CNN’s “State of the Union.” Army, but in our country, is a and nonbelievers.” "The three are charged with detainees, said Fattal had been
Asked on NBC’s“Meet the strength. And as horrific as this “They reflect the diversity that espionage," the Tehran general visiting Bauer and Shourd when
Press” whether Muslim soldiers tragedy was, if our diversity makes this America. But what p r o s e c u t o r , A b b a s J a f a r i the three embarked on their trip.
are conflicted in fighting wars in becomes a casualty, I think that’s they share is a patriotism like no Dolatabadi, was quoted as The site reported on their 100th
M u s l i m c o u n t r i e s l i k e worse,” Casey said. other,” Obama said. saying. "Investigations continue day in captivity yesterday.
Afghanistan and Iraq, Casey said: President Barack Obama also Photo credit: Reuters/Jessica into the three detained Americans • Iran
“I think that’s something that we mentioned military diversity in Rinaldi (Casey at Fort Hood after in Iran." • Iraq
have to look at on an individual his Saturday radio address which shooting), Reuters/Jim Young The US secretary of state, • United States
basis. But I think we as an Army was focused on Fort Hood. (Obama leaving podium after Hillary Clinton, said Iran had no • Hillary Clinton
have to be broad enough to bring Veterans Day is a chance to r e m a r k s a b o u t F o r t H o o d reason to hold the three prisoner
in people from all walks of life.” honor Americans who served in s h o o t i n g ) and called for them to be Adam Gabbatt
released.© Guardian News
After 5 years, Firefox faces new challenges "We believe strongly that there is & Media Limited 2009 | Use of
no evidence to support any this content is subject to our
By Stephen Shankland Mozilla helped reshape the Web Google Chrome to reckon with. charge whatsoever," she said Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
( since releasing Firefox 1.0 five Originally posted at Deep Tech during a visit to Berlin.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:00:00 AM
years ago. Now it's got a "We would renew our request on
reawakened Microsoft and
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Healthcare vote: Obama says More on Hassan |

courageous, Palin says mess Michael Tomasky
By Tabassum Zakaria (Front By Michael Tomasky (World entirely reasonable but was a
Row Washington) news and comment from the position taken more out of
Guardian | distrust of the media than any
Submitted at 11/8/2009 11:25:15 AM
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:43:55 AM kind of Palestinian sympathy.
The House passage of healthcare The initial media hysteria in
legislation means different things Okay, it's certainly starting to these instances is usually wrong.
to different folks. look like Nidal Hassan held some Never forget poor Richard
For President Barack Obama it extreme views and had some Jewell.
was a “courageous vote” by dubious connections. The Times So if Hassan was indeed an
members of Congress. reports this morning that he grew American-hating extremist, what
Obama went to Capitol Hill more and more opposed the US are we to make of it? Yes, I'm
Saturday to personally press for wars overseas, that he tried to get well aware that some of you
passage. Today he was full of out of the Army but couldn't (you think we should make of it that
praise. can; he was wrong about this, or Barack Obama is behind it all
“Given the heated and often got bad advice) and experienced and that Hassan's actions are
misleading rhetoric surrounding some racist or religionist phase one of Obama's plot to
this legislation, I know that this taunting. The Wash Post is destroy the country. But I mean
was a courageous vote for many exploring a link between Hassan back here on planet Earth.
members of Congress,” Obama mess will be disastrous for our Louisiana below: and a Virginia imam who was a We make of it that the Army
said in the Rose Garden. economy, our small businesses, Embedded video from <a "leading promoter" of al-Qaida
needs more rigorous screening
For Sarah Palin the healthcare and our personal liberty,” she href=” and who crossed paths at one
and more thoroughgoing reviews
bill was a mess. says. ”
point with two of the 9-11 of soldiers' states of mind.
“We’ve got to hold on to hope, For Congressman Anh “Joseph” mce_href=” hijackers. Federal investigative
Anything else?
and we’ve got to fight hard Cao, the only Republican to vote video”>CNN Video</a> sources still tell both papers that • Fort Hood shootings
because Congressional action for the House bill, it was “the Who do you agree with?
the operating theory right now is • US military
tonight just put America on a right decision for my district, Click here for more Reuters that he acted alone.
• United States
path toward an unrecognizable even though it was not the political coverage
Fair enough. If them's the facts,
country,” Palin said on her popular decision for my party.” Photo credit: Reuters/Yuri them's the facts. My position last Michael Tomasky
Facebook page. Watch CNN’s interview of the G r i p a s ( O b a m a o n w a y t o Friday -- that his roots and© Guardian News
“This out-of-control bureaucratic first-term congressman from making statement on healthcare) background may or may not turn & Media Limited 2009 | Use of
out to be relevant, and that in the this content is subject to our
meantime we should not rush to Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
conclusions -- was not only

Even God Runs Windows XP [Image Cache]

By matt buchanan (Gizmodo) Photoshop. And this is what it a house or a vacation or maybe making at least somebody think
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:00:00 AM
looked like after a reboot: just some Lysol ran into a little that God was one of us, cursing
Apparently, the fog near a plaza Windows XP oopsie. I'm almost his crashing computer. [ English
Yes, that's a Windows XP error, in Ukraine was so utterly intense, sad they didn't just leave the Russia]
floating in the sky. No, it's not a advertisements were reflected in the sky. This one, for a church or Windows XP error up there,
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Fall of the Berlin Wall: 20 years on leaders gather

By Matthew Weaver (World president Lech Walesa. and the will of the people, it She said: "This is not just a day
news and comment from the At around 6pm, Daniel would never have happened." of celebration for Germany, (but)
Guardian | Barenboim, who was in Berlin to Author Anna Funder reflects on a day of celebration for the whole
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:02:41 AM witness the events of 1989, will life since the fall of the wall in of Europe."
conduct his Staats Kapelle
World leaders are gathering in orchestra on an outdoor stage at
this audio.
• Our interactive timeline guides
Update 3.30pm:
Today's best Zelig moment Kraft launches
Berlin today, two decades after the Brandenburg Gate.
the fall of the wall, to celebrate From 6.30pm, world leaders
you through the dates and events
that shaped the Berlin Wall and
comes from the French president
Nicolas Sarkozy who used his hostile takeover
and reflect on the event. Find out i n c l u d i n g M e r k e l , G o r d o n
about some of the key events Brown, the French president,
finally brought about its
Facebook page to suggest he was
there 20 years ago. of Cadbury
here Nicolas Sarkozy, and the Russian • Our Berlin correspondent, Kate Sarkozy, or a minion on his By Mark Fightmaster
Today's events to mark the 20th president, Dmitry Medvedev, Connolly, reports on today's behalf, posted a picture of the (BloggingStocks)
anniversary of the fall of the will give speeches. celebrations and the mood of young Nicolas chipping away at Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:50:00 AM
Berlin Wall will range from Afterwards, the dominoes will anticipation in the city. the wall, with a caption that
solemn reflection to high kitsch be toppled and there will be The Berlin Twitter Wall reads: "Memories of the fall of Filed under: Deals, Kraft
celebration. fireworks at the Brandenburg provides live updates and the Berlin wall, November 9, Foods'A' (KFT) Ahead of the pre
Memorials are planned for the Gate at 8pm. thoughts from across the world. 1989". -determined deadline, Kraft (
136 people who died when they To mark the anniversary, the The subject is also trending on The French media have pointed KFT) decided to launch its
tried to cross the border while – Guardian has put together a Twitter at#fotw. out that archives showed he was formal offer for U.K.-based
in an event reminiscent of special Berlin Wall package For a historical perspective, the there a week later. chocolate maker Cadbury (
International It's a Knockout – including a series of videos, writer Gunter Grass has just Meanwhile, back in Berlin "the CBY). KFT announced that the
1,000 foam dominoes placed audio from those whose lives published his diaries for 1990. atmosphere is fantastic". Visitors cash-and-stock bid is worth
along the wall's route will be were affected and interactive And writer Lisa Selvidge to the city today tell Kate $16.46 billion (9.8 billion
tipped over. Dancers dressed as guides. describes her experiences and Connolly what the fall of the wall pounds) or 717 pence per U.K.-
a n g e l s w i l l d e s c e n d f r o m • The historian and columnist how they inspired her to write meant to them. listed CBY share.
prominent buildings. Timothy Garton Ash remembers her new novel, The Last Dance At that rate, KFT said the bid is
At around 2pm, Angela Merkel, the mood in the German capital over the Berlin Wall. • Berlin Wall 37% higher than CBY's July 3
the first German leader to grow after the wall fell."As as symbol, You can see how the Guardian • Germany close. KFT added that no other
up in the communist east, will it lives on, above all, as a image covered the events at the time on potential buyer has declared
cross the Bornholmer Street of peaceful liberation," he writes. our digital archive. Matthew Weaver interest in CBY. KFT is offering
bridge, where the first border • T a k e a h i s t o r i c a l a n d Update 3pm: Under drizzly skies© Guardian News CBY shareholders $5 in cash and
post opened on the evening of 9 geographical journey of the Merkel crossed the Bonhomer & Media Limited 2009 | Use of 0.26 share in KFT. For each
November 1989. Berlin Wall through five videos. Bridge flanked by Walesa and this content is subject to our American CBY share, KFT is
She will be accompanied by the • A gallery of images shows the Gorbachev. She paid tribute to Terms & Conditions| More Feeds offering $20 cash and 1.04
former Soviet president Michael wall from its construction to the the courage of both men and to shares.
Gorbachev and Poland's former commemoration of its demise. the bravery of the people of East Continue reading Kraft launches
o p p o s i t i o n l e a d e r a n d e x - • "Without the Leipzig demos Germany. hostile takeover of Cadbury
Kraft launches hostile takeover
Review redux: Flixster movie app for BlackBerry of Cadbury originally appeared
on BloggingStocks on Mon, 09
By Jessica Dolcourt Taking a closer look at Flixster's Originally posted at Crave Nov 2009 09:50:00 EST. Please
( updated movie preview and see our terms for use of feeds.
showtime app for BlackBerry. Permalink| Email this| Comments
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Burma claims it will release Aung Cramer on BloggingStocks:

San Suu Kyi Pelosi can't kill the health
By Mark Tran (World news
and comment from the
raised expectations of Aung San
Suu Kyi's imminent release only
exploratory talks with senior
figures in the junta, including the
care sector
Guardian | to dash the hopes of her prime minister, Thein Sein, but By Jim Cramer
supporters at home and abroad. not Than Shwe, the general who (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:02:10 AM
Pro-democracy campaigners has ruled the country for the last Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:10:00 AM
Diplomat says jailed opposition cautioned against reading too 17 years. They also met Aung
leader will be allowed to organise much into the latest hints on Suu San Suu Kyi. Filed under: Market matters,
her party for elections next year Kyi's release. "They've been Obama will meet Asean leaders Abbott Laboratories (ABT),
Burma's opposition leader, Aung saying these sorts of things for a this weekend during the Asia Aetna Inc (AET), CIGNA Corp
San Suu Kyi, may soon be long time but they have never Pacific Economic Cooperation (CI), Gilead Sciences (GILD),
released so she can play a role in delivered on them," said Anna forum in Singapore, possibly Stocks to Buy, Cramer on
next year's election, a senior Roberts, the director of the bringing him into rare contact BloggingStocks From
Burmese diplomat has said. Burma Campaign UK. "The with Thein Sein. The last US Network
"There is a plan to release her regime's main concern is get president to meet a Burmese • Ariad Upgraded, Xenoport
soon ... so she can organise her economic sanctions lifted and get leader was Lyndon Johnson, who Drug Delayed: BioBuzz
party," Min Lwin, a director- approval for the sham elections held talks with prime minister Ne • Holiday Deals Heat Up at Big
general in the foreign ministry, to next year." Win in 1966. Retailers
ld the Associated Press. He gave Tantalising hints of a possible Suu Kyi's National League for
no details and it was unclear release for the political prisoner Democracy won Burma's last's Jim Cramer
says the Senate is filled with that look threatening. But here's
whether Aung San Suu Kyi came as Min Lwin was in Manila elections, in 1990, by a landslide the rub: This bill's public option,
would be allowed to campaign or for a meeting of the Association but was blocked from power after more-savvy politicians, and the
the one that is supposed to be a
stand for election. of Southeast Asian Nations the junta in place since a 1962 upside for beaten-down names is
killer to everything health care,
Despite the conciliatory remarks, (Asean) and the US. coup refused to recognise the huge.
should affect no more than 6
t h e c o u n t r y ' s c o n s t i t u t i o n In a break with George Bush's result. Outside observers fear Nancy Pelosi has now said her
piece. The most unpopular million people over a 10-year
includes provisions that bar her policy of isolating the Burmese next year's election will be a period, according to the
from holding office and ensure regime, Barack Obama has sham to provide the veneer of Speaker of the House in the
Congressional Budget Office. In
the primacy of the government in decided on a policy of engagment credibility the regime has been history of Wall Street has gotten
order to get 60 votes in the
the military. with the junta. Last week the US looking for since 1990. her precious health care
Senate, even that may prove to be
The Nobel peace prize winner assistant secretary of state for • Aung San Suu Kyi legislation through the House
after ramming through a stimulus too powerful an option.
has spent 14 of the last 20 years east Asia, Kurt Campbell, and his Continue reading Cramer on
under house arrest. In August a deputy, Scott Marciel, became Mark Tran package that had far too little
BloggingStocks: Pelosi can't kill
court sentenced her to an the most senior American© Guardian News infrastructure and far too much
the health care sector
additional 18 months after an officials to visit Burma since & Media Limited 2009 | Use of pay raise for municipal and state
Cramer on BloggingStocks:
American, John Yettaw, swam 1995, when Madeleine Albright this content is subject to our workers, the most powerful
interest group in the country. Pelosi can't kill the health care
across a lake to her villa in w e n t a s B i l l C l i n t o n ' s Terms & Conditions| More Feeds sector originally appeared on
Rangoon and stayed overnight. a m b a s s a d o r t o t h e U N . But this time the Senate sees
BloggingStocks on Mon, 09 Nov
Burma's junta in the the past has Campbell and Marciel held through it, and the politicians --
2009 10:10:00 EST. Please see
despite Pelosi's insistence that
our terms for use of feeds.
Sunday Morning Suction Feeding Tuesday's election went her way
Permalink| Email this| Comments
-- know better. There are pages
(Little Green Footballs) An interesting little high-speed a snack.[Video] after pages after pages in this bill
video of a red bay snook, having
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The healthcare vote | Michael Barnes and Noble's

Tomasky Nook already makes a
By Michael Tomasky (World
news and comment from the
Guardian |
funding vote that came earlier
Saturday evening on the Stupak
amendment. After 64 Democrats
note that a slight majority of the
52-member Blue Dog coalition
voted for final passage, by 28-
voted for Stupak, I'd have 24). By Tom Johansmeyer
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:30:10 AM (BloggingStocks)
thought that many of those 64 It would have been nice if Pelosi
Well, it passed. A win is a win is would go ahead and vote for the could have ginned the yea votes Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:40:00 AM

a win, I guess. If Chelsea beat final bill. up to 230 or so. It would have
Bolton by one goal in extra time, And many did. But 23 had a slight psychological effect Filed under: Competitive This product is on fire, and it
it'd show up as a win. And if Democrats voted for the Stupak on the Senate, I think. Now, strategy, Google (GOOG), still isn't even on shelves yet.
Notre Dame barely beat Navy - amendment and then went on to nervous centrist senators are still (AMZN), Media Mary Ellen Keating, a
oops, bad example! - you know vote against the final passage of going to be … nervous centrist World, Technology spokeswoman for Barnes &
what I mean. As long as it goes the bill. What on earth would senators. If Amazon ( AMZN) was Noble wouldn't reveal how many
in the W column, it's all right. make these 23 happy? Nothing On the other hand, at least they comfortable with its spot atop the of these devices have been pre-
But count me among those who short of the whole thing going didn't lose the vote, then extend e-reader market, it just got a ordered, but she did say,
believe that a 220-215 vote is a away, I guess. the time limit in contravention of wakeup call from Barnes & "Demand for the product in our
little underwhelming. After We'll get more into the House rules, and then threaten Noble ( BKS). The brick-and- stores and online has surpassed
picking up two House seats in substance of the abortion thing as people with familial ruination mortar book retailer's e-reader, our expectations." She also
last week's elections - the much- the week goes on. I think it was a unless they changed their the Nook, which hasn't even hit noted, "We are working hard to
discussed one in upstate New hideous amendment, but maybe it votes. Just imagine what the tea stores yet, is in pre-order nirvana meet demand for the holidays."
York, and the less-noticed won't have a terribly dramatic partiers would have done if right now. The first run for the Continue reading Barnes and
victory of John Garamendi in practical effect, as a piece in Pelosi had done that. Somehow I Nook occurred at the end of Noble's Nook already makes a
what we call the East Bay area of today's NY Times suggests. doubt they complained in 2003 October(the product was splash
San Fran/Oakland - the House But I think the vote shows that when Tom DeLay did it. introduced on October 20). These Barnes and Noble's Nook
Democrats have 40 votes to spare neither Pelosi nor the president • US Congress buyers were told the reader already makes a splash originally
on any piece of legislation. They has much purchase over the • US healthcare would ship on November 30. appeared on BloggingStocks on
needed every one of them, as 39 centrist Democrats. Obama went • United States High demand resulted in Mon, 09 Nov 2009 08:40:00
Democrats opposed. to the Hill on Saturday morning backorders, so the next wave of EST. Please see our terms for
One can interpret this as t o r a l l y t h e t r o o p s . H e Michael Tomasky pre-orders was scheduled to ship use of feeds. Read| Permalink|
masterful nose-counting by specifically argued to centrists© Guardian News on December 7. Now, a third Email this| Comments
Nancy Pelosi and her team. Or that they should vote yea because & Media Limited 2009 | Use of group will have to wait until
one can say that they barely the GOP was going to come after this content is subject to our December 11.
scraped by and maybe needed a them either way. Undoubtedly Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
little luck to do so. The narrow true. But it obviously didn't
margin surprised me a bit, persuade all that many people
especially after the abortion- (although for the record I should

Singularity University, Day Two: Peter Diamandis Thinks Big

By Ted Greenwald (Wired Top After dinner on day two of and what it means. This is a guy speaker, but he’s focused on
Stories) Singularity University, Peter who radiates energy, seriousness, substantial issues and favors
Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:42:00 AM
Diamandis gives a fantastic and goodwill. He would have leather jackets over sharkskin
presentation about the X-Prize made a first-class motivational suits.
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Irony: U2's 'Free'
Disney's 'A Christmas News Corp's MySpace Concert At The Berlin
Wall, Blocked By A Big
Carol': Investors not in a mistakes pile up Wall
By Tom Johansmeyer By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
merry mood? (BloggingStocks)
Vista, near Los Angeles
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:02:00 AM

By Steven Mallas Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:30:00 AM

International Airport. The deal Dementia writes in to point out
(BloggingStocks) was signed in August 2008 by the rather ironic situation of a
Filed under: Bad news, Internet,
Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:30:00 AM Google (GOOG), News Corp'B' Peter Levinsohn, former "free" concert put on by the band
(NWS), Media World, president of the Fox Interactive U2, at the remains of the Berlin
Filed under: General Electric Technology Media Unit. At the time, he Wall in order to celebrate the
(GE), Walt Disney (DIS), Sony For News Corp. ( NWS), issued a chest-puffing memo demise of the wall... but MTV
Corp ADR (SNE), Film MySpace is the mistake that claiming it was "the single decided to put up a big temporary
Disney ( DIS) had high hopes keeps on costing. It's bad enough biggest real-estate transaction in barrier around the event so those
for A Christmas Carol. It was that Murdoch's empire paid $500 Los Angeles in the last 25 years." who didn't have free tickets could
supposed to be an unqualified million for the social networking Fortunately, he didn't mix the not even see the event. Yes, they
blockbuster. Unfortunately, the word "genius" in there at all. erected a special "wall" to block
film's first weekend at the box Universal, is currently ranked, platform shortly before Facebook
Continue reading News Corp's out a free concert about The
office was nothing short of a aptly enough, in fourth place. knocked it from the premier spot
MySpace mistakes pile up Wall. As Dementia noted with
disaster. Each of the latter three pictures in the social media beauty
News Corp's MySpace mistakes the submission, "you're doing it
Too strong? Hardly. According had a gross of somewhere pageant, but now we also know
pile up originally appeared on wrong..."
to early estimates at Box Office between $12 million and $14 that News Corp. has committed
BloggingStocks on Mon, 09 Nov Permalink| Comments| Email
Mojo, Carol took in little more million. To me, Carol's take $350 million to office space for
2009 10:30:00 EST. Please see This Story
than $30 million at domestic didn't seem as disproportionate as MySpace that will never be used.
News Corp is shelling out more our terms for use of feeds. Read|
screenings. It was wasn't it should have been.
Permalink| Email this| Comments
supposed to be like this. Carol Continue reading Disney's 'A than $1 million a month for
was supposed to be light-years Christmas Carol': Investors not in 420,000 square feet in Playa
ahead of the competition. Sony's a merry mood?
( SNE) Michael Jackson's This Is
It came in second. The Men Who
Disney's 'A Christmas Carol':
Investors not in a merry mood?
Danish Anti-Piracy Group Withdraws
Stare at Goats, distributed by
Liberty Capital Group's (
originally appeared on
BloggingStocks on Mon, 09 Nov
2009 09:30:00 EST. Please see
All Its Lawsuits Against Individuals
LCAPA) Overture Films, was
third. And The Fourth Kind, from
General Electric's ( GE)
our terms for use of feeds. Read|
Permalink| Email this| Comments (After Losing Most Anyway)
By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) individuals were basically was virtually impossible to win a
iTab Mania: Readers Submitted at 11/9/2009 1:29:00 AM
winning them all(Google lawsuit against individuals for
translation of the original, found file sharing. Of course, we have
Envision Apple's Tablet While the RIAA has backed via brokep). Basically, the courts no doubt that the industry will
By Brian X. Chen (Wired Top down (but not stopped) lawsuits acquitted most of the individuals continue to use other means, such
touchscreen tablet if you can do it
Stories) against those accused of file accused of private file sharing, as via regulatory capture, to
first? readers
sharing in the US, it looks like with the one exception being the continue to look for ways not to
submitted illustrations of an
Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:00:00 PM the Danish anti-piracy bureau has case where the guy confessed. give consumers what they want.
Apple tablet as part of iTablet
decided to drop all of its lawsuits And, the nature of the rulings in Permalink| Comments| Email
Why wait for Apple to deliver a mock-up contest.
a f t e r i t b e c a m e c l e a r t h a t the acquittals made it clear that it This Story
E-reader Newspaper Finance/ Gadgets/ 9

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd earnings Rock Band Voice

Blankfein pulls a Jeff preview: A sweet deal in Engine Tricked By
Something Called a
Skilling in an interview Q3? "Musical Instrument"
By Zac Bissonnette [Gaming]
(BloggingStocks) By Trey Thoelcke
(BloggingStocks) By John Herrman (Gizmodo)
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:50:00 AM
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:21:29 AM
Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:00:00 AM
Filed under: Management,
Goldman Sachs Group (GS) Filed under: Earnings reports, On one hand, what's happening
Goldman Sachs's ( GS) normally Forecasts here is very simple: Rock Band's
reclusive CEO and noted Inc. ( PCLN), singing feature just senses pitch,
theologian Lloyd Blankfein has which was recently added to the not words, so it's perfectly
been conducting an S&P 500, is scheduled to discuss reasonable that a flute—or indeed
unprecedented number of its third-quarter 2009 financial almost any instrument—could do
$2.92 per share. And revenue for
interviewers of late to try to results in a conference call the trick. On the other? This is
the quarter is expected to be
bolster the company's image. w e a l t h . W e h a v e a s o c i a l Monday, November 9, at 4:30 23.6% higher to $693.9 million.
The musical cosmos have been
Maybe they'd be better off if he purpose." PM ET. You can catch the live Continue reading
tilted out of balance for quite a
crawled back into his shell. Continue reading Goldman webcast of the call on the earnings preview: A sweet deal
while now, violently thrown
In an interview with London's Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein company's website. in Q3?
askew sometime between when
Sunday Times, Mr. Blankfein pulls a Jeff Skilling in an During the three months that earnings preview:
the first fake guitar rolled off an
explained that Goldman Sachs is interview ended in September, Priceline A sweet deal in Q3? originally
assembly line in China and the
"doing God's work." Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd announced a partnership with appeared on BloggingStocks on
first time a child recognized the
I never thought of God as a Blankfein pulls a Jeff Skilling in Ticketmaster ( TKTM) and Mon, 09 Nov 2009 09:00:00
Beatles on the radio as "that song
mortgage backed securities trader an interview originally appeared launched a rewards Visa card. EST. Please see our terms for
from my Xbox!" Today, as we
necessarily, but that's OK. on BloggingStocks on Mon, 09 Analysts surveyed by Thomson use of feeds. Permalink| Email
watch a young lady with a flute
Blankfein added that "We help Nov 2009 10:50:00 EST. Please Reuters expect this leading online this| Comments
totally pass for a Very Serious
companies to grow by helping see our terms for use of feeds. travel services provider to report Yelling Man with a facial tattoo,
them to raise capital. Companies Read| Permalink| Email this| that earnings for that period it feels like, in some small way,
that grow create wealth. This, in Comments jumped 18.2% from a year ago to
turn, allows people to have jobs order has been restored. [
that create more growth and more Neatorama via Kotaku]

Haglöfs Laptop Drybags Have a Design Almost

as Awesome as Their Name [Laptops]
By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) thresholds of orange, but these 15
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:40:00 AM
and 17-inch Haglöfs Laptop
Drybags have me sold on both
Maybe I'm just a sucker for their padding and Ziplock-style run about $30. [ Haglöfs via
umlauts and radioactive watertight compartment. They Stilsucht via OhGizmo!]
10 Gadgets/ E-reader Newspaper

Kohl’s Black Friday ad

By Doug Aamoth w/Recordable CD Player –
(CrunchGear) $179.99 *
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:00:00 AM
GPS Systems
3.5 GPS Navigation System –
Believe it or not, the Kohl’s $69.99 *
Black Friday ad actually features GPS Dashboard Grip Mat–
a decent amount of electronics $9.99 *
deals. Stores open at 4AM on MP3 Players
Black Friday. 2GB MP3 Player w/Video–
Here’s a list of all the electronics $24.99 *
deals. Doorbusters (available Televisions
from 4AM to 1PM on Black 19 LCD HDTV w/Built-in DVD
Friday) are marked with an Player – $199.99 *
asterisk. Digital Labs 7 Inch Portable
Digital Cameras LCD TV– $69.99 *
Vivitar 10.1MP HD Digital Video Games
Camera 2.4 LCD 8X Digital BYO By Built 10 Netbook Entire Stock of Portable Karaoke $79.99 Entire Stock of Nintendo DS
Zoom– $59.99 * Sleeve– $9.99 Systems– $59.99 * Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Video Games– 20%-30% Off *
Electronics Charging Station Complete With HMDX Speaker-On-The-Go – Speakers – $79.99 * Entire Stock of Nintendo Wii
10-50% Off Entire Stock Of The Power Strip – $18.99 $9.99 Negative Scanner – $59.99 * Video Games– 20%-30% Off *
Sharper Image Products – 10- Digital Photo Viewer 3.2 LCD, iHome Clock Radio– $49.99 Panimage 7 Digital Photo Frame Entire Stock of Video Game
50% Off 500 Pictures, Rechargeable iHome Clock Radio And Audio 512MB Internal Memory AR– Accessories – 20%-50% Off *
2XL In-Ear Headphones iPod Internal Battery– $24.99 System– $89.99 $29.99 * Kohls Black Friday
Compatible– $9.99 Discovery Expedition iHome Portable Speaker Robot Bank– $29.99 Ad[]
5-Day Wireless Weather Entertainment Projector – $79.99 System– $29.99 * USB Video Camera– $39.99 * More Black Friday deals…
Forecaster– $59.99 * iLive Home Music System– Wooden Music Center
BYO 10 Lunch Bag– $9.99

Happy 5th Birthday, Firefox!

By John Biggs (CrunchGear) There were only two browsers of they shall be scorched to the and Netscape were on the rocks that momentous occasion, let’s
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:33:00 AM
note, Netscape and Internet earth. Their tags shall blink until and it looked like the browser all tip out a little Jolt for
Explorer, and firing either up was the end of days. wars had been won. IE was the Netscape and toast to the future
Come back with me to the turn neither particularly comfortable from The Book of Mozilla, victor. In order to combat bloat of Firefox, the best browser in
of the century, circa 1996. Your or interesting. But, hidden deep 12:10 and “feature creep,” however, a the world. Best of all, the book of
humble narrator was working for b e h i n d N e t s c a p e ’ s b l a n d Pretty badass stuff, especially ragtag team of coders led by Mozilla is still being written and
campus police at Carnegie- carapace, was Mozilla. When you when most websites were Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross built any time you type
Mellon University in Pittsburgh, typed “about:mozilla” in the dedicated to kittens and something they called “Phoenix,” ‘about:mozilla’ into Firefox you
creating FileMaker databases for N e t s c a p e a d d r e s s b a r , f o r burgeoning corporate identity. I then “Firebird,” then, on get a red screen and a potent
their police reports. It wasn’t e x a m p l e , y o u g o t : was hooked instantly. This was November 9, 2004, Firefox 1.0 reminder of the early days of the
uncommon then to see DOS And the beast shall come forth the browser for me and it slowly was born. This turned into the Internet.
machines sitting beside Windows surrounded by a roiling cloud of became the browser for everyone Mozilla suite – Firefox and Happy birthday, Firefox.
95 machines and the web was a vengeance. The house of the with self-respect and a brain. Thunderbird – were born.
primitive and strange thing. unbelievers shall be razed and Fast forward to 2004: Mozilla On this, the fifth anniversary of
E-reader Newspaper Gadgets/ Tech/ 11

Sam’s Club (rumored) Black Friday ad

By Doug Aamoth HP G71 17 LED Notebook $1198.00
(CrunchGear) w/Blu-ray – $499.00 Vizio 47 1080p 240Hz LCD
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:00:00 AM
Digital Cameras HDTV – $997.00
Olympus FE-4000 12 MegaPixel Video Games
A list of rumored items for the Camera – $98.00 PS3 120GB Bundle – $399.00
Sam’s Club Black Friday ad has Digital Media Cards Wii Active Life Bundle w/Mat –
been percolating around the web Toshiba 16GB SDHC Digital $69.00
lately. There’s no ad scan to Media Card – $24.00 Wii Family Bundle – $349.00
confirm any of this yet, but I’ll DVD Players No word on possible doorbuster
update this post once more JVC 1080p Blu-ray Player – items or when the store will open
information becomes available. $129.00 on Black Friday. I’ll update this
For now, though, here’s a list of Phillips Dual Screen Portable post when more information
the rumored electronics items: DVD Player – $99.00 becomes available.
Navigation System – $119.00 HP AIO Printer Bundle – $69.00
Blank Media Electronics Sam’s Club Black Friday
Home Theater Televisions
Blu-ray 2-Packs – $17.00 Samsung Compact SD Ad[]
Samsung 5.1 Blu-ray Home Hitachi 42 1080p LCD HDTV –
Computers Camcorder w/Bag – $149.00 More Black Friday deals…
Theater – $398.00 $598.00
Acer Aspire One 10.1 Netbook – GPS Systems
Printers Phillips 52 1080p LCD HDTV –
$197.00 Garmin Nuvi 255w GPS

Casio plans to enter the OLED game

By Serkan Toto (CrunchGear) will start operations from April to the companies, their method is
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:00:34 AM
2010, with both companies more efficient and simpler.
involved saying they’ll focus on Casio will first transfer 600
OLED can still pretty much be manufacturing OLED panels employees to a new firm, which
considered a thing of the future, sized ten inches and smaller first will be established in February
but we’re getting closer to use the (like the one you see in the and will focus exclusively on
technology in our homes every picture). OLED development. Toppan
month. Today, Casio Computer Those OLED screens are says it will then buy 80% of all
announced[JP] it has teamed up supposed to be used in digital outstanding shares of the joint
with Tokyo-based technology cameras and cell phones by 2015. OLEDs, for example for TVs, electroluminescent compounds, venture (total capitalization: $4.5
company Toppan Printing to But Casio and Toppan also said t o o . T h e O L E D s w i l l b e whereas OLED production today million).
develop and produce OLED they will conduct R&D to m a n u f a c t u r e d u s i n g h i g h - is mainly based on low-polymer
panels. The new joint venture eventually develop bigger sized p o l y m e r - t y p e o r g a n i c organic compounds. According

Modern Warfare 2 Shows How To Piss Off Fans

By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) decided to piss off a bunch of other limiting features. In one view, and was told: We would to play it at all.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:02:00 AM
fans of the upcoming Modern telling quote, one of the game's like you to play the game the way Permalink| Comments| Email
Warfare 2 by not allowing designers was asked about we designed and balanced it. This Story
william was the first of a few of dedicated game servers, limiting whether or not a certain feature Now, that's fair enough, but if
you to send in this story about the number of players for PC- would be enabled to allow those fans don't want to play the
how Infinity Ward seems to have based multiplayer games and players to change their field of game that way, they're not going
12 Gadgets/ Politics/ E-reader Newspaper

HTC 'carefully looking'

into netbook category,
wants to add 'unique value'
By Darren Murph (Engadget)
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:41:00 AM
Nook reader turns out to
Oh, HTC-- never one to dodge be popular, shipments
the chance to keep us on edge,
are you? Half a year after we
get pushed back
heard that the self-proclaimed " By Matt Burns (CrunchGear)
quietly brilliant" company was Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:25:14 AM
working on an Android netbook
with T-Mobile, HTC's own CEO It’s not fun being the coolest kid
Peter Chou confessed during a just about the perfect time for the in town as Barnes & Noble just
Video: Hacked Roombas recent interview that those very
wheels were still turning. During
company to come out swinging --
after all, you know you still find
yourself dreaming about the Shift
found out. Its hot dual-screen
Nook ebook reader was supposed
the frenzy that was the HD2 to ship on November 30th, but
Used to Play Pac-Man, launch, he quipped that his
company was still "carefully
from time to time.
[Via jkOnTheRun]
that’s not going to happen. Sorry.
The good news is that buyers
Filed under: Laptops
Finally! [Roomba] looking into [the netbook]
category and how it can be part HTC 'carefully looking' into
netbook category, wants to add
should still get it before
Christmas though.
B&N is saying that the delay
By Danny Allen (Gizmodo) lights that make Pac-Man chomp of that," noting that nothing was 'unique value' originally appeared
in the dark. [ Roomba Pac-Man official yet due to its desire to was caused by higher than
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:08:00 AM
really add "unique value" rather on Engadget on Mon, 09 Nov expected sales numbers and the
via Engadget] 2009 10:41:00 EST. Please see
It was only a matter of time, Built using our spare time, than punching out another "me- new ship date is December 11.
our terms for use of feeds. Read| The Nook is just more popular
right? Check out this setup where Roomba Pac-Man is designed to too" machine. 'Course, if Intel
Permalink| Email this| Comments that B&N had thought it would
a laptop player controls "Pac- s h o w c a s e t h e e x t e n s i v e really does revamp its Atom
Man" while being chased by robo U n m a n n e d A e r i a l S y s t e m lineup at CES, we'd say this is be and you can totally understand
-vacuum ghosts. And get this: it's software suite that we have why. It comes sporting a 3G
actually a demo of their developed to support our Video: The Intelligence wireless connection like the
Kindle, the same price as the
unmanned aerial software that personal research. It was also a
guides airborne vehicles. Squared Debate
great opportunity to use some of
That's why the red tape marking o u r s k i l l s f o r o u r o w n
Kindle, but also the two screens
and an equally vast eBook store.
(Little Green Footballs) church a force for good in the The Nook is where it’s at, kids.
the maze is really only there for entertainment. As a disclaimer,
the video. The player sees a our research center, RECUV, is Submitted at 11/8/2009 6:53:42 PM world?”
virtual representation on screen, not affiliated with the project, Speaking for the motion,
Here’s the kind of brain food Archbishop John Onaiyekan and
and the ghost roombas use and the work done here, while
you don’t usually get from US Anne Widdencombe MP.
i n t e r n a l o d o m e t r y w i t h a utilizing some software we were
media; the BBC’s The Speaking against the motion,
positioning system to find their paid to develop at CU, is the sole
Intelligence Squared Debate, in a Christopher Hitchens and
way around, and avoid each creation of those listed at the
five-part YouTube playlist. Stephen Fry.[Video not shown]
other. bottom of the page. The motion: “Is the Catholic
Now they just need those LED-
E-reader Newspaper Gadgets/ Tech/ 13

Epson concocts world's first Gigabyte fixes iPhone Microsoft to

4K HTPS panel, 4K 3LCD sync issue with BIOS launch Forefront
Protection 2010
projectors closer to reality update (CNET
By Darren Murph (Engadget) Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:30:00 AM

Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:09:00 AM

By Vladislav Savov
(Engadget) Report offensive content:
Oh, the beauty of progress. Just If you believe this comment is
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:47:00 AM
a few months back, Epson offensive or violates the CNET's
seemed fairly content showing The Intel P55 Express chipset Site Terms of Use, you can report
as good as ours as to when this it below (this will not
off an HTPS panel with a stuff will actually hit the market snafu that caused iPhones to lose
WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) their syncing minds has now automatically remove the
in a functioning product, but comment). Once reported, our
resolution, though today that very yesterday is as good a day as any been remedied -- at least by one
product just seems lackluster. Up motherboard maker. Gigabyte staff will be notified and the
to start saving up. comment will be reviewed.
until now, 4K x 2K projectors [Via Akihabara News] has issued a BIOS update making
were reserved strictly for things all hunky-dory between Select type of offense:
Filed under: Displays, Home Offensive: Sexually explicit or
cinemas, businesses and Entertainment the phone and the mobo, putting
consumers with a) more money your troubles to an end. The P55 offensive language
Epson concocts world's first 4K Read- Gigabyte Beta BIOS
than sense and b) room for a 200- is Intel's latest midrange chipset download page Spam: Advertisements or
HTPS panel, 4K 3LCD
pound beamer in their basement. projectors closer to reality and orchestrates things for newer Read- Update fixes iPhone sync c o m m e r c i a l l i n k s
The planet's first 4K-compatible Core i5 / i7 machines. The other problem Disruptive posting: Flaming or
originally appeared on Engadget offending other users
high-temperature polysilicon on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 09:09:00 two P55 purveyors, ASUS and Filed under: Cellphones,
(HTPS) TFT liquid crystal panel MSI, were also caught by the D e s k t o p s Illegal activities: Promote
EST. Please see our terms for cracked software, or other illegal
for 3LCD projectors measures use of feeds. Read| Permalink| bug, and there are anecdotal Gigabyte fixes iPhone sync issue
just 1.64-inches and supports Email this| Comments reports of success with an ASUS with BIOS update originally content
displays with resolutions as high BIOS update, but not official appeared on Engadget on Mon, Comments(optional): Report
as 4,096 x 2,160. Your guess is fixes as of yet. Given the 09 Nov 2009 08:47:00 EST. Cancel
competitive nature of this market, Please see our terms for use of This content has passed through
though, we'd be surprised if those feeds. Permalink| Email this|
two companies didn't quickly Comments
follow suit. All's well that ends
well, right?

CrunchDeals: Refurbished Logitech Harmony 890 remote for

By Doug Aamoth Harmony 890 universal remote via PC or Mac and the list of only. The remote carries a 90-day
(CrunchGear) control. It’s priced at $99.99, compatible devices is up over warranty direct from Logitech.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:47:00 AM
today only, down from just under 175,000 currently. There’s a built Logitech Harmony 890 Remote
$250 normally. -in color LCD screen and lithium Control – Refurbished[Amazon]
Amazon has a pretty aggressive The remote controls up to 15 -ion rechargeable battery as well.
deal on a refurbished Logitech devices and includes both RF and infrared signals. Setup is handled Again, this deal is good today
14 Gadgets/ Tech News/ E-reader Newspaper

Intel purportedly fast-tracking

Pine Trail platform, forgetting
all about N270 / N280 at CES
By Darren Murph (Engadget)
Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:56:00 AM

Say it with us now: "freaking Google May Be Making

finally!" The world at large
seems perfectly fine with using Their User Interfaces
Atom N270 and N280 CPUs for Look Halfway Decent
the rest of eternity (judging by [Google]
the latest netbook sales figures,
anyway), but techies like us are By Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo)
existing N270 and N280 making
sick and tired of dabbling with an expedited trip to the grave. Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:12:00 AM

the same underpowered chips and Good riddance, we say.

the same lackluster capabilities. Engadget got a few screenshots
[Via Register Hardware]
At long last, we're hearing that of what may be the user interface
Filed under: Laptops
Intel will supposedly officially
announce the Pine Trail platform
Intel purportedly fast-tracking
Pine Trail platform, forgetting all
Autonomous Roombas for all Google web applications,
from Gmail to Google's search
itself. As you can see in these
in late December, with a raft of
netbooks based around the new
Pineview chips hitting the CES
about N270 / N280 at CES
originally appeared on Engadget
on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 09:56:00
do Pac-Man right images, they may adopt Google
Wave's look.
It's still not clear if these
show floor in January. The
1.66GHz Atom N450, dual-core
1.66GHz Atom D510 and Atom
EST. Please see our terms for
use of feeds. Read| Permalink|
Email this| Comments
(video) screenshots are real, but if they
are, I will be very grateful. If
By Tim Stevens (Engadget) Aerial System suite, designed for only not to make my eyes hurt
D410 are expected to be all the
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:13:00 AM
guidance of airborne vehicles, every time I have to open Gmail.
rage at the show, with the
but we're too busy geeking out to The actual user interface won't be
We've seen mixtures of Roomba care about potential real-world much better, but at least it will
Singularity University: and Pac-Man before, but nothing applications of this tech. Video feel a little bit clearer and
like this. A team of developers below.
Rearranging Atoms With Ralph organized. Bonus points: Google
have hacked five floor-cleaning Continue reading Autonomous Wave may have found some real
bots to create a sort of OCD Roombas do Pac-Man right use, at last. [ Engadget]
Merkle version of the game, with the Pac (video)
By Ted Greenwald (Wired Top material aspects of life,' says -Man bot sucking up little white Filed under: Robots
Stories) Ralph Merkle, senior research rectangles whilst being chased by Autonomous Roombas do Pac-
chair at the Institute for robot incarnations of Inky, Pinky, Man right (video) originally
Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:56:00 AM
Molecular Manufacturing. Those Blinky, and Clyde. But, when the appeared on Engadget on Mon,
'If you rearrange the atoms in words kick off day 2 at the Pac-Man vacuum finds a power 09 Nov 2009 08:13:00 EST.
coal, you get diamond. If you Singularity University Executive pellet those ghostly rovers turn Please see our terms for use of
rearrange the atoms in sand, you Program. blue and start fleeing. The tech is feeds. Permalink| Email this|
get silicon. How atoms are supposed to be a demonstration Comments
arranged is fundamental to all of the developers' Unmanned
E-reader Newspaper Gadgets/ Politics/ 15

Tech Note:
(Little Green Footballs)
Submitted at 11/8/2009 1:06:07 PM

Here’s a tech note, also known

as an open thread, as I delve into
the wealth of new goodies in
PHP 5. At some point after
installing our new server last
GameStop given permission year, our gracious, kind, and all-
powerful web hosting company
to break Modern Warfare 2 upgraded our version of PHP
from version 4 to version 5 —

street date but somehow I missed the memo.

By Nicholas Deleon
stores, particularly in the The NCube: probably
northeast, had already broken the
Imagine my shock to check out a
phpinfo() command recently and
discover that LGF is running the
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:30:54 AM
-pop have all the fun, now can
the best portable
date. Can’t have li’l ol’ mom-and latest and greatest, with all those
nice new functions for JSON and
XML parsing, better object
You most certainly already we?
know this by now, but Modern What does this mean for you?
Warfare 2 is probably already You can try to call your local
Gamecube of all time orientation, etc., instead of
lumbering along with PHP 4 as I
a v a i l a b l e a t y o u r l o c a l GameStop, and see if it’s selling By Darren Murph (Engadget) drive that's just begging to be had thought.
GameStop. The release date the game early. If so, hooray. If Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:18:00 AM broken. Hit the read link for a So I’m refactoring all our code
(tomorrow, actually) was broken not, you’ll have to wait one more look at 90 grueling hours of that reads and parses JSON or
last week by various so-called agonizing day to play the game. Oh sure, we've seen a few " work, or just jump past the break XML to use the built-in (and
mom-and-pop video game stores, I’m still undecided if I’m going portable" Gamecube systems for a celebratory video. much faster) PHP 5 functions
so Activision went ahead and to get it, seeing as though World over the years, but we've yet to [Thanks, Jonathan] instead of using outdated external
started letting select GameStops o f W a r c r a f t t a k e s u p a set our eyes on anything as Continue reading The NCube: classes and libraries written for
sell the game. glorious as this. Not surprisingly, probably the best portable PHP 4.
supermajority of my gaming
GameStop, with Activision’s time. Not that any of you care, the NCube's creator is yet another Gamecube of all time So like I was sayin’, here’s yer
eventual approval, made the which I fully recognize. Ben Heck apprentice, with the Filed under: Gaming, Handhelds o p e n t h r e a d f o r a S u n d a y
decision to break the street date, case being a heavily modded The NCube: probably the best afternoon as I geek out into the
as its known, because other Datamax Kid's Delight and the portable Gamecube of all time void.
display an unmodded Zenith originally appeared on Engadget
PSone. There's a 2-way switch on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 10:18:00
for running off of batteries or the EST. Please see our terms for
AC outlet, a relocated memory use of feeds. Read| Permalink|
card slot and a rear-mounted disc Email this| Comments
16 Gadgets/ Tech/ Tech News/ E-reader Newspaper

LG's 15-inch OLED TV GE, Comcast reportedly value

now blowing minds in NBCU at $30 billion
South Korea Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:48:00 AM
Further, the two companies have
discussed an option whereby GE
would sell off all or most of its
could end up paying less.
Other challenges remain, too.
French media giant Vivendi
By Darren Murph (Engadget) One major obstacle seems to ownership of the new company owns 20 percent of NBCU.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:33:00 AM have been settled in Comcast's to Comcast over the next seven Vivendi has reportedly told GE
quest to buy NBC Universal from years, according to sources cited that it wants to sell its stake but
Call Daegu home? Just over in General Electric--how much to previously. Recent reports say has yet to voice approval on any
South Korea to visit and / or pay for it. that GE and Comcast have now deal of its own. A valuation of
infiltrate the DMZ? Regardless of Both companies have reportedly decided how to price the new the company's 20 percent
why you're there, you're probably agreed on a price of $30 billion entity after the deal goes into ownership is currently being
interested in picking up LG's for GE's movie and TV unit, effect so that GE faces no discussed, said the source cited
latest, which has been tempting according to sources cited problems selling off its remaining by Reuters.
our retinas since IFA. Just as Monday by Reuters and The stake. Of course, even if Vivendi
we'd heard back in late August, Wall Street Journal(subscription The valuation of NBC Universal agrees to a deal and all looks
the aforesaid firm's 15-inch required for full story). was seen as a major challenge in good, regulatory approval would
OLED TV is reportedly now on The agreement on the worth of advancing the deal, according to be required, especially since
sale in South Korea, and it's NBC Universal (NBCU) is a sources. Comcast naturally was Comcast would own a huge
packing a price tag of around 3 major step toward paving the intent on maximizing the value of chunk of national and local
million ($2,598). By our count, way to create a new, privately its own networks and minimizing media outlets. The Journal said
this is just the second major, Filed under: Displays, HDTV, h e l d c o m p a n y t h a t w o u l d the value of NBCU to limit the that people close to the talks
mass-produced OLED TV to hit Home Entertainment combine NBC's TV stations and amount of up-front cash it would believe regulatory approval could
store shelves anywhere in the LG's 15-inch OLED TV now Universal Studios with Comcast's need to invest in the new firm. take at least eight to 12 months.
world, but we're hoping to see a blowing minds in South Korea TV and cable stations. NBCU's Latest reports say that Comcast Comcast's bid for a majority
lot more action in this space originally appeared on Engadget Web properties include iVillage would inject anywhere from $4 stake in NBC Universal was first
come CES. You TV makers are on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 09:33:00 and the online video site Hulu, in billion to $6 billion into the new revealed in early October.
l i s t e n i n g t o o u r r e q u e s t s EST. Please see our terms for which it is a co-owner along with entity. Requests for confirmation to GE
demands, right? use of feeds. Read| Permalink| News Corp. and Walt Disney Co.
However, both companies have and Comcast were not
[Via OLED-Display] Email this| Comments Under the terms of the proposed r e p o r t e d l y a g r e e d t o b a s e immediately returned.
deal, Comcast would own a Comcast's final cash payment on This content has passed through
majority 51 percent slice of the NBCU's financial performance
new entity, with GE owning the before any finalized deal closes.
remaining 49 percent. If its performance tanks, Comcast

Cartoon: Flag for Moderation

By Rob Cottingham crowdsource a big chunk of our more nuanced than just thumbs-
(ReadWriteWeb) work: identifying user up and thumbs-down buttons.
Submitted at 11/8/2009 11:40:35 AM
contributions that deserve a And so...
higher profile - and those that Sponsor
Those of us who manage online deserve to be dropped in a deep, More Noise to Signal. Discuss
communities have learned to But there has to be something
dark hole.
E-reader Newspaper Gadgets/ Tech/ Tech News/ 17
Nov. 9, 1963:
Sam's Club Black Friday Ad Leaked, Looks Dual Disasters
Heartbreakingly Lame [Rumor] Stun Japan
By Daniel Dumas (Wired Top
By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) list that we could even merit Navigation System - $119.00
pasting. The bold items look like ($10 savings) Stories)
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:38:27 AM
the best deals. Hitachi 42" 1080p LCD HDTV - Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:00:00 PM
We haven't seen a full ad scan Acer Aspire One 10.1" Netbook $598.00
on Sam's Club's Black Friday - $197.00 Phillips 52" 1080p LCD HDTV A mining explosion and a train
sale yet, but this potentially HP G71 17" LED Notebook - $1198.00 ($50 savings) crash combine to kill more than
leaked list making the rounds w/Blu-ray - $499.00 Vizio 47" 1080p 240Hz LCD 600 people.
now isn't much to write home Olympus FE-4000 12 MegaPixel HDTV - $997.00 (...really?)
about. Camera - $98.00 ($30 savings) $129.00 [ Black Friday]
Below are only the parts of the JVC 1080p Blu-ray Player - Garmin Nuvi 255w GPS

Balloons! Sending out a mystery message on your iPhone

By David Winograd (The someone finds it and contacts York City, you can't immediately clouds. I was taken by the
Unofficial Apple Weblog you. It's sort of non-directional grab the balloon in London; it whimsy of this app, and can see
(TUAW)) social networking with a hint of needs time to travel. it being great for kids as a nudge
Submitted at 11/8/2009 8:30:00 PM mystery built in. If you want to see what has toward becoming interested in
In this app, you start making a happened to your balloon, there geography. It's also fun, tinged
Filed under: iPhone, App balloon by choosing from a is a balloon tracking option that with a bit of longing for faraway
Review With over 100,000 apps variety of balloon styles. Next tells you how long your balloon places, for everyone.
in the app store, it's getting you create a message that the has been flying and if has been Take a look at the video in the
harder and harder to find balloon will convey. Tap in the caught or not. Tap on one of your 2nd half of this post to see it in
something new; most apps seem middle of the screen and the caught balloons and you'll see all action.
to be 'me too' versions of camera activates to take a picture the notes added by those that Continue reading Balloons!
something else. Balloons! US of what's going on in your life at have seen your balloon. I found Sending out a mystery message
$2.99 [ iTunes Link] for iPhones the moment. Then add a bit of this to be a lot of fun. on your iPhone
running OS 3.0 or better, is text and send the balloon out into There is a free, advertising- TUAW Balloons! Sending out a
something I haven't seen before, the world. Other users, over 900 supported version of the app [ mystery message on your iPhone
and it's really very clever. in the first 3 days of sales, are iTunes Link] that doesn't include originally appeared on The
TUAW first got a look at an early doing the same thing. Over 3500 the tracking option. I liked the Unofficial Apple Weblog
development version of balloons have been sent up from idea of giving out a free (TUAW) on Sun, 08 Nov 2009
Balloons! back at WWDC, the US, Europe, and Japan appetizer, since you can get a 20:30:00 EST. Please see our
including a video interview with already. added something to it, and let it great idea of how Balloons! terms for use of feeds.
the developer. Next, you'll want to catch a fly again. As more people catch, works and quickly realize that the Read| Permalink| Email this|
Balloon mail has been used, balloon. When you do, you'll see add to, and release balloons, each best part of the app is the Comments
along with the more common the message from the person who balloon takes on a history and tracking option.
phrase message in a bottle, to made the balloon along with a often has a story to tell. The graphics suit the app nicely.
describe sending a message into separate flippable page from The balloons don't travel Screens are very cartoonish using
the wind or sea and hoping that everyone who caught the balloon, randomly. If launched in New bright colors and animated
18 Tech/ E-reader Newspaper

7 Ways to Get More Out of LinkedIn

By Sharlyn Lauby (Mashable!) flies in the face of conventional make regular updates in Then, “If you are going to seek a
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:57:28 AM
wisdom when your goal is to LinkedIn. The one space where recommendation from a co-
build relationships and you can keep your connections worker or manager, keep a few
Sharlyn Lauby is the president c o m m u n i t y . informed is the status updates things in mind. Many employers
of Internal T a l e n t Eric B. Meyer, an associate in section. have written policies against
M a n a g e m e n t ( I T M ) w h i c h the labor and employment group Lori Burke, director of human giving out anything other than
specializes in employee training o f D i l w o r t h P a x s o n L L P , resources at Neighborhood neutral job references to current
and human resources consulting. reminds us that when using a America, explains that updates and former employees. These
S h e a u t h o r s a b l o g a t professional networking site such are not only an interesting read, policies generally focus on giving as LinkedIn, “don’t give a LinkedIn at least once a week. If but very valuable. “I’ve found recommendations, as opposed to
L i n k e d I n , w h i c h r e c e n t l y potential employer an easy someone has 1-19 then I realize new networking groups I may not seeking them. Still, as a courtesy
reached the 50 million user excuse to remove you from they probably either haven’t have thought about [via status to the person in your company
m i l e s t o n e , h a s l o n g b e e n consideration. Use a professional begun to pop the hood and look updates]. Additionally, it allows from whom you seek a
considered the social networking headshot and scrap the picture of inside or gotten past the initial me to learn what others are recommendation, just be
site for professionals. If you’re you doing a keg-stand.” threshold of their friends, family involved with or in, who they sensitive to your company’s
in business, it is basically He adds that “an employer may and past colleagues. They might may be connected to, etc. In neutral reference policy.” 5.
expected that you have a profile not discriminate when selecting be a great prospect for me to total, it widens the scope of Optimize Your Profile
there. one job applicant over another. reach out to but this might not be knowledge for me.” 4. Seek Your LinkedIn profile should
But with the more mainstream For example, an employer may the best use of my time. This Meaningful Recommendations not just be an online version of
platforms like Twitter and not base a hiring decision on combined with the profile they A terrific feature of LinkedIn is your resume, optimizing for
Facebook being used for business such things as race, religion, have listed lets me realize t h e a b i l i t y t o p r o v i d e search engines is key. The
purposes, some professionals are gender, and national origin. quickly if I am wasting my time recommendations. This is a format of your LinkedIn profile
n e g l e c t i n g t h e i r L i n k e d I n Although actually proving an with someone who has no place for your connections to might depend on whether you are
profiles. While LinkedIn is employer made a discriminatory interest or trust in LinkedIn.” comment about your work. currently employed and whether
certainly not as dynamic as other hiring decision may be difficult.” So you might say to yourself, if R e c o m m e n d a t i o n s c a n b e or not you are seeking new
social media sites, it still provides Businesses who engage in hiring small numbers in the connection thought of as beefed up thank opportunities, says Koutsis. “If
a lot of value — if you use it discrimination are the exception, department signal you’re a you cards. Instead of telling one you are looking for a new
correctly. So whether you’re not the rule. Just remember, by novice, do large numbers mean person how you feel, you’re position then you might want
new to LinkedIn or a veteran, using an avatar, you will be you’ll connect with just about telling the world that person does your profile to look more like a
here are some of the things you providing information about a n y o n e ? K o u t s i s s a y s n o t good work. resume, but maybe not so much
should consider incorporating yourself a prospective employer necessarily. “I do not believe It’s important to get good solid if I am currently employed.”
into your LinkedIn strategy. 1. may not have otherwise obtained there’s a maximum number of recommendations and Meyer Burke doesn’t mind if the full
Include a Photo Avatar on its own. 2. Build Your connections that makes someone offers some thoughts on how to content of the resume is on the
Some media reports claim that Network of Connections look like they will just connect do that. First, “think about who profile as it can be helpful when
because organizations can use While we might be inclined to with anyone. LinkedIn only knows you best. It could be a co- searching for candidates.
any criteria they want to make say quality is better than quantity, shows 500 then adds the + sign worker or manager. It could also However, it is a bonus “when I
hiring decisions, photo avatars it could be possible that the after the 500 so you never really be a client or customer for whom find networkers who have added
p r o v i d e c o m p a n i e s w i t h number of connections you have do know how many more than you just did an incredible job on more content than you might find
information they may not have says something about you. Greg 500 connections someone has a huge project. If you seek a in a resume, such as a link to
otherwise known about you K o u t s i s , c o r p o r a t e a n d until you connect with them.” 3. recommendation from a client or their portfolio.”
based on a resume alone and international channel recruiter for Use Status Updates to Your c u s t o m e r , b e p o l i t e a n d When filling out your profile,
could actually hurt you more than Aplicor LLC, says, “if someone Advantage remember to thank the person you should think about your
help. But, not including a photo has 20-50+ connections then I Once you complete your profile, w h o g i v e s y o u t h e
with a social networking profile know they probably check there aren’t a lot of places to r e c o m m e n d a t i o n . ” WAYS page 20
E-reader Newspaper Tech/ Tech Tips/ Tech News/ 19

Rupert Murdoch Plans To Hide His Sites From

Google, The World Yawns
By Stan Schroeder talking right there. I don’t have to subscriber to, you get a
(Mashable!) explain it to you, folks: breaking paragraph and a subscription
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:30:15 AM
even or making a couple of form.”
million is not the same. It’s an I honestly can’t understand Repository
The media today is widely important sentence because it what’s his plan here. If he plans
reporting an excerpt from Rupert shows that Murdoch is not only to charge for websites, why hide Makes Newer Ubuntu
Murdoch’s interview with Sky interested in making money; he’s them from the search engines? If Apps Easily Available
News Australia, in which he says interested in making obnoxious you can’t actually read the [Linux]
he plans to make News Corp amounts of money. And we’re content without paying, then
sites invisible to Google’s search supposed to pay for it. won’t be interested in anything making the content at least partly By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
engine. He then makes the argument that on the site except that tiny bit of accessible to Google and other Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:30:00 AM
While Murdoch has been on the it’s better to have quality information that made him click search engines can’t hurt? In fact,
verge of saying that for quite a audience, willing to pay for their on the link. Sometimes, the the WSJ that he mentions as an GetDeb's web site has long been
while now, this is the first time news, than having just everyone conversation will develop around example isn’t hidden from the go-to spot for Ubuntu (and
he actually uttered it. But one has coming to their sites, by which he your article, but not on your site; Google’s indexes, you can easily Debian, and Mint) users to grab
to listen to the entire interview to refers to people finding articles it may develop on Twitter or find Wall Street Journal articles the latest copies of software not
understand that Murdoch is not on one of his sites via search Digg. As a site owner, you have via Google. yet released by their official
quite clear about what, exactly, engines such as Google. to adapt to this. If you plan to just This is just one part of the quite repositories. Now GetDeb makes
he plans to do, and even if he is, “We’d rather have fewer people ditch all these visitors, claiming lengthy interview, but it all boils it even easier with a repository.
it doesn’t make much sense. coming to our websites, but they’re all worthless, you might down to this: Mr. Murdoch is not By adding GetDeb's repository
You can see the interview paying.” e n d u p w i t h a n e m p t y ready to accept any of the to your Linux system, you'll get
below, but I’ll hightlight several Fair enough. Let us know how auditorium. changes brought forth by the access to pre-compiled .deb
interesting points which show that went in a couple of years. Here’s the most important bit, in Internet and the social media packages as soon as they're
just how imprecise and confusing It proves that Murdoch is w h i c h M u r d o c h r e p l i e s t o movement. Moreover, he doesn’t available on GetDeb's site. That
Murdoch’s plans sound. sticking with the old model of whether he plans to block sites seem to understand how some means apps like the GIMP
Early in the interview he says how news and information is from being seen by search parts of it work. He’s got the graphics editor, Songbird, and
the following: disseminated, and doesn’t plan to engines: manpower to announce a war, other software that hits a major
“There are no websites, news change it. The problem is, things “I think we will. But that’s when but I’m afraid his army will be release between Ubuntu's six-
websites or blog sites anywhere don’t work the way they used to we’ll start charging. We do it fighting windmills. month release cycle are available
in the world today making any any more. Sometimes, a visitor already with the Wall Street Reviews: Digg, Facebook, to you just as soon as someone's
serious money. Some maybe will come to a news site or a blog Journal. We have a wall, but it’s Google, MySpace, Twitter nice enough to compile the
break even, or make a couple of and won’t even know where he not right to the ceiling. You can Tags: News Corp, rupert newest code.
million.” is; he might think he’s still on get the first paragraph of any m u r d o c h GetDeb's repository is free to
This is one rich media mogul Facebook or MySpace. And he story but if you’re not a paying use and install. Hit the link for
instructions on adding it to your
Singularity University, Day One: Infinite, In All Directions 9.04 or 9.10 Ubuntu system;
users of older Ubuntu systems
By Ted Greenwald (Wired Top A security guard checks my the nascent Singularity Bond movie, crowned by with c a n s t i l l g r a b p a c k a g e s a t
Stories) driver’s license as I drive into the University. Night has fallen, but strange domed buildings and G e t D e b ' s l e g a c y w e b s i t e .
Submitted at 11/8/2009 8:07:00 AM
entrance to Moffet Field, a it still feels like entering a top- adorned by sculptures of airships. V2 Beta[via I'm Just
disused naval airbase that hosts secret installation out of a James an Avatar]
20 Tech/ Tech News/ E-reader Newspaper
continued from page 18

goals for the type of networking listed on your resume or bio. If living context to your profile.”
Is the Magic Mouse a
you hope to get done. Also,
since LinkedIn has the ability to
search any word in the content,
you belong to a LinkedIn group
that is inconsistent with the
business image you wish to
With the lines between work and
life being blurred, posting
something business related at
By Mel Martin (The Unofficial
both Burke and Koutsis suggest portray, then that could be a 1:00 PM and a picture of a cat at Apple Weblog (TUAW))
listing all relevant keywords at challenge for you. Meyer shared 1:00 AM helps “bring the picture
Submitted at 11/8/2009 1:30:00 PM
the bottom of your profile if you with me the example of of a person together completely.”
want to be found easier. 6. Use belonging to a group called “The In the end, Koutsis asks, “if Filed under: Analysis / Opinion,
Groups to Expand Your Reach Deer Hunters” while applying for people see no reason after Hardware, Peripherals, Bad
Groups are a beneficial a position with an animal rights viewing your profile to connect Apple For some Magic Mouse
networking tool and a great way group (let’s just say, good luck with you, then why did you reach users, the streamlined human of the Magic Mouse, and I
to expand your network. Koutsis with that). 7. Consider Whether out to them in the first place?” interface device is not only a dog, missed the button-less scroll
says that he doesn’t look at what to Link Your Profiles The most important thing we can but a dog that pees on the carpet, wheel.
groups a person belongs to when Burke believes that accounts do is create a complete and smells bad, and barks The Magic Mouse seems to be
he’s searching for candidates but should be kept separate. “I compelling profile. Because the continuously. Apple support working fine for many users, but
he does find potential resources believe that this strategy allows bottom line is the value boards are beginning to fill up there are some hints that the little
using the groups function. me to keep my professional proposition you propose when with complaints about tracking rodents are having trouble with
However, Meyer reminds us it’s personae separate from my you try to connect with someone issues and Bluetooth disconnects. some older hardware. My 2006
possible to be viewed in a personal. Case in point was the on LinkedIn. More business There are also complaints about Intel-based Mac Pro may be one
negative light based upon group one time I posted a social media resources from Mashable: the lack of a third mouse button, of the computers at issue.
membership. “For some time article to both applications. My - 5 Advanced Social Media and some all-too-early hardware Apple will hopefully issue a
now, many employers are going Facebook family and friends Marketing Strategies for Small failures. software update, if that is the
beyond simply running a found the information of little Business I liked the Magic Mouse when I problem. In my case, the only
criminal background check in value to them and I believe the - Top 5 Business Blogging saw it at my local Apple Store, so magic I'm going to see from the
order to vet job applicants. same may be true in reverse. Mistakes and How to Avoid I took one home for my Mac Pro. Magic Mouse is when it
Employers may be Googling However, I will post general Them It seemed to work for awhile, but disappears from my desktop.
candidates, checking out their information about me (i.e., - 10 of the Best Social Media now it is very erratic at tracking How is it going for you?
public postings on Facebook, speaking engagements) with both Tools for Entrepreneurs and speed, even when TUAW Is the Magic Mouse a
reviewing tweets on Twitter, and networks. In essence, it depends - 6 Must-Follow Steps for Selling MouseZoom is installed. Its dog? originally appeared on The
scrutinizing LinkedIn profiles. In on the content,” she says. in Any Economy Bluetooth connection has Unofficial Apple Weblog
a down economy — as in any On the other hand, Lance Haun, - 5 Easy Social Media Wins for dropped several times, and it (TUAW) on Sun, 08 Nov 2009
economy, really — employers vice president of outreach at Your Small Business either comes back after a long 13:30:00 EST. Please see our
want to fill job openings with the MeritBuilder, explains that Tags: business, linkedin, Lists wait or simply fails to connect terms for use of feeds.
best possible candidates.” LinkedIn is “a snapshot of your again. Read| Permalink| Email this|
Today’s rule of thumb should be life at the time you updated your When I moved back to my wired Comments
that anything you post in an profile so including Twitter, Apple mouse, I found that I had
online profile may as well be Facebook, or a blog helps to add actually preferred the form factor

What, Exactly, Is a 'Cop-Killer' Gun?

By Nathan Hodge (Wired Top rampage say that the alleged makes the Five-Seven different
Stories) shooter, Maj. Nidal Hasan, used from other handguns?
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:26:00 AM
an FN Herstal Five-Seven pistol
— described in some reports as a
News reports on the Fort Hood 'cop killer' gun. What, exactly,
E-reader Newspaper Tech/ 21

Steve Jobs, the moral high ground, and the return to Apple
By Steven Sande (The Steve Jobs to know that he was
Unofficial Apple Weblog able to regain control of the
(TUAW)) company through a combination
Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:00:00 AM of connections, persuasion, and
his love for his company.
Filed under: Steve Jobs, Apple The rest is history. As Ellison
History Jesus Diaz over at stated in an interview in Fortune,
Gizmodo had a fascinating "The difference between me and
exposé in a post late last week Steve is that I'm willing to live
that provided a look into some of with the best the world can
the thinking of Steve Jobs back provide-with Steve that's not
in 1997. As Diaz relates, Oracle always good enough." That
CEO Larry Ellison and his friend difference explains why Apple
Steve Jobs were on a beach in continues to amaze us with their
Hawaii in '97 when Ellison, products, why Steve Jobs is so
under the influence of a few important to the company, and
margaritas, floated the idea of why Jobs was the hands-down
buying Apple to bring Jobs back choice for Fortune's CEO of the
into power at the company he had ground, he thought he could likes the story of a legend coming spend any money?" Decade.[via Digg]
co-founded with Steve Wozniak. make decisions more easily and back-to see him succeed or, Since his return to Apple, Steve TUAW Steve Jobs, the moral
Jobs declined, although Ellison more gracefully." better yet for Hollywood drama, Jobs has, of course, brought the high ground, and the return to
had funding all lined up to allow Diaz went on to conjecture that fail. More importantly, the company from the brink of Apple originally appeared on The
The Steve to make a hostile it was more than decision-making company was his company. He extinction into profitability and U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g
takeover of the company. He told that went into Steve's refusal to didn't have to buy it! That was recognition. Whether or not he (TUAW) on Mon, 09 Nov 2009
Ellison that a takeover would push his way back into power; it absolutely preposterous, he w o u l d h a v e b e e n e q u a l l y 09:00:00 EST. Please see our
make people think he was was love. As Diaz notes, probably thought at the time. He successful as a result of a hostile terms for use of feeds.
greedy, just wanting to make "Steve wanted to be wanted. He knew he was going to return as takeover is a great plot for an Read| Permalink| Email this|
money out of Apple. Ellison later knew he was loved by the public King once again, acclaimed by alternative universe sci-fi novel, Comments
stated that "He (Jobs) explained and the press. After all, everyone his troops and his people, so why but it adds a lot to the legend of
to me that with the moral high

Microsoft releases Exchange 2010, acquires Teamprise

(CNET server software. Microsoft operating systems to build business asset for our customers," help produce business results
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:45:07 AM
finalized the code for the product applications using Microsoft's senior vice president and more quickly."
last month and had said it would Visual Studio product. developer unit head S. Microsoft didn't announce
Microsoft made two enterprise launch at TechEd. "We know our customers face Somasegar said in a statement. financial terms of the deal, but
moves on Monday, one expected Meanwhile, the company also daily challenges with "With the acquisition of the did say the Teamprise technology
and the other a bit of a surprise. announced it is buying the management, collaboration and Teamprise assets, we're taking a will be integrated into Visual
As promised, the company used Teamprise technology from development in heterogeneous step forward on this journey, Studio 2010.
its TechEd event in Berlin to SourceGear. Teamprise allows environments. The industry must providing customers with a This content has passed through
release Exchange 2010, the latest developers using Eclipse and take steps to make viable cross-platform
version of its e-mail and calendar those working on non-Windows interoperability a stronger development solution that will
22 Tech/ Tech Blog/ E-reader Newspaper

Happy Birthday, Firefox I’ve Got Nothing:

By Stan Schroeder
starting to appear on the web as
web developers make individual
Crowdsourced Song Created
Submitted at 11/9/2009 1:49:51 AM
choices to support a standards-
based, royalty-free approach. by YouTubers [VIDEO]
Originally an experimental Expect to see changes in the By Stan Schroeder
branch of the Mozilla project, a expectations around the licensing (Mashable!)
new web browser was launched of codecs. Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:21:20 AM
on November 9, 2004: Firefox And over the next five years
1.0. Its aim was to reduce mobile will play an increasingly Wanna make a hit song? The
Mozilla’s bloat (if you remember important role in our lives, and in ’standard’ way of doing it is
those early days, the Mozilla the future of the web. The learning to play an instrument,
Suite consisted of a web browser, decisions of users, carriers, finding a couple more musicians,
mail client, news reader, irc about that; it can be summed up governments and the people who practice, create some songs, find
client; it even had a web page in three words: privacy, video, build phones will have far- a publisher… YouTube auditions via video
c r e a t o r c a l l e d M o z i l l a and mobile. From the blog post: reaching effects on this new …or you can scrap all that and let response to pick the band, found
Composer), and it was an instant “ O v e r t h e n e x t f i v e y e a r s extension to the Internet and how the YouTube community do the the producer of the song through
hit among users and developers everyone can expect that the people will access information entire work for you. I’ve Got YouTube, and the music video is
alike. browser should take part in a few for decades to come.” Nothing is a song that’s been made up of literal interpretations
Five years later, and Firefox new areas – to act as the user Mozilla plans to celebrate this entirely crowdsourced. A of the lyrics, clapping and
holds a quarter of the browser agent it should be. Issues around milestone by throwing parties (oh youngster called Charlie singing along, by YouTubers!”
market, and while technically not data, privacy and identity loom no, not that again) around the McDonnell, together with three The resulting song and the
b e i n g t h e m o s t p o p u l a r large. You will see the values of world. The campaign is called other teenagers, have created the video, which you can see below,
(Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Mozilla’s public benefit mission “Light the World with Firefox”, project as part of BBC’s follow the “standards” for a viral
still clings to that honor), it’s reflected in our product choices and it will include shining the ChartJackers, an attempt to break hit: extremely catchy melody and
definitely the most prominent in these areas to make users safer Firefox logo in cities such as into the UK music charts a happy video with young people
browser, with thousands of and help them understand what it Paris, Tokyo, Rome and San without…well, pretty much singing along. While it’s hard to
plugins (add-ons, they’re called), means to share data with web Francisco. Find out more at everything: money, producer, predict if it’ll become a huge hit,
a busy developer community, and sites. studio, even musicians. it definitely has the ingredients,
over 330 million users. Expect to see big changes in the n-US/. Reviews: Firefox Here’s the official description of and the community to support it.
As for the future, Christopher video space. HTML5-based Tags: birthday, Firefox how the song was created: It’ll definitely be interesting to
Blizzard over a t video and open video codecs are “The lyrics of the song are made see how far can such an effort go, has some idea up of YouTube comments, competing with professionally
compiled into a song by another produced songs and videos that's S3-alike service? YouTuber. The lyrics were cost tens of thousands of dollars.
(Scripting News) archives. If this is true, I will be building released and then YouTubers Reviews: YouTube
Brewster Kahle is talking about on it. wrote a melody for the lyrics, and Tags: viral video, youtube
Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:04:55 AM
the Internet Archive making Update: It's true. Here's the tweet we picked our favourite. We held
An intriguing tweet yesterday public S3 storage (what Amazon with the scoop.
from Steven Levy of Wired rents) free on their servers.
Magazine, which, if true, could Does anyone have any more info
open huge doors for future-safe on this?
E-reader Newspaper Tech/ Entertainment/ 23

Twitter and Penguins: How the San TUAW Review and

Francisco Zoo Uses Twitter giveaway: Blur Tripod
[VIDEO] and app for iPhone
By Ben Parr (Mashable!) out about the incident via By Steven Sande (The
Submitted at 11/8/2009 10:59:53 PM
Twitter. Oh, and don’t forget Unofficial Apple Weblog
about the two penguins huddling (TUAW))
We know there are a lot of around him. Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:00:00 AM
interesting and unique uses for Social media, once a
Twitter. We’ve seen Twitter used phenomenon localized to early Filed under: Accessories, iPhone
for customer service, tweets to adopters, has quickly spread into Way back in September, we
monitor power usage, and even nearly every channel. The fact announced that Mobile
140 character marriage proposals, that a zoo is using Twitter to Mechatronics was going to be
but we never thought about it p e n g u i n e n c o u n t e r ( v i d e o s interact with its visitors and to selling a combination of a tiny
being used to quickly respond to below), and even access to the know about what’s happening on tripod and an iPhone app called
incidents such as a kid being bit n o r m a l l y o f f - l i m i t s A v i a n its grounds in real-time is just Blur. The idea behind this combo
by an otter. Conservation Center. another amazing example of the is that the tripod can hold your
Earlier today, a group of Twitter While this is a great example of power that social tools provide iPhone more steadily than your
enthusiasts (including me) using Twitter to reach out to and us. hand can, and then the software
gathered at the San Francisco please customers, it isn’t the only Here’s Anthony’s explanation of can assist you by either taking a
Zoo for a zoo tweetup. While in way that the San Francisco Zoo how the zoo uses Twitter. Enjoy! photo after a delay or taking
most respect it was your standard (@SFZoo) utilizes Twitter. In BONUS: The Penguins of San several photos in quick it finally showed up when I
gathering of Twitter nerds with the 3 minute clip embedded Francisco Zoo succession. searched this week.
phones tweeting and Twitpics below, animal keeper Anthony We did visit a zoo. It would be a At the time, I asked Mobile Continue reading TUAW
flying, the tweetup was unique Brown discusses some of the shame if we didn’t embed at least Mechatronics to send some Review and giveaway: Blur
because of the involvement of the unique stories of how Twitter has one clip exclusively about cute samples for us to test and then Tripod and app for iPhone
zoo via Twitter. h e l p e d i m p r o v e t h e z o o , animals: give away. The tripods arrived TUAW TUAW Review and
After seeing initial tweets about including how it has helped find Reviews: Twitter very quickly, but the software giveaway: Blur Tripod and app
the upcoming event, the zoo lost phones and even how the zoo Tags: penguin, San Francisco was nowhere to be found. In my for iPhone originally appeared on
provided anybody who came to respond to a kid being bit by one Zoo, San Francisco-San Jose, quest to get review equipment The Unofficial Apple Weblog
the tweetup with a discount, a of the river otters after finding twitter, zoo out of my office and into the (TUAW) on Mon, 09 Nov 2009
hands of TUAW readers, I kept 08:00:00 EST. Please see our
Gallery: 'The Insider' in Times searching the App Store for the
app. It appears that Mobile
Mechatronics fell into the bane of
terms for use of feeds.
Read| Permalink| Email this|
Square iPhone developers everywhere --
slow approval of apps -- because
(ETonline - Breaking News) with a line-up of celebrity guests Insider" on TV all this week to
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:17:00 AM
for the latest entertainment news see the fireworks in Manhattan!
with opposing views! See
New pics! TV show "The exclusive behind-the-scenes pics
Insider" takes over Times Square right here, then tune in to "The
24 Tech/ Popular News/ E-reader Newspaper

Google may lose WSJ, News Corp BREAKING: EA Acquires

Facebook Game Maker Playfish
sites For Up to $400 Million
By Ben Parr (Mashable!)
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:43:00 AM
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:14:27 AM
Rupert Murdoch is threatening
to pull his content from Google. If you needed proof that social
Is this a bluff?(Credit: Dan gaming is huge business, look no
Farber/CNET) further than today’s blockbuster
Rupert Murdoch, the media news.
tycoon who has long accused Video gaming giant Electronics
Google of ripping off content Arts (EA for short) just
from his newspapers, says his announced that it has acquired
company is responsible for some
sites may soon disappear from the social gaming company
of the most popular games on
the search engine's listings. Playfish for a deal that could be
Facebook, MySpace, and the
Murdoch, who is chairman of worth up to $400 million. While
iPhone, including Pet Society,
News Corp., the newspaper, TV there have been rumors of
Restaurant City, and Country
and Internet empire that includes potential acquisition, the deal is
The Wall Street Journal, Hulu, now official.
With EA’s financial and gaming
The New York Post, and 20th EA will pay $275 million in cash
muscle, we could see some
Century Fox, made his comments and $25 million in equity for the
amazing synergies on the console
during an interview with Sky company. In addition, if Playfish
and social gaming platforms, as
News Australia. achieves certain “performance
well as greater investment in
After Murdoch accused Google, milestones” (aka continues to
growth and development in social
Microsoft and others of grow), the price tag could go up
gaming. Reviews: Facebook,
"stealing" his company's content, to a full $400 million.
"What's the point of having obligated to help media MySpace, pet society, video
he was asked why he just doesn't And there’s no reason to think
someone come occasionally who companies because it needs their Tags: acquisition, EA, electronic
pull his Web sites from Google's Playfish won’t continue to
likes a headline they see in content. That hasn't stopped arts, facebook, gaming, playfish,
search results. rapidly grow along with the
Google," Murdoch continued. Murdoch and his staff from social gaming, Zynga
"I think we will," Murdoch social gaming market. The
responded. "But that's when we "The fact is there isn't enough continuing to make hostile
start charging."
Murdoch and other News Corp.
advertising in the world to go
around to make all the Web sites
comments about the search
engine. What News Corp hasn't
4 people found shot to death in
execs have said that they intend
to charge readers and viewers. In
profitable. We'd rather have
fewer people coming to our Web
done much of is follow up with
much action.
rural Texas home (AP)
the past, the company's sites have sites but paying." Is News Corp trying to scare (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) 13 seconds ago 2009-11-
relied on advertising revenue. When asked why he would buck Google into making more Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:38:22 AM
Murdoch made it clear he's no the trend of offering free content, concessions? Or is News Corp This content has passed through
fan of the ad-supported model Murdoch said: "(The public) just afraid to pull the trigger? dave b buzzed up: Cao jolts the
("There are no news sites or blog shouldn't have had it free. I think This content has passed through House (Politico)
sites making any serious we've been asleep."
money"). Google has said that it feels
E-reader Newspaper Tech/ Tech Tips/ 25

YouTube with all of the sizzle but

none of the Flash
By TJ Luoma (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
this link to your Bookmarks Bar:
FlashFree YouTube and you can
Anger Against Red Light
Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:15:00 PM
easily access
NeoSmart/HTML5 version.
the And Speed Cameras
Filed under: Multimedia[ Our
regular Sunday night Talkcast is
cancelled due to a sick host.
How does it work? Superbly
well. I tested it using Safari, and
watching a YouTube video
Going Mainstream
By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) notes numerous other studies that
Sorry, and we'll see you next through NeoSmart had no
disagree, and digs into the details
week. -Ed.] noticeable impact on my CPU at Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:31:00 AM
of the original study to find that it
Let's face it: Flash on the Mac is your computer. Simply go to all.
A bunch of folks have submitted does not account for multiple
a dog. Actually, that's an insult to their custom web page and paste I've nearly given up hope for a
this recent Washington Post other factors. At best, the studies
dogs, which are known for the YouTube URL into the field. version of Flash for Mac that
article about the growing anger seem to indicate that red light and
running fast. Flash for Mac is I n a m o m e n t y o u w i l l b e d o e s n ' t s t i n k . U n t i l t h e n ,
and resentment towards red light speed cameras do not decrease
such a an unoptimized beast that presented with a clean window ClickToFlash and NeoSmart's
and speed cameras. We've accident rates (in one damning
you can expect it will suck up as showing you the video, as well as HTML5 YouTube are a great
posted similar articles in the past, study, a town that got rid of its
much CPU as possible, even for a download link for the MP4 combination to make your web
version. but this is one of the first times cameras so a bigger decrease in
the simplest of videos. surfing more enjoyable.
T h e y a l s o h a v e a TUAW YouTube with all of the I've seen the topic discussed in a accidents than a neighboring
My first line of defense is
major mainstream paper. The town that installed them). In the
C l i c k T o F l a s h ( w h i c h I ' v e G r e a s e m o n k e y / U s e r S c r i p t sizzle but none of the Flash
discussion basically hits on all end, it's quite clear that the
mentioned before), but the folks available which will add a link to originally appeared on The
the high points, showing that cameras are entirely about
over at NeoSmart have another all YouTube pages. That's nice, U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g
people really hate the devices and money, and have nothing to do
solution, at least for YouTube: but what I was really looking for (TUAW) on Sun, 08 Nov 2009
was a bookmarklet I could keep 21:15:00 EST. Please see our that the reason they're so popular with safety -- and it's nice to see
is not safety, but revenue. It also more people recognizing this
By using the newest version of in my Bookmarks Bar and just terms for use of feeds.
looks at the stats, talking about a issue.
HTML, they have devised a click on when I was on a Read| Permalink| Email this|
few different studies. It does Permalink| Comments| Email
system to send YouTube videos YouTube page. I didn't find one, Comments
mention one study claiming that This Story
directly to any MP4 decoder on so I made one. Drag (don't click!)
the cameras have decreased
accidents and fatalities, but then

Worm Hits Jailbroken iPhones; Apple Plans

Jailbreak Crackdown [Security]
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) first real worm spreads itself working on boot-up,
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:00:00 AM
around. That's just one more cryptography, partitioning,
reason any jailbreaker should security threats, and other areas
A number of jailbroken iPhone change their root password that seem to have a fairly strong
owners in Australia have found immediately. Meanwhile, PC anti-jailbreaking theme in
their lock screen wallpaper World points out that Apple is replacement leader for team common. [ Sophos via Gizmodo]
replaced by Rick Astley, as the looking to hire either a new or
26 Tech/ Entertainment/ E-reader Newspaper

Get a Quirky Beamer for your iPhone (hint: it's not a car)
By Steven Sande (The this post, you might think that product. If you're looking for a
Unofficial Apple Weblog we're talking about an oddly- way to flash your friends and not
(TUAW)) painted BMW, but the Quirky get arrested, the Quirky Beamer
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:00:00 AM Beamer is actually a case for the might just be the answer.
iPhone. Not just any case, mind [Thanks for the tip, Chris T.]
Filed under: Accessories, iPhone you, but one with a built-in bright TUAW Get a Quirky Beamer for
TUAW has introduced several LED light that can act as a real your iPhone (hint: it's not a car)
Quirky projects to you in the flashlight or provide illumination originally appeared on The
past. Quirky is a community of for your nighttime photos. Unofficial Apple Weblog
folks who come up with really Compatible with the iPhone 3G (TUAW) on Mon, 09 Nov 2009
cool ideas, and then the best of and 3GS, the Beamer uses 10:00:00 EST. Please see our
the ideas are fine-tuned by the replaceable lithium coin cell terms for use of feeds.
folks who run the site and batteries to provide up to 10 your keys or take a picture of Quirky won't produce the Read| Permalink| Email this|
readied for manufacturing. Once hours of illumination without your buds. To turn the light on Beamer until 500 commitments Comments
a minimum number of customers chewing up your phone's for an indefinite amount of time, at $32.00 are received on the site.
commit to buy the product, it is batteries. Pressing the button on press the button twice. A third As of 9 PM on Sunday night, 106
put into production. the case once turns on the light press turns it back off. people had committed to the
While looking at the headline for for 10 seconds, enough to find
'The Insider'
Brenthaven: The best computer backpack I've Invades Times
ever seen Square in New York
(ETonline - Breaking News)
By David Winograd (The the usual backpack -- around $75 come with a lifetime warranty.
Unofficial Apple Weblog -- but I thought it would be worth Continue reading Brenthaven: Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:18:00 AM

(TUAW)) it since I lugged around my The best computer backpack I've TV show "The Insider" hopped
Submitted at 11/8/2009 5:00:00 PM PowerBook nearly every day and ever seen coasts this week, traveling east
it looked like the Brenthaven TUAW Brenthaven: The best from their home studio in
F i l e d u n d e r : A c c e s s o r i e s , provided better padding than the computer backpack I've ever seen Hollywood. Host Lara Spencer
Reviews The TUAW gang have competition. originally appeared on The and correspondent Chris Jacobs
been searching for great holiday Since then, the backpack has Unofficial Apple Weblog are taking over the New York
gift ideas and I think I've found housed a succession of three 17" (TUAW) on Sun, 08 Nov 2009 landmark of Times Square. Guest
one that's been right under my PowerBooks and MacBook Pros 17:00:00 EST. Please see our panelists, such as the headline
nose for five years. under very heavy use. The terms for use of feeds. making Jon Gosselin and Levi
When I bought my brand new amazing part is that outside of Permalink| Email this| Johnston, along with Niecy Nash
PowerBook G4 17" in 2004, I being a bit dusty, it's in just as no sign of wear and/or tear Comments and Star Jones, join "The Insider"
s p l u r g e d a n d b o u g h t a good shape as the day I bought it. whatsoever. And if there was, or in the Big Apple. Tune in to "The
Brenthaven backpack for it. Back No frayed stitching, no stuck ever will be, all Brenthaven bags Insider" all this week to get your
then it cost a good deal more than zippers, no torn dividers. There is latest entertainment news with
opposing views from the heart of
E-reader Newspaper Tech/ TV/ Tech Tips/ 27

Gigabyte Fixes
Windows 7/iPhone Sync
By Christina Warren
(Mashable!) Yast Tracks and Logs
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:29:33 AM
Time Spent on Projects
Verizon's iPhone insults Last week we posted about
syncing issues some Windows 7
and Tasks [Time
have only just begun users were having with their
By Jason Fitzpatrick
(CNET Oakley Originals/Flickr) The problem seems to revolve Submitted at 11/8/2009 3:00:00 PM
One can never have enough around the Intel P55 Express will be out soon. Although this
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:01:05 AM
buckets of does in this complex chipset, which is apparently not problem only affected a small If you're looking for a simple
It seems as if Verizon Droid's life. And it is refreshing to see reporting or outputting the right portion of users (users of a time-tracking tool with visuals
avowedly male positioning will someone spending $100 million amount of power needed for the specific chipset and the 64-bit that are easy to read at a glance,
now include finger-pointing, high in an attempt to take on the prom iPhone to complete a sync. version of Windows 7), we’re Yast fits the bill.
-pitched taunts, and echoes of "na queen of cell phones. Engadget reports that sure those that are affected have Yast can track multiple projects
-na-nana-na". However, these ads heap motherboard maker Gigabyte has solutions on the way. and tasks each with their own
After revealing that Verizon has pressure on the Droid to perform issued a BIOS update, solving Have you had any issues with color code. The week-at-a-glance
placed the iPhone on the Island as a phone and, indeed, as an the problem on those machines. Windows 7 and iPhone view is great for seeing how
of Misfit Toys, Ad Age is item to be seen with. ASUS and MSI, two other synching? Let us know! projects are unfolding over the
reporting that in the next Droid Functionality can only take one motherboard makers who have Reviews: Windows 7 week. You can generate reports
ad, the iPhone will be the subject so far. Somehow, I recall General also had problems with their P55 Tags: gigabyte, iphone, itunes, and save them to your computer
of another touching description. Motors being the brand of boards and iPhone syncing p55, Windows 7 and invite other people to see
Apparently, the ad says the supposed functionality. And that haven’t released any official your projects. The other notable
Droid "swaps semi-functional, didn't quite, well, function for the updates, but we expect that they advantage of Yast is inviting
giggling-brat-vanity for a bare company as things turned out. people to view and collaborate
knuckle bucket of does." This content has passed through based on on the individual
Oh, yes, the Droid is flexing its project, not the entire tracking
youthful muscles.(Credit: CC calendar—your coworkers will
never know that you've spent 39
Disney Channel Orders Second Season of Jonas hours in October organizing your
Pokemon collection.
By Bill Gorman second season of the pop stars’ middle of next year. Yast is free and requires
(TVbytheNumbers) comedy series “Jonas” and has via registration. Have a time-tracking
Submitted at 11/8/2009 10:48:08 PM
tapped new executive producers: This content has passed through tool or service you love? Let's
showrunner Lester Lewis and hear about it in the comments.
The Jonas Brothers are keepers director Paul Hoen. Thanks, Mark! Yast
at Disney Channel. [...] “Jonas” is slated to begin in
The cable channel has ordered a Production on Season 2 of February for a premiere in the
28 Politics/ Tech Tips/ Entertainment/ E-reader Newspaper

And Now, Tulipa 'Ayaan' Dancing in the Street

(Little Green Footballs) crossing of Tulipa ‘Gavota’ x a (ETonline - Breaking News) While the dancers showed off
Submitted at 11/8/2009 3:23:42 PM
sport of Tulipa ‘Gander’s their fancy footwork, Stevie
Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:00:00 AM
Rhapsody’. Wonder danced his fingers across
If you were wondering what The new deep purple tulip joins "Dancing with the Stars" pro the piano, playing the holiday
Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s been up to a group of tulips known in dancers Cheryl Burke and Tony classic "That's What Christmas
lately, the Dutch flower bulb Holland as “black” tulips. The Dovolani were dancing down Means to Me." Daughter Aisha
sector just named a tulip after legendary quest of Dutch Main St. USA in Disneyland. M o r r i s a n d M i n n i e M o u s e
her: Tulip named after activist hybridizers to create a truly black The duo was joined by Anika accompanied him for the carol.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali. ‘Ayaan’.” Mr. Thijs Leenders, tulip goes back centuries. Many Noni Rose, who voices the Both performances will be
NEW YORK, November 6, president of the North American experts consider Tulipa ‘Ayaan’ character Tiana in Disney's featured in the 2009 Christmas
2 0 0 9 : I n a c e r e m o n y o n F l o w e r B u l b W h o l e s a l e r s one of the finest and most upcoming animated film 'The Day Parade, which will be
November 4 at the Metropolitan Association represented the successful results of this quest. Princess and the Frog.' The broadcast on ABC on December
Museum of Art the Dutch flower Dutch bulb sector in the event. The selection of the flower to be performers were filming a New 25. Selena Gomez also got in the
bulb sector named a tulip after Also in attendance was Mr. Wim named in her honor was made by Orleans themed musical routine holiday spirit this weekend.
A y a a n H i r s i A l i ‘ A y a a n ’ i n Pijbes, director of Amsterdam’s Ms. Hirsi Ali herself. on Sunday.
recognition of Ms. Hirsi Ali’s Rijksmuseum. … Upon receipt of the signed
defense of freedom and human Tulipa ‘Ayaan’ is a dark christening certificate, the tulip
rights for Muslim women. maroon/brown/purple Triumph will be entered into the Classified
Ms. Hirsi Ali, a feminist, author, tulip hybridized by Ms. Lydia List and International Register of
activist and former member of Boots, of Lybo Hybridizing, Tulip Names, maintained by the
the Dutch parliament completed Hem, NL. Ms Boots is one of Royal Dutch Bulb Growers
the traditional naming ceremony few women working in the male A s s o c i a t i o n ( K A V B ) i n
by drizzling champagne over the d o m i n a t e d w o r l d o f t u l i p Hillegom, the Netherlands.
bulbs and declaring, “From now hybridizing. The hybrid is a
on this Tulip has the name

YouTube XL Supersizes YouTube for Your TV [YouTube]

By Jason Fitzpatrick YouTube XL presents common fonts and buttons when trying to
(Lifehacker) YouTube options in a large use YouTube in a living room
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:30:00 AM
display format for easy setup, YouTube XL is a great
navigation without having to read way to access YouTube in a
Many people are sporting a tiny font 20 feet across your couch-friendly format.
HTPCs these days—media living room. You can quickly Have another great site or tool
computers hooked up to their navigate to spotlighted, top rated, for accessing streaming video on
televisions—but some sites are and most viewed categories. from the comfort of your living
designed like you're sitting at Clicking on "More..." also gives You can also set the next video the current one ends and filter out room? Let's hear about it in the
your computer desk not on your you quick access to rising videos, in your search results or viewing content not suitable for minors. If comments. YouTube XL[via
living room couch. YouTube XL most favorites, most discussed, category to start playing when you've been annoyed by the tiny AskTheAdmin]
makes YouTube couch-friendly. and more.
E-reader Newspaper Tech Tips/ TV/ 29

Selling Homes and Scrapbooking: A Compact and

Organized Office [Featured Workspace]
By Jason Fitzpatrick excellent use of available space
(Lifehacker) and keeps a large volume of tools
Submitted at 11/8/2009 4:00:00 PM
stowed away and neatly Review: Bored to
organized while keeping them
What do you do when you've got accessible to the person working Death - Take a
a limited amount of space and
you want to pack in work and
in the space. Check out the
pictures below for additional
Dive (season finale)
play? You maximize your storage information and the link to his By Jonathan Toomey (TV
space and organize carefully like Flickr pool for photo notes. Squad)
in today's featured workspace. If you have a workspace of your Submitted at 11/8/2009 10:01:00 PM
Lifehacker reader GrayDrakeFX own to show off, throw the
put together a home office for his pictures on your Flickr account ( S01E08)"You think we learned
wife who—as anyone who and add it to the Lifehacker anything tonight?" - Jonathan
scrapbooks or is married to a Workspace Show and Tell Pool. I'll tell you what I learned --
scrapbooker knows—had quite a Include some details about your Bored to Death has a lot of
lot of stuff to organize and store. setup and why it works for you, potential. All season long, I've
realtor she needed a space for her of IKEA items to maximize gone from loving to hating to
He writes: and you just might see it featured
business and as a creative genius space and you will notice there is loving this show, and with the
Built for a Realtor who is also on the front page of Lifehacker.
she needed a space for her not much wall space left :) season finale now come and
quite the amazing artist, this Selling Homes and
creativity to flow too. So we put While minimalism is all the rage gone, there's a real opportunity
workspace had to have a dual Scrapbooking: A Compact and
together this dual discipline in workspace design, sometimes here for Bored to Death to
personality. Organized Office[Lifehacker
workspace that while small really you simply need to have the become HBO's next break-out hit
The goal here was to transform a Workspace Show and Tell Pool]
works. space to store all your stuff. when it returns. All the pieces are
spare bedroom into my wife's
There are some interesting uses Today's workspace makes in place and it probably could
office and creative suite. As a
have blown up this season had

Create a Simple DIY E-Commerce Site [Selling] there not been so many episodes
where the show tried to find its
footing. Is it a detective show?
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) and expertly managed inventory Hit the link for the very helpful
Or is it about three friends in the
Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:30:00 AM
system, but can take the grunt run-through. Got an equally easy
publishing world trying to make
work out of simple cart-based, system for an e-commerce site?
Got a product or service to sell? their mark? Or is it both?
fixed-price commerce with credit If your job doesn't involve
If you're not looking for a total Continue reading Review: Bored
cards. It need not be a whole side sending out endless amounts of
design and setup package, but to Death - Take a Dive (season
business you're setting up—even email about it, tell us in the
just want to get selling, Ars finale)
having a whole bunch of goods comments. How to set up an e-
Technica walks through the setup Filed under: Other Comedy
around your house to pass off commerce site using PayPal to
of a PayPal-based site for a small Shows, OpEd, Episode Reviews,
might make it worth setting up a process[Ars Technica]
business. Reality-Free
quick web site with a bit more w h i l e y o u ' r e i n c h a r g e o f
As Jacqui Cheng notes, PayPal Permalink| Email this| |
cachet than eBay or Craigslist. explaining why someone would
won't provide you with search- Comments
The security and credit card buy from you.
friendly, clean-looking design processing is handled by PayPal,
30 Tech Tips/ Tech News/ Popular News/ E-reader Newspaper

Life360 Protects Your Family &

Property Via Web, Mobile, & More
By Jolie O'Dell access all their Life360 services
(ReadWriteWeb) from their phones. Right now,
Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:18:19 PM
Android devices are supported,
with a BlackBerry app coming
Life360 is often described as an emergency contacts; a thorough, soon and an iPhone app stuck in
"OnStar for life," providing its web-enabled ID service that App Store purgatory.
users with tools to track and gives first responders instant Another "coming soon" service
protect people and things through access to critical information; a we thought was cool - and also Mobile a variety of interfaces. service for cataloging and excellent Cheaters fodder - is a
T h e c o m p a n y o f f e r s I R L tracking valuable items via coded GPS-enabled tracking dongle that

Fixes Photos on s e r v i c e s s u c h a s c h i l d tags; and identity protection can be thrown in a bag, duct-
identification paraphernalia, services. taped to the underside of a car,
medical IDs, and credit and The mobile tracking feature - tossed onto a pet's collar, stapled
Smartphones [Downloads] identity protection; but they also w h i c h g o t t h e c o m p a n y a to a child - you name it. Life360
have a cool suite of features that $ 3 0 0 , 0 0 0 i n v e s t m e n t f r o m founder Chris Hulls told us in an
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) concerned about making a bad revolve around Internet and Google - allows users to locate email that he hopes to roll out the
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:00:00 AM
choice, you can upload any pic to mobile tracking of people, family members using the web hardware within the next six
a account first. objects, and even pets. Their i n t e r f a c e o r t h e m o b i l e months. "There will be an
i P h o n e / A n d r o i d / W i n d o w s The iPhone version has a few Android application for tracking application. Custom privacy additional fee, probably in the
Mobile:, the e f f e c t s a n d p r e - s e t c o l o r and securely messaging people settings allow users to find loved neighborhood of $100 for the
online home of Adobe's market- changes—along with multi-touch even netted them a seed round ones in an emergency, check device and $10 per month for
l e a d i n g i m a g e e d i t o r , h a s functionality, of course—and the from Google their locations, see their statuses, each tracked person," he said.
released a native photo editor and Android version features a non- Sponsor a n d r e t r a c e t h e i r p r e v i o u s Some other GPS- and mobile-
photo uploader for Android multi-touch straightening tool, The concept for the company, locations. While the company enabled features Hulls plans to
phones, and it's a fairly versatile but the two are basically the same which was founded in the wake states this will not make family release within the next year are a
solution for fixing or offloading app in different shells. All of Hurricane Katrina, revolves members feel stalked, we see this Curfew 2.0 app, a check-in
images while you're out and versions are fairly robust for around disaster preparedness and app as Cheaters fodder as well as system for "distributed" families
about. mobile editing apps, and do a emergency messaging. Currently, a great way to keep track of the to touch base, and customized
On Android phones, photos can good job of correcting the most the available features include an ones you care about most during alerts for emergency notifications
be cropped, rotated, resized, and notable failings of mobile lenses. emergency messenger that uses times of crisis. in a user's specific location.
adjusted for saturation, exposure, Mobile is a free email, web, SMS, and phone to The Android app allows users to Discuss
and tint, as well as have a soft download for iPhones, Android, get messages through to
focus or black & white effect or Windows Mobile devices.
applied. Multiple effects can be P h o t o s h o p . c o m M o b i l e [ v i a
undone and re-done, and if you're D o w n l o a d S q u a d ]

Radical imam praises alleged Fort Hood shooter (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) dave b buzzed up: Cao jolts the 09T08:00:02-08:00
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:37:55 AM
House (Politico) This content has passed through
11 seconds ago 2009-11-
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Check Out the Companies That Make ReadWriteWeb Possible

By Admin (ReadWriteWeb) data | Hakia: semantic search | cloud computing solutions. Domain.ME
Submitted at 11/8/2009 11:14:31 AM
Domain.ME: .me domain Thank Rackspace on Twitter for .Me is a true phenomenon among
registrar | Codero: Managed making ReadWriteWeb possible. TLDs. With its unforgettable
Our mission at ReadWriteWeb is hosting | Groupsite: Social meaning and limitless word
to explore the latest Web collaboration | NaviSite: offers a variety of combination possibilities, .Me
technology products and trends. Managed hosting | Search Engine services relating to Web hosting, gives a truly personal tone to
We're fortunate to have a great S t r a t e g i e s : C o n f e r e n c e | including shared hosting, Web your domain name. If you are
group of sponsors who support M y D o m a i n . c o m : D o m a i n design, marketing and online looking for a name that speaks
this goal. So, once a week, we registrar | Backupify: Online advertising services, search for itself .Me is your best choice.
write a post about them; about backup | LeapFish: Personalized engine optimization, e-commerce Let .Me speak for your online
who they are, what they do, and home page | Media Temple and solutions, and domain business or personal blog.
what they've been up to lately. SixApart: our hosts and blogging registration. .Me potential is enormous and it
Pay them a visit and show your software, Thumbplay, You can register for simply asks for you to be creative
appreciation of their sponsorship Crowd Science, and Calais. Check here. and coin the name that suits you
of this site. Pay them a visit or Crowd Science gives online out the white paper " Five steps Thank on Twitter for best. If you have a great, original
tweet them a "Thank you" (see p u b l i s h e r s r e p o r t s o n t h e to scaling your business making ReadWriteWeb possible. idea for a domain name, register
link below each sponsor) to show demographics and attitudes of development using Web Hakia .Me before it's taken. To check
your appreciation for their t h e i r a u d i e n c e . W e a t services" to discover how you Hakia is a semantic search out other ideas, explore the world
sponsorship of this site. You can ReadWriteWeb have signed up to can use APIs for your business. engine. It delivers a new search of .Me.
also start following some or all of t h i s n e w s e r v i c e , b e c a u s e You can find out more about experience based on focus, Thank Domain.ME on Twitter
our sponsors on Twitter with a demographic data is something APIs and their business use at clarity, and credibility. You can for making ReadWriteWeb
few clicks on this TweepML we've struggled to get in the past. compare Hakia to Google and possible. Codero
page. It's important for any online Thank Mashery on Twitter for Bing here. Codero is a former division of
I n t e r e s t e d i n b e i n g a business to know their audience, making ReadWriteWeb possible. Hakia currently powers the Codero became a
R e a d W r i t e W e b s p o n s o r ? so Crowd Science is a welcome Rackspace contextual advertising link separate entity focusing on
ReadWriteWeb is one of the addition to the stats armory that Rackspace is one of the world's engine at ReadWriteWeb with its dedicated and managed hosting
most popular blogs in the world most of us in the Internet biz use. largest hosting providers, but it's semantic advertising module, solutions after the acquisition of
and is read by a sophisticated Sign up to get demographic data also competing in the cloud Contexa. Contexa provides page-'s shared hosting, web
audience of thought leaders and from Crowd Science. computing arena. Rackspace level contextual analysis (in this design, and domain registration
decision-makers. We have Thank Crowd Science on Cloud Hosting offers a suite of case, of blog posts) on the fly and services by Hostopia. "Codero"
several innovative new features T w i t t e r f o r m a k i n g services which combines a outputs keywords that represent stands for collaboration,
in our sponsor packages that we'd R e a d W r i t e W e b p o s s i b l e . scalable web and application the meaning of the page along engagement, focus, reliability,
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COO Bernard Lunn for all the Mashery is a platform for Web with a cloud storage solution Contexa system then matches secure computing experience for
details. services, allowing companies to (Cloud Files) and on demand ReadWriteWeb sponsors' email, shopping, and data
Sponsor manage their APIs using server instances (Cloud Servers). requirements with the contextual transfer.
Ready to learn more about the Mashery's expertise. At the The addition of SliceHost a representation of the page to Codero is a dedicated and
smart companies that support this "Business of APIs" conference, popular cloud computing and provide relevant ads for readers. managed hosting company
site you love to read? Read on... Mashery CEO Oren Michels hosting provider and JungleDisk, Contexa is offered as a service focused on the real needs of
Skip to info about: Mashery: explained to the audience that a favorite online backup service and can be integrated into any ad today's small and mid-sized
API management services | while APIs are a technology, that supports Cloud files, makes system. businesses. The company
Rackspace: cloud computing their use is a business decision. the Rackspace Cloud a powerful Learn more about Contexa. believes in supporting robust
experts | Web hosting | He went on to say that Mashery cloud hosting solution. Thank Hakia on Twitter for
Crowd Science: demographic has helped customers such as CHECK page 34
Explore Rackspace's hosting and making ReadWriteWeb possible.
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New iPhone Worm: How Worried Should We Be?

By Sarah Perez Australia, iKee was created to users. To begin with, they're future attacks on their devices
(ReadWriteWeb) highlight the iPhone's poor relatively tech-savvy to have even if they had become a victim
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:24:32 AM
security. Apparently unrepentant managed to jailbreak their phones of one of these recent hacks. At
about his creation, Towns has to begin with - a process which the very least, they're now aware
Numerous reports have surfaced made no attempt to hide his involves using downloadable of the issue and can follow the
over the weekend regarding the identity, posting on internet software tools that unlock straightforward instructions
first iPhone worm spotted in the forums and on his Twitter page Apple's control mechanisms on available on the web that explain
wild. The worm, known as iKee, about his hack. He even cheekily the device. While not overly how to change the root password
only affects modified handsets tweets a response to a post on complex, most mainstream so it's no longer the default. More
also known as " jailbroken" security firm's Sophos blog iPhone users won't bother to take Dangerous than the iPhone
devices. These devices have been where the writer had sought out this action, content with the Worm: Dishonest Developers
hacked by their owners to allow the hacker's identity via Google iTunes App Store and its 100,000 Despite all the media hoopla
f o r t h e i n s t a l l a t i o n o f searches:"You know man if you
While this particular worm or so available applications.
over this "first iPhone worm," it's
unapproved, third-party programs wanted my number you could
appears to be localized to And then there is the fact that the
not something that most iPhone
that aren't allowed in the iTunes have asked." And he wasn't
Australia, it could have spread to attacks don't even affect all
owners will have to worry about.
App Store. kidding - Towns has been other countries and eventually, jailbroken iPhone owners - they What's more concerning are the
Currently, the worm doesn't happily responding to media
worldwide. It also comes directly only affect those who have also
claims that a supposedly
appear to be all that malicious - it requests via his Twitter account.
on the heels of another similar installed a program called SSH
legitimate iPhone development
simply changes the phone's For example, he told ABC News
attack on jailbroken devices. on their devices. The program
firm has been collecting
background image to a photo of that he had personally infected
Only last week, a Dutch hacker allows users to access the
personally identifiable
singer Rick Astley, the man 100 iPhones with the worm.
broke into jailbroken iPhones and iPhone's filesystem with the information from the users of its
whose song "Never Gonna Give From those phones, he explained,
then displayed a message on the username of "root" and password
App Store-approved iPhone
You Up" has become a well- the worm will then try to spread
comprised devices demanding a of "alpine." Since few SSH users
games which have been installed
known internet meme called " to other devices.
ransom of 5 Euros. This attack had bothered to change this root
over 20 million times. According
rickrolling," a joke where users Perhaps the reason for his
was also made possible through password, that left their phones
to a suit filed in the U.S. District
are tricked into clicking links that transparency has to do with the
the same vulnerability that the open to attack. Court in Northern California, the
r e d i r e c t t h e m t o A s t l e y ' s relatively harmless nature of the Still, how many people are we firm, Storm8, has been using a a
iKee worm uses.
YouTube video. attack. The worm just changes talking about here? And what backdoor method which allowed
Graham Cluley of Sophos
Despite the relatively innocuous the iPhone wallpaper on the sort of iPhone user are they? them to collect the phone
predicts that other hackers will be
nature of this particular attack, it affected devices. However, as the Although exact numbers of numbers of anyone who had
tempted to write their own code
may be the precursor to future S o p h o s ' p o s t p o i n t s o u t , jailbreakers are unknown, mobile installed their applications. This
now that they've seen what's
attacks of a more malicious " a c c e s s i n g s o m e o n e e l s e ' s analytics firm Pinch Media wouldn't be the first time that an
possible. In addition, some
nature. But how dangerous will computing device and changing recently revealed data showing iPhone developer has done this,
hackers may be more malicious
these attacks be to the iPhone- their data without permission is there are at least 4 million of either. Apple actually provides an
with their creations than what
owning population as a whole? Is an offence in many countries." these jailbroken devices in the easy way for developers to tap
we've seen so far. But Who is
there really a need for concern? While that may be true, it's clear iPhone ecosystem. It's not known into this information, if they so
Really Being Affected?
Sponsor that Towns feels as if he's almost
However, even if the attacks how many of these users have
About the iKee Worm doing a public service by
escalate, the fact of the matter is also installed SSH.
If anything, this is the real threat
According to the hacker, 21-year exposing a security vulnerability
that the potential victims are a For the most part, it's likely that
that the media should be focused
-old Ashley Towns, a student that many jailbroken iPhones
minor subset of Apple iPhone those who have done so are
on, not the iPhone worm. Discuss
living in New South Wales, face. More Hacks Expected? knowledgeable enough to prevent
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5 Years On: ReadWriteWeb's 2004 Interview With Tim

By Richard MacManus software lock-in would survive in However, I said that "the other juggernaut it now is, he did
(ReadWriteWeb) web 2.0? side of that coin [...] is the "data accurately predict that data lock-
Submitted at 11/9/2009 1:53:59 AM
O'Reilly argued that Microsoft lock-in" of users, where users in would become a major issue:
would have to change: "I think may not necessarily have control "I believe that data lock-in of
Five years ago I interviewed tech that the business of Microsoft, over their content." I asked various kinds is going to be one
publisher Tim O'Reilly about a the company of Microsoft, is O'Reilly if that was something of the key tools of business
new term that his company had going to continue to succeed. But comes in... Apple and Web 2.0 for users to be concerned about? advantage in the internet era. I
just coined: Web 2.0. The first I think the business model of At the inaugural 2004 Web 2.0 O'Reilly replied, in November think that as companies realize
Web 2.0 conference had been Microsoft is going to have to Conference, Apple was a no- 2004, that "there are companies this, they will figure out how to
held the previous month, October change." show. In talking about Apple's that are trying to use data lock-in be evil - so to speak (to use
2 0 0 4 , a n d O ' R e i l l y h a d This has turned out to be the position in the Web industry back as a competitive tool - and there Google's terminology) - and I
graciously agreed to give an case. Over the past 5 years, then, O'Reilly said that "Apple is will eventually be a recognition predict that we will in fact have
interview to yours truly - "an Microsoft has slowly rolled out a in a position they've been in a lot that this is a problem." some major battles in that area."
unknown blogger from New "software plus services" strategy of times before. They're like This has indeed happened - and Conclusion
Zealand," as I put it back then. under the catch-all phrase 'Live.' Moses showing the way to the data lock-in is nowhere more of a It is remarkable how much can
The interview ran in a 3-part While the Windows OS and promised land, but they don't problem than on the world's most change in the Web industry in
series (see also part 2 and part 3) desktop software such as Office actually go there." popular social network circa five years. Back in 2004,
and covered Web 2.0, new continue to be Microsoft's Although Apple never did open 2009, Facebook. Over the past Facebook was a baby and Twitter
business models, social software mainstay products, some of the u p , a s O ' R e i l l y f o r e s a w , few years we at ReadWriteWeb wasn't even a glint in the
and eBooks. functionality gradually moved nevertheless they went on to have written many articles about milkman's eye. Among the big
I've always been a big believer into the cloud - e.g. syncing over create the most successful new F a c e b o o k ' s ' w a l l e d g a r d e n ' companies of that time, Apple
in learning from history as we devices. Vista, the current gadget of the past decade: the approach to user data. Users can't hadn't yet given birth to the
look to the future. So let's re-visit generation of Windows, began iPhone. Apple also created a t a k e t h e i r p e r s o n a l d a t a revolutionary iPhone and
this interview from five years ago t h a t t r a n s i t i o n . I n 2 0 0 9 , thriving iPhone app ecosystem. elsewhere. What's more, there Microsoft was entering its mid-
and see how prescient the father Microsoft is even taking steps to So in the case of the Mobile have been bungled attempts to life crisis.
of Web 2.0 was. put Office online. Web, Moses (a.k.a. Steve Jobs) use that data for commercial On reflection, Tim O'Reilly did
Sponsor With the benefit of hindsight, I actually did lead us to the means. extremely well in his 2004
Microsoft and Web 2.0 think O'Reilly nailed it in 2004 promised land! Remember that Facebook had predictions - considering how
In 2004 the leading Web 2.0 with this statement: "Microsoft Facebook and Data Lock-in just launched in February 2004 fast the Internet evolves. And I'm
companies were Google, Yahoo! will continue to dominate on the In 2004 I noted that "a lot of and was confined to some still grateful to him for giving an
and Amazon. But what of the PC, but the PC is going to be a what Web 2.0 is about is users selected American Universities interview to an unknown New
dominant software company of smaller and smaller part of the producing content and not just (Harvard to Stanford, Columbia Zealand blogger. How times
t h e p r e v i o u s g e n e r a t i o n , entire business." consuming it." I pointed to and Yale). It had yet to reach the change...
Microsoft? I asked Tim O'Reilly The Mobile Web, for one, has O'Reilly's own example at the 1 million users mark. While Image credits: Niall Kennedy;
back in November 2004 whether taken attention away from time: Amazon compared to the O'Reilly couldn't have known Shht!; Alex Eckford Discuss
Microsoft's core strategy of Microsoft. Which is where Apple B a r n e s & N o b l e w e b s i t e . that Facebook would turn into the

We are the People!

By Kay Kremerskothen (Flickr • About Flickr making photo management an and tags on your photos, post to
Blog) Flickr is a revolution in photo easy, natural and collaborative any blog, share and more!
storage, sharing and organization, process. Get comments, notes, This content has passed through
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continued from page 31

websites, storefronts and online • Vast custom application which are just hype. Web.
communities that will grow and development capabilities, Search Engine Strategies is the Thank LeapFish on Twitter for
adapt. Groupsite including SOA solutions, pioneer of educational making ReadWriteWeb possible. is a self-serve eCommerce, and Web 2.0 conference series in search Our Gracious Hosts and
platform for creating social applications. engine marketing. It's the venue Blogging Software
collaboration communities called • Full stack of enterprise hosting where the industry visionaries ReadWriteWeb is hosted by
Groupsites. Groupsites combine services for mid-market and thought leaders gather each Media Temple and is published
the most useful features of social companies, including shared, year to discuss the newest trends, using SixApart's Movable Type.
networking and collaboration dedicated, and complex hosting, share insights and present the If you've ever wondered what
Review: The Amazing
tools enabling groups large and SaaS enablement, and colocation. strategic action plans you need to ReadWriteWeb looks like behind Race - This Is the Worst
small to communicate, share and • Best in class managed hosting, grow your business. the scenes, or if you've never Thing I've Ever Done in
network. Groupsites are currently such as virtualization and utility Thank Search Engine Strategies seen the Movable Type My Life
in use by more than 30,000 computing. on Twitter for making publishing interface - that's it on
groups as user communities, ReadWriteWeb possible. the left. We recently upgraded to By Jackie Schnoop (TV
intranets, member communities, Thank NaviSite on Twitter for B a c k u p i f y MT 4.23, which is the latest Squad)
team workgroups and social making ReadWriteWeb possible. Backupify provides reliable version. We got onto this release Submitted at 11/9/2009 1:47:00 AM
networks. Each Groupsite can be online backup services for a as soon as it was available - in
branded and customized and MyDomain is a leading ICANN- range of products, including fact our contacts at Six Apart (S15E08) This week we revisited
includes discussion forums, accredited provider of domain Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, emailed the actual code to us one of the toughest roadblocks
calendaring, file sharing, member name registration and online Delicious, Basecamp, Google before it was up on their website. ever on The Amazing Race. Back
profiles (professional or social), business solutions. For over 10 Docs, Gmail, Zoho, Flickr and That's customer service for you! in season six, the same farm with
activity feeds and full-featured years, MyDomain has offered Photobucket. Backups are Thank Media Temple and the same roadblock did in one
sub-groups among other group- low-cost domain names and free secure, automatic and easy to set SixApart on Twitter for making team. Kristy and Lena spent eight
centric features. d o m a i n s e r v i c e s i n c l u d i n g up. ReadWriteWeb possible. hours searching for a clue they
Sign up and create a free complete DNS management. Thank Backupify on Twitter for The companies above pay our never did find. Phil Keoghan
Groupsite in minutes. Today, sub-$10 domains without making ReadWriteWeb possible. rents or mortgages and we came out to them after dark in the
Thank Groupsite on Twitter for the constant upsells you'll find at LeapFish appreciate it. We hope you'll stop field and called an end to their
making ReadWriteWeb possible. some competitors are the norm at The Web has evolved. It used to by their sites and see what search. If I'm not mistaken, this is
NaviSite M y D o m a i n . M y D o m a i n ' s be a place where people came to they've got to offer. the first time the show has
NaviSite is a leading provider of complete range of solutions j u s t s e a r c h f o r s i m p l e Have you got a smart company repeated a roadblock. And what a
enterprise hosting and application include Web hosting and VPS information. Now it's a place that could use some more visits doozy to choose! While looking
services for a diverse client base. hosting, email, SSL Certificates where people come to also share by the sophisticated readers of a for a clue in a haystack is easier
Leveraging a diverse network of a n d m o r e . S e a r c h E n g i n e information: information that is blog like ReadWriteWeb's? Drop than looking for a needle, there
16 enterprise-class data centers Strategies multi-media, complex, real time us a line and let's talk. are so many haystacks -- how
across the US and UK, NaviSite From social media to local and social; recommended by Thanks to all our sponsors and would our five remaining teams
offers a predictable technology search to video SEO, Search people who know, and people our readers for your support! fare? Read on.
environment and a complete suite Engine Strategies Chicago puts you know. LeapFish calls this Discuss Continue reading Review: The
of infrastructure and application you in front of the experts who new place The Living Web, and Amazing Race - This Is the
solutions. w i l l h e l p y o u s o r t w h i c h it has designed an evolved engine Worst Thing I've Ever Done in
NaviSite's product and service technologies and channel will to help you get the most from it - My Life
offerings include: take you to the next level and a service to help you live the new Filed under: OpEd, The
Amazing Race, Episode Reviews
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Did Google Steal Sidewiki From a Startup?

By Jolie O'Dell but Reframe It had the further generated content shows that
(ReadWriteWeb) advantage of a stellar advisory there is growing demand for
Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:09:18 AM
board. allowing users to contribute to
Fast-forwarding to this fall, the Web," a Google rep wrote to
Web annotation is a sexy and Google launched Sidewiki in eWEEK in a measured but
increasingly crowded space in the September, almost a full year definite dismissal of Reframe It's
market. As in any such pool, the after the debut of Reframe It. claims. Legend of the Seeker
a m o u n t o f e l b o w - r u b b i n g Looking at these demo videos Certainly, Google has been
b e t w e e n i n d i v i d u a l s a n d back-to-back, the similarities are
According to eWEEK, Fishkin
talking and thinking about
fans, sorry, but it will be
claims that one of his board a while before the
similarity between products can obvious: annotation for years. And its end
members, Terry Winograd, sat in
lead to suspicion of theft. For an in-depth side-by-side on a Google meeting in July product has many differences ratings are available
Annotation startup Reframe It, a comparison of both apps, see from others on the market. And
2008 and told a top Google exec By Robert Seidman
14-person team, claims that Google Watch's post on the the market has a few notable
to take a look at Reframe It. The (TVbytheNumbers)
G o o g l e ' s h o t n e w p r o d u c t subject. The basic conclusion is competitors aside from Reframe
as-yet unnamed Googler said the
Sidewiki crosses the line between that the products look similar It, all of which Google probably Submitted at 11/8/2009 10:48:01 AM
startup looked interesting and
competitive innovation and IP enough that Google's source code explored in due diligence
that the info would be passed I know the fans of Legend of the
infringement. And with a few had better be drastically different processes. But if and when these
along. Seeker are very interested to
Googlers caught with their hands from Reframe It's if they are to two products face off in court,
In the months that followed, at know how the season two
in Reframe It's cookie jar, there avoid a major lawsuit. attorneys will be arguing whether
least six Reframe It accounts premiere did. But because of the
might be some validity to this But if we had a nickel for every the Google product - which, if
were registered to Google way syndication works (different
claim. time we spotted disgraceful only because it came after
employees, which would allow areas air the show at different
Sponsor similarities between web Reframe It's version, is without
engineers "plenty of time to times) there are no overnight
We first came across Reframe It products, we'd be... Well, never question a knockoff - is in actual
explore every nook and cranny of ratings for syndicated shows.
about a year ago when it first mind what we'd be doing with violation of Reframe It's patents.
our functionality," said Fishkin. I expect we might see some
launched. The company's product that stack o' nickels. Here's the And since Reframe It's patent
But the real kicker is Google's ratings information (ratings
allowed users to "basically write interesting part: Reframe It CEO application is still pending, they
alleged attempt to hire Reframe It points) in a few days. But we
comments into the margins of the Bobby Fishkin, who claims his can amend the language to
co-founder and lead engineer Ben will not likely see the viewer
Internet" and was in heavy company has neither the time nor include Sidewiki's UX,
Taitelbaum just days before averages for the premiere episode
competition with services such as the resources to take on tech technology, etc.
Sidewiki launched. until Tuesday, November 17
Diigo and SocialBrowse. When behemoth and pop culture darling The situation is, indeed, fraught
And what was the official since syndicated show numbers
Reframe It added Twitter and Google, told eWEEK that there with drama. Run-of-the-mill,
Google response to these reports? take a week longer to produce
F a c e b o o k i n t e g r a t i o n a n d were several attempts to learn workaday, tech IP drama. And
"The variety of existing products than the numbers for broadcast
received an official nod from and assimilate his startup's we look forward to following up
in this space and the increasing and cable shows.
Mozilla this past spring, Diigo technology and interface, right on these reports accordingly.
number of sites that enable user We will post whatever
remained as a serious competitor, down to the icon designs. Discuss
information we see, as soon as
we see it. I’m sorry there isn’t
Street Chic: New York anything to report now,
but…there isn’t anything to
By (ELLE News coat. Follow ELLE on Twitter. report now!
Blog) Photo: Lee Satkowski Become our Facebook fan! This content has passed through
Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:00:00 AM
Think you are Street Chic? E-
mail us your photo and you could Chic Daily.
Get wrapped up in a cozy knit appear in's Street
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Noticings: Geotagging Photo Game A social namespace

(Scripting News)
Powered by Flickr API Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:15:38 AM
the user's web page.
xSocial:userStatuses -- the
number of status messages from
By Jolie O'Dell version of Flickr or Twitpic. A few days ago I added OPML the user.
(ReadWriteWeb) So, with all the other photo- export to xSocial:userFollows -- the
Submitted at 11/8/2009 3:07:38 PM
sharing services out there, why Today I want to extend that number of people the user
states, "a game of noticing the choose Flickr to build a game support to include information follows.
We recently told you about the world around you." around? It's question of scale, from the social network about xSocial:userFollowedBy -- the
Flickr App garden and gave a list Sponsor according to the site. "We know each user. In this case, the social number of people who follow the
of five interesting apps we found "Many of us are moving so fast other photo-sharing services are network is Twitter. I could see user.
using this new section of the site. through the urban landscape we available, but we're on Flickr, so situations where this namespace xSocial:userProfileImageUrl --
One app we didn't find - and one don't take in the things around are our friends, and it really does might be used to present the address of the user's "avatar"
that brilliantly appropriates the us," the site reads. have the best location API for the information from or image.
Flickr API in a delightful, "Noticings is a game you play by sort of thing we want to do." Facebook, when they support xSocial:userScreenName -- the
infectious user experience - is going a bit slower and having a At the moment, the game seems lists, as Twitter has. name the user goes by in the
Noticings. Part game, part look around you. It doesn't to have a small user base and a I'm going to use the name network.
geotagging app, part photoblog, require you change your behavior largely international one - which xSocial. The "x" could stand for Caveats and disclaimers:
Noticings asks users to upload significantly or interrupt your means this game is wide open for one of two things: 1. XML or 2. 1. Think of Twitter as
geotagged photos of interesting r o u t i n e . Y o u j u s t t a k e early-adopting Yankees to go Experimental, in the spirit of establishing the precedent here.
artifacts to Flickr. Users tag the photographs of things that you Team America all over the place! MIME types that are considered When in doubt each of these
photos "noticings;" those photos think are interesting or things you Also, anything that gets geeks experimental or ad hoc, or elements is defined by the way
are then imported, analyzed, and see. You'll get points for just outside gets our vote. What do proposals of future standards, and Twitter uses them.
scored, with extra points being noticing things, and you might our readers think? Let us know in have an "x" in front of their 2. Twitter keeps other
awarded for those who post every get bonuses for interesting the comments, and be sure to names. In other words, I'm doing information with each user, this
day in a given week, who post coincidences." include a link to your Noticings this because someone has to go is just the list of information that
photos of lost objects, or who We find the concept charming, a profile if you're playing already. first, and maybe someone already I include, now, in the OPML
post the first pic from a certain less boozy version of Foursquare, Discuss has, so this is my way of asking that's generated by
neighborhood. It is, as the site a more friendly-competitive for comments (or, more likely, I may add or
flames). remove data in the future, or use
Video: 'Twilight''s Taylor Lautner Here's a list of elements that may
appear in documents that use the
a different namespace. If it
changes, I will hopefully

Muscles Up! namespace.

xSocial:userId -- a string of
characters that identifies a user.
remember to include a comment
under this post.
3. Here's an example of a file
(ETonline - Breaking News) Taylor packed on 30 pounds of third 'Twilight' film, 'Eclipse,' xSocial:userName -- the user's that illustrates.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:09:00 AM
muscle in a year to convincingly expected out June 30, 2010. "My name. 4. The usual disclaimers apply,
d e p i c t J a c o b B l a c k ' s character continues to grow," he xSocial:userDescription -- a including but not limited to: A.
Werewolf hunk Taylor Lautner transformation into an almighty tells Men's Health, "so I'd like to string of characters describing the It's even worse than it appears. B.
shows off his beefed-up physique werewolf in 'The Twilight Saga: pack on at least a few more lean user. I make shitty software. C. I am
on the December cover of Men's New Moon,' which arrives Nov. pounds." xSocial:userLocation -- a string, not a lawyer. D. My mother loves
Health and ET's got a behind-the- 20. the location of the user. me.
scenes peek at his photo shoot for And the star says he plans on xSocial:userUrl -- the address of
the mag. bulking up even more for the
E-reader Newspaper Apple/ Entertainment/ 37
John Travolta
Will the Cloud Lead Me Away From the Mac? Breaks Silence
By Alfredo Padilla Browsers(SSBs), which means demand feature parity, or
(TheAppleBlog) I’m using the naked, if you will, something close to it. Unless a after Death of Son
web interface for the application. company is building their own
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:24:52 AM (ETonline - Breaking News)
Two years ago I never would client, such as Evernote, or the
There’s no doubt that cloud have done this. I actually wrote a service is exceedingly simple, Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:00:00 AM

computing is a growing trend. whole blog post, on a now such as Twitter, desktop clients
Nearly a year after the death of
All you have to look at is the defunct blog, about how I are constantly going to be
their 16-year-old son Jett, John
popularity of netbooks to see that eschewed web-based applications playing a losing game of catchup.
Travolta and his wife Kelly
many people nowadays will be in favor of native Mac apps What all this means for users
Preston say they are still
quite happy with a computing because I wanted a Mac-like like myself is that more and more
struggling to cope with the
device that gives them access to experience. As such I used of my computing experience is
the web, and not much else. to get my email, moving away from the Mac and
"We've been working very hard
I’m certainly part of this trend, NetNewsWire for RSS feeds, via Wi-Fi. If I can’t sync over the to the web(subscription
every day as a family to heal,"
as I write this story I have the Omni Focus for tasks, etc. air with my iPhone, then I don’t required). I love the Mac, I love
Travolta tells USA Today. Jett
following web-based applications Nowadays I use web-based apps want to use it on my Mac. the combination of stability,
passed away in January after
open on my Mac: for all those functions. Probably the most important elegance, ease of use and power
suffering from a seizure at the
• Twitter There were several factors that driving force, however, has been Apple’s computers offer me, but
family's Grand Bahamas home.
• Google Reader led me to this place. First of all features. Google Reader is an I have to admit that I’m taking
"We have our own way of doing
• Evernote web based apps have become excellent example of this. I less advantage of the platform
it, and it has been helping."
• Google Calendar better in terms of user recently went over several native than I have in the past, and unless
Preston tells the newspaper their
• Remember The Milk experience, in some cases even Google Reader clients for the something drastic changes, that
family has been receiving an
• Gmail exceeding, in my opinion, the Mac, but despite this range of trend is only going to continue.
"outpouring of love from, really,
• Facebook user experience of the native Mac choices, I’m still using a site Apple doesn’t seem to be
worldwide. It's been our friends,
• WordPress alternative, for example Gmail specific browser to access making aggressive moves
our family, our church. We
• Socialcast versus Mail. Although Google’s Google Reader. Why? Because towards building better support
partake in spiritual counseling
• Lexulous web apps aren’t particularly none of these applications offer for web applications into the
pretty much daily."
pretty, they are well thought out, the feature set that the actual operating system, and this may
What surprises me isn’t how and some other web apps are website does, and I actually use be a dangerous mistake.
many web apps I’m accessing, almost elegant, like Remember all of those features. I’ve faced Someday in the not to distant
but how few native Mac the Milk. similar problems with native Mac future something approaching
applications I am using to access The iPhone has also been a apps that purport to give you 100 percent of the average user’s
these services. I am using driving force towards web-based access to Facebook or computing is going to move
Tweetie to access Twitter, applications because they are WordPress. online, and when that happens
Evernote has it’s own native Mac more likely to offer the ability to The reality is that many web Apple may find itself flat footed
application and I use BusyCal to easily synchronize over the air. applications have reached the in a new world, and I may find
access Google Calendar. Apart For example, I would love to use point of complexity that building myself looking for a computing
from that, all of these web Things as my main task manager, a third-party client for them platform better suited for my
services are being accessed either but the simple reality is that I becomes very difficult, especially actual use.
via Safari (Facebook and never remember to go through on the desktop where users will
Lexulous), or via Site Specific the rigamarole of synchronizing
38 Apple/ Tech Blog/ E-reader Newspaper

Rumor Has It: Verizon iPhone in Q3 2010

By Charles Jade which turned out to be false, at
(TheAppleBlog) least at the time. However, there
Submitted at 11/8/2009 2:51:31 PM
is another possibility besides a
smaller iPhone, that being a
Even as Verizon continues smaller iPhone.
attacking AT&T’s comparatively What seems more likely at this
poor network with new ads, and stage of iPhone development, a
by proxy the iPhone, the latest major redesign of the existing
rumor has Apple developing a model or the addition of an
“worldmode” iPhone capable of iPhone nano? Looking back at
running on any network. the history of the iPod would
The three holiday-themed ads, “ suggest the latter. Following
Blue Christmas,” “ Elves,” and “ Palm’s lead with its second
Misfit Toys,” each highlight the webOS phone, the Pixi, Apple
weakness of AT&T’s 3G could even leave out Wi-Fi to
wireless coverage, but the latter further differentiate the iPhone
most directly and hilariously familiar lackluster coverage map Based on a report from research reporting puts the end of AT&T’s nano from the iPhone. Actually, a
attacks the iPhone. Paying pops up. firm OTR Global “citing sources exclusivity agreement in 2010. smartphone without Wi-Fi in
homage to the Rankin/Bass The message of each in the Taiwan handset supply U n f o r t u n a t e l y , t h i n g s s t o p 2009 would belong on the Island
animated classic Rudolph the commercial is the same: bad chain,” the hybrid iPhone will m a k i n g s e n s e r i g h t t h e r e . of Misfit Toys, so scratch that,
Red-Nosed Reindeer, a familiar- networks ruin even a great use a new chip from Qualcomm The research note also states the but a “free” iPhone nano under
looking device shows up on the phone. AppleInsider is now allowing it to function on both new iPhone has a 2.8 screen, contract would undoubtedly find
Island of Misfit Toys, the place reporting that perhaps Apple CDMA and GSM networks. The compared to 3.5 for current its way under many a tree this
where defective toys are exiled. feels the same way, and is hybrid iPhone will be available in iPhones. AppleInsider notes year.
When the misfits ask why such a preparing to do something about the third quarter of 2010, which rumors from last year about an
great toy that can download apps it. makes sense, as previous iPhone with a smaller screen,
and browse the web is there, the

Paul Carr's piece is rubbish (and disgusting)

(Scripting News) Anyway... something horrible too. Imagine, footed, Mac users, high school for flow, it's dishonest, but it's
Submitted at 11/8/2009 3:08:58 PM
Carr's piece is rubbish, and just not trying to help or comfort her dropouts, veterans, or whatever. also fairly harmless. But Carr is
this once I'll take the bait. as she bled to death in front of So we could conclude that doing something different. He's
This is how TechCrunch works. Of course what the nurse at the him. Okay, let's concede he was a everything negative anyone ever using people's pain not just for
They write something stupid, hospital did, according to his citizen journalist (whatever that said about Christians was true, his own self-glorification but also
then people write rebuttals account, was horrible. Let's say, is), but then humor me and and homosexuals and British to build flow to attract more ads
explaining how it's stupid, for the sake of argument, that in assume he was British too. people. and money. It's two levels of
building flow and page rank. It's addition to being a "citizen Or suppose the nurse and the This is Logic 101 and Carr failed disgusting.
the same method John Dvorak journalist" she was also a British guy in Iran were both it. And since he's bright, assume See also: Killing Straw Men.
explains in an interview I did citizen. homosexual. Or both were he failed it on purpose. Why?
with him at the Apple Store in Of course, the movie-taker Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Refer to the Dvorak explanation.
San Francisco a couple of years shooting the end of the life of the recovering alchoholics, ex-cons, This is what press people do.
ago. beautiful Iranian protestor did single parents, only children, flat- When Dvorak teases Mac people
E-reader Newspaper Apple/ Tech Blog/ 39

Coolest thing my father

(Scripting News)
Submitted at 11/8/2009 5:56:48 PM

There's a meme going around

about fathers and the coolest
things they did when you were
growing up.
Since Father's Day on October 3,
I guess I've been reflecting on
this stuff more than usual, and I
have a story prepared. But first,
my father actually had an opinion
about this, he told a story that
embarassed me about how he
taught me to kiss. But I'm sure I
thought it was cool when I was a
toddler. Kids go for that kind of
stuff. But the word we're looking
Critical Update Issued for Apple TV for is "cool" and from my point
of view, as an adult, here's the
Well, my dad comes in, and
instead of giving me shit, he tells
By Charles Jade In a letter to unlucky Apple TV Forum and found 10,000 page coolest thing my dad did.
(TheAppleBlog) off Cotter. He says why don't you
users, the Apple TV team (at views for the missing content Probably 1970 or 71. I was more
leave the kids alone. My chin
least those that still have jobs) discussion, as well as continuing than a bit of a rebellious
Submitted at 11/8/2009 8:08:01 AM dropped to the floor. I couldn't
gave instructions for updating. complaints after updating to the teenager. So one day I got
believe my eyes and ears. I
Ten days after updating the • Reboot your Apple TV (unplug latest version. Reported problems suspended from high school for
thought I had moved to a
Apple TV’s software to version the power cord and plug it back include the Apple TV no longer bringing a bottle of wine to
different planet. The Dean
3.0, Apple has released version in) syncing with iTunes, surround school. I was drinking with some
thought so too, he was
3.0.1 along with an alarming • Select Settings > General from sound problems, new purchases friends in the yard before home
speechless. (He and I were
warning about users’ content the main menu not showing up, as well as room when the Dean of
enemies, I was, as you might
“temporarily” disappearing. • Select Update Software performance issues. Discipline, Joey Cotter, comes
imagine, and a major
From the uninformative and • Select Download and Install It appears Apple’s “hobby,” as walking out, takes the bottle,
troublemaker. He thought he had
unintentionally hilarious support the Apple TV has been described escorts me to his office and calls
me, but heh he no he didn't.)
document, if you are running After a restart, the problem of by company executives, could my father to come get me. My
So that has to be the coolest
Apple TV 3.0 and “all of your disappearing content should be use a little more developer dad drives to the Bronx from
thing. On the drive home we
movies, TV shows, and songs solved. That’s the good news. attention, not to mention a Queens, and I thought for sure
talked about baseball and the
appear to be missing” or “all of The bad news is there are still a purpose besides being an iTunes I'm really going to catch it now,
weather, and he never punished
your movies, TV shows, and number of problems with the 3.x Store kiosk. cause not only was I drinking
me for taking the wine.
songs appear to be present,” you software. wine in school, but it was his
Update: Cotter died in Y2K.
should update to version 3.0.1 Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Apple wine. I had stolen it from him.
immediately. 2.0 beat me to the Apple Support
40 TV/ E-reader Newspaper

TV Guide Network and TV Land Acquire Exclusive Joint

Basic Cable Rights to Curb Your Enthusiasm
By Robert Seidman recently garnered tremendous “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will air About TV Guide Network prime time programming
(TVbytheNumbers) buzz and fan-following during its on TV Guide Network for a multi TV Guide Network is the true destination designed for people in
Submitted at 11/8/2009 10:05:15 PM
current season which features a -year run starting February 2010. entertainment insider and the their mid-forties and the
long-awaited “Seinfeld” reunion TV Land will begin airing the only network that celebrates exclusive home to the premieres
TV GUIDE NETWORK AND 11 years after the show’s finale. series in TV Land PRIME Hollywood, its stars and the of the network’s original
T V L A N D A C Q U I R E Airing now on HBO, the seventh immediately following TV Guide shows that fans adore. programming, contemporary
EXCLUSIVE JOINT BASIC s e a s o n o f “ C u r b Y o u r Network’s term. Committed to buzz-worthy, television series acquisitions and
CABLE RIGHTS TO AWARD- Enthusiasm” stars members of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” stars breakout programming and a movies. TV Land PRIME is part
WINNING HBO COMEDY the famed “Seinfeld” cast, who Larry David as himself in an rich, multi-platform viewing of TV Land, a network dedicated
S E R I E S “ C U R B Y O U R recreate their sitcom characters unsparing but tongue-in-cheek experience, TV Guide Network is to presenting the best in
ENTHUSIASM” and also play themselves during depiction of his life. Shot in a seen in more than 80 million entertainment on all platforms for
Networks Jointly Acquire Multi- the show. verite style and featuring homes nationwide and online at consumers in their 40s and 50s.
Platform Rights to the Hit “‘Acquiring a series of this celebrities playing themselves,, a one-stop fan Consisting of original
Comedy Series Produced By and caliber truly underscores our the episodes are improvised by destination serving 21 million programming, acquired shows,
Starring “Seinfeld” Co-Creator commitment to defining TV the actors from an outline created unique users per month. TV hit movies and full-service Web
Larry David Guide Network as a destination by David. The series also stars Guide Network is home to some site, TV Land is now seen in over
LOS ANGELES (November 9, for some of the best shows on Cheryl Hines as David’s wife of America’s fan-favorite series 93 million U.S. homes.
2009) TV Land and TV Guide television,” said Ryan O’Hara, Cheryl, Jeff Garlin as David’s including “Curb Your About MTV Networks
Network today announced that President of TV Guide Network manager Jeff and Susie Essman Enthusiasm,” “Ugly Betty” and MTV Networks, a division of
they will jointly acquire basic and “‘Curb Your as Jeff’s wife Susie. The show “American Idol Rewind.” The Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), is
cable rights to “Curb Your Enthusiasm’ is our second major was nominated for four Emmys network also takes fans behind- one of the world’s leading
Enthusiasm,” the award-winning acquisition this year and it will in 2008, including Outstanding the-scenes of Hollywood with creators of entertainment content,
HBO comedy series produced by become another key building Comedy Series. It won the original programming that with brands that engage and
and starring “Seinfeld” co-creator block in our programming line- Golden Globe in the Best delivers the latest news on connect diverse audiences across
Larry David. One of the most up for 2010 and beyond.” Television Series – Musical or entertainment and pop culture, as television, online, mobile, games,
g r o u n d - b r e a k i n g s h o w s o n “We are excited to bring ‘Curb Comedy category in 2002. In well as live coverage of the virtual worlds and consumer
t e l e v i s i o n , “ C u r b Y o u r Your Enthusiasm to TV Land 2003, Robert B. Weide won a industry’s biggest events such as products. The company’s
Enthusiasm” has never before PRIME,” stated Larry W. Jones, directing Emmys for his work on the Red Carpet at the Academy portfolio spans more than 150
b e e n s e e n o n b a s i c c a b l e president, TV Land. “Curb Your the series. The series has also Awards and Primetime Emmy television channels and 400
television and for the first time Enthusiasm’ is one of the most received awards from the Writers Awards. TV Guide Network, digital media properties
ever, this irreverent comedy clever, witty and groundbreaking Guild of America, Directors and the TV Guide worldwide, and includes MTV,
series will be delivered to shows on television and we’re Guild of America, Banff brand are owned by Lionsgate VH1, CMT, Logo, Harmonix,
millions of new viewers by TV excited to have it join our roster Television Festival, American (NYSE: LGF), the leading next- Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Nick
Guide Network and TV Land. In of top-quality sitcoms. The Film Institute and Monte Carlo generation studio and producer of Jr., TeenNick, AddictingGames,
addition, both networks will irreverent way ‘Curb’ uses Television Festival, among award-winning series “Mad Neopets, COMEDY CENTRAL,
a c q u i r e c e r t a i n b r o a d b a n d , characters to illuminate real-life others. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Men” and “Weeds,” and One SPIKE, TV Land, Atom,
wireless and video-on-demand situations fit perfectly with our is executive produced by Larry Equity Partners, the private GameTrailers and Xfire.
rights, bringing “Curb Your s t r a t e g y o f d e l i v e r i n g David, Jeff Garlin, Gavin Polone, equity arm of JPMorgan Chase. This content has passed through
Enthusiasm” to multiple screens programming that is geared to the Alec Berg, David Mandel, Jeff About TV Land PRIME and TV
for fans to enjoy. life stage and attitudes of people Schaffer, Tim Gibbons and Erin Land
“Curb Your Enthusiasm” has in their 40s.” O’Malley. TV Land PRIME is TV Land’s
E-reader Newspaper TV/ 41

Stargate Universe producer Brad Wright talks back to critics,

talks smack about ABC’s V ratings
By Robert Seidman right that V will go back to just me, this idea that people who
(TVbytheNumbers) being a letter in the alphabet, but have issues with “SGU” just
Submitted at 11/8/2009 4:32:42 PM
to make that comment after the aren’t smart enough to appreciate
stellar ratings V pulled in its qualities such as complexity and
In her review of the premiere of premiere still is a bit surprising to ambiguity.
ABC’s V, Chicago Tribune TV me. Mo felt compelled to respond I and many other viewers get
critic Maureen Ryan made to Brad’s comment. what the show is going for.
references to similar genre shows Mo notes that many people who We’re not failing to understand
that had debuted this fall, were eagerly anticipating SGU its intentions. We think “SGU”
including Stargate Universe. Her have given up on it. For now, is, in many key respects, falling
c o m m e n t s w e r e n ’ t e x a c t l y that describes me perfectly. I’ve short of its own goals.
f l a t t e r i n g w h i c h l e d S G U given up as well, but if I hear it’s Amen! I added the emphasis
executive producer Brad Wright turned a corner, I will definitely above because we see that theme
to leave a comment on her blog, check it out again. I watched play out so much on our site that
where among other things he every episode of SG1 and SGA “people just aren’t smart enough
said: ever made and I wanted to like to understand” made the “ Fan
[…] fortunately there are enough SGU, but didn’t. For me, it’s want to read Mo’s article. promulgated by some of the Excuse Bingo Cards”
viewers and reviewers who think like they’ve used none of what I There’s just too much in the show’s defenders — that people This content has passed through
SGU is neither boring, poorly loved about Stargate: SG1 and article you’ll want to read to post who don’t like “Stargate
plotted, or sexist to keep us on used many of the things I didn’t it all here. So go read it. But Mo Universe” just don’t get it. I am
the air long after “V” is just a love about the later seasons of struck a chord with this nugget: stunned some of the
letter in the alphabet again.” Battlestar Galactica. If there’s anything I have a condescending attitudes I’ve
Talk about putting the V in People who have been following problem with, it’s an idea seen. It’s frankly laughable to
ratings enVy! Wright might be Stargate Universe closely will

Curb Your Enthusiasm will be on TV Guide and TV Land

By Brad Trechak (TV Squad) shows?) and then TV Land in that I recall. There is some adult lines even funnier.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:33:00 AM
2013. Any event that brings subject matter, but nothing basic Filed under: Programming,
Larry David's sense of humor to cable hasn't seen before. Hey, if OpEd, Curb Your Enthusiasm,
Curb Your Enthusiasm reruns the masses can only be a good The Sopranos can make it to Pickups and Renewals, Reality-
are coming to basic cable. First thing (Who had the idea for the basic cable then Larry David Free
they will be shown on the TV humor in awkward situations should have no problem. Permalink| Email this| |
Guide Channel next year (doesn't first, Larry or Ricky Gervais?). Given Susie Essman's Comments
everybody get that channel? I Mind you, the show's language vocabulary on the series, she may
thought it was just a guide to is somewhat racy for basic cable. and there. At least there's no have every third word bleeped.
what's on television. They have There will be some bleeping here prevalent nudity in any episode That could possibly make her
42 TV/ E-reader Newspaper

Paul Mooney's TV history from Laura Wright is staying

Black Is the New White with General Hospital
By Nick Zaino (TV Squad) Mooney talks about Pryor's By Allison Waldman (TV
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:03:00 AM
meltdown on The Richard Pryor Squad)
Show(which featured future stars Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:02:00 AM
Paul Mooney is well known to like Robin Williams, Sandra
stand-up comedians for his own Bernhard, and John There's a lot to be happy about if
work and for writing for his Witherspoon), territory that has you're a fan of General Hospital.
longtime friend, Richard Pryor. been covered before, but not There's been some very good
Outside of that, though, his name from the perspective of a friend news from the soap. Things like
recognition gets a little fuzzier. like Mooney. And Mooney James Franco's guest role and the
So for TV comedy fans, devotes a bit of time to In Living return of the original Lucky,
Mooney's new memoir, Black Is Color, which adopted his concept Jonathan Jackson. And Steve
the New White, provides some for Homey the Clown and the Burton has committed to playing
great behind-the-scenes moments catch phrase, "Homey don't play Jason for a while longer.
they should probably know. that." Earlier in his career, And now comes some news
There are a lot of heartfelt Mooney was also a dancer on a that's downright reassuring.
stories about Richard Pryor and show called Dance Party, a sort Laura Wright has re-signed a
Mooney's own personal life, but of west coast version of four year deal with GH. She
there is a lot of fun TV trivia, as American Bandstand. It would be Twittered the news to her fans.
well. Mooney talks about getting interesting to see those old tapes. Four years! optimist and I choose to see this
forced onstage by a couple of Continue reading Paul Mooney's To me, this means that not only as a positive sign.
friends to do his first solo stand- whenever he catches the show in can we count on the character of
TV history from Black Is the Continue reading Laura Wright
up spot in the early 60s in San reruns, he feels a little guilty. Carly being around for a long
New White is staying with General Hospital
Francisco. Mooney is drunk and Readers also get to see Mooney time to come -- and played by the
Filed under: Other Comedy Filed under: OpEd, Daytime,
nervous, and winds up doing the and Pryor trying to write for same actress who has the most
Shows, Celebrities, Reality-Free Celebrities, Reality-Free
act of a comic named Ronnie Sanford and Son, a gig that only tenure in the part -- but also that
Permalink| Email this| | Permalink| Email this| |
Schell, who would later co-star lasted a couple of episodes. GH will likely be around for four
Comments Comments
with Jim Nabors on Gomer Pyle, Predictably, they were a bit too more years. Oh, sure, there's
U.S.M.C. Mooney admits explosive for network TV. nothing guaranteed, but I'm an

Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm - Officer Krupke

By Jonathan Toomey (TV episode is "The Table Read") she had the role. But beyond that, Krupke
Squad) things kicked into high gear last there were a lot of issues with Filed under: OpEd, Curb Your
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:06:00 AM
night on Curb-- especially when how "Officer Krupke" played out Enthusiasm, Episode Reviews,
it came to the role of Amanda, in terms of conflict. Curb works Reality-Free
( S07E08)"Some guy told me to George Costanza's ex-wife. best when the laughs are organic Permalink| Email this| |
go 'f*ck my face' once. He went It came down to Cheryl and a and too much of this episode felt Comments
to jail." - Officer Krupke busy, very popular actress named forced and manufactured.
With the Seinfeld reunion Virgina Sloane (played by bat, that creates a huge conflict Continue reading Review: Curb
coming up quickly (next week's Elisabeth Shue). Right off the since Larry assured Cheryl that Your Enthusiasm - Officer
E-reader Newspaper TV/ Entertainment/ 43
Rob Pattinson on 'New
Why I’m not watching Glee Moon': I'm Afraid of
Commitment Like
By Julia (TVbytheNumbers) Now, if the show presented
Submitted at 11/8/2009 3:28:05 PM
everyone, male and female, in Edward
similar lights, that would be
(ETonline - Breaking News)
I like quirky shows. I do. And I another story. But the males on
wanted to like Glee. I even sort the show are all innocent, good Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:05:00 AM

of liked the pilot last season. I people. Every lying, scheming

didn’t love it, but I liked it well In ET's continuing series of
woman, is lying and scheming to
interviews with the stars of 'The
enough to commit to trying it in a man. Not the other way around.
Twilight Saga: New Moon,' Rob
the fall. When it returned, I hated So while there are reasons to
Pattinson tells all about how he is
it. Oh, there are certain charming enjoy the show, I’m glad I’ve
similar to his character in the
aspects, and of the three episodes pinpointed the reason why I
I’ve watched since the fall film.
can’t. It’s a much more
In 'New Moon,' Rob plays
premiere there have been definitively answer to give to
vampire Edward Cullen, who is
moments that make me really people who ask why I’m not
is lying, scheming, manipulative one female who is presented in a forced to make a heartbreaking
want to like the show. But there’s watching than just, “Half the
or just downright evil. The only more positive light. Even choice regarding his human love,
something about it that just rubs time, it makes me want to throw
me the wrong way. I finally exception is Emma, who is crazy, Dollhouse, which people love to played by Kristen Stewart, in
my TV out the window for some
instead. Females are treated accuse of misogyny, doesn’t order to try to protect her.
figured out what it is: This is one reason.”
pretty poorly on TV in general, present the whole female In real life, Rob says that he is
of the most misogynistic shows This content has passed through
but I can’t think of any other population as either crazy or afraid of commitment similar to
on TV right now.
show where there is not at least manipulative. Edward. He also opens up about
Every single female on the show
his extreme degree of fame, and
whether in his opinion, he lives
Review: Mad Men - Shut the Door, Have a Seat up to the fans' perception of him.

(season finale)
By Allison Waldman (TV feet and he's be holding on, changed and, perhaps, all has
Squad) trying to right himself and his been righted. More after the
Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:01:00 AM
life. He's tried with Betty. He's jump.
tried for Sally and Bobby and Continue reading Review: Mad
(S03E13) It's a cold Friday, Gene -- at least as much as Don Men - Shut the Door, Have a
D e c e m b e r 1 3 , 1 9 6 3 . T h e is able to try. Seat (season finale)
President's been killed and the With Conrad Hilton he's never Filed under: OpEd, Episode
world as Don Draper knows it been on a level playing field, and Reviews, Reality-Free, Mad Men
has pretty much fallen apart. For from the moment he was forced Permalink| Email this| |
most of the season, the ground to sign the contract, Sterling as it had been. With this episode, Comments
has been shifting under Don's Cooper has not been his domain this season finale, all was
44 Entertainment/ Sports/ E-reader Newspaper

John Travolta and Kelly Colts still perfect after missed FG in final
Preston's Daughter Makes second
By Associated Press
Acting Debut in 'Old Dogs' (
second) to become the first QB
since Rich Gannon in 2002 to
throw at least 40 passes in the
receptions and 100 yards since
2008 (most in NFL).
• The Colts extended their win
(ETonline - Breaking News) when I heard they were going to Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:53:38 AM
first half. streak at home to 10 straight and
Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:04:00 AM
be in it too."
Fast Facts • Matt Schaub threw for 300-plus have won 14 of 15 all-time
Her proud papa called her a
Ella Bleu Travolta is following • The Colts won their 17th yards for the 10th time in his games against the Texans.
"pro." Co-star Robin Williams
in the footsteps of John Travolta straight, which is tied for the career, however his teams are 5-5 • Rapid Reaction
also praised the young actress,
and Kelly Preston when she third-longest win streak in NFL in those contests. -- ESPN Stats & Information
saying, "She's got the chops. She
shares the screen with her famous history. • Andre Johnson caught 10 This content has passed through
grew up around it…She comes
parents in 'Old Dogs.' • Peyton Manning attempted 40 passes for 103 yards. It was his
from great stock."
She told ET she was "so excited passes in the first half (10 in the ninth game with at least 10

TCU Horned Frogs rise to No. 4 in latest BCS standings

By ( Florida is first for the fourth have any shot of reaching the title the compilation of six computer team ahead of an 11-1 Georgia
Submitted at 11/8/2009 4:31:02 PM
straight week, and Alabama and game. rankings used by the BCS. Tech or a 12-1 Alabama if their
Texas switched spots for the The Horned Frogs (.8620) Cincinnati is fifth in the two polls only loss is to Florida," Palm
NEW YORK -- All those second week in a row. moved up two spots and are just and third in the computer ratings, said.
blowouts have carried TCU to The Gators and Crimson Tide ahead of Cincinnati (.8579) and while Boise State is sixth across The Horned Frogs and Broncos
unprecedented heights in the have clinched their respective Boise State (.8125). Each is 9-0 the board. are also competing to earn the
BCS standings, giving the divisions in the Southeastern with three games left. BCS analyst Jerry Palm said one automatic bid that non-
Horned Frogs hope -- however Conference and will meet Dec. 5 TCU has been rising by racking TCU, even if the teams in front automatic bid conferences can
slim -- of becoming the first BCS in the league championship up lopsided victories. The of it lose and the Frogs keep earn by finishing in the top 12 of
buster to break into the national game. One of them is all but Horned Frogs have won their last winning, still could have a hard the final standings.
championship game. guaranteed a spot in the BCS title four games by an average score time getting into the BCS title TCU plays Mountain West
TCU took over fourth place in game on Jan. 7 in Pasadena, of 44-8. game. Conference rival No. 16 Utah on
the Bowl Championship Series Calif., if they can get through the Meanwhile, Boise State has Cincinnati from the Big East has Saturday. A win there for the
standings Sunday behind Florida, next month without a loss. played close games against Tulsa a tougher schedule down the Horned Frogs could provide even
Alabama and Texas. It's the The same goes for Texas, which and Louisiana Tech in the last stretch and could pass the Horned more separation between them
highest BCS ranking ever for a has three regular-season games month, two teams with losing Frogs. Plus, there's no guarantee and Boise State, which does not
team from a conference without a n d p o s s i b l y t h e B i g 1 2 records. Cincinnati struggled to that in the end a one-loss team have another ranked team on its
an automatic bid to the big- c h a m p i o n s h i p r e m a i n i n g . put away Connecticut in a wild would not get more support from schedule.
money bowl games. No potential The other undefeated teams -- 47-45 victory on Saturday night. poll voters than TCU. This content has passed through
BCS buster had ever done better TCU, Cincinnati and Boise State TCU is ranked fourth in both the "If they have to vote for No. 2 are
than sixth in the BCS standings. -- need the top three to stumble to Harris and coaches' polls, and in they going to vote for a TCU
E-reader Newspaper Sports/ 45

Tony Dungy says Philadelphia Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael

Heisley: Allen Iverson 'would tell
Eagles QB Michael Vick could end me' if mulling retirement
up playing with Buffalo Bills By news services
disappointed. I feel bad because I
don't think that's the way he
should go out."
By Associated Press stay there. If they don't, there are season. Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:56:53 AM
( s o m e t e a m s l o o k i n g f o r "Me and Tony talked about my Iverson has played in three
quarterbacks: Cleveland, St. position in the future, whether Memphis Grizzlies owner games since returning from a
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:00:41 AM
Louis and Washington. I'm here or whether I'm there," Michael Heisley has shot down hamstring injury, averaging 12.3
NEW YORK -- Tony Dungy "But I think a dark horse is Vick said. "We talked about it, the idea that Allen Iverson is points, 3.7 assists and 22.3
s a y s M i c h a e l V i c k c o u l d Buffalo. They talked originally. but the primary goal is to help mulling retirement as he takes an minutes. But he has expressed
potentially wind up in Buffalo, There was some communication this team win the Super Bowl." indefinite leave of absence for a displeasure over coming off the
w h i c h h e s a y s p r e v i o u s l y there. I think that could be a good Vick has completed 2 of 6 personal matter. bench thus far this season.
d i s c u s s e d s i g n i n g t h e spot." passes for 6 yards and rushed 12 Frustration stemming from his "It's something that I never did in
quarterback. Vick has not been the weapon times for 27 yards, mostly out of reserve role combined with the my life, so obviously it's a big
Dungy has served as an adviser for the Eagles some expected and the wildcat formation. stress related to a recent family adjustment," he said last week.
to Vick since the Super Bowl- he was in for only two plays in He said he usually talks to issue has caused Iverson to "I'm so tired of discussing that,
winning coach retired from the their 20-16 loss to the Dallas Dungy at least once a week and consider hanging up his jersey talking about that, every single
Colts after last season. Now a Cowboys on Sunday night. Vick receives "great advice" from his for good, The Commercial day. It's just not something that I
commentator for NBC, Dungy said his focus is on helping the mentor. Vick, who has talked to Appeal of Memphis reported want to discuss."
confirmed during the pregame Eagles win a Super Bowl and not churches and schools about the Monday morning. Iverson has also acknowledged
s h o w S u n d a y n i g h t b e f o r e where he'll play next year. poor life choices he's made, has But Heisley said there was no he had become a distraction.
Philadelphia hosted Dallas that "It's what I thought it would be," enjoyed his second chance in indication of such consideration "When I hear anything about the
the Bills and Vick "talked Vick said. "I knew I couldn't Philadelphia. by the 34-year-old guard, and the Memphis Grizzlies, I don't hear
originally" when Vick was come in and do anything that "It's been great," he said. "Every owner told the newspaper that "if you guys talk about anything
searching for a team after serving would disrupt the rhythm of the day I wake up and I just thank he was going to retire, he'd tell other than the situation with me
18 months in federal prison for offense and what we had going God I have another opportunity me first." coming off the bench," he said
running a dogfighting ring. on here. I knew I was going to to play football and put on a TrueHoop: A.I. Out? Friday. "I mean, there's got to be
The Eagles signed Vick to a $1.6 have to be patient." uniform. That's what I'm thankful Allen Iverson isn't thrilled about something else with this team to
million contract for 2009, with a Bills starter Trent Edwards for." coming off the bench for the talk about besides that. But I
team option for the second year struggled this season before C o p y r i g h t 2 0 0 9 b y T h e Grizzlies. But does that mean his guess that sells a lot better than
at $5.2 million. But he has played sustaining a concussion. Ryan A s s o c i a t e d P r e s s time in Memphis is over? Blog anything else when it comes to
sparingly. Fitzpatrick, a career backup, has This content has passed through Iverson returned to his home in this team."
"I told Michael to just worry been the starter with Edwards out Atlanta late last week with Information from The
about this year," Dungy said. "It's of the lineup. Heisley's permission. Associated Press was used in this
technically up to Philadelphia. If Vick didn't want to talk about "I expect him to come back," report.
they want him back, he has to potential teams for the 2010 Heisley said. "If he does retire, This content has passed through
I ' l l b e t r e m e n d o u s l y
46 Sports/ Popular News/ E-reader Newspaper

Kansas City Chiefs release troubled Witness Says Orlando

running back Larry Johnson Office Shooting Lasted 1
By news services
account and twice used a
homosexual slur in an exchange
deactivate Johnson and keep him
on the sideline so he could not Minute
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:55:51 AM
with one of his Twitter followers. pass Holmes' team rushing record ( SLIDESHOW: Orlando Office
Last Monday, Kansas City or join the team's Ring of Honor Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:15:11 AM
In a tersely worded statement reached a settlement with at Arrowhead Stadium. Rodriguez has been charged
Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs Johnson through his agent, Johnson was one of the best ORLANDO, Fla. A man who with first-degree murder.
announced that embattled reducing the amount of pay running backs in the NFL in was in an Orlando office when a Orlando Police Chief Val
running back Larry Johnson has Johnson would lose by half, to 2005 and '06, running for more former employee came in and Demings says more charges are
been released. $315,000. than 1,700 yards each season and started shooting says the ordeal expected.
Johnson on Sunday served a one The Chiefs initially cleared earning Pro Bowl honors. In that left one dead and five injured An attorney for Rodriguez has
-game suspension for making gay Johnson to return to the team's 2007, he signed a five-year lasted about a minute. portrayed the 40-year-old as a
slurs. He was 75 yards from facility and participate in team contract extension that Mark Davidson, a vice president mentally ill man who fell victim
breaking Priest Holmes' franchise activities beginning Monday. He guaranteed him about $19 at the engineering firm Reynolds, t o c o u n t l e s s p e r s o n a l a n d
record (6,070) for career rushing apologized for his remarks last million. Smith and Hills, said Monday f i n a n c i a l p r o b l e m s .
yards. week, and his agent said his Information from The that his co-workers stayed calm Click here for more from
The Chiefs suspended Johnson client had learned from the entire Associated Press was used in this Friday and didn't scream as Jason
without pay through Sunday, the experience. report. Rodriguez entered a reception This content has passed through
team's bye week, after he Last week, an online petition This content has passed through area of the eighth-floor office and
questioned coach Todd Haley's started by Chiefs fans asked began shooting.
qualifications on his Twitter general manager Scott Pioli to

Hermida Could Pay Off Big for Red Sox

By Frankie Piliere (FanHouse) past the World Series. Some key shipped to Boston. For the price
Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:49:00 AM
players have already been locked of a pair of young lefties, the Red
up and some high upside trades Sox took a gamble that may
by Frankie Piliere have already gone down. What prove very worthy.
Filed under: Angels, Brewers, do these moves mean for each Hermida Could Pay Off Big for
Marlins, Red Sox, Twins, White club involved and how will the Red Sox originally appeared on
Sox, MLB Transactions, Scout's players dealt respond to their new Fanhouse MLB Blog on Mon, 09
Eye View In Advanced Scouting, homes? Just as significant, how Nov 2009 00:49:00 EST . Please
MLB FanHouse's professional important will the prospects dealt
talent evaluator breaks down turn out to be?
see our terms for use of feeds.
Permalink| Email this| Linking
Older, Wiser
offseason moves from a scouting From Mark Teahen headed to
perspective. Chicago, to the Carlos Gomez for
Angels, each move had a distinct
impact. Perhaps the most
Blogs| Comments Tony Romo
It hasn't taken long for the Hot J.J. Hardy swap, to Bobby
Stove to get heated up as we roll Abreu's new deal with the
interesting of these, however,
was Jeremy Hermida being
Leads Key Win
By Kevin Blackistone
Submitted at 11/9/2009 2:20:00 AM
by Kevin Blackistone
OLDER, page 47
E-reader Newspaper Sports/ 47
continued from page 46

Filed under: NFL, NFL Analysis appearance.

Brian Leetch: Pride of
PHILADELPHIA -- In the wee
hours of Monday morning, with a
blue Cowboys' baseball cap
"If you keep the mental discipline
..." Romo explained in a quite
deliberate and thoughtful
the Rangers
By Christopher Botta
pulled down snug on his noggin delivery, "keep getting better, (FanHouse)
and a short sleeve T-shirt worn keep learning what they're doing
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:00:00 AM
over a long sleeve one, Tony ... you can do some good things."
Romo looked like the boyish Older, Wiser Tony Romo Leads by Christopher Botta Luc Robitaille:
character we've come to see him Key Win originally appeared on Filed under: Rangers, NHL Hall
as. He looked more like some
guy who just finished playing a
Fanhouse - Kevin Blackistone on
Mon, 09 Nov 2009 02:20:00 EST
of Fame The main press box for The Ultimate
Rangers games at Madison
pick-up football game between
fraternities rather than the multi-
. Please see our terms for use of
Square Garden is in the lower Steal
bowl, behind one of the goals. It By Adam Gretz (FanHouse)
million-dollar NFL quarterback Permalink| Email this| Linking is here where the perfect imagery rows of tables one of the grandest
for Jerry Jones' Cowboys that Blogs| Comments can be found to illustrate the places to be in sports. Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:00:00 AM

he's been for a number of years magical play of Brian Leetch, The Hockey Hall of Fame Class
now. by Adam Gretz
who enters the Hockey Hall of of '09: Filed under: Kings, Penguins,
But when Romo started to talk Fame on Monday. Steve Yzerman| Brian Leetch |
about what he'd accomplished, he Rangers, Red Wings, NHL Hall
In this press box sit men and Brett Hull of Fame
sounded wise beyond his women, some who have been to Luc Robitaille| Lou Lamoriello It doesn't matter how good your
thousands of games, some Brian Leetch: Pride of the team's front office is, the NHL
perhaps new to the hockey beat. Rangers originally appeared on draft can still be a complete shot
Either way, it can often be a Fanhouse NHL Blog on Mon, 09 in the dark in which the most
jaded lot. But when Leetch plied Nov 2009 10:00:00 EST . Please highly-touted, can't miss prospect
his craft as a defenseman for the see our terms for use of feeds. can miss, and ninth-round picks
Rangers from 1988 until 2004, Permalink| Email this| Linking that sneak under the radar
there were countless moments Blogs| Comments because of concerns about their
when his artistry made those four ability to skate at an NHL level
can end up scoring over 600
Steve Yzerman: Most Gracious Superstar goals and tallying nearly 1,400
points in a 19-year career -- kind
By Susan Slusser (FanHouse) behavior. Steve Yzerman | Brian Leetch| of like Luc Robitaille.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:00:00 AM
The longtime Red Wings Brett Hull The Hockey Hall of Fame Class
captain, and a three-time Stanley Luc Robitaille| Lou Lamoriello of '09:
by Susan Slusser Cup winner as a player, enters Steve Yzerman: Most Gracious Steve Yzerman| Brian Leetch|
Filed under: Red Wings, NHL the Hall of Fame as a winner on Superstar originally appeared on Brett Hull
Hall of Fame In an age of look-at the ice and off, a gentleman Fanhouse NHL Blog on Mon, 09 Luc Robitaille | Lou Lamoriello
-me professional athletes, full of respected by his peers and adored Nov 2009 10:00:00 EST . Please Luc Robitaille: The Ultimate
boasting, silly taunting and big by his fans. see our terms for use of feeds. Steal originally appeared on
celebrations over routine plays, Yzerman was, and is, classy and Permalink| Email this| Linking Fanhouse NHL Blog on Mon, 09
Steve Yzerman is a reminder that understated, the embodiment of accountability. Blogs| Comments Nov 2009 10:00:00 EST . Please
the best and most talented shine o l d - f a s h i o n e d v a l u e s o f The Hockey Hall of Fame Class see our terms for use of feeds.
all the brighter for humble sportsmanship and personal of '09: Permalink| Email this| Linking
Blogs| Comments
48 Sports/ Game/ Popular News/ E-reader Newspaper

Small Plane
Brett Hull: Bulldog, Manny Pacquiao Crashes in Florida
Blues and Beyond FanHouse Live Chat, Everglades
By Bruce Ciskie (FanHouse) (
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:00:00 AM Monday 2 PM ET Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:19:58 AM

by Bruce Ciskie By Michael David Smith Rescue crews haven't been able
(FanHouse) to locate any survivors from a
Filed under: Blues, Stars, Red
Wings, NHL Hall of Fame, Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:24:00 AM small plane crash in the Florida
College Hockey In 1984, a kid Everglades.
with a famous name and loads of by Michael David Smith According to the Broward
potential in his game showed up Filed under: FanHouse County Sheriff's Office, alert
on the campus of the University Exclusive, Media Watch Manny drivers on Interstate 75 called
of Minnesota Duluth. The Pacquiao will fight Miguel Cotto dispatchers Sunday night to
Calgary Flames had drafted the on Saturday night (HBO pay-per- report the low-flying aircraft.
kid, but they knew he wasn't view at 9 PM ET), but he'll be One caller thought the plane
ready to play. taking a few minutes out of his Manny Pacquiao FanHouse Live crashed, while other drivers said
After two years at UMD, Brett preparations to chat live with Chat, Monday 2 PM ET it appeared to disappear.
Hull -- son of the great Bobby FanHouse readers on Monday. If originally appeared on Fanhouse Crews located the crash site
Hull -- was ready to tear up the you want to ask Pacquiao a Boxing Blog on Mon, 09 Nov Sunday night. Authorities say it
NHL. Boy, did he ever do that. question, you can ask it during 2009 06:24:00 EST . Please see appears the single-engine
Brett Hull our live chat, or submit it in our terms for use of feeds.
Turns out Hull was quite the airplane nose-dived into the
Luc Robitaille| Lou Lamoriello advance to me on Twitter Permalink| Email this| Linking
impact player at every level he Everglades.
Brett Hull: Bulldog, Blues and @MichaelDavSmith. Blogs| Comments
ever played at. He finished his Homicide detectives are
Beyond originally appeared on The live chat begins below at
career as the only player to ever expected to be on the scene
Fanhouse NHL Blog on Mon, 09 2PM ET on Monday.
score 50 goals in college hockey, Monday to continue their
Nov 2009 10:00:00 EST . Please
the minors, and the NHL. investigation.
see our terms for use of feeds.
The Hockey Hall of Fame Class This content has passed through
Permalink| Email this| Linking
of '09:
Blogs| Comments
Steve Yzerman| Brian Leetch|

Second season of Xbox Live's 1 vs 100 starts Nov. 19

By David Hinkle (Joystiq) return on November 19 at 5:00 every night, including "Finish the Nov 2009 10:30:00 EST. Please
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:30:00 AM
PDT, where it'll dish out another Lyrics," "80's" night and -- yes, see our terms for use of feeds.
14 weeks' worth of questions -- w e ' r e t o t a l l y s e r i o u s - - Read| Permalink| Email this|
If you've been missing your and this time around, your chance "Vampires." Finally, a theme Comments
trivia fix on Xbox Live, you to be The One or a part of The night your 12-year-old sister can
should be happy to learn that Mob will be determined by one get behind!
Microsoft has dated the second thing: score. Second season of Xbox Live's 1
season of its Xbox Live quiz-'em- Multiple-choice maniacs will be vs 100 on a daily basis through vs 100 starts Nov. 19 originally
up, 1 vs 100. Expect the game to able to play the new season of 1 themed Extended Play sessions appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 09
E-reader Newspaper Game/ Economy/ 49

The Best of Big Download:

November 2 - 8
By Joystiq Staff (Joystiq) • Interviews: We had interviews • Playing For Free: Our weekly
Submitted at 11/8/2009 11:30:00 PM
with the CEO of the gaming PC look at online free-to-play games
maker Maingear and the lead has our opinion on CrimeCraft
The first full week of November d e s i g n e r b e h i n d S h a t t e r e d
2009 kept us at Big Download on H o r i z o n .
our toes with a ton of news, • Serious Sam HD Preview: We
which recently turned into a free-
to-play game.
• Freeware Friday: Don't turn out
Final Fantasy XIII
downloads, and special features. go hands-on with a near final
As usual, we take some time to v e r s i o n o f C r o t e a m ' s F P S
smell the roses and look back at r e m a k e .
the lights. This week's column on
free PC games checks out the
super-spooky Au Sable.
announcement possibly
the past week. Please, won't you • Mac Monday: Our look at Mac
join us? -based games checks out two
• Contest: You still have some
time to win one of three Steam
due on Nov. 13
Exclusive features titles: T rapped: The Abduction download codes for Shattered By Griffin McElroy (Joystiq) Thirteenth."
and Harvest: Massive Encounter. Horizon. Submitted at 11/8/2009 7:30:00 PM
The nature of this
• Unreal Development Kit: We • Boot Disk: Our look at retro "announcement" is still up in the
were all over the release of Epic games checks out the classic Continue reading The Best of "A Henchmen Inventor Tent air, though our money's on an
Games' free version of Unreal space strategy title Master of Big Download: November 2 - 8 Unto." official North American release
Engine 3 with a feature on the Orion II. The Best of Big Download: Before reading on, why not try date for the super-anticipated
UDK itself and interviews with • Big Ideas: Our regular look at November 2 - 8 originally to solve that puzzle for yourself? RPG. Though, considering the
the teams behind the first two game themes examines what appeared on Joystiq on Sun, 08 It's an anagram, which means speed at which the series is
free UDK games; Whizzle and people's perceptions are on Nov 2009 23:30:00 EST. Please you can mess the letters about to growing now, we wouldn't be
The Ball. beauty in a game. see our terms for use of feeds. spell a secret message. Here's a surprised if Squeenix went ahead
• Reviews: We give our final • All You Need To Know: Our Read| Permalink| Email this| hint: It was posted by Square and dropped the Final Fantasy
v e r d i c t s f o r B o r d e r l a n d s , 411 feature gives you everything Comments Enix as a tease for Final Fantasy XV bomb on us.
Torchlight, AI War: Fleet you need to know about XIII, meaning it probably has Final Fantasy XIII
Command and Shattered Horizon Blizzard's upcoming Diablo III. something to do with that game. announcement possibly due on
What's that? "A Chevron Non- Nov. 13 originally appeared on
Deal activity lifts Wall Street nineteenth Mutt?" We suppose Joystiq on Sun, 08 Nov 2009
(Financial Times - US that's a pretty good guess, but 19:30:00 EST. Please see our
Wall Street confidence on rose 1.1 per cent to 10,129.60
homepage) unfortunately, it's the wrongest terms for use of feeds.
Monday, lifting US stocks higher and was touching fresh highs for
thing ever. A Final Fan-site Read| Permalink| Email this|
after last week’s strong gains. the year. The Nasdaq climbed 1.3
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:26:53 AM r e c e n t l y h a d b e t t e r l u c k Comments
Less than an hour after the per cent to 2,140.06.
uncovering the message's true
Deal activity by companies from opening bell, the S&P 500 was This content has passed through
meaning: "Announcement Nov
chocolate makers to a nuclear up 1.2 per cent at 1,81.81. The
submarine manufacturer buoyed Dow Jones Industrial Average
50 Game/ E-reader Newspaper

Japanese hardware sales, Oct. 26 - Nov. 1: Away we Go

By Griffin McElroy (Joystiq) place the PSP Go into our weekly - Wii: 28,888 2,971 (11.46%)
Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:30:00 PM
line-up. The system's one-day - DS Lite: 6,902 352 (5.37%)
sales of 29,109 garnered it a - Xbox 360: 6,047 1,577
It was almost one year ago to the somewhat disappointing fourth- (35.28%)
day when we last added a p l a c e f i n i s h - - w h i l e - PS2: 1,966 15 (0.77%)
participant to the Japanese sales simultaneously, the sales totals of [Source: Media Create]
charts, leading to a mathematical every other console (save for the See: The attractive archives
anomaly which'sploded our DSi) increased, reversing a recent Japanese hardware sales, Oct. 26
living quarters. Luckily, we downward trend for the region. - Nov. 1: Away we Go edition
learned from our mistakes, and Our theory on why this occurred originally appeared on Joystiq on
have remembered not to add is simple: Upon seeing the digital Sun, 08 Nov 2009 21:30:00 EST.
today's newcomer to our Excel distribution-based future our Please see our terms for use of
spreadsheet, preserving the world has in store, Japanese Also, an action game featuring sales surge. Like, a little. feeds.
integrity of our apartment and, gamers began to hoard the an attractive, gun-toting witch - DSi: 37,517 4,682 (11.10%) Permalink| Email this|
more importantly, the space-time t a n g i b l e m e d i a - r e a d i n g whose clothes frequently - PS3: 36,061 6,084 (20.30%) Comments
continuum. platforms, which will disappear was released. That - PSP: 34,911 2,046 (6.23%)
Not that we require number- undoubtedly become priceless might have contributed to the - PSP Go: 29,109 (New Entry!)
crunching software to accurately relics in the coming years.

For the UK's best Modern Warfare 2 deal, head to the grocery
By JC Fletcher (Joystiq) offer worth noting: the retailer them last week.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:30:00 AM
has cut the price of Modern For the UK's best Modern
Warfare 2 to just £26 ($43.76), Warfare 2 deal, head to the
Grocery stores aren't typically an amazing £29 off the regular grocery store originally appeared
known for great video game price. on Joystiq on Mon, 09 Nov 2009
deals -- we can't remember any Tesco is also offering a big price 09:30:00 EST. Please see our
notable supermarket game cut on Modern Warfare 2: it's terms for use of feeds.
purchases since our local £25 with the purchase of another are open all the time anyway, Sainsbury's locations. Unless Read| Permalink| Email this|
Albertson's cleared out its NES bestselling game ( The Guardian will begin selling the game at they're like stores in the US, in Comments
rentals. But Sainsbury specifies "top-20" games), or midnight tonight, as will five which case they began selling
supermarkets in the UK have an £39.70 on its own. Tescos, which
E-reader Newspaper Game/ Economy/ 51

China car sales

surge on
stimulus steps
(Financial Times - US
Submitted at 11/9/2009 1:29:05 AM

SHANGHAI, Nov 9 - China’s

passenger cars sales in October
surged 75.8 per cent from a year
NintendoWare Weekly: Excitebike earlier, official data showed,
extending the explosive growth
World Rally, Electroplankton, in recent months as government
incentive policies continued to
Wii Fit Plus claims top Cybernoid, and more lure customers.
By JC Fletcher (Joystiq) Continue reading NintendoWare A total of 946,400 passenger
spot in UK sales chart, Submitted at 11/9/2009 11:00:00 AM
Weekly: Excitebike World Rally, cars were sold in October, up
Electroplankton, Cybernoid, and sharply from 538,500 units sold a
It's a very exciting day for more year earlier, but slightly lower
Dragon Age debuts in fifth Nintendo downloads, thanks to NintendoWare Weekly: that 1.02m units sold in
one very thrilling two-wheeler. E x c i t e b i k e W o r l d R a l l y , S e p t e m b e r , t h e C h i n a
By Alexander Sliwinski have a stronger showing in the
(Joystiq) But Excitebike World Rally is far Electroplankton, Cybernoid, and Association of Automobile
US, though we'll have to wait for
from the only offering this week. more originally appeared on Manufacturers said on Monday.
the NPD results to see if it lands
Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:01:00 AM In fact, there are multiple games Joystiq on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 “Autumn is usually the best auto
in the top ten.
available for WiiWare, Virtual 11:00:00 EST. Please see our selling season. But it is not that
Wii Fit Plus has taken the top Source-- A fitting No1 [Chart obvious this year as sales have
Console, and DSiWare, which terms for use of feeds.
spot in the UK during its second Track]
seems like a rare feat for Read| Permalink| Email this| been so strong all along,” said
week of release, according to Source-- All formats chart
Nintendo of America. Head past Comments Qin Xuwen, an analyst with
Chart Track. The excellent [Chart Track]
the break to see if any of the Orient Securities.
Dragon Age: Origins premiered Wii Fit Plus claims top spot in
other new games excite you. This content has passed through
in fifth place, behind Wii Fit UK sales chart, Dragon Age
Plus, Wii Sports Resort and two d e b u t s i n f i f t h o r i g i n a l l y
football games. No surprises appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 09
there! Nov 2009 10:01:00 EST. Please
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in see our terms for use of feeds. Cadbury rejects Kraft’s £9.8bn hostile bid
Time premiered at the 22nd spot, Permalink| Email this| (Financial Times - US 717p a share, after the US food recovered later in the session to
which is a weaker debut than we C o m m e n t s homepage) group formalised the terms of an stand fractionally higher at
had anticipated for the titular Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:17:02 AM
indicative offer it made two 758½p. Kraft shares were little
duo's final(ish) outing. It'll likely months ago. changed in New York at $26.79.
Cadbury on Monday rejected a Shares in Cadbury, which had This content has passed through
hostile cash and shares bid from been trading higher in morning
Kraft that valued the UK trading in London, fell 2 per cent
confectionery group at £9.8bn or after Kraft announced its bid but
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Gulf Coast preps as Ida weakens to tropical storm UK change of

heart on banking
(AP) tax plan
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Earlier, heavy rain in Ida's wake around New Orleans and in Management Agency. Officials (Financial Times - US
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:20:34 AM
triggered flooding and landslides Alabama also canceled classes "do not want anybody to be homepage)
in El Salvador that killed 124 Monday. caught off guard."
Submitted at 11/8/2009 11:20:26 AM
PENSACOLA, Fla. – Schools people. One mudslide covered Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal There were no mandatory
closed, residents of low-lying the town of Verapaz, about 30 declared a state of emergency as evacuations in Alabama, but Gordon Brown, the British
areas sought shelter and Florida's miles outside the capital, San a precaution Sunday, and the schools were closed in Baldwin prime minister, rapidly
governor declared a state of Salvador, before dawn Sunday. National Guard was on high alert County on the eastern side of backpedalled from his proposal
emergency Monday as a late- In the U.S., there were no there. Mobile Bay, and the county was for a financial transactions tax on
season tropical storm churned immediate plans for mandatory Nearly 1,400 Louisiana residents opening a shelter. Sunday after a chorus of criticism
toward the Gulf Coast. evacuations, but authorities in are still living in federally issued In the Florida Panhandle, of his plan set out in a speech on
After a quiet storm season, some coastal areas were opening trailers and mobile homes after residents in Bay County and Saturday to a meeting of global
residents took the year's first shelters and encouraging people hurricanes Katrina and Rita; Panama City were being advised finance ministers.
serious threat in stride. near the water or in mobile nearly 360 units remained in to secure boats and prepare for The US led a backlash against
"Even though we're telling homes to leave. Mississippi. storm surges that could reach 2-3 the“Tobin tax” on financial
everybody to be prepared, my gut Monday morning, Ida was "FEMA stresses that those in feet. Heavy rain, wind and transactions after Mr Brown took
tells me it probably won't be that located about 185 miles south- temporary (housing) units should possible flooding was also a Group of 20 finance ministers’
bad," said Steve Arndt, director southeast of the mouth of the not take chances," Federal expected. meeting by surprise with his
of Bay Point Marina Co. in Mississippi River and about 285 Emergency Management Agency "You really don't know until it proposal at the gathering in St
Panama City, Fla. miles south-southwest of spokesman Andrew Thomas said. gets close how you're going to be Andrews, Scotland.
Ida started out as the third Pensacola. It was moving north- "Leave the unit behind and affected by it," said Brad This content has passed through
hurricane of this year's Atlantic northwest near 17 mph. evacuate to a permanent structure Monroe, Bay County's deputy
season, which ends Dec. 1, but it Officials were encouraging that will better withstand tropical chief of emergency services.
weakened to a tropical storm residents to prepare for potential weather systems and the Ida was not expected to pack the
M o n d a y m o r n i n g , w i t h gusts of 60 mph by removing tree associated winds." wallop seen in 2008 when
maximum sustained winds near limbs that could damage their Mississippi authorities warned hurricanes Gustav and Ike pelted
70 mph. The U.S. National homes and securing or bringing residents to be vigilant. They the Gulf Coast back-to-back.
Hurricane Center said it was not in any trash cans, grills, potted were monitoring conditions to ___
expected to strengthen again plants or patio furniture. see whether any evacuations of Associated Press writers Suzette
before making landfall along the Residents of Pensacola Beach, lower-lying areas or school Laboy in Miami and Becky
Gulf Coast sometime Tuesday Fla., and nearby Perdido Key closures would be necessary. Bohrer in New Orleans.
morning. were encouraged to leave, as "It is likely we will at least be hit This content has passed through
T r o p i c a l s t o r m w a r n i n g s were people farther inland who with strong winds and some
extended more than 200 miles live in mobile homes, and school flooding in our coastal counties,"
across Louisiana, Mississippi, was canceled in the area Monday said Jeff Rent, a spokesman for
Alabama and Florida. and Tuesday. Some schools the Mississippi Emergency
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Resolute Fort Hood soldiers ready for return (AP) Murdoch hints
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) the shootings but they won't say was embracing an increasingly speculation (on Hasan's Islamic he will sue
when charges would be filed and extremist view of Islamic roots) could potentially heighten
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:23:06 AM
have said they have not ideology. backlash against some of our BBC
FORT HOOD, Texas – Pvt. determined a motive. Sen. Joe Lieberman said Sunday Muslim soldiers," he said on (Financial Times - US
Joseph Foster took a bullet in the Sixteen victims remained he wants Congress to determine ABC's "This Week." homepage)
leg during the Fort Hood hospitalized with gunshot whether the shootings constitute Sgt. 1st Class Frank Minnie was
Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:38:58 AM
shooting rampage. He pauses wounds, and seven were in a terrorist attack and whether in the processing center Monday
when he's asked about the intensive care. warning signs were missed. A and Wednesday, getting some Rupert Murdoch indicated on
mayhem, then credits a stout Even as the community took day earlier, classmates who health tests and immunizations in Monday that News Corporation
heritage with bringing him time to mourn the victims at participated in a 2007-2008 preparation for his deployment. would sue the BBC over breach
through the ordeal and leaving worship services on and off the master's program at a military The mass shooting happened of copyright for “stealing”
him eager for his scheduled post Sunday, Fort Hood college told The Associated Press Thursday, but Minnie said Fort material from his newspapers
January deployment to spokesman Col. John Rossi said that they complained to faculty Hood soldiers have the attitude round the world.
Afghanistan. the country's largest military during the program about what that "the mission still goes on." Mr Murdoch, interviewed on
"I'm Irish. It hit the bone and installation was moving forward they considered to be Hasan's "Everybody's going to grieve a Sky News Australia, was asked
bounced out," Foster, of Ogden, with the business of soldiering. anti-American views, which little bit. It hurts a lot because it's how he would be able to instigate
Utah, said Sunday of the bullet The processing center where included his giving a presentation one of your battle buddies, and his proposal to charge for
that tore into his left hip. His wife Hasan allegedly opened fire that justified suicide bombing someone lost a mom, dad, newspaper websites such as The
is uneasy about the deployment, remains a crime scene, but the and telling classmates that brother or sister," said Minnie, Times in the UK or The
but the 21-year-old Foster is activities that went on there were Islamic law trumped the U.S. 37, who served in Iraq in 2006. Australian when the BBC and
resolute. "I'm a soldier. It's my relocated, with the goal of soon Constitution. "But it doesn't change my ABC produced free news content
job." reopening the center. "If Hasan was showing signs, perspective of going to war. I've on their sites.
Across Fort Hood, signs point to "There's a lot of routine activity saying to people that he had got a job to do." This content has passed through
a post on the mend after the still happening. You'll hear become an Islamist extremist, the ___
shooting spree Thursday that cannon fire and artillery fire," U.S. Army has to have zero Associated Press writers Allen
killed 13 and wounded 29. Rossi said. "Soldiers in units are tolerance," Lieberman, an Breed and Jeff Carlton in Fort
Accused gunman Maj. Nidal still trying to execute the independent from Connecticut, Hood and Pamela Hess, Devlin
Malik Hasan, shot in the torso by missions we have been tasked said on " Fox News Sunday." Barrett, Richard Lardner and
civilian police to end the with." "He should have been gone." Jessica Gresko in Washington
rampage, was in critical but President Barack Obama will Army Chief of Staff George contributed to this report.
stable condition and breathing on attend a memorial service Casey warned Sunday against This content has passed through
his own at an Army hospital in Tuesday honoring victims of the reaching conclusions about the
San Antonio. attack, amid growing suggestions suspected shooter's motives until
Authorities continue to refer to that Hasan's superior officers investigators have fully explored
Hasan, 39, as the only suspect in may have missed signs that he the attack. "I think the
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Ida Weakens to Tropical Storm, Gulf Still on Media: Fox News
Pushes Live Web Video
Warning Effort
( extended more than 200 miles were people farther inland who "It is likely we will at least be hit (MediaPost | Media News)
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:23:53 AM
across Louisiana, Mississippi, live in mobile homes, and school with strong winds and some Submitted at 11/8/2009 6:52:26 PM
Alabama and Florida. was canceled in the area Monday flooding in our coastal counties,"
PENSACOLA, Fla. Schools Earlier, heavy rain in Ida's wake and Tuesday. Some schools said Jeff Rent, a spokesman for With Strategy Room, a Web
closed, residents of low-lying triggered flooding and landslides around New Orleans and in the Mississippi Emergency video "network" that produces
areas sought shelter and Florida's in El Salvador that killed 124 Alabama also canceled classes Management Agency. Officials eight hours of live programming
governor declared a state of people. One mudslide covered Monday. "do not want anybody to be each weekday, Fox News is
emergency Monday as a late- the town of Verapaz, about 30 Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal caught off guard." trying to catch up in the digital
season tropical storm churned miles outside the capital, San declared a state of emergency as There were no mandatory world. This past September,
toward the Gulf Coast. Salvador, before dawn Sunday. a precaution Sunday, and the evacuations in Alabama, but's audience had
After a quiet storm season, In the U.S., there were no National Guard was on high alert schools were closed in Baldwin nearly doubled, but it still trailed
residents took the year's first immediate plans for mandatory there. County on the eastern side of rival CNN by over 8 million
serious threat in stride. evacuations, but authorities in Nearly 1,400 Louisiana residents Mobile Bay, and the county was users.
Maps, forecasts, radar and more some coastal areas were opening are still living in federally issued opening a shelter. Born as a wall-to-wall political
at shelters and encouraging people trailers and mobile homes after In the Florida Panhandle, channel during the presidential
"Even though we're telling near the water or in mobile hurricanes Katrina and Rita; residents in Bay County and race, Strategy Room is an
everybody to be prepared, my gut homes to leave. nearly 360 units remained in Panama City were being advised experiment that clicked. Live
tells me it probably won't be that Monday morning, Ida was Mississippi. to secure boats and prepare for Web video has been fairly
bad," said Steve Arndt, director located about 185 miles south- "FEMA stresses that those in storm surges that could reach 2-3 limited, but Strategy Room has a
of Bay Point Marina Co. in southeast of the mouth of the temporary (housing) units should feet. Heavy rain, wind and fully programmed lineup,
Panama City, Fla. Mississippi River and about 285 not take chances," Federal possible flooding was also including a regular entertainment
Ida started out as the third m i l e s s o u t h - s o u t h w e s t o f Emergency Management Agency expected. show, a health series and a
hurricane of this year's Atlantic Pensacola. It was moving north- spokesman Andrew Thomas said. "You really don't know until it business hour. In September,
season, which ends Dec. 1, but it northwest near 17 mph. "Leave the unit behind and gets close how you're going to be Strategy Room averaged 28,000
weakened to a tropical storm Officials were encouraging evacuate to a permanent structure affected by it," said Brad viewers per day, with viewership
M o n d a y m o r n i n g , w i t h residents to prepare for potential that will better withstand tropical Monroe, Bay County's deputy spiking around midday.
maximum sustained winds near gusts of 60 mph by removing tree weather systems and the chief of emergency services. Next up: A new live chat
70 mph. The U.S. National limbs that could damage their associated winds." Ida was not expected to pack the functionality that producers can
Hurricane Center said it was not homes and securing or bringing Mississippi authorities warned wallop seen in 2008 when turn on and off. Also, producers
expected to strengthen again in any trash cans, grills, potted residents to be vigilant. They hurricanes Gustav and Ike pelted will soon be able to post episodes
before making landfall along the plants or patio furniture. were monitoring conditions to the Gulf Coast back-to-back. and short highlights of shows
Gulf Coast sometime Tuesday Residents of Pensacola Beach, see whether any evacuations of This content has passed through almost instantly, and users will
morning. Fla., and nearby Perdido Key lower-lying areas or school be able to catch up on segments
T r o p i c a l s t o r m w a r n i n g s were encouraged to leave, as closures would be necessary. that interest them during Strategy
Room's regular eight-hour
This content has passed through
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Transit moving again in Philly after 6-day strike Media: Condand#233;
Nast Hires Crisis Expert
(AP) (MediaPost | Media News)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) who really suffers?" Philadelphia, was taking the bus The union had threatened to Submitted at 11/8/2009 6:54:41 PM

Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:57:43 AM

About 5,000 workers for to a regional rail line early strike while the World Series was
Transport Workers Local 234 Monday so he could get to his in town, but negotiators Condé Nast Nast executives
PHILADELPHIA – Trolleys, walked off the job early Nov. 3 job at a retail store in the suburbs. continued bargaining after have tapped Washington, D.C.-
subways and buses were running in a dispute centered around Sylla had been getting up early Rendell threatened consequences based crisis manager and media
again Monday and riders were pension benefits. so he could find other ways to get if that happened. The union went coach Michael Sheehan to
trickling back to the city's transit Transit officials said they to the regional rail — whose lines on strike early Tuesday, hours improve the company's image.
system after an early-morning expected the system to be close were still running because their after the series between the Sheehan is known for coaching
contract agreement ended a to fully operational for the workers are represented by a Phillies and Yankees shifted back Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, AIG
crippling six-day strike. Monday morning commute. different union. to New York. and JP Morgan. Lucky publisher
Commuters awoke to news that SEPTA spokesman Richard "It's not easy," he said, adding The regional rail system, while Gina Sanders used Sheehan when
the strike was over and that Maloney said that all bus, that he was relieved the strike still running, had problems of its she launched Teen Vogue.
service would be restored in time subway and trolley lines were was over. own as riders flocked to it as an Help is needed because morale
for the morning rush. Many had running as of 6 a.m., with service Rendell and Brady had alternative during the strike. at Condé is hitting an all-time
been hitching rides, driving or at about 80 percent of normal. announced a tentative agreement A railcar heading downtown low. After the closure six
taking regional rail lines as they The city's two main subway lines late Friday, but it fell apart caught fire Wednesday, causing magazines and hundreds of
struggled to get to work for were up and running by 4 a.m., Saturday over the union's call for delays and confusion but no layoffs, the publisher's glitzy
nearly a week. Maloney said. an independent audit of the serious injuries. image has also taken a drubbing
Teddy Stansbury, 62, of "This was a team effort, and pension fund and assurance that On Thursday, a train struck and on Madison Avenue.
northeast Philadelphia, was glad that's what it takes to get a deal members would not be affected if killed a rail worker, stranding Meanwhile, cutbacks are picking
to be back on the subway, done," Mayor Michael Nutter the company's costs increased hundreds of riders during the up on the newspaper side of
heading to work at his job at the said, crediting the intervention of with possible passage of a morning rush hour. The agency Condé's parent company
naval yard in south Philadelphia. Gov. Ed Rendell and U.S. Rep. national health reform plan. said neither accident was related Advance Publications. The Staten
But he said he was frustrated by Robert Brady, D-Pa. The governor said changes to the to increased volume due to the Island Advance, one of the
the strike, saying all it did was Willie Brown, president of the language regarding national strike. company's first papers, is looking
hurt people who were trying to Transport Workers Local 234, health care and another change ___ for another 40-plus volunteers to
get to work and school. said a ratification vote will likely on dental benefits cleared the Associated Press Writer Patrick take severance packages before
"I really feel they shouldn't be be held in about a week and a way for a deal. On the union's Walters contributed to this report. year's end.
allowed to go on strike," said half, and he expects members to call for a forensic audit of This content has passed through This content has passed through
Stansbury, who had been approve the contract. pension funds, the governor said
hitching rides from co-workers That's good news for thousands the union's two members on the
and noted that the strike mostly of riders who use SEPTA in pension fund's advisory board
hurt poor and working-class Philadelphia every day. could call for such an audit "so
commuters. "At the end of it all, Issiaga Sylla, 27, of west that became a non-issue."
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Scores die in El Salvador floods

(BBC News | Americas | "The images that we have seen
World Edition) today are of a devastated
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:07:01 AM
country," President Funes said on
local television.
Please turn on JavaScript. Media Our correspondent says that this
requires JavaScript to play. is easily the biggest crisis the
The torrential rain triggered government of Mr Funes has had
landslips and mudslides to face since coming to office
At least 124 people have been five months ago.
killed in El Salvador by flooding Are you in El Salvador? Have
and landslides following days of you been affected by the floods?
heavy rain, the government says. Send us your stories using the
President Mauricio Funes has form below.
declared a national emergency, You can also send us your
describing the damage as pictures and videos of the
"incalculable". flooding to
The capital San Salvador and or text them to+44 7725 100 100.
central San Vicente province If you have a large file you can
were hardest hit. upload here.
Mud and boulders buried homes Read the terms and conditions
and cars in the small town of At no time should you endanger
Verapaz, where rescuers dug into yourself or others, take any
the night - some with their bare Soldiers joined residents of The country's official death toll A reporter on the El Salvador unnecessary risks or infringe any
hands - to find survivors. Verapaz, a town with a was not broken down by location daily La Prensa Grafica, Juan laws.
The BBC's weather centre says population of about 3,000 some but the deaths were concentrated Carlos Barahona, told the BBC A selection of your comments
the disastrous rains were mainly 50km (30 miles) outside San in San Salvador and San Vicente that San Vicente had been may be published, displaying
caused by a low pressure system Salvador, to dig through the mud province, where Verapaz is virtually cut off by landslides and your name and location unless
in the Pacific, which was linked with shovels under a persistent situated. collapsed bridges. you state otherwise in the box
indirectly to Hurricane Ida, drizzle, the Associated Press "It was terrible," said Manuel Other badly affected areas were below.
which passed the country three reported. Melendez, 61, whose home in the L a L i b e r t a d , L a P a z a n d The BBC may edit your
days ago. Emergency services said about town was destroyed. Cuscatlan, he said. comments and not all emails will
Ida was downgraded to a tropical 300 homes had been destroyed in "The rocks came down on top of About 7,000 people are living in be published. Your comments
storm as it crossed the Gulf of the town, which was hit by the houses and split them in two, shelters as a result of the disaster. may be published on any BBC
Mexico on Monday. massive rockslides from the and split the pavement. I heard Large parts of the country are media worldwide.
Nonetheless, storm warnings Chichontepec volcano. people screaming all around." without electricity or clean water Print Sponsor
remain in place along the Gulf AP earlier quoted Red Cross Collapsed walls, boulders and a n d r e m a i n c u t o f f f r o m This content has passed through
Coast of the US, from spokesman Carlos Lopez downed power lines that blocked government aid, the BBC's Latin
Mississippi to Florida. Mendoza as saying 60 people heavy machinery have been America correspondent Will
Massive rockslides there were missing. impeding the rescue effort. Grant reports.
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Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Frequented Local Kraft in

Strip Club Cadbury
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:04:42 AM
of the alleged killer from that
offered by his imam and family
members, who have described
[Friday] on TV, I jumped out of
bed, I knew it was him."
Jenner, 31, said Hasan was
all about an 8-minute drive from
the Army base.
"I like it here because no one I
takeover bid
(BBC News | Americas |
KILLEEN, Texas The Army him as a devout Muslim, and one dressed casually both nights he work with is here," she said World Edition)
psychiatrist authorities say killed who had difficulty finding a wife came to the club - in jeans and a Hasan replied.
Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:54:49 AM
13 people and wounded 29 others who would wear a head scarf and T-shirt the first night and then Starz is smaller than most of the
at the Fort Hood Army Base would pray five times a day. wearing a baseball cap the next. other clubs, has only about 10 US food company Kraft has
Thursday was a recent and Starz is a strip club located just She recalled that he arrived at dancers and caters to a louder launched a £9.8bn ($16.4bn)
frequent customer at a local strip down the road from the main gate about 6:30 p.m. and stayed until crowd. Jenner said Army medics hostile bid for UK confectioner
club, employees of the club told entrance to the Fort Hood Base. 2 a.m. She said he brought in a generally don't hang out at the Cadbury. exclusively. It does not serve alcohol, but six pack of light beer, took only a club. Cadbury said it had
Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan came customers bring their own beer few sips from one can and gave "He wasnt too loud like some of "emphatically rejected" the new
into the Starz strip club not far and liquor and buy ice buckets the rest to the strippers. our other customers, or sleazy. offer, which is being put directly
from the base at least three times and mixers at the club. "He preferred the blondes," said He didn't try to take any of us to its shareholders.
in the past month, the club's Hasan sat at a table in the back Jenner, whose hair was dyed home and he was respectful," she Kraft said it would offer 300p in
general manager, Matthew Jones, corner of the club, to the left of blond at the time. "He said he said. "I think he mostly came cash and 0.2589 new Kraft shares
t o l d F o x N e w s . c o m . A r m y the stage on which strippers was a medic and that he was here to kill some time and just for each Cadbury share, the same
investigators building their case dance around a pole, employees being deployed soon, but mostly relax. He stood out here because terms as it proposed in
against Hasan plan to interview said. he wanted to ask us questions." he was much more reserved than September.
Jones soon. Jennifer Jenner, who works at "He asked us why we were our other customers. As Kraft shares have dropped in
"The last time he was here, I Starz using the stage name Paige, working at the strip club, if we "I just can't believe that he's the value since then, the bid is now
remember checking his military said Hasan bought a lap dance liked the lifestyle, if we had any one who killed all those people. worth less than the original
ID at the door, and he paid his from her two nights in a row. She kids," she said. "It was right You know, he tipped every girl £10.2bn approach.
$15 cover and stayed for six or said he paid $50 for a dance before Halloween so he asked as she came off the stage after In a statement Cadbury chairman
seven hours," Jones, 37, said. lasting three songs in one of the what our kids were dressing up her dance. He was a really good Roger Carr called the offer
FULL COVERAGE: Fort Hood club's private rooms on Oct. 29 as. He just wanted to know a lot tipper." "derisory".
Tragedy and Oct. 30. about us." Click here for more from "Kraft's offer does not come
SLIDESHOW: Deadly Shooting "I remembered his face because it Jenner said she asked Hasan remotely close to reflecting the
at Fort Hood. was the first lap dance I [gave] to why he liked coming to Starz This content has passed through
Hasan's presence at the club a customer while working here," instead of another of the roughly KRAFT page 58
paints a starkly different portrait she said. "When I saw his face half a dozen other clubs nearby,

Around the Net In Media: Fox To Add E-commerce To DVDs

(MediaPost | Media News) app for Mac, PC or iPhone, users partnership with Spot411. It money with e-commerce and This content has passed through
Submitted at 11/8/2009 6:56:10 PM
can get a constant barrage of works by "listening" to the audio marketing opportunities. For
facts, photos, games and trivia of the movie and, within a few example, an iTunes purchase
Fox is hoping to boost the value questions on a second screen seconds, syncing to the exact function allows users who hear a
of its upcoming DVDs with related to the movie they are moment in the movie. Fox isn't song they like while watching a
FoxPop, which makes its debut watching on the first screen. charging extra for FoxPopized movie, to buy the music with a
Dec. 1. With a free downloadable FoxPop is the result of a movies, but believes it will make click.
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Senate may probe army shooting Chavez steps up

(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
Mr Lierberman said that if Maj
Hasan had shown signs of
focusing on Maj Hasan's religion
could "heighten the backlash"
against all Muslims in the
Colombia war talk
Submitted at 11/8/2009 9:03:03 AM
becoming an Islamist radical, the military. (BBC News | Americas | fears of a possible spark on the
World Edition) border which could lead to
S e n i o r U S S e n a t o r J o e army should have discharged Reports suggested that Maj
Lieberman says he plans to open him. Hasan, who was due to be sent to Submitted at 11/8/2009 6:08:42 PM
further violence.
a congressional investigation into The Associated Press news Afghanistan, had been Frozen ties
last week's deadly shooting at a agency reports that some of Maj increasingly unhappy in the Venezuelan President Hugo In response to Mr Chavez's
Texas army base. Hasan's colleagues had expressed army. Chavez has urged his armed comments, Colombian President
Mr Lieberman, who chairs the concern about his growing anger His cousin told US media last forces to be prepared for possible A l v a r o U r i b e s a i d h i s
S e n a t e H o m e l a n d S e c u r i t y over the US wars in Iraq and week that he had been opposed to w a r w i t h C o l o m b i a a m i d government would seek help
Committee, told Fox TV that he Afghanistan. his imminent deployment, growing diplomatic and border from the UN Security Council
wanted to find out whether it was Another army psychiatrist, Val describing it as his "worst tensions. and also the Organization of
a terrorist attack. Finnell, told AP he had nightmare". He said the best way to avoid American States.
Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim c o m p l a i n e d t o a r m y Mr Hasan's cousin also said the war was to prepare for it. In "Colombia has not made nor will
army major, is suspected of administrators about what he gunman had been battling racial response, Colombia said it would it make any bellicose move
killing 13 people. considered Maj Hasan's "anti- harassment because of his seek UN help. toward the international
Mr Lieberman also said he American" rants. "Middle Eastern ethnicity." Venezuela blames the tension community, even less so toward
hoped to determine whether the "In retrospect, I'm not surprised Maj Hasan was born in the US with its neighbour on closer fellow Latin American nations,"
army missed signs that Maj he did it," Mr Finnell said of the of Palestinian parents and has military ties between Colombia a statement by Mr Uribe said.
Hasan harboured extreme views. shootings. been described as a devout and the US. Ties between Colombia and
T h e 3 9 - y e a r - o l d a r m y Investigators are still looking Muslim. Colombia says US forces are Venezuela have been frozen
psychiatrist opened fire at the into the motive of the attack. Print Sponsor there to help in the fight against since July when Bogota said it
Fort Hood base on Thursday. But Army Chief of Staff George This content has passed through rebels and drug traffickers. would let the US army use its
Besides those killed, 29 people C a s e y w a r n e d a g a i n s t "Let's not waste a day on our military bases for anti-drugs
were wounded. speculation. main aim: to prepare for war and operations.
Maj Hasan was shot by a police He told ABC's This Week to help the people prepare for The agreement has caused alarm
officer and remains in a coma. programme on Sunday that war, because it is everyone's among some of Colombia's
responsibility," Mr Chavez said neighbours, who object to an
KRAFT during his TV and radio show increased US military presence in
continued from page 57 Alo, Presidente. the region.
true value of our company, and questioned Cadbury's continued to stand 0.5% lower on the day at Mr Chavez has also ordered When news of the deal first
involves the unattractive prospect ability to stand alone. 754p. 15,000 troops to the border, broke in August, Mr Chavez
of the absorption of Cadbury into "We believe that our proposal Many investors had expected citing increased violence by warned that "winds of war" were
a low growth conglomerate offers the best immediate and Kraft to increase its offer to Colombian paramilitary groups. blowing across the continent.
business model," he continued. long-term value for Cadbury's tempt the board to back the The BBC's Jeremy McDermott Print Sponsor
'Long-term' value shareholders and for the proposal. in Bogota, Colombia, says that This content has passed through
Under Takeover Panel rules, company itself compared with Weekend reports had said that normally such declarations would
Kraft had until 1700 GMT on any other option currently some Cadbury shareholders not cause alarm, but because of
Monday to make a new offer or it available, including Cadbury thought 820p a share would be a the current tensions there are
would have been blocked from remaining independent," she said. "starting point" for discussions
making an approach for six Shares in Cadbury, which had with Kraft.
months. been more than 1% higher in
Kraft chairman Irene Rosenfeld Monday morning trade, then fell KRAFT page 59
E-reader Newspaper Popular News/ Economy/ 59

US trio 'on Iran spying charge' Health-care reform in

(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:43:23 AM
appealed for their release.
"We believe strongly that there is
no evidence to support any
are facing charges of spying and
the inquiry is continuing," Irna
quoted him as saying.
America: Claiming a
Three young Americans detained said.
charge whatsoever," Mrs Clinton

in Iran over alleged illegal entry She urged Tehran to free the
The prosecutor said that an
opinion on the case would be
given "in the not too distant
(The Economist: News election next year. After securing
are to be charged with espionage, group, calling on the authorities future". analysis) the lone Republican's support,
Iranian state news agency Irna to "exercise compassion". Swiss diplomats were allowed to Steny Hoyer, the Democrat's
Submitted at 11/8/2009 5:46:38 PM
says. 'Charges of spying' meet the trio, who are in their 20s majority leader, jokingly declared
Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and The three Americans were and 30s, in late September for the [ unable to that there had been “a bipartisan
Joshua Fattal have been held by seized by Iranian border guards first time since their arrest. retrieve full-text content] vote”.
Iranian authorities since the end on 31 July. Their relatives say The Swiss government A bill to reform health care Success in the House, however,
of July. they accidentally strayed into represents US interests in Iran, squeaks through the House. The is just one part of a long process.
The trio are thought to have Iran while hiking. with whom the US has no formal action moves to the Senate Senators must next debate their
crossed a poorly marked border According to the state news diplomatic relations. THE House of Representatives own health-care proposals, which
by mistake while hiking in Iraq's agency, the move was announced Print Sponsor narrowly passed a health-care bill could be brought to the Senate
Kurdish region. by general prosecutor Abbas This content has passed through on Saturday November 7th, a big floor before the end of this
Speaking in Berlin, US Secretary Jafari Dolatabadi. step for those who want to month. If they manage to pass a
o f S t a t e H i l l a r y C l i n t o n "The three Americans arrested reform America's $2.5 trillion bill then differences between the
c o n d e m n e d t h e n e w s a n d near the border of Iran and Iraq health-care system. Barack House and Senate versions would
KRAFT Obama spent part of his Saturday need to be hammered out before
continued from page 58 making a rare visit to Capitol Hill a final act is sent to the president
Shares in Cadbury have risen Bassett's. t o p r e s s s o m e h e s i t a t i n g to sign. Nevertheless, the House
about 30% since late August. It spun off its drinks division as Democrats into giving their b i l l m a r k s a s t e p t o w a r d s
Cadbury has 50,000 private a separate business last year. support, although in the end the A m e r i c a g e t t i n g t h e m o s t
shareholders. The largest is US Kraft's brands include Kenco tally of 220-215 in favour of the significant piece of health-care
investment management firm and Maxwell House coffee, Oreo legislation, with 39 Democrats legislation through Congress
Franklin Resources, which owns biscuits, Jacobs, Terry's voting against, was a tight since Medicare in 1965, creating
just over 8%. Legal & General Chocolate Orange and Toblerone, margin. The bill picked up the near-universal coverage for
holds 5.2% of the firm. as well as cheese products such support of just one Republican, health insurance. Veterans of past
Kraft will have 60 days from the as Philadelphia and Dairylea. J o s e p h C a o , a f i r s t - t e r m health-care battles are delighted.
posting of its offer document to Print Sponsor congressman from New Orleans ...
gain shareholder's support for the This content has passed through who faces a tough battle for re-
bid unless a competitor enters the
As well as Dairy Milk, Cadbury
also owns the Green & Black's
chocolate brand, Halls lozenges,
Trident and Dentyne gum brands
and liquorice allsorts maker
60 Media/ E-reader Newspaper

Research Brief: Radio Dominant Audio Device

(MediaPost | Media News) effect on radio consumption. Audio Sources by Location(% of the highest reach among those among those who listen to radio
Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:15:20 AM
Radio was found to have a higher Minutes) with higher levels of
reach (82%) among those who % of Minutes Listened education and income Broadcast radio reaches those
According to a Nielsen analysis listen to portable audio devices, Source • Approximately 12% of aged 18-34 at rates equivalent to
of a media study conducted by compared to the average reach Own Home study participants listened to the general adult population, with
t h e C o u n c i l f o r R e s e a r c h for all audio consumers. Car MP3s and iPods for an average 79.2% of younger adults listening
Excellence, 77% of adults are Jeff Haley, President and CEO Work of 69 minutes per day, yet to broadcast radio for an average
reached by broadcast radio on a of the Radio Advertising Bureau Broadcast radio eight-in-ten of these individuals of 104 minutes a day among
daily basis, second only to (RAB), concludes that "... this... 46.4% also listened to broadcast listeners. On average, individuals
television at 95%. The study observational study of today's 74.2% radio for an average of 97 spend almost identical amounts
f o u n d t h a t W e b / I n t e r n e t consumer proves that the primary 53.8% minutes per day of time during weekdays
(excluding email) reached 64%, source of new music is the Satellite radio • 90% of adults are exposed to (454 minutes) as they do on
newspaper 35%, and magazines radio." 7.2 some form of audio media on weekends (458 minutes) using
27%. Another key takeaway from the 5.5 a daily basis, with one of the five key media
And, in a deeper analysis of reports is that broadcast radio is 12.3 broadcast radio having by far sources.
audio media titled "How U.S. the dominant form of audio CDs/Tapes the largest share of listening time And, among key "advertising-
Adults Use Radio and Other media at home, work, and in the 20.6 based" media platforms:
Forms of Audio," Nielsen found car. Exposure to audio listening 16.2 Considering Portable Audio • Live television had the
that: falls into four tiers in terms of 4.0 Devices: highest reach and daily usage
• 90% of consumers listen to level of usage among listeners: Digital audio stored • MP3 and iPod players among users (95.3%, 331
some form of audio media per • Broadcast & satellite radio 8.8 averaged only 8 minutes of minutes)
day (79.1% daily reach; 122 5.0 listening per day among the • B r o a d c a s t radio
• The 77% who listen to minutes daily use among users) Digital audio streamed entire observed sample, with just (77.3% reach, 109 minutes)
broadcast radio surpass the 37% • CDs and tapes (37.1% daily 6.7 u n d e r 9 0 % o f t h e s a m p l e • Web/Internet [excluding use
who listen to CDs and tapes reach; 72 minutes) - not listening a t a l l . of email] (63.7%, 77 minutes)
and the 12% who listen to • Portable audio 12.6 • Among listeners of portable • Newspapers (34.6%, 41
portable audio devices. [ipods/MP3 players] ( 11.6% Portable audio audio devices (11.6%), the minutes)
• Almost 80% of those aged daily reach; 69minutes), digital 8.6 h i g h e s t r e a c h w a s a m o n g • Magazines (26.5%, 22
18 to 34 listening to broadcast audio stored on a computer such 3.6 t h o s e a g e d 1 8 t o 3 4 y e a r s minutes)
radio in an average day. as music files downloaded or 1.6 (20.8%), singles (18.5%), and
transferred to and played on a Other audio those who tend to be more For additional information from
While the recent emergence of computer (10.4% daily 1.7 technology-savvy (18.2%) Nielsen, and to access the PDF
portable audio devices like the reach; 65 minutes average use), 10.6 • Among those who also file of the study, please go here.
iPod and other MP3 players was and digital audio streamed on Source: The Nielsen Company, listened to portable audio devices This content has passed through
considered a threat to traditional a computer (9.3% daily reach; October 2009 such as MP3 players or iPods,
forms of audio, this study's 67 minutes) Other findings highlighted in the broadcast radio had a daily reach
evidence suggests that the new • Audio on mobile phones ( report include: of 81.6% reach and 97
technology has had a positive • Audio media exposure has minutes of average listening time
E-reader Newspaper Media/ E-reader News/ 61

MediaDailyNews: Clear Channel Doubles LibreDigital Provides

Up On Integrated Marketing Team, Taps AllAccess to Content
Reichig To Oversee Outdoor Assets (Information Today)
(MediaPost | Media News) Prior to joining Clear Channel, was sold to Time Warner and
Reichig had been principal of In- integrated into its Turner (Yahoo! News Search Results
Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:16:23 AM
Focus Media Consulting, Broadcasting System unit. for e-readers)
In another hire of a top media developing sales strategies for Reichig also has extensive Submitted at 11/9/2009 7:10:50 AM ability to have a broad selection
sales and marketing executive, key clients including Weather experience in research and of cheap content makes a
Clear Channel has recruited Channel, Rainbow Media and marketing for broadcast TV and LibreDigital Provides AllAccess difference to them." While
Debbie Reichig as senior vice Current Media. Prior to that, she online media, having worked in to Content Amazon dominates the e-reader
president-business development served as senior vice president- senior roles at iVillage, Comedy by Nancy Davis Kho market with its proprietary
and marketing of its Clear market development at NBC Central, the Network Television Posted On November 9, 2009 format-Forrester estimates it
Channel Outdoor Holdings unit. U n i v e r s a l , d i r e c t i n g t h e Association, AGB, Lifetime There's no question that e- controls nearly 60% of e-reader
Reichig, who has a long track integrated media sales marketing Television, and Blair/Telerep. readers are garnering huge market share-newer entrants are
record for leveraging innovative division across all assets and But this is her first role explicitly interest from consumers and seeking to make it as easy as
research measuring the ROI, or instituting mechanisms for developing out-of-home media, enterprise users alike. But a possible for readers to access
return-on-investment, of media e n h a n c e d marketing which increasingly is taking on niggling problem remains for content across devices, hewing to
buys for advertisers and agencies communications across the auspices of other electronic mobile readers-how to untether the EPUB standards for flexible
w i l l b e r e s p o n s i b l e f o r organization. media outlets as it integrates content from the device on which delivery formats.
developing sales strategies and But Reichig is perhaps best digital technologies and screens. it's read. At the recent Internet L i b r e D i g i t a l (
research related to it. She reports known for her role as senior vice "I worked in both cable and Librarian conference in is one
to Rocky Sisson, executive vice president-sales strategy at Court online when they were nascent Monterey, Calif., Britt Mueller, player in the e-reader market
president-sales and marketing. TV, where she developed industries and although outdoor director of library services at trying to offer maximum format
Reichig's appointment comes innovative research initiatives to is one of, if not the oldest ad QUALCOMM, found that flexibility to readers. The Austin,
just months after Clear Channel measure the ROI of advertising platform, I see a great many employee interest was high Texas-based company, which has
hired another high-profile media buys on the cable channel. parallels," Reichig tells during a recent pilot program for offered publishers digital
m a r k e t i n g e x e c u t i v e , J o h n Among other things, she created MediaDailyNews. "Outdoor is e-reader loans. But she was warehousing and e-distribution
Partilla, 44, to serve as executive an ROI Council in which ad poised to explode on the frustrated by the lack of material solutions since 1999, recently
vice president and president of a g e n c y e x e c u t i v e s a n d marketplace with new digital available to her users. "We are showcased a new "AllAccess"
global media sales of the parent advertisers directed innovative, capabilities, new metrics and talking to vendors about the fact content delivery platform at the
c o m p a n y , C l e a r C h a n n e l primary research on media newly defined value. I am that content will drive usage [of Texas Book Festival (TBF;
Communications, indicating that advertising effectiveness, and she treating it as a new ad platform mobile devices]. We need The
the company remains committed also helped strike some of the and expect it to see similar levels materials that can be used, TBF, an annual event drawing
t o a n a g g r e s s i v e s a l e s first upfront advertising sales of growth." untethered, on any device." more than 200 authors and more
development marketing strategy. deals based on guarantees of This content has passed through That preference for untethered, than 35,000 book lovers,
Partilla had previously been head ROI, as opposed to conventional open access formats will be a provided a peek at the technology
of Time Warner's Global Media ratings delivery. major decision factor driving that company officials expect to
Group. Reichig left Court TV when it device adoption patterns as e- launch in 2Q 2010 to allow
readers move mainstream, publishers, resellers, and authors
according to Forrester analyst to give readers access to ebooks
Sarah Rotman Epps. "Content
choice really matters for LIBREDIGITAL page 63
consumers," Epps says. "The
62 E-reader News/ E-reader Newspaper

E-Readers Up Close: Getting to know the Sony Readers, Part 1

(O'Reilly Media)
(Yahoo! News Search Results available. Others include unsecured.
for e-readers) Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & • EPUB This file format is used
Submitted at 11/9/2009 8:00:37 AM
Noble's Nook. with files created for the e-
Sony offers several versions of publishing standard. Related files
William Stanek here, taking an this device, including the PRS- end with the .epub extension and
up close look at e-readers. First 505 and the PRS-700. The PRS- can be secured or unsecured.
up, the Sony e-readers. 505 was introduced in 2007 and • PDF This file format is used
Sony unveiled its first reader the PRS-700 was introduced in with files created for Adobe
device in January 2006 and the 2008. Both devices have their Acrobat. Related files end with
device became available in early strengths. the .pdf extension and can be
2007. The Sony Reader, like all The PRS-505 and the PRS-700 secured or unsecured.
currently available e-readers, has h a v e a 6 - i n c h s c r e e n t h a t • Text This file format is used
a black-and-white active matrix provides a resolution of 600x800 with files containing plain text.
EPD display. As with other pixels--or approximately 170 Related files end with the .txt
devices and E Ink itself, the Sony pixels per inch. High contrast and extension.
Reader has evolved through high resolution, with a near 180º • RTF This file format is used
several generations of products. viewing angle ensures easy with rich-text formatted files.
T h e o r i g i n a l S o n y R e a d e r reading in variety of lighting Related files end with the .rtf
supported 4 grayscale levels and conditions. With eight levels of extension.
was able to switch the display at gray, the screen provides good • DOC, DOCX These file
a typical rate of 1.2 seconds. This display for charts, illustrations formats are used with Microsoft
meant that the device typically and other types of graphics. Word. If Microsoft Word is
displayed the next page in an e- (Readers with 8 levels of gray installed on your computer, your
book in 1.2 seconds. scale are second generation. .doc or .docx documents are
Second generation Sony Reader Readers with 16 levels of gray converted automatically to RTF
models support 8 grayscale levels scale are third generation.) when you transfer them to the
or higher and are able to more Turning the page in an e-book Sony Reader using the Sony E-
rapidly switch the display. The takes about a second and the Book Library software.
typical display switch rate is 40% battery supports approximately Secured files have digital right
faster than the original reader at 7,500 continuous page turns on a management (DRM) applied to
.74 seconds or less. This means single charge. This number of protect the intellectual property
that the device typically displays page turns per battery charge is rights of the copyright holder.
the next page in an e-book in .74 fairly typical for 1st and 2nd Unsecured files do not have
seconds or less. Additionally, as generation e-readers. Like most e DRM applied. The Sony Reader
t h e P R S - 7 0 0 h a s a f a s t e r -readers, the Sony readers run the only supports DRM protected
processor than the PRS-505, the Linux operating system and use a PDF and EPUB files if Adobe
PRS-700 is able to more quickly USB 2.0 interface. Using a Digital Editions 1.5 or later is
transfer media to the reader. You • BBeB This file format is used
render the page for the display. standard USB cable, you can installed and authorized on your
can use the reader to view files in with digital books and
The Sony Portable Reader connect the reader to your a variety of document formats. publications. Related files end computer. Additionally, with the
System (PRS) is one of the most computer and then use the Sony Document file types supported with the .lrf and .lrx file
a d v a n c e d r e a d e r d e v i c e s E-Book Library software to E-READERS page 65
by the reader include: extensions and can be secured or
E-reader Newspaper E-reader News/ 63
LIBREDIGITAL Taiwan Firm Positioned
continued from page 61
for E-Reader Takeoff
on nearly any device. Regardless the same content across platforms storing, accessing, distributing, and authors. While LibreDigital
of where they are reading, during the course of a single day. and repurposing published has worked primarily with
(New York Times)
AllAccess' platform formats the "They may start a book during content and for tracking its data; publishers in the past, it's not (Yahoo! News Search Results
content such that the presentation the commute on a laptop, switch and BookBrowse, a technology hard to imagine authors drawn to for e-readers)
is optimized for each device, and to an iPhone while waiting in the that replicates the offline the freedom that the AllAccess Submitted at 11/8/2009 12:14:05 PM
licensing and provisioning are all carpool, and finish it sitting at a experience of book buying by platform would give them in
handled in the background. desktop computer screen while allowing readers to flip through distributing their works directly TAIPEI — With the market for
Visitors to the TBF website are waiting on hold," Carlton says, the pages of a book. to readers. As Forrester's Epps electronic book readers set to
able to use AllAccess to an experience that publishers can Additionally, 175 periodicals points out, "The AllAccess take off, things are looking up for
download The Story of Edgar offer readers via AllAccess including newspapers, announcement is interesting a little-known Taiwanese
Sawtelle by author David technology. magazines, and trade journals are because it shows that new company that will probably
Wroblewski to their iPhone, Sarah Wendell, who blogs about using LibreDigital's iBrowse to entrants are coming from supply most of the “e-paper” they
Kindle, Sony Reader, a web romance novels as Smart Bitch provide a digital replica of the adjacent markets." She believes use.
browser, or desktop. Bob Sarah at the Smart Bitches, classic news reading experience. this shows just how vulnerable The company, Prime View
Carlton, vice president of Trashy Books blog ( Those existing relationships with bricks and mortar competitors International, said this summer
marketing for LibreDigital, says publishers will come in handy as such as Barnes & Noble and that it would pay about $215
that the consumer reaction to m), points out that the LibreDigital pursues digital Borders are to new market million to acquire E-Ink, which
AllAccess' technology at the accessibility and portability of distribution arrangements. The entrants. owns the technology for
festival was encouraging. "We the AllAccess approach is hugely company says it is in discussions But Carlton takes pains to point displaying text in the most
were heartened by the number of appealing to women readers, who with a number of publishers out that his company is a strong popular readers, including
ebook readers saying ‘this is not only comprise the biggest about piloting the AllAccess partner of Barnes & Noble, Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s
what we needed.' They are percentage of fiction readers platform during 1Q 2010. indeed powering part of its site Reader.
realizing that prior to this, they (romance fiction alone generated Regarding how the service will with LibreDigital technology. "In Prime View, often referred to as
didn't own the content they $1.37 billion in U.S. sales in be priced, Carlton expects that, this emerging ecosystem there P.V.I., recently sweetened its
downloaded; they were only 2008) but tend to read in small much like the music industry has are spaces where companies offer and says it hopes to close
renting it on a specific platform." chunks of time. "Women are the done in differentiating price compete, and other spaces where the deal by the end of the year. It
Carlton sees user expectations biggest multitaskers around. The points by distribution channel, they are partners. The majority of already manufactures e-reader
for e-readers evolving rapidly danger to publishing isn't that LibreDigital's flexible digital ebook reading happens on display modules for the Kindle
through 2010; indeed, according readers will choose something access will be bundled as a part laptops and netbooks, not on and the Reader.
to a July 2009 Forrester report else to read if they can't access a of the publisher's overall pricing devices. Retailers like the fact “E-Ink is by far the leader” in the
titled "Who Will Buy an particular book. It's that they'll structure. "We think some will that AllAccess gives them field, said John Chen, director of
eReader?" the mainstream choose something else to do bundle it as part of their content freedom of choice." the display technology center at
audience now coming on board entirely," Wendell says. access fee, while others will use This content has passed through ITRI, a government-financed
with e-readers includes more For LibreDigital, AllAccess the flexible delivery format to technology incubator in Taiwan.
female users and less tech-savvy represents an evolution in the add value to their traditional “P.V.I. is going to strengthen its
people who read voraciously than services it has provided to models." leadership in the next year or
the early adopters. Carlton says publishers over the past decade. The AllAccess announcement two, before anyone else can catch
his company's use case research Six of the top 10 book publishers does highlight a further blurring up.”
suggests that the mainstream use Digital Warehouse, of the lines between digital Demand for e-paper is expected
reading public will want to read LibreDigital's solution for distributors, publishers, retailers, to rise, with Amazon expanding
the availability of the Kindle to
Europe and the U.S. book retailer

TAIWAN page 65
64 E-reader News/ E-reader Newspaper

New Multimedia Device Joins Parade of E-

Readers (Enterprise Security Today)
(Yahoo! News Search Results There are also reports that an analyst with industry research overnight."
for e-readers) tiremaker Bridgestone is firm Forrester, pointed out that, The other development, she said,
Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:08:50 AM
developing a flexible e-book while LCD screens are good for is if BlackBerry maker Research
reader, although so far it's only a video and graphics, in Motion or another smartphone
The e-reader market is getting prototype. And there have been electrophoretic screens have maker decides to release a double
yet another entry, with a report many reports that Apple is higher contrast and make reading -screen device, with both a LCD
that Creative Labs is unveiling a preparing to enter the market text easier. and an E Ink display.
tablet. The device, called a early next year with its own She noted that E Ink, a company Ross Rubin, director of industry
Mediabook, was shown at the tablet e-reader. based in Cambridge, Mass., "now analysis for consumer technology
Singapore-based company's Creative Labs' fan site has about 100 percent market at NPD Group, noted that
general meeting last week. originated the share" in electrophoretic screens, Google's open-source operating
Although Creative hasn't made Mediabook report, and quotes but that will change next year as system, Android, is increasingly
an official announcement, news Willie Png, vice president of competition heats up. showing up on these devices. He
reports indicate that the s t r a t e g i c b u s i n e s s , a s In general, she said, 2010 is pointed out that Barnes &
Mediabook has a touchscreen, downplaying the Kindle as "just shaping up to be "an interesting Noble's nook is Android-based,
Internet connectivity, slots for another electronic device which year for the e-reader space" with as is Creative's recently released
SD memory cards, text-to-speech displays books in text." By new tablets and dual-screen Zii Egg, which features 1080p
capability, and is based on the contrast, Png told the site, the readers emerging. But Epps high-definition video and is
company's Zii technology. Mediabook will allow the merger pointed out that, right now, most described by Creative as a
Kindle 'Just Another Electronic of "videos, pictures, text and of the announcements are "StemCell Computer."
Device' services into one device that reaching the industry, not Rubin noted that several of
There was no word on the s u p p o r t s a m e d i a - r i c h consumers. Creative's Android-based
Mediabook's launch date, but the e x p e r i e n c e . " For the consumer, she said, the e devices, like those based on Zii
e-reader category is already Epizenter also reports that -reader category is still largely technology, have been more
beginning to have more than a Creative is in discussion with a the Kindle, but a few focused toward developers and
few entries. There's the best variety of publishers about developments could make big not yet released to a mass market
known, Amazon's Kindle, as well providing content. differences. She said one would in the U.S.
as Sony's recently updated e- LCD or Electrophoretic? be if Apple decides to make e- This content has passed through
readers and the newly released There was also no word on what publications a big category on
nook from Barnes & Noble, kind of screen the Mediabook iTunes, in which case "Apple
among others. would use. Sarah Rotman Epps, would become a major player
E-reader Newspaper 65
continued from page 63

Barnes & Noble creating its own president of DisplaySearch’s said. advantage, Mr. Pu said.
e-reader to compete with Taiwan branch. “So Prime View The company has its critics. Jeff For now, Prime View is
Amazon and Sony. found a good niche.” Pu, an expert on the flat-panel shrugging off such predictions. A
The availability of more content It was also a good fit considering industry in Taiwan, says Prime company spokesman, Stephen
and the ability to download Prime View’s pedigree. The View has too much exposure in Chen, conceded that capacity was
material wirelessly has fueled company is a subsidiary of Yuen conventional liquid crystal low at the company’s Korean
demand for the devices. Foong Yu Group, a Taiwanese displays. Prime View says that factories early this year but said
DisplaySearch, a market paper and pulp company. The about half of its business that was because of the unusually
researcher based in Austin, group started making toilet paper concerns e-paper products. bad economic downturn.
Texas, forecasts the global and paperboard as early as 1939 A demand dip could be Mr. Chen said the company did
market for e-paper, including e- and began producing coated punishing, said Mr. Pu, who not plan to license the E-ink
paper used in e-books, to hit $5.9 paper in the 1950s with Japanese currently analyzes the mobile technology to others and declined
billion by 2015, from $400 technology, according to its Web industry at Fubon Securities in to comment on whether it might
million this year. site. Taipei. For example, he said, make its own e-reader.
This is not the first time Prime Now, one of Taiwan’s first mass Prime View executives told “So far, for mass production and
View has jumped into a growing producers of paper looks set, analysts in April that its Korean quality, E-Ink is the first priority
market early. It became the first through a subsidiary, to become factories were operating at 30 for customers,” Mr. Chen said.
Taiwanese maker of flat-panel the world’s first mass producer of percent of capacity in the first “So I think we’ll keep the leading
screens in 1994. Ten years later, e-paper. quarter of this year, and that 65 edge for some time — a few
in a crowded market dominated Analysts say Prime View’s percent was “break-even level.” years is certain.”
by the likes of Samsung and LG production capacity, which Mr. Pu also sees a price war This content has passed through
Display, it decided to focus on includes factories in South Korea coming, as AU Optronics, LG
specialty products like custom it acquired in 2007, make it the Display and others enter the e-
displays for medical devices. only e-paper company with the paper market. AU Optronics has
In 2005, it acquired Philips scale to meet booming global the most promising e-paper
Electronics’ e-paper display unit, demand. And the ownership of E technology after E-Ink, the
in an early bet on the industry. -Ink will mean they have no “microcups” technology owned
“All the big companies like intellectual property issues to by its subsidiary Sipix. Prime
Samsung weren’t so interested in overcome and can make e-paper View will have to cut its prices
this market,” said David Hsieh, “from head to toe,” Mr. Hsieh after it loses its first-mover
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